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Normally I'd do this kind of thing over the phone but in your case I thought it be best in person, less confusing that way.

Spider-Man Is Back ... But Why All Dressed in Black?

Your son appears normal but in his case the adhd and bipolar disorders have made a mess of his mind and I don't know if there's much we can do about the after result. Medication would only delay certain symptoms and even then there's no medical way to know if it will even help. With his father's history of mental illness it was only a matter of time before his genetics took hold and changed him.

Now I don't want you to be so down there are other options we have plenty of on facility doctors who specialize in such practices along with a list of local care facilities at your disposal.

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There is hope. He's just a little different that's all.

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Overwhelmed yes but not insane. The mental hospital is full of insane people. I'm insane, I think about gore!

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Something everyone thinks they are while calling everyone basic, yet they're normal. A word people think is the same as weird. Sheeple : You're just jealous because you're too basic and I'm insane rawr I'm a dinosaur. Read the most thought-provoking, funny, delightful and raw stories from The New York Times Opinion section.

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Where do these numbers come from? Underlying the Diamond-Saez analysis are two propositions: Diminishing marginal utility and competitive markets. Diminishing marginal utility is the common-sense notion that an extra dollar is worth a lot less in satisfaction to people with very high incomes than to those with low incomes. A policy that makes the rich a bit poorer will affect only a handful of people, and will barely affect their life satisfaction, since they will still be able to buy whatever they want.

So why not tax them at percent? The answer is that this would eliminate any incentive to do whatever it is they do to earn that much money, which would hurt the economy.

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In other words, tax policy toward the rich should have nothing to do with the interests of the rich, per se, but should only be concerned with how incentive effects change the behavior of the rich, and how this affects the rest of the population. In a perfectly competitive economy, with no monopoly power or other distortions — which is the kind of economy conservatives want us to believe we have — everyone gets paid his or her marginal product.

In that case, however, why do we care how hard the rich work? So the social benefit from getting high-income individuals to work a bit harder is the tax revenue generated by that extra effort — and conversely the cost of their working less is the reduction in the taxes they pay. Inane cartoon 7 of 21 Dislike this cartoon? Inane cartoon 8 of 21 Dislike this cartoon?

Cover Letters: the Good, the Bad, the Inane

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