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Hawker was a celebrated The fifth edition of this highly influential work regarding shooting, profusely illustrated with many charming full page monochrome plates. The fifth edition. First published in A charming new edition of this profusely illustrated work regarding the sports and pastimes of the people of England, by noted engraver and antiquary, Joseph Strutt.

A new edition, with a copious An illustrated sports guide by the popular creator of 'Tom and Jerry', Pierce Egan. Pierce Egan was a popular sportswriter, with his most popular work being 'Boxiana', as his main sporting passion The very scarce third edition of this profusely illustrated and thorough work regarding hunting, particularly in relation to gun dogs and their breeding. Very scarce edition. The third edition, A scarce first edition of this noted work on hunting and pheasant rearing.

With 15 full colour plates by J T Rawlins depicting hunting scenes and countryside views from around Preston, Lancashire. First edition, complete, with errata The scarce Weatherby racing calendar for the year First Edition. Volume the sixty-seventh.

With a list of subscribers. A first edition copy of this desirable work of shooting history, offering practical instructions for shooting both inland and on the coast. This guide to shooter covers a wide range of shooting A new edition of this illustrated work on angling and shooting, written by James Wilson. A new edition of this work. Usually grouped with the works The Chase and The Turf, this work contains plates throughout and concentrates on horse and coaches.

Peter Hawker's instructive work for sportsmen, relating to guns and shooting, illustrated with a frontispiece and eight plates. The tenth edition of this work. This work is an instructive guide A scarce work celebrating the changes in the seasons, on a month by month basis. Very scarce. Embellished with upwards of engravings on wood throughout. Offering a collection of characteristics A beautifully bound copy of this work by Robert Smith Surtees.

In an attractive hunting themed morocco binding by Hatchards. Robert Smith Surtees was an English editor, novelist and writer who wrote particularly on sporting subjects A work celebrating the art of fishing and angling, by Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton.

This being an important edition of this early work, edited by Edward Fitzgibbon. Second edition. An uncommon first edition copy of this fascinating guide on shooting for young sportsmen, with additional attention to given such other sports as boating, sailing, and sea-loch fishing. The first edition of John Deanes' work on the history and the scientific manufacture of firearms, illustrated with three folding plates.

The first edition of this work. This work is a short An uncommon edition of this charming encyclopedia for boys, with guides to various sports and amusements. A charmingly illustrated instructive work on sports for young men, written under the pseudonym 'Craven'. This work is an instructive guide for young sportsmen in the nineteenth century who were The first edition of this scarce work regarding the hunting adventures of Parker Gillmore with a charming engraved frontispiece and title page vignette and presented in a quarter straight grain morocco binding.

A third edition of James G. Bertram's fascinating history of fisheries, in an attractive full calf binding with marbled paper boards and endpapers. Containing an interesting study of nineteenth The scarce first edition of this highly informative work on choke-bore guns, complete with copious folding maps and tables. Copious publisher's advertisements to the rear of the work.

A manual detailing possible opening moves in chess in tabulated form. Revised second edition with additions from translated German chess manuals. John Colquhoun's instructive work on sport in the Scottish Highlands, both volumes illustrated throughout.

Badminton : An Illustrated History - From ancient pastime to Olympic sport

The fourth, enlarged edition of this work. Complete in two volumes. A nice copy of Whyte-Melville's thoughts on horse riding, dating from the mid nineteenth century. Copyright Edition. With a bookseller's label for D. With a bookbinder's stamp for Laufmann An attractive first edition copy of this selection of instructional and useful essays on poaching by Richard Jefferies. John Richard Jefferies was a renowned English nature writer, best known An uncommon first edition copy of this classic work of British deer-stalking literature by Alexander Macrae.

With an introduction by the celebrated sportsman and a pioneer amateur photographer, A first edition of these beautifully drawn and humorous sketches; depicting various hunting scenes. Collated complete with twenty tinted lithographic plates with lithographed text, interleaved with their original tissue guards. The second edition of James Dalziel Dougall's instructive work on shooting, looking at various aspects at the sport.

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The second edition of this work. This work looks at the sport of shooting, A finely bound author's presentation copy of this work on sporting in the Scottish Highlands, illustrated with coloured plates, and with two coloured folding maps to the rear. The author's presentation The first edition of this profusely illustrated two volume set regarding shooting, complete with many illustrations, several of which are folding.

With copious publisher's advertisements to The first edition of William Scrope's informative work on deerstalking, illustrated throughout by Edwin and Charles Landseer. This work illustrates all the essential A collection of recollections of the Leicestershire hunt by Captain Pennell-Elmhirst. Containing notable runs and incidents of the chase, selected and republished from, "The Field".

