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I am one of those crazy fans who lives for the next book!

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What can I say! I love what I love! View all 6 comments. A fun conclusion to the trilogy and a fun addition to the series. This is Cleo's story, we meet her in the first two books and it was fun to get things from her POV. Cleo was a likable character, she is loyal and kind. She's always looking for the best in others and is a positive influence to those around her. I of course loved her love interst, Tai Matafeo. He was a good fit with Cleo and they had fun chemistry.

I do wish we could have seen them together a little more. I sometimes felt like Cle A fun conclusion to the trilogy and a fun addition to the series. I sometimes felt like Cleo was with Pule, Meredith and everyone else more than she was with Tai. The mystery is resolved in this one and although they had to go through some rough spots, especially Cleo poor Cleo wasn't even the target and yet she somehow kept getting hurt it brought them all together and ended up giving them all a happily ever after.

Overall, a fun conclusion to the series and it's always fun to escape to Fircrest! Oct 01, Katie W rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , contemporary , romance-clean. Cleo is such a fun and strong character. She's been a bodyguard for her good friends, Rayne and Ivy, but she's not as tough as you might think. She has a very tender heart and a soft side that is endearing.

She's a health nut and fiercely loyal to those she loves. I found her likeable and similar to me in that I love to eat well and exercise, but I love my treats too. I really need to try these cronuts--are they real?! I really enjoyed getting to know Cleo better. She has a way about her that bri Cleo is such a fun and strong character. She has a way about her that brings down walls. Her new roommate is very bitter, but after a short time with Cleo, the walls come crashing down. Cleo is very open to love, craves to have someone to call her own, and after a few hesitant moments, she fully embraces it when love comes knocking.

I loved the feeling of family that was felt throughout the story. Strong bonds of loyalty are built and the process is very enjoyable. I also loved the threads of humor woven through the storyline. There are many humorous situations and the way the characters handled these, along with the stressful times, really made me like them all the more.

The romantic moments were my favorite, of course. There are moments of peril and suspense that are found throughout this series and wrapped up nicely. I'm so excited to continue on with the next trilogy and can't wait to see what happens next with this beloved town of Fircrest! Content: clean romance kissing ; moderate violence attack, attempted kidnapping, beating, etc ; very mild religious elements brief prayerful thoughts mentioned ; no language. Jan 05, Heidi rated it it was amazing. It's hard to review these books without feeling like I'm giving it all away View all 4 comments.

Aug 30, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in You definitely don't want to start with this book as we are introduced to the characters in the previous books. Shannon pumps these books out fast. She's releasing one every month or two which makes me happy. She's a great storyteller and I'm always amazed at how much I enjoy these stories. I honestly love escaping into Shannon's books. They are always squeaky clean but have the most amazing male leads. I just read there will be another series set in Fircrest called Love and Weddings.

I am looking forward to returning to Fircrest. Oddly enough I hope to read Pule's story sometime soon. Who would have thought he'd ultimately become someone I would want to read about. Here's hoping there are lots more Matafeo boys to read about in the future! Rating: 5 Stars - I loved it. Content: Clean Source: Gifted to me via Amazon. Aug 26, Alisa rated it it was amazing. As soon as I saw this was out, I grabbed it and started to read it. This was a great end to the trilogy. I can always hope those loose ends with Asher mean a future book Content: Very clean, no swearing View 2 comments.

Nov 10, Alisha rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed this ending to the trilogy. This was really great too, and I so badly wanted to see how Cleo's life evolved after she had been put off by Asher and put her life on the line for Rayne and Ivy. It was nice, as always, to see all of the other characters developed more as well. I would've liked to have seen Ivy more in this book, but I felt the same with Rayne being out of the second book fo Really enjoyed this ending to the trilogy.

I would've liked to have seen Ivy more in this book, but I felt the same with Rayne being out of the second book for the vast majority also. Overall, very well done. I'll be checking out more by Shannon Guymon. Romance: clean Sep 22, Alyson rated it it was amazing. Love all these characters and how they go together with the other books and characters that I loved. At one part I was laughing so hard I was crying and I had to back track and explain the book to my kids because they wanted to know what was making me laugh so hard. After I read it to them they were laughing as hard as I was.

