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People like Vincent who are overlooked in their own lifetime make me wonder what masters-to-be I'm going to overlook in mine. Even the way the book was set up was brilliant and a true tribute. I'm ten times as determined to visit the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam now!! Also, Theo's wife is my favorite. Bless her. I don't think we'd have nearly the insight into the brothers we do today without all the written correspondence. Yay for writing letters and keeping diaries! As another resource, I highly recommend "Painted with Words" -- a documentary starring Benedict Cumberbatch drawn solely from the correspondence again.

Similar presentation, just less there. The Great Good Summer. I read this book in a single day between checking people in for early voting. It was downright cute and SO relatable. All the characters had a flare I read this book in a single day between checking people in for early voting. All the characters had a flare, and the main ones were endearing. Ivy's babysitting was soooo me and Paul was like Even though they're both year-olds, they collide with the weightier side of life and turn it into an adventure. The themes of family, faith, and friendship and their many iterations were very well done.

A fun little adventure with a much deeper meaning. The cherry on top was that the fire that kicks off the spiral of events in the fictional town The fire that ripped through my backyard and turned my life upside down. Which is perfect because it kept coming to mind as I read, so no one's taking that jawdropping factor away! I read this hoping it would work for a young book club I'm hoping to start and my only concerns are these: some words like crap and using God's name in vain although it's reprimanded a few times and some mature themes as the main girl wonders about her mom's morality, faces some seedy characters, and has a few shouting matches before patching up.

Feb 22, The Great Divorce. I had a misconception about what this book was actually on, and a dream of Heaven and Hell was not it. It was fascinating the way Lewis demonstrated s I had a misconception about what this book was actually on, and a dream of Heaven and Hell was not it. It was fascinating the way Lewis demonstrated some strong philosophies and thought-provoking points through the medium of allegory yet again.

While he intentionally states that he's not trying to provide an accurate picture of the afterlife, this was still very different from anything I've ever dreamed Heaven and Hell to be like. I enjoyed the story all the more for it being a less traditional presentation. I'd have to read this several more times, I think, before I'd have a good concept of everything he says about this world while once again telling of another.

But it kept my attention on a storytelling level, and also kept my mind working to understand the purpose behind his presentation. There's some moderate language, but otherwise I would recommend this as a conversation piece between those who believe in a Heaven and Hell particularly. Jun 21, Jun 29, An easy one-sitting read. This was surprisingly interesting for being a slice-of-life play about a play. Each act skips ahead a few years, and the pla An easy one-sitting read. Each act skips ahead a few years, and the play concludes with a deceased character reflecting on life.

Overall, it's thoughtful and emphasizes how much living people don't understand the brevity of life and appreciate the time they have. Definitely worth reading and pondering! Sep 11, Stop Dating the Church! Feb 10, Apr 03, The Alchemist. This was amazing. I hoped it'd be thoughtful and give me something to think about. It exceeded that by SO much it's not even funny. I want to sit down This was amazing. I want to sit down and read it through again with a highlighter to try and pull the depth out of it, but I really don't think that's possible.

The awesomeness was so tightly woven throughout the entire book, I haven't completely collected my thoughts. It wasn't as Eastern or mystic as I expected.

Dark Liaison A Christian Suspense Novel The COIL Series Volume 1

It explored the very fabric of humanity, the soul, and the universe. Yet it didn't come across as the "many roads to one end" message. It explored the themes of calling, destiny, providence, and purpose. The presentation was magical. The story was fantastic. Yet it was all completely believable. Mar 10, The Summer Before the War. That's often the case with historical 4.

That's often the case with historical British society, so I can't really hold that against Mrs. Life could be controversial before the war, but also trivial. Once the war had actually come, it was romanticized and white feathers become popular. Only the characters who faced the front lines began to understand exactly what they were up against and that there would be no going back. The characters from Beatrice Nash the unmarried, independent Latin teacher to Daniel Bookham a passionate artist with boyish charm to Agatha Kent a woman at the height of the social scene and war office who always knows best all kept my attention.

Not a single character was easy to forget.

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But Hugh Grange was my favorite ; I enjoyed the themes and telling of this story very much. It was sweet and real and captivating, covering all the essential elements to a British small town at the height of disruption. I hope there will be a third novel to look forward to from Mrs. A television show based off this book would also do nicely.

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Feb 19, Jun 08, Left to Die. This is my second time reading this book and I loved it just as much as I did the first time! The tragedy of abandonment and reality of adoption in Ch This is my second time reading this book and I loved it just as much as I did the first time! The tragedy of abandonment and reality of adoption in China are present among the bittersweet experiences Lindy has to face with baby Jia. I loved reading about the little baby surviving on miracles and Lindy and Nathan's independent struggles with trying to fulfill God's calling for their lives.

A very compelling and tender read on an issue dear to the author's own heart! Jan 22, Oct 10, Jan 23, Oct 20, After the Dancing Days. Rostkowski, Margaret I. Navigating Early. MacDonald posed the rhetorical question, "Did he not foil and slay evil by letting all the waves and billows of its horrid sea break upon him, go over him, and die without rebound Verily, he made atonement! As the doctor uses fire and steel in certain deep-seated diseases, so God may use hell-fire if necessary to heal the hardened sinner. MacDonald declared, "I believe that no hell will be lacking which would help the just mercy of God to redeem his children.

As much as they fear will come upon them, possibly far more. The wrath will consume what they call themselves; so that the selves God made shall appear.

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He recognized the theoretical possibility that, bathed in the eschatological divine light, some might perceive right and wrong for what they are but still refuse to be transfigured by operation of God's fires of love, but he did not think this likely. Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and St. At least an indirect influence is likely, because F.

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  • MacDonald states his theological views most distinctly in the sermon Justice found in the third volume of Unspoken Sermons. Lewis speaks highly of MacDonald's theology: "This collection, as I have said, was designed not to revive MacDonald's literary reputation but to spread his religious teaching. Hence most of my extracts are taken from the three volumes of Unspoken Sermons. My own debt to this book is almost as great as one man can owe to another: and nearly all serious inquirers to whom I have introduced it acknowledge that it has given them great help-sometimes indispensable help toward the very acceptance of the Christian faith.

    I know hardly any other writer who seems to be closer, or more continually close, to the Spirit of Christ Himself. Hence his Christ-like union of tenderness and severity. Nowhere else outside the New Testament have I found terror and comfort so intertwined. In making this collection I was discharging a debt of justice. I have never concealed the fact that I regarded him as my master; indeed I fancy I have never written a book in which I did not quote from him. But it has not seemed to me that those who have received my books kindly take even now sufficient notice of the affiliation.

    Honesty drives me to emphasize it. The title track of the album comprises a MacDonald poem from the text of Phantastes set to music by the band. The works Lilith and Phantastes are both named as books in a library, in the title track of another Waterboys album, Universal Hall. The Waterboys have also quoted from C.

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    He has also written several other songs inspired by MacDonald and the Inklings. The song liberally quotes from "Phantastes. George and St. Star Song Publishing, Neuhouser, published by Victor Press ISBN Wingfold. A journal "Celebrating the works of George MacDonald". Published by Barbara Amell. Chronological List.

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