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Concerto per il cembalo : accomodato per 2. Little Orchestra Society concert recordings collection [sound recording], Edward and Clara Steuermann Collection, , bulk Bach ; mit doppelt untergelegten von Gerstenberg. Synphonia a 4 [microform] : violino primo. Sei sonate per il cembalo obligato : con accompagnato un B. National Orchestral Association collection of rehearsal and concert recordings [sound recording], Sechs Sonaten auf das Clavier Concerto a cembalo concertato [microform] : violino pmo. Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz.

Bach and others]. Concerto no. G dur. Passio secundum Johannen. Sonates pour le clavecin con violin, [microform] del sigr. Sinfonia ex Dis [microform] : 2. Chor Mein Heiland, meine Zuversicht von C. Michaelis-Musik : Ich will den Nahmen des Herrn preisen 3. Violinen Viola Canto. Tenore Basso. Volbach, Fritz, Autograph letter signed, dated : Mainz, 10 October , to an unidentified recipient, Oct.

Allegro 1. Polonoise 1. Sinfonia in E [natural] a X voci Bach: Hamb. Autograph File, B, ca. Satze aus Concerten u. Concerto per il cembalo. Cembalo concertato : [Violino primo. Violino secondo. Concerto [Cembalo concertato] : [Violino primo. Bachs Ramlerschen Cantate.

Bachs Passions Cantate [microform]. Bach C. Sanctus : 2 Oboen, 3 Trompeten. Sei sonate per cembalo National Flute Association, Inc. Archives, , bulk Contrapunctus, 4. Christian Heinrich Rinck. Sonata in H min. F dur sonata a cembalo e violino [microform] da C. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Arioso con variazioni. Anno in Hamburg in Musik gesetzt. Papers, Papers of Professor Sidney T. Newman , Es dur. Violinen Bratsche. Krehbiel, Henry Edward, Autograph letter signed, dated : New York, 18 April [n. Drey Clavier Sonaten nebst 3. Murki de Back. Glenn Dillard Gunn Collection, , bulk Bach, Johann Christoph, C moll sonata a cembalo e violino da C.

Concerto [microform].

Clavier-Sonaten für Kenner und Liebhaber, Wq.55-59, 61 (Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel)

A cembalo concertato. Moldenhauer Archives at the Library of Congress, circa circa Oster Musik : 3. Violin Bratche. Discant Alt. Symphonie en sol de C. Sinfonia ex G. Cembalo obligto. Bach de la Bibl de Berlin. H moll sonata a cembalo concertato e violino da C. Concerto a cembalo conc. No: 1. Concerto in F.

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Handschriften von Componisten. Herbelied [microform]. Composition grad student Martin Hiendl conducts Romitelli's An Index of Metals , an hour-long opera for voice, ensemble, and electronics. An evening of Song and Opera, exploring various art song composers, and several mostly Mozart staged scenes performed by UCSD's undergrad vocalists, directed by Stephanie Aston, and featuring guest pianist Katalin Lukacs. A program that explores the music of Haydn and the meaning of classicism.

Icelandic composer and cellist Anna Thorvaldsdottir celebrates the Oct. Also on the program are other acoustic and electronic pieces by Anna. The album will be available for purchase after the concert at which point the gathering will move to a more party-friendly location to continue the celebration! Joining Mr. Camera Lucida is made possible through the generous support of Sam Ersan.

Camera Lucida concerts are broadcast at 8 p. Conducted by Steven Schick. Inspiraling: Telematic Jazz Explorations A concert of new music and integrated video conceived for the telematic medium featuring renowned improvisers performing at UC San Diego and New York University.

Glen N. Roger Ailes will be here in person, along with a very special guest appearance by percussionist Dustin Donahue. Reception to follow at the Night Owl. Graduate students in the Department of Music present the monthly First Mondays concert series on November 7th at 12 noon. The program features solos and duos for flute and percussion. Works by living composers of the U. Trio Kobayashi specializes in the emerging field of just intonation music for brass.

This goal is frequently achieved by using a valve tuning system developed by Wolfgang von Schweinitz and Marc Sabat. These large ensemble works are rarely heard in San Diego. Karis, a pianist and music faculty member, has worked extensively with Davidovsky, Babbitt, and Carter, who turns on Dec.