Dec 31, Teya Peck rated it it was amazing. Wow, what an end. I had it figured out in book one however, the journey through the mystery w as worth it. That coming from me is huge. I hate mysteries and won't read them. This was a really good solid series. It was on the harsh side a the end but understandably. Seems as though it could keep going but it's not a cliff hanger at all. Oct 06, Beth rated it it was amazing. I hope we have more to come Thank you Ms. Guymon for your amazing work! Dec 04, Toni rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Loved the whole "Love and Flowers" trilogy, even more than the others.

What a great strong series it turned out to be.

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I am so not done with wanting more from these characters and Fircrest. So worth reading. This was my guilty pleasure read for the weekend.

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It was good, just as I have come to expect from this author and this series. My favorite part was that Tai and Cleo didn't having a falling out to get over, it was just them against the world from the beginning. Good, Clean Romance. Sep 02, Valerie Waters rated it really liked it. Aww how sweet. I think I'm in love with Tai!!! That guy I love Pule. He so dang awesome!!!

I want a whole book on him with his funny quarky sense of humor! Love him. View 1 comment. Sep 22, Amie Aycock rated it it was amazing. Shannon once again knocked it out of the ball park! I love all these series, and I don't want them to end!! I always look forward to a new one coming out, and this one sure didn't disappoint!

I absolutely loved, loved, loved this book!! The story had me so hooked from the beginning to the end, I couldn't put it down! The story had everything you want in it mystery, suspense, adventure, humor, and the cutest love story ever!! I love all the characters in this book, they all bring so much to the st Shannon once again knocked it out of the ball park! I love all the characters in this book, they all bring so much to the story.

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I love when authors make you feel as if you are in the story itself that is what Shannon has made me feel throughout all the series! You will laugh, cry, scream, grin and be on the edge of your seat in this book! I'm not kidding it's that good!! Cleo is such a fun, sweet, sassy, loveable girl with a heart of gold! Tai is umm hello gorgeous, fun, knock you off your feet romantic, and a great all around guy! What more could you want in your leading man!! Oh did I mention he also cooks, swoon!!

These two together have an undeniable chemistry that leaves you grinning from ear to ear! Ahhh so cute!! It's always my favorite to catch up with the other characters from the series as well, just like one big family reunion!! Do yourself the biggest favor and check this and all of the other books in the series out!! The only thing you will be sorry for is the lack of sleep you will get when reading any of Shannon's books!

They are the hardest things to put down!! Sep 05, Christina Tarbet rated it it was amazing. Another great book from Shannon Guymon! I love this trilogy and A Passion for Cleo is a perfect conclusion to the love and flowers series. I love how Shannon pulls you in from page one. I love how she writes in such a way that you feel a part of the story. She has a way of writing so that you feel the characters' emotions. I loved Cleo's story. I loved her character and how strong and loyal she is.

I love reading about the characters from all of Shannon's other trilogies. She does a great job in Another great book from Shannon Guymon! She does a great job intertwining the past characters into the story so you can read how their lives continue. I love a great happy ending. Shannon is good at writing a good happy ending. Her book isn't all sugary and sweet. The characters have to overcome some conflicts to get there.

I love to sit back, relax and read a good book to take a break from my busy schedule and Shannon's books are perfect for that! In the small town of Ash, a phone call sets off a series of events. The cast of characters in this book are so likeable. The author did a fabulous job of making us love the characters we should and hate the characters that are evil. Ezra King meets Lena and they hit it off, but Ezra backs off until he sees Lena at the police station. Law is a character in and of himself. I am so surprised that the small town has not figured out what he does and things he is an odd duck.

The introduction of Hope to In the small town of Ash, a phone call sets off a series of events. The introduction of Hope to the small town has brought out a more likeable Law. Remy makes me uncertain as he seems a little wishy washy with his feelings. The police in the town don't seem like they could solve a problem if it bit them in the face.

The people in the town need a reality check and should not accuse people before they are given the facts and there is evidence. The book ended and I was like I had to keep paging to see if I missed something. Nothing was resolved and we still don't know who the bad guy is, so I need to read the next book to see where it is going.

View all 10 comments. Ezra is a police officer on leave in Ash, Kentucky. He meets Lena and is attracted but he is reluctant to get into a relationship at that time. Lena is a chef and is also blind. One night she wakes up and hears a woman screaming for help. Unable to physically do anything herself she calls the police. Very suspenseful with a nice romance. I loved the story but I hate that the story continues on to the next book in the series so we have unresolved issues.

