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Ich habe sogar ein schlechtes Gewissen. In Januar ziehe ich um, vielleicht fange ich schon nach Weihnachten damit an. Der Umzug ist nicht freiwillig, aber es musste so sein. Die Wohnungssuche war sehr anstrengend und hat viel Zeit gekostet, aber jetzt habe ich das alles endlich hinter mir.

Die neue Wohnung ist ein Kompromiss. Time will tell Es wird sich zeigen? Passt das hier? Jetzt mach ich erstmal Schluss. Oh, yes the Stammtisch was a really good day. When I was younger, so much younger than today I was wondering about it. I was convinced that the change of the seasons is a benefit and summer weather the whole year would be boring. I hate the idea of wearing heavy uncomfortable coats and boots until March or April. Stop that, Hannes! BTW wupper: "Es wird sich zeigen" is perfectly fine here. I keep my fingers crossed. Comment Ha, gerade wenn man einen Juristen braucht, kommt einer wie gerufen.

Die O-Posterin hat den Faden leider nicht als? Aber hoffentlich klappt es trotzdem, vielleicht sogar besser als erwartet. Comment Advohannes: Prost und hoffentlich schmeckt der Grog. Naja, Ende des Jahres wird man nostalgisch. Du hast recht mit den Klamotten. In der Schule merke ich das im Unterricht. Vielleicht bestelle ich Linie 1. Die gefallen ihm sehr gut. Von wem stammt nur der Vorschlag?

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Hallo, Hannes. Da kriegt man Lust auf Kakao, oder? Comment One of my problems: jumping between AE and BE :- Friends in both areas and I sometimes use the word which comes into mind first. Today a trip to Netherlands mi, hopefully no ice on the Autobahn. I am going to pick up 'company' for the holidays.

Will keep you posted about the ride. Will Return Sunday but have PC-access Remarks: ich bin nicht ganz sicher, was du mit dem liegenden Frost meinst? Die Sonne ist schon auf gegangen. Comment Hallo zusammen. Es ist endlich so weit. Meine Schwester zieht am Wochenende um. I wish all sick snails a good recovery and all tired snails a good sleep and sweet dreams! Have much fun at the removal and with the little baby! And, of course, with the Little Hobbit! Young at heart is what the lion suggests. I wish you all the best for the removal! Advohannes: Thank you for the beautiful poem by Heine!

The way to work takes twice the time. Comment A short hello from Hanover railway station. I'm on my way back from a project discussion in Konstanz. Unfortunately the plane from Zurich was a few minutes late, so I missed a train and have to wait for the next one. On the S-Bahn here in Hanover I once again heard "Exit on the left side in the direction of travel" and I was once again wondering whether it is correct English or not.

There even is a quite old thread on that issue, but it seems that no ENS has replied: related discussion: Ausstieg in Fahrtrichtung links Maybe you want to comment here? Genau wie in Japan, wie ich es im verlinkten Faden gerad lese. Zitat aus der heutigen Detroit Free Press: " 'Who in their right mind needs to carry a gun in a school, day-care center or stadium? Als Lehrerin finde ich es keine gute Idee, Waffen in Schulen zu erlauben.

Es gibt schon zu viele Waffen in den Schulen. Comment 'Who in their right mind needs to carry a gun in a school, day-care center or stadium? And why is the right to carry a gun wherever you go superior to the right of innocent children not to get killed by a madman? There are two things I do not understand about American society, the other being the vehement refusal to have compulsory health insurance.

Comment And why is the right to carry a gun wherever you go superior to the right of innocent children not to get killed by a madman? As for Amy and penguin that law does not make sense to me, but in all fairness it should perhaps be said that supporters of such a law will probably claim and some of them will even believe ;- that those guns would help to protect the children. I strongly disagree with that conclusion, but I'm afraid that it is not completely wrong to say that weapons sometimes can help to protect innocent people.