The concert also includes the world premiere of a new piece by graduate composition student Paul Hembree.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788)

Jeff Kaiser conducts his Ockodektet through his own compositions for this sweeping cast of The music varies widely, but mostly we play modular scores I design with these players in mind, that we improvise our way through with me conducting. Modules can be strictly notated, graphically notated, or more verbal ideas. Modules are frequently revisited to create thematic coherence, but mostly, the modules act as springboards into improvisation, from solos to full band and everything in between. Penta Locus connects performers at five universities around the world by internet for a live concert.

Faculty and students have composed new works for the concert. Telematics is Dresser's ongoing project exploring ways to incorporate technology as a vital part of the production and performance process. Audiences at each location experience musicians who are standing in front of them and musicians whose images and audio are piped in by internet and blended into the concert. Directed by Ken Anderson, the choir lifts hundreds of voices in a concert of African-American blues, gospel, and traditional songs. Seasoned jazz musician Kamau Kenyatta directs the jazz ensembles through a program of classic jazz.

Click here for complete concert program. Matos Rodriguez' La Cumparsita. Conducted by Steven Schick and David Chase. A group portrait of Viennese musical life at the end of the nineteenth century: opulence, fervor, and the dazzling lightness of the waltz. Concert made possible through the generous support of Sam Ersan. In the letter, Wilde describes how he is spiritually transformed by his prison experience. Kautsky's performance will include excerpts from Wilde's letter. Kautsky has appeared at Avery Fisher Hall and Carnegie Hall, among other prestigious venues, and as soloist with the St.

She recently recorded a CD of Debussy's Preludes to accompany an eventual book on the genesis of that music and Debussy's role in early 20th century Paris. Kautsky is on the faculty at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Reviewing her New York debut, the New York Times said that she is "a pianist who can play Mozart and Schubert as though their sentiments and habits of speech coincided exactly with hers She gave these pieces nuances that made them meaningful on a human everyday level.

The music spoke directly to the listener. Pierzak's opera is a tale of societal belonging and destruction, with a woman slowly coming to realize her relationship to time and space, and ultimately, the annihilation of both. Martin Hiendl's monodrama is based on the short story, Kesa and Morito , by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, written in To quote Hiendl, "The novel is a ruthless psychological story about the fatalistic relationship between Kesa and Morito, [who] cannot live out their love, leading them to perversity and extreme violation and humiliation.

Lighting design and costumes by Leslie Ann Leytham. Sound design and electronics by Jason Ponce. In this pre-concert talk, composer and performer Steve Reich discusses his music. We expect a full house. Seating is first come, first served, and we suggest that you arrive by pm to get in line for admission.

The line will form by the Recital Hall entrance on Russell Lane. All pieces will be juried by distinguished members of the Composition and Performance faculty for discussion on the following day. Jury response and discussion session with faculty, composers and performers is open to the public and will begin Saturday, January 21st at am in CPMC Lytle, an emeritus music faculty member and former provost of Thurgood Marshall College, is joined by nine musicians including San Diego trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos.

More information on the concert is here.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - Alexei Lubimov - Tangere | Discogs

Liang explains the genesis of Verge : "This piece was composed on the verge of an exciting moment in my life: the birth of our son Albert Shin Liang. His heartbeat also makes an appearance in the form of changing tempi and pulsations.

Gustav Leonhardt, Freye Fantasie Wq 67

In a sense, I composed the piece in order to make a musical amulet for Albert. There, the functionality of a principal line and its accompaniment can interchange, and often not synchronously. The 18 strings are divided into antiphonal groups: left versus right, front versus rear. They diverge into various sub-ensembles, quartets, and also appear as 18 virtuosic soloists.

Near the end, they converge into a singular voice. Diagenesis Duo gives its California debut. Read the complete program with notes here. The concert will feature her recent compositions performed by Department of Music graduate students, and Ms. Czernowin will speak about her music from the stage. She has said that she considers herself to be part of a new generation composers who have lived in many locations in her case, Israel, Germany, Austria, Japan, and now the U.