Luckily, I was aware of that going in and I made sure I had all three books before I started the series. I definitely would recommend this to romantic suspense fans but I'd also advise getting all three books before starting. Apr 15, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , romance-suspense , murder , part-of-a-series.

This being the first time that I have read anything by this author, I was pleasantly surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Having it sit on my bookshelf clearly calling out to me though was a big no-no. I should have hidden it away as now I feel I have put my nose out of joint — pa This being the first time that I have read anything by this author, I was pleasantly surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I should have hidden it away as now I feel I have put my nose out of joint — patience is not one of my virtues - but I clearly have no choice and wait I must. In any case, no point going on and on so let me get down to what I want to say. Romantic suspense is one of my favourite genres. I really, really like Lena so much and what made her character even more interesting is that she is blind. I could totally see myself being friends with her. Pretty much true to all small towns, everyone knows everyone and their business.

Meanwhile, he occupies himself with a little DIY around the house while he recuperates after numerous surgeries. He is still at a loss as to what exactly went down after the shooting. Ezra and Lena meet at the restaurant she works at. After sampling one of her meals which she was kind enough to share, they set a date for a proper sit down. From the very beginning they are drawn to one another. A kiss is shared at the end of the evening with a promise from Ezra that he will call. BIG no-no. You are asking for trouble — big time. One evening, Lena wakes up with a gasp. Chilled to the bone, she dials and relays what she heard.

Something needs to be done and this woman, whoever she is, is in desperate need of help. Ezra meanwhile is at the police station reporting vandalism of his property by irresponsible teenage boys. Unfortunately he has to deal with Deputy Prather who is a moron of note my opinion too when Lena arrives to speak to someone regarding what she heard. Ezra is willing to wait and upon seeing Lena experiences guilt for not having called her but the cop inside him is also curious to find out why she would be at the police station. As you can see from what I have written so far, it only gets more interesting twists and turns and chilling with the antagonist inflicting horrific pain and torture and perpetually raping his victim so much so that she would rather die than have to endure this any longer.

The killer is often in town going about his daily chores and is obviously known BUT we do not know who he is and nobody really believes anything sinister is going on as this has never happened before and it's all probably in Lena's head. To say they are all clueless is to put it mildly.

There is a bit of everything in this book from humour, love great connection between Lena and Ezra and suspense to chilling moments. There are also quite a lot of characters and I had no problems with them however, it took a few sentence repeats for me to remember exactly which Jennings character it was that I was reading about.

The whole town is full of Jennings family members and this was a bit confusing but you get over it eventually. Not so with this one. I think Ms. Walker is very clever as she now has me on the edge of my seat and my patience is wearing thin. Shelves: condition-new , , genre-romance-suspense , published , stars-5 , format-mmp , bought-barnesnoble , info-full , reviewed , series-ash-trilogy.

A I'm really glad that Auntee recc'ed this book to me. And B I'm really glad that I decided to wait and read all three books in a row. This series really should be read in order as there is an overall story arc throughout the 3 books. Summary: Ezra King moves to the small town of Ash, Kentucky, after a tragic incident during his job as a polic officer leaves him seriously injured and shakes his faith in his love for the job. He plans to just take it easy and relax, but more so, to get his head back on straight.

Then he meets sexy, beautiful Lena Riddle. From the first moment he meets her, he's awe struck. For Lena, it's not much different. Ezra sets off feelings inside her she's never felt before. Then one night she hears a woman screaming in the woods near her house. Only, no one really seems to believe her He's got a bad feeling something terrible is going on.

And as he tries to find answers, he and Lena grow closer. But the answers he seeks aren't so easy to find, and things keep getting more confusing. The only thing that makes sense to the two are the feelings developing between the two. This book embodies what I love about romantic suspense books. I loved it from page one right until the end. That being said, I am also glad I knew going into the book that the ending is rather open And I knew that before I started — which is why I decided to wait until all three books were out and I could read them together.

Because these books are extremely intertwined and probably work much better read together. But like I said, I'm glad I knew going into this one that things were left unresolved because if not, I probably would have been very frustrated and more than a little annoyed. One of the best aspects of this book is that the romance and suspense are very nicely balanced. The romance is very solid, given plenty of attention and you don't feel short-changed at all. And the suspense is well developed, engaging and nicely done. I didn't feel like either one needed anything more. I also loved that the heroine is an atypical heroine because she is blind.

