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Edgy, sexy and super angsty. Highly recommended. OMG this is a great great series. You HAVE to read it.

LEGO Dimensions 2: The Cosmic Citadel (ClockwerkSamurai12)

Cindy: Immediately thought of the Indebted series by Pepper Winters. This series was intriguing and dark and unlike anything else. Grey: Indebted… gah, make sure you have batteries for your flashlight and a buddy because it gets realll dark! Was a really good second chance romance. Her first love became a rock star. Star crossed lovers type of book…. Read these books! They are literally the best I have ever read, I just love them to death…. Tessa: finished the Star-crossed series! Amy: Yes Tessa! Happy Star-Crossed memories indeed. When she propositioned him it was for just one night in the Game of Sins.

But Father Luke teaches her the power of obedience, and the pleasure at the edge of pain. Torn between the priest she loves and the lawyer she will marry, Kenzie tries to find a way to get both what she needs and what she wants. Did you guys know? Both are on my favorites shelf on GR. YAY US!!! It had an incredible twist!!! An update on Bird Poop Corn. And he plucked it. Cheryl: Oh nooo. I watched THREE amazing movies back-to-back on Saturday while I worked on properly re-organizing blog posts into their proper categories.

LOVE them all! It was absolute perfection. Probably my favorite movie of all time right now, and had me crying happy tears. The ending brought tears to my eyes… and then very very end had me crying. LOVED it. And yet, he grows, too. It was so deep. Clint Eastwood is a master with movies and picking the right stories and bringing growth to those that watch. Amazing actor, and an amazing producer and director. The Upside : I was so scared this one was going to make me cry for obvious reasons but it was wonderful too.

Funny, uplifting, and had me beaming by the end. Warms my heart so much. My latest 5 STAR review is up!!! New to Prime? A few more just added to the list! Both want to make her their own. I just one-clicked it!! YAY ME!!!! This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. Thank you for the find. Michele G: Oh yes…I remember when you read it! This one had an OMG twist!!! My jaw dropped and I was freaking out. SO gooooooood! I am in the mood for a forbidden love story of two people from two families at feud or similar. Kele Moon: LOL! I got a thing for Star Crossed Lovers.

I dunno why. Grail later attempts to redeem herself by seemingly killing Darkseid with the Anti-Life Equation. However, it is later revealed that she reincarnated him back as a baby with the intention of teaching him differently.

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Baby Darkseid reappears in Dark Nights: Metal where it is shown that Batman stole him from Grail and intends to use the Omega Beams to send himself back in time. This never comes to fruition and Darkseid is either returned to or retrieved by Grail. Sometime afterwards, Darkseid matured into a toddler, and using telepathy, demanded that he needed to feast on Old Gods to return to his former self. After killing A. After recruiting Jason and luring Wonder Woman to him, Darkseid ages once again into a young man. He fights Wonder Woman himself and as he starts to drain her life force, he is betrayed by Jason.

When Zeus appears and transforms into his true form, Darkseid fights the Olympian God, destroying their surroundings in their brawl. However, Darkseid reveals that he planned for this and that his true target was Zeus himself, and he begins to drain and kill him, restoring Darkseid back to his original self. When the rest of the Justice League arrive, Darkseid decides it's best not to fight them as he doesn't want to risk revealing his greater plans, and promptly leaves through a Boom Tube with Grail.

His main power, the Omega Beams, is a form of energy that he fires from his eyes or hands as either a concussive force or a disintegrating energy which is capable of erasing living objects and organisms from existence. Some super-beings, such as Superman and Doomsday , have proven to be resistant to the beams, although in the case of Superman, with a great deal of pain. Also, Orion was able to deflect them, and in a crossover story, Galactus was unaffected by them. These beams stem from a cosmic energy source called the "Omega Effect".

The Omega Beams can also resurrect fallen beings previously killed by them, depending on the Dark Lord's will. He will sometimes use this as punishment upon those who fail him but are too valuable to kill outright. Darkseid has pinpoint control of this energy, and his unerring aim allows the beam to travel in straight lines, bend, or curve around corners and even pass through matter or other forms of energy. He can also teleport himself or others through time and space. Darkseid's strength is depicted as immensely high, effortlessly breaking a lantern ring with his bare hands.

He has easily overpowered two Kryptonians at once, and the entire Justice League. He can also move with great speed, as he has been able to catch Superman off guard, [38] and he is known to be able to react in nanoseconds. He can also increase his physical size. While Darkseid is a deity, he is not truly immortal and has been killed on several occasions.

'Captain Marvel' and 'Us' Push 'The Right Stuff' Back Into the Spotlight

However he does possess longevity, having lived for several hundred thousand years. In "The Great Darkness Saga," Darkseid displayed a range of deity-like powers, such as transposing the positions of two planets in different solar systems, taking mental control of the entire population of a planet, instantly absorbing all the information from another being's mind, manifesting the worst fears of other beings as realities, easily defeating incredibly powerful beings such as Mon-El , Mordru , and the Time Trapper , and pronouncing a curse. Despite his extraordinary physical powers, Darkseid rarely engages himself personally in confrontations, as he prefers to use his superhuman intellect to manipulate or control others to his ends.

Demi-gods are capable of slowly rejuvenating Darkseid but a god such as Zeus can return Darkseid back to his original form by draining them. He is seen overseeing the torture of an unseen figure as his son Kalibak approaches him. Kalibak informs his father of Superman 's worldwide ceasefire on Earth. Darkseid muses if Superman has begun to soften before Kalibak asks to take a war party to personally investigate.

When Kalibak sees just who it is Darkseid is torturing, the lord of Apokolips confirms the man's identity before saying, "He made a mistake. Who would come for him? Darkseid grins to himself as he asks to be left alone with his prisoner: Black Racer , death himself, as Darkseid resumes his torture. However, Lobo returns some time later after a 'therapy' session with Harley Quinn , and brazenly challenges the Dread Lord to a battle. The attempt, while initially successful, is defused by Batman and Highfather 's intervention.

The Greek Gods depart with no further conflict and Superman brings Ares to Darkseid to torture in exchange for Darkseid, Ares and their underlings to "never step foot on Earth". Darkseid appears in various animated shows set in the DC animated universe , voiced by Michael Ironside :. The Kenner " Super Powers Collection " toy line featured the first sad action figure.

The toy company felt that he and his minions provided the smaller than life collection of villains for the toy line. This figure was later re-released in a three pack and a six pack.

DC Direct has released multiple Darkseid action figures and toys. Mattel released a Darkseid figure in fourth series of their Retro-Action DC Super Heroes line, a homage to the vintage Mego action figures of the seventies which utilized 8" bodies with cloth outfits. Lego has released a set under the DC Super Heroes theme in named "Darkseid's Invasion", containing pieces and including Darkseid as a large Lego figure. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Darkseid Darkseid in Final Crisis 6 January, Main article: The Great Darkness Saga. Main article: Final Crisis.

DC Comics. Retrieved October 10, Retrieved April 5, News From Me. However, the tale has been restored to continuity in recent years. In Legion of Super-Heroes vol.

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Similarly in Legion of Super-Heroes vol. Retrieved October 6, The Ausiello Files.

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    ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Us’ Have Pushed ‘The Right Stuff’ Back Into the Spotlight

    Legion of Super-Heroes. Justice Legion L Kwai L. The New Gods.