Illustrated with five of the eight original coloured A sporting work by William Scrope, drawing upon the author own fishing experience. Illustrated with several plates throughout. Rebacked with the original back strip preserved. William Scrope A copiously illustrated guide to 'Games of Patience' by Lady Adelaide Cadogan nee Paget , the British noblewoman and prodigious authoress best known for her seminal works on card games. Lord Walsingham's concise guides to shooting for the inexperienced man, illustrated throughout.

Two volumes, part of the Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes. This set includes 'Moor and The first edition of this scarce illustrated guide to deer stalking. With a tipped-in errata slip to verso of illustration contents page. With hunting advertisements to front and last pages The first edition of this illustrated instructive work on deer-stalking by Augustus Grimble. This work is an interesting instructionary work on deer-stalking, Part of the Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes A work on various sporting activities. Illustrated, with twenty-four full page plates and seventy-eight in-text illustrations.

In the original pictorial cloth binding. The fifth edition of this work. This work comprises of a series of A charming seven volume set of works from the 'Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes' in a uniform publisher's original pictorial cloth binding and copiously illustrated throughout. A first edition of C. Birch Reynardson's Sports and Anecdotes, in attractive publishers' cloth binding. With six colour plates and a decorative colour title page, the work makes for a fine example of Victorian sports writing and An early edition copy of George Brown Goode's fascinating work on fishing in North America, for ' the angler, the lover of nature, and the general reader'.

The first edition copy of this work With contributions by other authorities. Illustrated by G. Giles and John Sturgess. A first edition copy of this charming work, containing instructions for playing numerous different games, popular during the Victorian Era. This work was written by Kate Greenaway, a renowned The complete six divisions of this famed and highly sought after hardening work.

A guide to fruit growing, this work introduces the reader to general horticultural practices, beautifully illustrated with many chromolithographic A first edition copy of this charming and copiously illustrated work on tennis and other racket sports, from the renowned 'The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes' series. The Badminton A collection of Victorian card and parlour games from Cassell. Sixth edition. Including diagrams and illustrations in the text, and an engraved frontispiece. The first two volumes of this fascinating guide on shooting for young sportsmen, by the renowned engineer, historian, ballistics expert, and artist Ralph Payne-Gallwey.

Payne-Gallwey authored A collection of hunting memoirs from Pennell Elmhirst. Illustrated throughout with four coloured plates and numerous illustrations in the text. The first edition of this profusely illustrated work regarding shooting and fishing, handsomely rebound in a half calf binding with marbled boards. The first edition. Collated with seventeen A delightful work of ice skating history from the nineteenth century, including two letters, one written by the author.

Fourth edition, bound in the original cloth binding. This copy include In a handsome publisher's cloth binding, this work explores the wild sports of the Scottish Highlands. With a short memoir of the life of the author to the front To this set there is the fourth edition of Racing and Steeple Chasing, the seventh edition of Hunting, and the second edition of Yachting volumes I and II. All volumes are The second edition of this work by John Guille Millais on game-bird shooting, illustrated with nineteen plates throughout.

This work is an informative look A illustrated second edition copy of John Guille Millais work of hunting writing. With the bookplate of 'W. W' to the front endpaper. John Guille Millais was an artist A first edition copy of this work of shooting history by the author known by the pseudonym "Snaffle". Illustrated with numerous plates by Henry Dixon. First edition. In the publisher's The New Edition.

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With engravings on steel. Ten volumes of The Badminton Magazine.

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This magazine was originally published between and This work has a series of articles on varying sporting activities in addition to serialisations of novels on the subject of sports. A very scarce first edition copy of this touring guide of New South Wales for cyclists, written by the notable cyclist and map publisher Joseph Pearson.

Joseph Pearson first became intensely A series of letters addressed to young shooters in reference to wild-fowl. A very scarce work of shooting history, illustrated throughout. Third series. In the publisher's original cloth Vellum spine with gilt titles and red cloth boards. This is a good A nineteenth century set of illustrated sporting encyclopaedia, featuring several plates by the notable artist, A.

An excellent example of a 19th century reference work, ideal for A charming text on figure skating by Montagu S. Monier-Williams, illustrated with coloured and monochromatic plates, and vignettes. An illustrated guide to the laws and principles of Whist by "Cavendish"A comprehensive guide to the laws, and principles of the card game of Whist. Illustrated throughout with helpful diagram or potential tricks and tactics.

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  8. A work of hunting written by the author known as "Snaffle. Illustrated with twelve plates by Harry Dixon. A very scarce work, bound in the publisher's cloth binding. Illustrated by Harry A scarce two volume first edition set by C. Melrose, on the classic English trick-taking card game 'Whist'. Containing 'Modern Scientific Whist', an instructional volume on the card game A useful work on book collecting and the preservation of books, written by Ainsworth Rand Spofford.