And I liked how Walker treated that in the book. It's a very noticeable detail, but it's not overly dramatized. Lena's blind, you read that, know that, see how it affects her life, but it doesn't take over the story. I thought it was a great way to handle that detail. And I just liked Lena as a character. She's spunky, tough and comes across very real. Ezra is a cool character, too. Big, tough cop going through some physical and emotional turmoil from his job as a cop.

The two mixed very well together and I enjoyed reading about them. I did come into this story expecting it to be a bit hotter because of Walker's history as an erotic romance writer, but I didn't mind that it wasn't. I thought the suspense plot was very well done as well. It's a creepy story Psychotic serial killer on the loose, torturing women but no one really knows. You're left on the edge of your seat wondering what's going on, how it will all play out. Some authors flat out tell you the bad guy, some make it blatantly obvious, some, unfortunately, dump in a mystery character at the end that leaves you scratching your head.

Walker gets just the right mix of clues and mystery to point you in a couple directions but still leaving you wondering. And of course, you're still wondering at the end because the story of the serial killer is not wrapped up in this book. It is an overall trilogy arc that doesn't get solved in this book. Which, yes, is frustrating and if I had to wait several months until the next book I'd probably be pissed, but since I have the other two books sitting waiting for me, it doesn't matter. I'm super intrigued about who the killer is and how it will all play out. I can't wait to read the other two books to find out.

Another great aspect of the book is the involvement of the secondary characters, most of whom will become primary characters in the other books. They actually get POV scenes and you get a much stronger connection to them that way, but yet they don't detract from the main characters of the book or what is going on. It's just enough to get you interested and intrigued in them.

And I am. Hope, Law, Remy All in all, I have no complaints whatsoever about the book. I enjoyed it all the way through and literally could not wait to pick up the next book and find out what would happen. Just a great all around book and I suspect it'll be a great series. This one will leave you desperate for more - it definitely leaves you way more questions than answers. This is the story of Lena and Ezra but there is an underlying suspense plot that will play out over all 3 novels of the trilogy and is only just coming into bloom by the end of this one.

It all takes place in a small town - Ash, Kentucky. It's totally character driven and I had a little trouble at first working out who they all were but they're so well written, they become to life off the pa Wow! It's totally character driven and I had a little trouble at first working out who they all were but they're so well written, they become to life off the pages pretty quickly. Lena Riddle is a blind chef think sharp knives and hot stoves and you begin to understand her who lives alone with her guide dog Puck on the edge of the woods.

She's fiercely independent and will do anything to protect that independence. Ezra King is a state cop who is in Ash staying at his late Grandma's house recovering from being shot in the leg by his partner who was a cop gone bad and also his lover. Oh, and he killed her too.

Ezra is plagued by bad dreams and is undecided whether or not he is going back to his job. We also have Law Reilly, one of Lena's best friends. He's a very private guy but he is actually a successful published author using a pen name. Most of Ash's residents have no idea about his alter-ego and regard him with suspicion. He's also carrying a candle for Lena but it's unrequited. He hires his childhood friend Hope Carson to come and sort him out as he is a disaster in the admin field and she sets about organising his office.

Hope has a horrendous past. She was married to a cop who subject her to emotional and physical abuse. She's got away but, as he's a cop, he's managed to avoid all charges and convince most people that Hope is unstable and violent herself. Hope has a real bad case of PTSD and a dread of cops. We don't know much about Remy yet, but we will in the next novel.

So, to the suspense story - Lena wakes up one night and hears a woman desperately screaming for help in the woods behind her house. She calls the police but, by the time they arrive, there is nothing to be seen or heard. They don't give her story much credit. Thankfully, Ezra does and he thinks Lena is now in danger. Their love story blossoms from this point onwards and they have a palpable chemistry and just sizzles off the pages. Of course, this is Shiloh Walker so we have some pretty hot sex scenes! I'm not going to say any more about the suspense plot because to do so would be to spoil it.

We do get many scenes from the villain's POV and these are incredibly well done.

