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This story has a lot to do with Chantel's past coming back to haunt her. Since her mom passed away and she is too young to watch over her younger sister, the state placed Chantel's younger sister with the one man Chantel never wanted to see again - Chantel's little sister father. All while so much is going on in Chantel's world She has become very close with her new friend Precious.

Little Bad Girl [Remixes]

Chantel and Precious both plot to find revenge w So this short story left right off where the first story stopped. Chantel and Precious both plot to find revenge within Chantel's past her little sister's father. But Chantel has a quick change of heart that is until she hears Precious's painful past and the way she grew up that she decided that the plan is still on. With each chapter, I read from these short stories I get more anxious to find out what will happen next.

I will be starting on part 3 soon. Nov 26, Carla rated it it was amazing. It picks up right after the events of part one. Treasure Blue did not disappoint! Great story but was over too quickly, I need more :! This was a great follow up to part 1!

Little Bad Girl 2

I cannot wait for the third installment! Nov 29, Bibliophilic rated it it was amazing. This Series is beyond good.

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Five stars, two snaps and a lighter flick. Treasure can weave together a story that will take you on a journey that can make you want revenge then touch your heart, bring you to tears and forgiveness. There is an art to writing and he has the key or should I say pen. Precious is a character that I will be talking about for years to come, I just know it.

Little Bad Girl

Cause somewhere along the line she'll pull through her storm as will Chantel. I am so looking forward to part 3. Dec 27, Tasha rated it it was amazing.

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In this second installment, we find out that there is MUCH more to each character thsn meets the eye. Treasure Blue makes quick work of this thrill ride, sending readers all over the map in guessing the ultimate ending. Quick and thrilling, a definite page turner, and perfect for changing channels after a long day at work, this short read is a must for those looking for a good read.


Nov 26, Me'Tova Hollingsworth rated it really liked it. Well I came back to see how Treasure was going to wrap up Chantel's story. It was a good short story, but I feel like Treasure owes us another chapter or a sequel.

One more chapter of them actually commenting the act would have did it! All and all it was still a good story, that I enjoyed reading, but in the case four chapters was way too short, but well written. Aug 03, Stephanie Wiley rated it it was amazing. My only complaint is that the story was way too short I guess I will have to read Part 3 loaned out to my sister to find out just how Precious and Chantel plan to off the good preacher! I am hyped Treasure Blue, you are amazing! Dec 14, Keke Chanel rated it it was amazing. Another page-turner picking up right where the first left off!

Man, I am so ready to see what happens next. Treasure Blue truly has a way of capturing his audience and leaving them craving more. Great job! Dec 06, Camille-Sherry rated it liked it. The book, Little Bad Girl 2 by Treasure Blue, is a continuation of Little Bad Girl, the book focuses on main character Chanel who is humbling herself; at the same time, encouraged by her new friend to seek revenge. The story is OK, but boring. Oct 14, Deidre rated it really liked it.

Little Bad Girl (Extended)

Feb 23, Michele Armstead-mitchell rated it really liked it. Although it was a good read, I was a little disappointed that it was only 17 pages. I hope part 3 will be longer. Allison rated it really liked it Dec 07, Crys rated it liked it Jan 09, Stephanie Watkins rated it really liked it Jan 24, Julisa Collins rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Mary Gibbs rated it really liked it Sep 15, Valerie Cunningham rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Juju Crawford rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Donna Lewis rated it it was ok Dec 20, Ella Curry rated it liked it Sep 27, Dee Cherry rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Stacey rated it it was amazing Jul 02, Jazz rated it really liked it Dec 22, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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