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Rose has a plausible explanation for why she and her children are residing in Thomas's house, but she quickly realizes he's far too intelligent to fool. Revealing the truth is impossibly dangerous, yet day by day he wins her trust, and then her heart. But then her enemy closes in, and Rose turns to Thomas as the only man who can protect her and the children.

And when she asks for his help, Thomas finally understands his true purpose, and with unwavering commitment, he seeks his redemption in the only way he can--through living the reality of loving Rose. Kindle Nook iBooks Kobo Others. Kindle iBooks Kobo Others. Thomas rode out through the gates with the sun glistening on the frosted grass and sparkling in the dewdrops decorating the still bare branches. The gelding was mature, strong, very much up to his weight, but also steady, a necessity given his physical limitations; he could no longer be certain of applying sufficient force with his knees to manage the horse in stressful situations.

Silver—the novices had named him—was beyond getting stressed. His bones already had enough fractures for five lifetimes. As he rode down the road toward Bridgewater, he instinctively assessed his aches and pains. He would always have them, but, in general, they had sunk to a level he could ignore.

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That, or his senses had grown dulled, his nerves inured to the constant abrading. The first crest in the road drew near, and a sense of leaving something precious behind tugged. Drawing rein on the rise, he wheeled Silver and looked back. The priory sat, gray stone walls sunk into the green of the headland grasses, with the blue sky and the pewter of the Channel beyond. They, more than he, had given him this chance—to go forth and complete his penance, and so find ultimate peace. Courtesy of Drayton, he had money in his pocket, and in his saddlebags he had everything he would need to reach his chosen abode and settle in.

He was finally doing it, taking the first step along the road to find his fate.


In effect, surrendering himself to Fate, freely giving himself up to whatever lay in wait. Thomas stared at the walls of the priory for a moment more, then, turning Silver, he rode on. His way lay via Taunton, a place of memories, and of people who might, despite the disfigurement of his injuries, recognize him; he rode straight through and on, spending the night at the small village of Waterloo Cross before rising with the sun and continuing west.

The entrance to the drive was unremarkable; a simple gravel avenue, it wended between stunted trees, then across a short stretch of rising open ground to end before the front door. A solid, but unimaginative rectangular block constructed of local bricks in muted shades of red, ochre, and yellow, the house consisted of two stories plus dormers beneath a lead roof.

The windows of the main rooms looked south, over the cliffs to the sea. As he walked Silver up the drive, Thomas scanned the house, and found it the same as his memories had painted it. The glass in the windows gleamed, the front steps were swept, and even from a distance the brass knocker gleamed. But he was finally there—the only place he considered home—and now he could rest, at least until Fate found him.

The bell chain hung beside the door; grasping it, he tugged. Deep in the house, he heard the bell jangling. Straightening, stiffening his spine, adjusting his grip on the silver handle of his cane, he prepared to meet Gatting again. Footsteps approached the door, swift and light. Before he had time to do more than register the oddity, the door opened.

A woman stood in the doorway; she regarded him steadily. Can I help you? Thomas blinked, then frowned. Her chin lifted a notch. She blinked at him.

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He tried to look past her, into the shadows of the front hall. The couple I left here as caretakers? Glendower, you would know that. It was all arranged properly with…your agent in London—he would have informed you of the change.

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At least that served to stop her from shutting the door in his face. Instead, she studied him, a frown blooming in her eyes; her lips—quite nice lips, as it happened—slowly firmed into a thin line. Thomas stared at her—and she stared back. So…he set his mind to the task, and it solved it easily enough.

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