In my non-American way of thinking I know that's a simplification I strongly believe that the government and its institutions should reserve the monopoly of the use of firearms for such purposes. Comment in all fairness? Wie manche schon wissen, bin ich Lehrerin in einer amerikanischen Schule. In dem Dorf, in dem ich arbeite, gibt es viele Einwohner die gerne jagen und Waffen besitzen. Es gibt keine Zeit, um Fragen zu stellen. Er muss blitzschnell einen Entscheidung treffen. Hmmm, das funktioniert prima. Nur zwei Menschen sind tot. Leider gibt es ein Haar in der Suppe.

Wahrscheinlich gibt es nie einen solchen in meiner Schule. Wieder sind zwei Menschen tot. Aber gott sei Dank bin ich in meinem Klassenzimmer sicher. Comment I hope I did not give you the impression that I support the idea of having more guns in schools. I definitely don't!

Amy's examples show that there will be many situations where the guns not only do not help, they actually cause more harm. There are many more examples and I am absolutely convinced that more guns in schools would not reduce the number of such incidents nor the number of casualties. Nevertheless, I still think that some of the supporters of the bill have good intentions and actually believe that more hidden guns in the schools would prevent crimes as seen in Newtown.

The problem is that they are very wrong. Even worse, such a law would not only not achieve anything good, it would actually cause many new problems. So, I'm clearly against such a law. All I wanted to say was that some of the supporters will probably believe that it would be a promising way to check the number of innocent children killed by madmen. To say it again: I strongly disagree with that suggestion. Comment The gun discussion in the US always reminds me of the speed limit discussion in Germany. Having no speed limit is dangerous, stressful, expensive and bad for the enviroment, there are next to no good reasons for it, but none of that matters.

It's a part of the German psyche and logic doesn't come into it. Whenever I want to shake my head about the gun laws, I remind myself that every country has issues like that. But I still don't understand it. Amy's scenario says it all. As far as the trains are concerned: I guess that's a very German thing.

If they simply said: "Ausstieg links", I guarantee lots of people would turn round and say: "So, jetzt also links" and find that hilarious. Or accuse DB of being imprecise. Or something ;. Funny that you should mention that, Gibson. Welch ein Zufall? Das ist genau das Beispiel, das auch mir eingefallen ist. Bis auf wenige Ausnahmen sind sie erfolgreich. Aber man darf die Leute, die gegen diese Macht an? Ich habe keine Statistik zur Hand. Gegen die NRA kommen diese Leute aber nicht an. Comment I am more of a silent lurker than a contributor these days, but I would like to say that I am following the discussions with interest and that I'm really very pleased to see wupper here again!

Don't really feel like contributing to this discussion, a little too disturbing, my child is also five years old Let me just say that I understand what you were trying to say with the comparison of the gun issue with the speed limit issue, but still, the one is hardly as dangerous as the other one Just two more days to go until the holidays until the end of the year - cannot wait! Comment Maybe that I am getting into a "shitstorm" now, but my opinion as a German to the US-opinions on driving is completely different. I hate most speed limits! I think I am a very responsible driver, but when the highway is empty, the street conditions are ok and weather permits, I like to have a traveling speed of app.

Of course it is ridiculous when people speed in fog or rain or on slippery roads, but in most cases it is really a question of responsibility. I exclude drug use of any kind as this is already NOT responsible acting. I hear the argument: it is not the gun that kills but the bearer, some thing with cars. Driving for miles and miles with 70 mi is so boring and tiring One might even fall asleep. Sorry if I tipped on some toes. Comment waltherwithh: There is at least one US driver sharing your disdain of speed limits and he sings about it: Sammy Hagar.

Comment Good morning, I don't dare participating in your weapons discussion. But it is sad that something so bad has to happen before people think about the weapon laws. As for the speed limit thing I agree with walther. When the streets are full I prefer driving slow er and when they are empty I drive as fast as I'm feeling safe and having everything under control. Comment Kein Kommentar, nur Korrekturen. Sorry if I ste pped on some toes. Comment Well.. I doubt that anyone making the 2. Comment I just learned from the online edition of the Kenyan Nation that more than That petition asks President Barack Obama to produce legislation that limits access to guns.

