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We need to teach our children this very important lesson. The tongue and the heart are closely connected. There are things growing in our heart. We are always taught to monitor our behavior, but Jesus said that there are an abundance of things growing in our heart that will eventually come out. If we were being taped all week, how much would we want it played in public? If you are like me, you try hard, but you keep slipping up. Sometimes, it seems like the Christian walk is littered with banana peels. Be encouraged! James preached to keep pursuing, but we will slip up at times. See James Do I think positive or negative about people?

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Do I harshly judge people or do I accept them as they are, but love them toward change? Do I allow angry or jealous thoughts to enter my mind? Am I discontent or am I content? Am I thankful or ungrateful? These thoughts will affect my countenance, my conversations, my health and my heart.

Every adult in the world has had someone mistreat her in some way. Some mistreatment is more severe than others. What is more important than any abuse or mistreatment is the way we allow our minds to think on this mistreatment. The way we handle mistreatment in our minds will lodge and grow in our hearts. Why are some people positive, happy and forgiving when they suffered abuse and others bitter, unhappy, and unforgiving who have suffered from much less?

What is the difference? The negative, angry, unforgiving people hold on to their bitterness refusing to let it go… by forgiving their offender s. Bitterness lodges and grows in their heart, making it an ugly heart. Is it easy for the happy positive people to do these things after mistreatment? Is it easy to have right thinking? A million times, YES! It is freedom and happiness when we do a heart check-up and replace negative thoughts with happy, kind, forgiving, Bible thoughts.

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This is most Important: When we realize we are thinking a wrong thought, we try to get rid of it. Have you noticed that method does not work? Instead, pull in right thoughts and the negative wrong thoughts will push out. Pull in Philippians. The best book next to the Bible may be the hymn book because it is filled with riches and truths to bless our hearts.

The hymn writer, Philip Bliss is the author of many hymns in our hymnals. I am always curious to find out about the parents of those people who have made an impact for Christ while they lived. Philip Bliss was a person who made a difference. I believe we can look at his parents and learn from them as they spiritually and wisely invested into their son. What would you do if the next few days were your last on this earth? Not realizing it would be his last days on this earth, Philip Bliss spent his last days blessing us all!

On a very cold December 29, , Philip Bliss was traveling to Pennsylvania with his wife to be with some friends. He traveled by train and spent most of the time on the trip writing lyrics for yet unpublished hymns. As the train was approaching Ashtabula, Ohio, it began to cross a steel and wooden bridge that spanned a several hundred feet deep ravine. The winter weather had shaken the moorings of this bridge, and when the train was halfway across, it gave way.

The train immediately plunged into the ravine below. The passenger coaches ignited with fire because of the pot-bellied stoves inside that burst into flames upon impact. Philip Bliss survived the fall by escaping through a window, and crawled from the wreckage. However, when he could not find his beloved wife, Bliss fought his way back through the passenger coach fire in a vain effort to locate and rescue her.

Sadly, both of them perished in the flames, along with other people. Philip Bliss, just 38 years old, and his wife were never identified.

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Fortunately for us, weeks later, a trunk belonging to Bliss was discovered. It had been mistakenly placed on another train during an earlier stop in the journey. Inside the trunk, several manuscripts were found. One of the manuscripts had the words to the song entitled, My Redeemer. The fact that the song was sung after Philip Bliss was in the presence of his Lord and Savior made these words a thousand times more meaningful.

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I recently served this breakfast casserole to guests who stayed in our home, and I received great reviews. It was your typical day in mid December. Barry usually gets the mail and opens the Christmas cards, but on this day, he handed one Christmas card to me. My name only was written on the outside of the envelope. Upon opening the envelope, my eyes fastened to a beautiful glistening Christmas card. With part of the money, I decided to put Scripture decor in my home, so I would remember the special day I received my Jesus Hug.

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