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Murderers, however fiendishly clever, will always get caught. Anarchy is unloosed upon the world, but in the end, the wobbling sphere is set back upon its axis, the center holds, and peace and order are affirmed. Agatha Christie is the undisputed sovereign of the Golden Age. She perfected the rules and conventions of her genre, and then she demonstrated her mastery by breaking them. Dorothy L. Sayers is, in my opinion, not only the greatest Golden Age mystery writer, but the greatest mystery writer of all time, ever, period.

Her detective, an effete blond nobleman named Lord Peter Wimsey, solves crime while indulging in Wodehousian banter with his valet, Bunter. But really, you just ought to read them all.

Death on a Golden Isle (A Roaring 20s Mystery)

Carr was the master of the locked-room mystery, in which the murder seems to be impossible: the crime took place in a room, locked on the inside. Unfortunately, Carr is largely forgotten today, but you can find two of his puzzling short stories one written under his pseudonym, Carter Dickson in The Black Lizard Big Book of Locked-Room Mysteries.

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Enjoy them all, and tell us about your favorites in the comments! Tags: beyond bestsellers , fiction , mystery. I have not read Simenon, so just curious.

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However, when finally allowed to pleasure read, the mysteries and crime fighting got me hooked. Now I read almost everything. I did get to enjoy Ellery Queen magazines many years ago. She has a wonderful way of creating believable characters, with sly humor. I can actually see the characters she is portraying, their gestures and facial expressions. My favorite author that few have heard of!!

I agree with your take on Dorothy L.

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Sayers as being the best. I remember writing about her in a college paper, and also a time when I re-read her novels all at once. Now I want to try some others authors that you list! Jennifer K. A joy to read.

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Liz M. Thanks for all the great golden age recommendations! The police suspect local bootleggers, but Max and Allison Hurlock soon find that the victim In , all Max and Allison Hurlock wanted was a quiet life on Maryland's sleepy Eastern Shore, but a late night visit from an old friend plunges them into the double murder of a society couple in a locked room. Along the way they encounter flappers On an isolated island off the Georgia coast stands America's most exclusive club for the most wealthy and powerful men in the country.

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