Apparently that is a new record for that kind of petitions. Comment Well sounds for me like a kindergarden action. Comment Driving for miles and miles with 70 mi is so boring and tiring I wonder why it is less boring to drive faster. Of course, you may argue you're quicker at your destination. But when you drive for many hours I'd guess the effect is exactly converse: You start at a higher speed and think 'I have to be more concentrate because I drive at a really high speed'.

But the more concentrated you are, the quicker you'll get tired, lose concentration and the higher is the risk to get into a dangerous situation. I drive as fast as I'm feeling safe and having everything under control. I'm sure you do. But there are enough people who overestimate their own skills. It's like with all rules and laws. They're not made for those who are responsible and reasonable but for those who are not. You're right that it isn't really a big difference when, due to rain, ice, snow etc.

But then, how many drivers do even respect this limitation? But the situation would become even more dangerous by those who do not respect any rules at all, because they think they're so good drivers and invulnerable. So all that can be done are compromises. If everyone would be reasonable and aware of their own limits, rules like this wouldn't be necessary.

But unfortunately that's not what mankind is known for in many cases. Comment SCNR: on half orfull automatic weapons. I think they're totally orfull, not only half ; [On second thought: Does this even work in AE? Or are you all wondering what I'm on about? Comment la. If You may be right when you predict that gun laws in the US will not be changed so soon.

However, we should not use such a patronizing and condescending tone when we comment on this issue. As Gibson has explained we Germans also have our peculiarities that are difficult to understand for others. I think it is okay to disagree with the American view although it is questionable that such an American view does exist, when you know one American you do not know all of them ;- but doing that without trying to understand the cultural background is not the way to go.

Comment Doch, doch, Gibson. Ich habe geschmunzelt. Keine Sorge. Jeder hat so seine Ansichten und das ist gut so. Sie sind einfach verschieden. Und nein, das hast Du nicht gemacht. Das ist mir klar. Dann bleibt kurz darauf doch alles beim Alten. In Newtown wurden waren? Das ist doch eine neue Dimension. Man kann ihre Ansichten schlecht finden, aber das ist nun mal so. Und ich habe sie aufgemacht! Hallo, Goldammer. Ein Gesuch?

Aber du hast auch Recht, harambee, es ist immerhin etwas. Und weil die Demokraten noch wissen, wie sie es im November doch geschafft haben, trotz vieler Erwartungen. Ich finde auch, dass eine Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung ein guter Vergleich ist. Na, auch Drogen, aber trotzdem. Kaum fassbar. Ja, Gibson, um orfull als awful zu lesen sollte man eigentlich BE-sprachler sein, aber ich habe es trotzdem kapiert. Good question, I would probably say "Petition" or "Eingabe". About Pandora's box: I think we all are aware that the topic is a delicate one. I hope, however, that we have so far treated it with the caution it requires.

If any of my posts have offended any of our American friends I'd like to ask for your forgiveness. Comment An "Petition" habe ich auch gedacht. Oder nicht? Schaden kann es bestimmt nicht. BTW: Did you all know that there are more than 6. Quiet sure much less than in the US, but from my point of view there is no reason to believe that only Americans are weapon fanatics. Comment harambee is that English??

Ja, ist es. Vielleicht refined manners, good behaviour. Was Du geschrieben hast, ist nicht falsch. Aber: I 'll give you Auch wenn sie auch tot ist. Ich denke auch, der Junge war wohl geisteskrank.

Christkind vs. Weihnachtsmann: Wer bringt die Geschenke an Weihnachten? - Dahoam in Bayern

Sehr traurig. Comment Hi, Jepito, eine Weile nicht gelesen, wie geht es dir? Comment I just found something completely amazing: "When men in horseless carriages go under the sea to France, then shall Scotland rise again, free from all oppression. I don't believe in any of this, not least because predicting the future would mean that the future is fixed, something I don't want to believe, but I'm still speechless.