    This work is a useful guide to the collecting, use, and preservation of books, looking in The first edition of this work looking at prominent figures in the shooting, illustrated throughout, written under the pseudonym 'Thormanby'. In two volumes A limited edition of this work on the hunting of wild deer. Number of limited copies. With illustrations in the text and eight full page plates by E Caldwell. The first edition of this work by Horace Hutchinson on shooting, looking at different animals, illustrated throughout.

    In two volumes. This work is part of Illustrated throughout, with in text illustrations and maps. A limited edition of Nimrod's Hunting Tours, in attractive publishers' cloth binding. A popular volume by the noteworthy Victorian sports writer, the work contains eighteen colour plates by the likes of R. Davis and H. Dealing with his noteworthy enthusiasm for and knowledge of fox-hunting, Surtees here goes into deep analysis of the A first edition copy of this work of sporting history which discusses the art of shooting. Profusely illustrated throughout, with a total of twenty three plates.

    Written by A first editon copy of this uncommon guide to shooting by Henry Sharp. The text is accompanied by numerous plates and in-text illustrations by Herbert Sharp. A work of shooting This work is an analysis of hunting technique and An interesting work on grouse-shooting and deer stalking, written by Evan G.

    Mackenzie, held in the original publisher's binding. This work is an informative guide about the sports of shooting, Bound in cloth with gilt lettering and decoration. Two volumes, complete. Can command up to but slightly worn here and priced accordingly.

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    This work In a school binding, with a gilt crest to the front board of City of London School For A fully illustrated collection of Surtees' hunting scenes from his novel 'Handley Cross'. An uncommon first thus edition copy of this work by Robert Smith Surtees, copiously illustrated throughout and signed by the renowned British artist George Denholm Armour. This edition was The first edition of this work on life and sport in the north-west of Hampshire, written by George Dewar, illustrated with two coloured plates and other plates by Archibald Thorburn.

    The first A text detailing tracking the events and changes in the Cricket team in Repton, Derbeyshire. The first edition of this history of sporting and military small arms, written by H. Blanch, illustrated with twenty-one plates. This work contains information The important medieval work on hunting by Edward the Duke of York, here illustrated with twenty-four plates, edited by the President Theodore Roosevelt. A collection of Lady Jenkins' illustrations during her trips to Tibet.

    A uncommon volume edited by WM. A and F. Bailie-Grohman, being the first edition. This work in an important piece of hunting and sporting history. A reprint of this important medieval work A first edition copy of this work of sport writing by the professional golfer, Harry Fulford. In the publisher's original cloth binding. Written by Harry Fulford, a Professional A uncommon work of sporting history from the perspective of a long withstanding game-keeper by Owen Jones.

    Third impression of this work of shooting history. A signed presentation copy of this treatise to the rules and difficulties in being a boxing referee. With publisher's advertisements to the rear of the work. With a frontispiece of the author An uncommon travel work, charting the two authors journey throughout India. The authors engaged in hunting game whilst there, which is also documented in this work. A first edition copy of A work exploring the sport of shooting by Owen Jones, illustrated with numerous plates throughout.

    A pleasing copy, bound in the publisher's original cloth binding. Drawing upon the authors The first edition of this work on the history of firearms, written by Hugh Pollard, illustrated throughout with thirty-seven plates. This work offers an interesting A lovely example of this work of sporting and natural history from the Highlands of Scotland by the noted naturalist and author Charles St John.

    This pleasing copy is bound in the original The first edition of Tom Speedy's entertaining and instructive history and guide to shooting in Scotland, illustrated throughout by John Guille Millais. A beautifully illustrated copy of this collection of extracts from the notable work of the 'master of fox-hounds' Thomas Smith, who served as the Master of the Craven Hounds, and of the Pytchley, Northamptonshire.

    A fully illustrated and easy to understand guide to figure skating by the medal winning Bror Meyer. This guide to ice-skating is illustrated throughout, with detailed numbers on the photographs A collection of issues of The Cricketer from Edited by P. Illustrated throughout with numerous photographs and caricatures. Including articles, match results, poems, letters, and more.

    This book aims to review the lives and works of many artists The first edition of this illustrated collection of anecdotes for the young sportsmen, written by Harry Mortimer Batten. This work was written for the young A first edition of this scarce work, considered a classic on its subject of big-game fishing. A brilliant collection of true adventurous angling stories concerning the 'monsters of the deep', from an expedition undertaken by the writer A scarce third impression edition of this work of shooting history by Hugh S. Then go to step 5. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup.

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