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When reading these, I felt like I was walking through a foggy wood - a misty, unclear view and every little sound echoed back at me and I actually felt cold and claustrophobic when I was reading them. We don't know his identity but he is one of the Ash residents and I had a strong suspect but I guess I won't find out if I'm right until the third novel. So the suspense story is a slow burner but it builds with a frightening intensity and the last couple of chapters will leave you wondering where on earth it is going to go next. Hope is the main character of the next novel and we leave her in a pretty bad predicament at the end of this one.

So, a 5 star romantic suspense for the touching love story between Ezra and Lena and the well developed and pulsating suspense plot. Mar 07, Alyssa Ricks rated it liked it. This review is really for the whole Ash Trilogy; I don't feel that the books stand alone. If You Hear Her - this installment focused on Lena and Ezra; she's a blind chef at the local inn and he's a state cop on leave after getting shot by his dirty partner don't worry, This review is really for the whole Ash Trilogy; I don't feel that the books stand alone.

If You Hear Her - this installment focused on Lena and Ezra; she's a blind chef at the local inn and he's a state cop on leave after getting shot by his dirty partner don't worry, she's dead. Not too long after Ezra comes to town Lena hears a woman screaming in the woods near her home, but the police aren't doing much about it.

Ezra takes a special interest in Lena, they date, view spoiler [his house gets burnt down and at the end of the book he moves in with Lena instead of looking for a place of his own hide spoiler ] and then the book just ends. I though my kindle accidentally jumped me or something and went back into the book to see where the ending was. If You See Her - this installment focused on Hope and Remy; she's an old friend of Law's and has come to act as his assistant and stop running after 2 years on the move trying to make sure her abusive ex-husband can't find her and he's the local DA.

Law and Hope are attacked and it's made to look as though Hope beat him with a baseball bat and then slit her wrists. The sheriff and Remy know something's not right, but they're prepared to arrest her anyway until evidence proves it wasn't her. After Law is threatened Hope grows a little back bone and isn't the cowering mouse she was when she first arrived in town. After Remy and Hope have been dating a while her ex shows up in town view spoiler [ he stalks her before abducting her and taking her to a cottage in the woods.

The killer from book one has been watching her and wants to keep her safe for some reason he doesn't understand. The sherrif is shot by the ex, but not before he wounds the ex and the killer comes to finish him off and plant evidence to make everyone think he's the one that killed Joely Hollister in book one. They rescue Hope. Ezra and Lena get engaged hide spoiler ] If You Know Her - focusing on Law, a close friend of Hope and Lena and major supporting character so far, and Nia, Joely's cousin, and wrapping up the trilogy.

I have to say that I really liked Law and, though their chemistry worked, I didn't really like Nia; I'd have preferred someone else for him. Things start to unravel for the killer when Nia and Ezra, who is now sherrif, both know that something isn't right with pinning Joely's murder on Joe Carson and they discover evidence to the contrary. I'll probably try other works by this author, but they aren't on my auto-buy list. Sep 12, Francesca the Fierce Under the Covers Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-romantic-suspense , own-signed , books-read , cops.

I loved it! It has enough romance to keep you excited but the actual story is amazing. If you love mysteries, you will love this book! Our heroine, Lena Riddle, has lived in the small town of Ash, Kentucky for close to nine years. Small community, everyone knows each other, everyone is nice to each other. She lives alone, with a dog, on the outsides of town, in t 4. She lives alone, with a dog, on the outsides of town, in the woods. And she's blind! Her peaceful existence is ruined by a woman's scream in the middle of the night.

Someone is running through the woods near her house. Someone that's running for their life. But when she tries to get the cops to investigate what she heard, no one believes her. Well, almost no one. The other disruption to her peaceful existence believes she heard something. Ezra King. He's a city cop on leave after being hurt badly on the job. He went back to his grandmother's home, which he had inherited when she passed away, to try and figure out if he could go back to the force.

But he wasn't planning on falling in love. Very rarely do I find a book where I love both the hero and heroine. I did in this one. Lena is such a strong woman. When she lost her sight she kept going forward and didn't let that stop her from doing what she wanted, becoming a chef. It doesn't stop her now from living in a house she loves alone.

It hasn't stopped her in the past from dating. From being confident. And it's not going to stop her from making the cops take her seriously about the threat that's lurking in the woods. There's a woman out there who's life may depend on it. Ezra is sexy as hell. He's got the bad boy, cop vibe going. He's one of the good guys. He never belittles her and knows just how to treat her. And talk about hot! I did the process of elimination as best I could and there's always something in my mind that takes someone off the list.