She spoke to NewMusicBox. The interview combines insightful conversation with video accompanied by provocative excerpts of her music. For the complete concert program including compositions, performers, and Ms. Czernowin's bio, click here. In this minute work, the singer performs live alongside two prerecorded versions of herself. The text comes from a setting of the Frank O'Hara poem Wind. This performance is Jessica's Master's Recital. The concerts bring together principal soloists from San Diego Symphony with renowned UC San Diego faculty musicians and special guests.

The series is made possible through the general support of Sam Ersan. See complete Camera Lucida concert program including program notes here. Ride the wave of creativity in this concert of structured group improvisations designed by the ensemble's members and developed over the course of a quarter spent making music-in-the-moment together.

Percussionist Stephen Solook presents a concert of music by esteemed Department of Music faculty composers featuring percussion works by Chinary Ung, Cinnabar Heart, and the world premiere of Miniatures after poems by E. Cummings by Katharina Rosenberger for percussion and female voice. The centerpiece of the program is Roger Reynolds' theatrical work Justice. Justice , commissioned for the celebration of the Library of Congress's Bicentennial in , is a fully staged dramatic work for percussionist, soprano, actress, and computer musician.

Together the individual performers combine to form the inner psychic world of Clytemnestra, tragic heroine from the Greek plays of Euripides and Aeschylus. The performers explore Clytemnestra's inner vision of events that lead to her husband's murder through a dramatic reading extending from spoken to sung declamations and eventually into a wordless world of percussion. Auditory Illusion , a sound installation developed by Michael Ricca and Aldrin Payopay, will accompany this performance of Justice.

The musical content of Auditory Illusion comes from Reynolds Illusion , a companion piece to Justice. The same events occur in Illusion as within Justice , however they are presented from five different perspectives instead of one. This installation focuses upon the concept of "received knowledge" a form of subconscious insight that through its possession develops awareness, which is the foundation of Justice. Directed by Ken Anderson, the choir lifts hundreds of voices to a program of Afro-American gospel, spirituals, and traditional songs. Graduate computer music students perform original works in a concert featuring experimental music, performance art, and visual music.

Highlights include custom software for live performance, hand built electronics, sculptural sound objects, and a brainwave interface that controls sound by reading the performer's mood. Li, and more! Mozart's famous Overture to the Marriage of Figaro leads to Stravinsky's most classical work, his Symphony in C , which he modeled on Beethoven's First Symphony , and the concert closes with that piece. Along the way comes a very different Stravinsky: his Ebony Concerto , written for clarinet soloist and Woody Herman's jazz orchestra.

Sitar master Kartik Seshadri performs classical Indian ragas in the tradition of his mentor, legendary sitarist Ravi Shankar. His music has been praised by The Washington Post for its "espressive beauty, rich tonal sensibility, and rhythmic intricacy. On a Spring Tour, the U. The concert includes Carl Nielsen's Quintet, Op. The Seven Tragedies of Space Travel is a unique concert experience that mixes traditional western classical music with modern music and audio-visual settings inspired by science fiction, cosmology, and the tattered remains of false memories of the Vietnam War.

Come see what the double helix is all about! Larson opens the concert with works by Brahms, Mahler, and Hugo Wolf. Zemlinsky was a fascinating composer. He influenced Schoenberg and the composers of the Second Viennese School, yet had his own distinct compositional path - which was no doubt influenced by his emigration to the United States before the beginning of the Second World War. We are doing a set of pieces that includes some of his earliest songs, full of lush harmonies and sweeping lyricism, as well as some of his poignant later works.

I'm also doing Webern, Op. Featuring Jerome Kitzke , piano and voice. Feldman composed the piece late in his career and it stands alongside For John Cage and For Philip Guston as one of his most highly regarded works. For Christian Wolff lasts roughly three hours, carrying the listener on a subtly nuanced journey that explores various meditative states.

Wolff is a composer and pianist born in France who relocated to the United States in Shortly after Feldman met Cage, Wolff began studying composition with Cage at the age of Wolff is also known for his performances of experimental music with Rzewski and Cardew, often with sociopolitical themes. Violinist Sarah Schwartz performs an evening of solo violin music, followed by contemporary tangos for a small ensemble. Bach, and William Hill. While pursuing a DMA, Ms.

