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She was such a strong-willed woman and in book two and three I have seen her fall from this category. When she sided with Luciferael she sealed her fate. She had the chance to tell Jarahmael everything but she refused, in my opinion, out of pure selfishness.

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I felt bad for Jarahmael, since in the future this will be another blow for him. I really hope he gets the peace he has rightfully earned. Feb 24, Yolisa rated it it was amazing.

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The archangel Jarahmael is a true hero. From the onset he has been the sacrificial one of the Almighty. Unfortunately he also had pride but didn't realize until years and years passed,with him being tormented and persecuted in hell. He gave up his life for the sake of humanity and his loyalty to the Almighty,Never gave up on anything, but willing to give his life. There is also an unsung hero whose name is Cerebriel.

The Archangel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer Heaven Trilogy Series

Aug 19, BooksandBeyondFiftyShades rated it it was amazing. The reader gets to see as the angels have to come to terms with what is concerned right and wrong, what is divine or human, good or evil without the Almighty stepping in to help them figure it out. Jarahmael is put to the test as he tries to protect the woman he loves while keeping the secrets he was entrusted with for the Almighty.

Throughout each book the pace and flow of the books kept me glued, unwilling to put it down until I finished each book. The action in this one, not knowing if everything would turn out ok in the end, if Jarahmael and Lillith would get to be together after everything kept me wanting to read the next page to find out. I am highly recommending this book, but am also suggesting that you buy the first two books first so you know what is going on.

Excellent book with an educated grasp of angelic lore, Higgins brings his mythical characters to life in this thrilling, mythic tale. Sylvie Gionet rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Dec 10, Fhey rated it it was amazing. Excillent is the right word for this book. Powerful and brilliant story.

Book 2- In Rebellion

Everytime I turned to each chapters it makes an intense feeling and each characters are well describe by the author.. Robin rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Marie Seltenrych rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Mary rated it it was amazing Aug 20, Vera Martin-Warren rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Diana Cardonita rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Hitomi Kemper rated it it was amazing Sep 24, Nessa Collins marked it as to-read Sep 11, Jennifer Pierson marked it as to-read Mar 09, Taiye Bello marked it as to-read Jun 08, Anthony Burdge marked it as to-read Aug 20, Amber Kestner marked it as to-read Mar 17, Joseph marked it as to-read May 30, LaShaunda marked it as to-read Jul 24, LishC marked it as to-read Jul 28, Liz Aguilar marked it as to-read Nov 03, Daneres marked it as to-read Apr 25, Maureen O'Malley marked it as to-read Jun 09, I lost a slice of time with the only family that remained because of Trent.

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I was proud and in serious denial. I let pain rule my actions.

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When my brother called to tell me he was out, I had no clue that my future was about to get overhauled. I quickly discovered that my attempt at barring the wicked from my life had allowed another evil to enter.

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Thankfully, Trent was not only talented and charismatic but had never forgotten me. BS Dolphin, living in Tennessee, has enjoyed freelance creative writing for numerous years. Holding a BS in Communication, she recently opted for creativity verses technical writing due to an imagination running amok. Writing for various clients, short stories on erotic blog sites, and self published; she mixes action with romance and rolls it in dark conflict on a daily basis.

Ghostwriting for various contracts has granted a plethora of knowledge and feedback. Release into the ocean of writers under her own name has been a learning process. Angels are forced to choose sides, legions of Rebel Angels who worship Luciferael against the legions of Loyal Angels who continue to worship the Almighty, two major forces divided into fighting for ultimate control of the Seven Heavens and the Universe. Who will win the prototypical war? Who will rule the Heavens?


In the meantime, the Archangel Jarahmael and the first Human woman, Lillith, are swept up into the cataclysmic Heavenly War. Can they survive these monumental dangers? Will their love for one another endure? Show More Show Less.