I am at a loss. What I wasn't expecting was the ending. I guess the killer will run lose for the whole series because we don't get to find out who he is!!! I might've screamed a little. Whoever it is, he's a sick bastard. Just be warned of this.

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There are some parts in this book that are written from the killers perspective, or even worst at times, from the victims. I was a little disturbed by that, but it did make the story more real. And this being my first Shiloh Walker book I have to say that I love her writing! I will definitely have to get more of her books! Dec 25, Kazza rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery. I just couldn't get through this book fast enough, and not due to immense interest, I just wanted it to end. I felt no chemistry between the MC's, Lena and Ezra, the sex scenes also fizzled for me.

Why did she like Ezra so much? I still couldn't tell you what he looked like, I just couldn't get my mind around him, visualize him. There was one part where he spent a full week coming over to her place while investigating the woods but we didn't get to see their time spent together, just had to take it as gospel that their relationship developed more.

I didn't like the town of Ash much, a lot of the people and the small town mentality just angered me. There was an awful lot of characters to deal with in this book for the first in a trilogy, if it was like The Carpathaians, BDB or IAD series with many books that need a lot of character development I would understand. However, I really liked Law, give me Law over Ezra any day, and Remy, they both seemed like decent, likeable men. Hope was also an interesting character with good possibilities for the next book. I felt things were left unresolved that should have wrapped up here, minor things like Roz and Lena's fight over Law for one.

Ezra's dreams were not utilized properly and never went anywhere, they didn't look llike they were going to be sorted either, which meant Ezra was still in emotional turnoil; a prime reason he needed to get his head together in the first place, and just be "friends". Also, Lena was painted as very perceptive, yet she had no idea Law was gone for her, really? I have to also mention that the underlying plot of young women being kidnapped, repeatedly raped and tortured didn't ramp up my desire for sexual interactions and romance.

I have read excerpts of the next book, featuring Remy and Hope, and it grabbed me more, so I live in hope that the next book will be worthwhile. The writing style, while pretty good, could be bogged down in detail and repetitive, if I heard Ezra say "friends" one more time I would have thrown something. Obviously I have bucked the trend here, most people have waxed lyrical over this book, so if you're interested you should give it a go because it appears most people love it.

What a great first book in the Ash trilogy! It's been a while since i've read a book by Shiloh Walker her Hunters series so i'd forgotten what a great story teller she is!

If You Hear Her

The serial killer was creeeeppppyyy!!.. Getting to be in the minds of his victims was scarey.. Loved all the main characters! I also thoroughly enjoyed the "featured" couple in this first book Ezra and Lena For some reason, the first half of this book was good but it was somewhat easy to put the book down The way this trilogy is written Is this a new and unique "thing" in this genre? I'm not really sure.. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to any lover of romantic suspense on the hunt for something new!! Aug 17, fleurette rated it liked it Shelves: romantic-suspense.

My first book by Shiloh Walker and probably not the last one. I enjoyed this book.

A Passion for Cleo by Shannon Guymon

It was probably not the best one I have ever read but I had a good time with it. It was a bit too short, though. It all ended too quickly or, as a matter of fact, it didn't which is even a greater problem. I would like the plot to be more developed and for Lena and Ezra to have more time to get to know each other. Also I'm not sure about the strong appearance of the secondary characters.

Regarding the lack of suspen My first book by Shiloh Walker and probably not the last one. Regarding the lack of suspense plot development and romance building, I would prefer to read about them and their stories in their books and this one to be more about Lena and Ezra and the killer case. Still, I liked the secondary characters and looking forward to read their stories. But the one thing that made me badly disappointed with this book was the suspense plot.

First of all, it is definitely too short. I wish there were more details and events. Lena hears some screams in the middle of the night and then nothing happens for more than half of the book. I would like it to be more action, some investigation or a threat from the killer. I was just waiting for something to happen and instead I got some introduction in small town life and other problems.

But what really got me mad was the lack of ending, a cliffhanger. I absolutely hate cliffhangers. I believe a good story should have an introduction, some development and the proper ending. The suspense part in If You Hear Her stays unfinished. I am thinking about lowering my rate even more for this. Right now it is about 2.