Schwartz has a full performance career in San Diego and Los Angeles. Luke's, two contemporary music ensembles, and as a frequent recitalist. She plays in the Grand Teton Music Festival orchestra in the summers. Electronic musicians from four California campuses perform together in a diverse concert showcasing the state-of-the-art in experimental electronic music. Clarinetist Sam Dunscombe's concert is titled Magics at the Crossroads of your senses. Sollberger is an emeritus music faculty member, Manoury is a current faculty member. This popular tradition, characterized by expressive singing, stylized speech, a repertory of narratives and gesture, embraces both elite and folk culture.

Professor Chan E. Noise is the New Music , a performance by computer and electroacoustic music artist Joe Mariglio. Phillip Wulfridge is a composition student at UCSD; moreover, he continues to be active in music performance as a pianist and violinist. In this unique recital, Phillip and fellow musicians perform new compositions by Wu and guest composers. Grieg's beautiful lament for string orchestra The Last Spring is a perfect introduction to Schumann's robust 'Spring' symphony Symphony No. Chorus and soloists join the orchestra for quite a different Spring Symphony , Benjamin Britten's setting of fourteen poems about the coming of spring, a preview of the chorus's upcoming Carnegie Hall debut.

Guest artist: tenor Jon Lee Keenan. Conducted by David Chase. Join us for the final installment for of our First Monday noon concert series, presented by graduate program composers and performers. Internationally acclaimed contemporary music performers Matteo Cesari flute and Lucy Shelton soprano are in residence at UCSD from May 9 to May 16 to premiere and record a collection of new works written for them by emerging and established composers. Events include two concerts--May 11 and May 16, both at 8 pm, both free and open to the public.

Songs from Taiwan Concert. Yu's program includes Bach's Suite No. Her accompanists are undergraduate pianists Danny Kim and Claude Fan. Wu's program also includes art songs by Wolf, Webern, Debussy, and Hageman. Pianist Todd Moellenberg will accompany her. Visiting Australian percussionist Louise Devenish presents a concert of percussion works composed between and Viktor Ullmann's powerful chamber opera Der Kaiser von Atlantis , written in , while the composer was interred in the concentration camp Theresienstadt.

When the opera's obvious references to the Nazi regime were discovered during rehearsal, the work was banned; it had tragic consequences for the composer and his family. Miraculously, the work survived. The story is a type of fable. After a protracted and violent war, Death discovers that his job has been taken away from him by the Der Kaiser von Atlantis.

Death decides to go on strike; all of a sudden the concept of war, victory and defeat becomes irrelevant. The result is moving and heartbreaking. The phrase profoundly moved Nono, influencing his final compositions. The season wraps with this concert of new works for voice and chamber ensemble, composed by PhD candidate Aaron Helgeson's Music 33C composition course.

Each piece is three to five minutes, followed by discussion. For complete concert program, click here. Download a pdf of the program here. As a point of departure serves the portfolio of three prominent Swiss photographers: Robert Frank , Christian Lichtenberg , and Sarah Girard Three generations of artists, well travelled, observant of culture and rituals, present in their artwork distinct perspectives of belonging and heritage.

Performances begin at AM and are immediately followed by a discussion panel led by UCSD composition faculty members. The evocative piece is preceded by songs from Giulio Caccini's 'Le nuove musiche. The practical tools and skills Moldover will be demonstrating are designed to ignite your enthusiam, advance your workflow, and maximize your productivity with Abelton Live. Whether you're new to Live or a seasoned pro, you're sure to benefit from this unique workshop presented by this amazing artist. Grad Forums provide an outlet for Music Department graduate students to present individual and collaborative works on their own terms.

John Cage, the James Dean of 20th-century composers, lets us experience a true anti-hero. The concert continues outdoors featuring the contr'alto flute, tuba, and drum kit played as virtuosic solo instruments. Dis Embodied Sounds for winds and electronics. Booking is advised: please mail to info samueldunscombe. The concert will feature Boulez' revolutionary work for clarinet and electronics "Dialogue de l'ombre double" in an updated realization by Miller Puckette with the help of Scott Worthington. Now in its ninth season, the festival attracts composers and performers from around the world for two weeks of inspiring concerts, lectures, master classes, and workshops.

