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But the turning point came in the s, when a cluster of London publishers began to produce new books designed to instruct and delight young readers. Thomas Boreman was one, who followed his Description of Three Hundred Animals with a series of illustrated histories of London landmarks jokily because they were actually very tiny called the Gigantick Histories This may have been because he made most of his money from selling patent medicines, and by publishing for adults.

Newbery was a great innovator too.

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It tells the story of a poor orphan, Margery, who makes a career for herself as a teacher before, like a less glamorous Cinderella with no fairy godmother, balls to attend, or glass slipper , she marries the local landowner who she has impressed by her honesty, hard work and good sense.

The reasons for this sudden rise of children's literature have never been fully explained. The entrepreneurial genius of figures like Newbery undoubtedly played a part, but equally significant were structural factors, including the growth of a sizeable middle class, technical developments in book production, the influence of new educational theories, and changing attitudes to childhood.

This charmingly quirky set of drawings of the world, laced with facts and figures, was a surprise bestseller. A sophisticated narrative by the art historian which runs up to the First World War, written in language any child can understand.

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Although written in German in , it was only published in English 10 years ago. Insisting he be the sole translator, Gombrich had not finished rewriting it when he died in his nineties. An excellent single-volume history of Britain, in simple and elegant language, warmed by an uncomplicated national pride. The diary kept by a young Dutch-Jewish girl during the two years in which her family lived concealed under the Nazi occupation of Holland. Her words remain the most effective way for a child today to grasp the reality of the Holocaust.

T his chunky and charmingly old-fashioned volume contains every nursery rhyme you can possibly think of and many you couldn't. Now a vast franchise, the Horrible Histories phenomenon emerged in the early Nineties. The slim books adopt a subversive, jokey voice but the historical points they make are serious.

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  • Revised from the hit version, this is a highly entertaining guide to physics. A busy fleet of woolly mammoths operate the levers and pulleys of everyday machinery. The first in a dizzying series that imagines a counterfactual England in which the Jacobites rule into the 19th century while the nefarious Hanoverians plot on the sidelines.

    The winner of this year's Costa children's book award. This American classic concerns a pig who is rescued from butchery by the web-weaving showmanship of a spider called Charlotte. E B White, who also produced a writer's handbook called The Elements of Style, follows his own rules about prose to gloriously stylish effect. The first in the successful series, which has been adapted for the cinema, is set in a fictional Viking world in which dragons are trained as pets.

    Perfect for tricky boy readers, as the action scenes are first-class. Despite naff modern covers and inferior novels churned out by the deceased author's estate, the original adventures of Hal and Roger deserve to be rediscovered. The resourceful brothers quest rare animals the world over to take back to zoos, and avoid maiming or death only narrowly on each page.

    This, their second adventure, finds them marooned on a barren Polynesian island. Willy, an anaemic and neglected evacuee from south London, is stabled with the gruff bachelor Tom Oakley on his farm. Initially, it's rather a shock to them both but under Tom's hesitant care Willy thrives and Tom melts at the waif's gratitude.

    A novel that would cause a young reader to think, to feel and to grow up. This first instalment of McKay's marvellous series about the Casson family won the Whitbread Prize in , but remains underrated and underread. Perfect for girls of nine or A world of magicians and enchantments but also of castles, top hats and blue serge suits. Wynne Jones's marvellous Chrestomanci series, flavoured with Victoriana, has been vastly influential — on J K Rowling, in particular.

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    Akin to Enid Blyton's young sleuths, St John's modern heroine is a fearless adventuress, probing around her uncle's Cornish town for mysteries which she certainly finds. From the current Children's Laureate, a thought-provoking novel: young Kaspar joins the non-violent Guardians of his city, working to keep the rebels out. But he discovers he has not been told the whole truth.

    The classic ballet novel; once entranced, a young reader can progress to the rest of the Shoes series. A nother fantasy, the first in the series about Meg Murry and the search for her missing father. A boy, his baby sister — and the creature in the garage. This modern classic has been reprinted in a new hardback edition to celebrate its 15th birthday.