John Adams' American Berserk provides an apt title for Kyle Adam Blair 's program of solo piano works combining America's indigenous jazz music with the angularity and energy of the avant-garde. This is the second of his "Musical Meetings," an ongoing series that aims to promote music of different genres, whether Chinese or Western, pop, classical or contemporary. Directed by Ken Anderson , the choir soars toward the heavens with African-American gospel, blues, and traditional songs.

Please note that this performance takes place at Mandeville Auditorium.

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  8. The students of Anthony Davis present an evening of free jazz improv. In her first D. The December First Monday concert highlights late twentieth and early twenty-first century American music for solo piano and piano and voice. The 95jc concert will feature a small ensemble performing a variety of exciting compositions, including some written and arranged by student musicians. Our instrumentation includes voice, violin, saxophones, rhythm section and afro-latin percussion. A recital of compositions by the undergraduate composers in Music Composition Seminar.

    Works for string quartet, percussion, piano and more. UCSD computer music graduate students present original music featuring original experimental works for performers and live electronics. This concert will include highly diverse material utilizing custom software, home-made electronics, re-purposed technology, computer graphics, and sculptural sound objects, as well as traditional instruments and recorded sound. Presto Batya McAdam-Somer — violin. Charles Ives — Sonata No.

    The second and final Grad Forum of the quarter brings together a fantastic collection of sound art, visual art, improvisation, and electroacoustic music. Accomplished improvisers, Drew Ceccato and Chris Golinski, join forces in what promises to be an astounding improv duo, and Adam Tinkle and Pablo Gomez present fascinating solo computer and electroacoustic works. Join LJSC for a concert of dazzling color and shadowy expression.

    Live performances of new works will be followed immediately by discussion from a panel and students. Entire event is free and open to the public. A farewell concert of music for instruments and electronics by graduating composer, Ben Hackbarth. Rand Steiger and the International Contemporary Ensemble at Calit2 Calit2 Composer-in-Residence Rand Steiger will present his work-in-progress on the Coalescence Cycle , a series of new pieces for instruments and electronics he is composing for the International Contemporary Ensemble.

    He will be joined by MacArthur Fellow Claire Chase , and other members of ICE who will present previews from some of the music including: Constellation electronics and improvising ensemble Light on Wate r flute, piano and electronics Concatenation bassoon and electronics Joust flute, bassoon and electronics Twister clarinet and electronics The event is free and will be preceded and followed by receptions with the artists. More information about the event may be found on ICE's site, here. Matta", "Mani. Mono", "Mani. This will be Jonathan's first D.

    A Concert of Premieres. Jury response and discussion session with faculty, composers and performers is open to the public and will begin Saturday, January 19th at am in CPMC Jury response and discussion session with faculty, composers and performers in response to the January 18th performance is open to the public and will begin Saturday, January 19th at am in CPMC Additional solos featuring Whiting Smith and Aszodi to be announced. Liang's piece "reflects a person gone astray in fancy, absorbed in beauty, perpetuated in sorrow.

    It alludes to the repertoire of plucked instruments in Japanese and Korean musical traditions, especially the music of koto and kayagum. Arietta: adagio molto, semplice e cantabile. The installation invites the listener to experience an environment that plays with the integration of the space and the body through the sensation of temperature, light and sound, which will animate the body to respond to the music in a particular ways. From drum kit improvisation to a composition for automobile suspension and glass, this concert promises to prove how musical the art of percussion can be.

    Inspired by the discovery in of pulsars -- pulsing radio waves from massive stars that disintegrated eons ago -- Grisey composed the piece in for his son Raphael. In his moving Fantasia Ralph Vaughan Williams shows us just how intimate music can feel. Carl Nielsen takes us to the opposite extreme in his Espansiva symphony. New York-based virtuoso Yuki Numata Resnick presents a concert of both traditional and contemporary classical music for violin.