    The first of the Alex Rider spy novels: a James Bond Jr with all the gadgets and none of the misogyny.

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    The ultimate football novel: Mal Peet's extraordinary debut unfolds as an interview between a sports reporter and the world's best goalkeeper. After their burrow is gassed a horrendous scene , the rabbits must quest for safety. The new Oneworld edition is sumptuously illustrated with paintings by Aldo Galli.

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    Unusually for a children's book of the time, this charming whodunnit is set in a contemporary, realistic Berlin peopled with fairly rough types. A s sensuous as anything Dahl ever wrote: who could forget James eating his way into the sweet, giant peach, or his perfectly named aunts — Spiker and Sponge? A once-cherished little girl is left orphaned and paupered; her headmistress turns sour and enslaves her as a starving servant at the school.

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    How did the leopard get his spots? Kipling had a genius for arranging words and his sentences remain mesmeric. This veteran masterpiece of science fiction remains astonishing. A German professor and his nephew descend through an Icelandic volcano into the bowels of the earth. They find there a great cavern, with an infested ocean lapping at petrified trees and giant mushrooms. According to this novel, they are casing the joint, tracking lost relatives and dodging that cruel fate — PDS Permanent Doll State. A timelessly silly classic, the first novel in White's mischievous Once and Future King series.

    Young Arthur nicknamed Wart is transformed into all sorts of fish and fowl by his unorthodox tutor Merlin to learn the ways of the world. Not quite a parody but certainly a burlesque, it remains profoundly amusing 75 years later. Ben is recruited to a secret CIA training facility in the middle of January and failed his surprise exam Wow, what a great book this was! When I had first received this book, I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it or not, until I gave this a chance. The main character of the story, Ted, gets to search through his uncle's apartment after he dies and gets to pick out what he keeps and what he doesn't.

    In this Percy Jackson book, it is different at camp.

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    There is a new swords teacher, Quintes, and Mr. D is gone. When playing capture the flag Percy and Annabeth find an entrance to the Labyrinth, a Greek underground maze made by Daedalus. When they find out that the titan army has Kronos rising an The Storm Runner By J. Havoc Haven By Mary Lindsey.

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    Saltwater Secrets By Cindy Callaghan. Serious Moonlight By Jenn Bennett. Freefall Summer By Tracy Barrett. Scheme By Jennifer Sommersby. Manga Vol. Light Novel Vol. Squad By Mariah MacCarthy. Beware the Night By Jessika Fleck. Shout By Laurie Halse Anderson. Bloodleaf By Crystal Smith. This story is about three children and one dog who have the adventure of a lifetime. Jenna is just a regular pheasant girl-until she starts having visions of the future.

    After she protects her Gwen, the dog and also a saint, who happened to come back to life after years of death, she is put on Wonder By R. Palacio 4. Wonder was a book I first read 2 years ago, and over the years, I just couldn't stop re-reading it. The kids at my school call this book "childish", "horrible," and "weird just like the kid in the book. August is a normal kid on the inside, but not on the outside.

    Reader, there's a reason that classics are classics; don't let their names fool you into thinking that only the grey-haired and elderly will enjoy them. There is something enchanting about the Tale of Despereaux. The simplicity is charming, and there is not a single chapter wasted talking about n Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen 4. Her writing style inspires so many people and generations after generation.

    I was first introduced to this book about a year ago, but I thought that English Lit would be boring. But one day, I pick up the book and Counting by 7s By Holly Goldberg Sloan 4. It's a definitely a five star book! This realistic fiction book will take you straight into the heart of the story of the first page, it's Hinton 4. I read this book earlier again during the summer Epic book, the part where Professor Javel holds a tournament and Cleopatra beats Javel. Javel used 8 shots to stun 8 xerx i have no idea what xerxs are and Cleopatra only uses 1 shot.

    This is the first book of this serie, and I like it the most because it's most original, and that's when everything happened, the truth is revealed. So, this is about a boy named Percy Jackson.