    Graduate students in the Department of Music present an evening of curious pieces exploring sound, text, and visual worlds. David Patrick Stearns Philadelphia Inquirer proclaimed their performance as being "among the most stimulating new-music concerts of my experience. The March First Monday concert includes a fantastic mix of composed and improvised pieces for acoustic and electric instruments.

    As Nora loses her bearings and her autonomy, she is increasingly at the mercy of her three quarreling daughters.

    ~ Lossless Classical Resources

    Lear on the 2nd Floor is the fourth chamber opera production of kallisti. Line starts at p. In international concerts and in the studio Adapter plays music by composers of the meantime and the recent past. In cooperations the ensemble acts as a producing or co-producing unit, testing chances and limits of transmedial approaches in different kinds of settings. In workshops the group transfers knowledge of how to write, study and perform contemporary music to composers, instrumentalist and creatives worldwide. Adapter stays in touch with the latest developments in the differing scenes of contemporary creation, maintaining a progressive, authentic and powerful style.

    Reynolds himself will read texts, joined by computer musician Paul Hembree, percussionist Steven Schick, and flutist Rachel Beetz. It is rather expected that each imdividual will make his or her own connections between the elements. The intent is associative and inferential, not illustrative or explanatory. My texts, read live and also pre-recorded, are spatialized in real time by an elaborate computer algorithm carefully tuned to allow a textural choreography where lines of thought intersect and challenge one another in novel ways.

    UCSD computer music graduate students present original music in this year's three-concert computer music series, featuring original experimental works for performers and live electronics. The concerts contain highly diverse material utilizing custom software, home-made electronics, re-purposed technology, computer graphics, and sculptural sound objects, as well as traditional instruments and recorded sound.

    Bach, C. Bach, Kaija Saariaho, and Charles Ives. Featuring David Medine live sound engineering and Todd Moellenberg piano. Special Guest: Paul Dresher , invented instruments. Telematic performance, explores the musical, technical, and social dimensions of live performance between multiple locations through high speed Internet. Their unique repertoire explores the nature of utterance and human communication through the world's two oldest instruments, voice and percussion.

    Their repertoire mixes western classical music traditions with folk and world music influences, while also integrating electronic and contemporary explorations of sound. SpringFest A program of new and recent vocal chamber music composed and performed by UCSD graduate students and friends. Texts from Chaucer, Laxness, and sundials. Cute and unpredictable animal puppets, portrayed by musicians pushing at the extremes of vocal expression, try and mostly fail to stay out of a series of recursively nested Hells. The show will function as a series of episodes for children's television, investigating themes such as: how flowers mimic the shapes of sexually desirable insects to fool the insects into pollinating them through attempted mating; how the development of telecommunications electronics is the result of aliens programming us to extract and collect rare earth metals; the alienation and disempowerment of the information age.

    Game triggered sound effects by Andy Muehlhausen. Come play a match and enjoy the ensuing madness! According to a script of stage commands, Moellenberg will perform calculated movements between pieces within built stage elements created by Savitsky. RVW Orchestral. Having also been made aware of his dedication to interpretations of Baroque music on period instruments, I was keen to explore this C. Bach recital on tangent piano. The tangent piano is one of numerous variants on keyboard instrument design during the transition between harpsichord and clavichord towards the fortepiano.

    Comparison with the clavichord is tempting and the two instruments do share a wide expressive range, though the latter sustains through contact between tangent and string while the tangent piano has an escapement, hitting and releasing the string more like a fortepiano. The sound is indeed something like a cross between a clavichord and a fortepiano, with metallic overtones but a wide variety of dynamic, colour and other expressive possibilities — certainly better for C.

    Recognised in his lifetime as the leading pioneer of a new age in music, C. The works chosen for this recording all come from his later years, bringing together the genres on which he focussed: the fantasy, the rondo and the sonata, as well as smaller Solfeggi. The Andante from Sonate VI has an exotic, music-box quality that has to count as another highlight, and the final Fantasie II opens out from damped strings to add further tints to an already rich palette.

    With scenic contrasts that range from coquettish romance to dramatic moments of Sturm und Drang , it unfolds like a wordless opera.