I can see that somebody with a lively imagination predicts 'horseless carriages', but to go to France under the sea?? And now we have the referendum in That is intriguing, don't you think? Comment Seriously, these comments may be funny if you look at what happened from afar, but it is not if you are in the US and are getting reminded of what happened several times a day. Can you guys please stop the word plays? I know it is not written in ill-will, but I for one cannot laugh about it at the moment. I don't like to contribute in whatever discussions on politics or something specific in other languages than my own - this seems to get more complicated than it would be perhaps in German.

In my company there are often discussions about religious topics and I try to keep out of these things I don't want to argue with people who are - not only in my point of view - fanatic. Only my 5 cents. Comment I strongly agree with Dixie I just followed up the CC since yesterday and would have commented on those postings myself if Dixie hadn't done it.

Comment hm--us: Sorry.. Comment Hi hm, I'm fine. There was just so little time since february. Or do we have a new new orthography? There are not kangaroos in Austria neither. Comment Just mounted my own Christmas present in the bathroom: a new cabinet with mirrors.

I need two in my bathroom as I usually do my own haircuts. One of the old ones fortunately, the one at the rear wall had broken lampshades and of course this type was not available anymore. I just found a nice one, of course the holes in the wall did not fit with the new size, so it was some challenge, but it is done Comment Carly-AE : A tiny time-machine just big enough to bring packs of Dentyne gum back from the past. Comment Hoppla! Falscher Faden. Ich wollte eigentlich wichteln. Es war interessant zu lesen. Der Autor zitiert sogar Hannah Arendt.

Aber die kommende Volksabstimmung? Oder bin ich da schlecht informiert? Comment Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr, falls ich vor nicht mehr vorbeischaue! Comment Hi wupper, I didn't understand it as having to do with France as a political power so much, it just happens to be the place where you end up if you cross the channel ;. I was simply amazed that this guy envisaged the channel tunnel years before it happened. I know that da Vinci, for example, imagined all kinds of flying machines, so was tunneling under the sea a common prediction?

Does anybody know? Merry Christmas to you too, Lara to everybody else I'll say it again later. So far, the world seems to be still here. Looks like we'll have another Christmas after all :. Comment I think the idea of the tunnel has been around for a while. I vaguely remember a picture in my history book that depicted some of Napoleon's army marching through a tunnel to England. Not sure about the world is staying around - it is rather grey and dire outside.

Comment Merry Christmas to you as well, Lara! Does anybody here know the author Neal Stephenson? Somebody thought I should like him and gave me the book Reamde. I read the first two chapters and I'm not so sure that I will really like it. The first chapter was playing on a shooting range, but in chapter 2 they fortuately have left it.

Still a lot too read, the book has more than pages, so there is a chance that I will get used to it. I read some reviews, but I did not get a very clear picture from that. Comment I know him by name, as a friend of mine really likes him. He's too SciFi for my taste but as I understand he is very "en vogue" amongst the intellectually inclined :. I like his work, but that's certainly a matter of personal taste. I have friends who wouldn't touch his books with a ten foot pole. Comment I liked the early ones, like Snow Crash , but later he got way too complicated for me - I'm not enough of an intellectual, I guess ;.

Comment Now you mentioned Quicksilver, I remember that I bought that a few years ago but got stuck very soon and gave up reading it. Maybe I'm not enough of an intellectual, too Comment Maybe I'm not enough of an intellectual, too Intentionally or not, your meaning is likely to be misconstrued. I read the essay Goldammer advertised as "definitively very much worth reading" the morning her post appeared.

Most of what is said there is right and just and some bits of information on the US society are interesting to the foreigner. However, most of the "philosophical" analysis goes little beyond what a German conscientious objector had to contemplate when preparing for his 'interview' in the s. Furthermore, I was highly annoyed by the first paragraph. To me, it seems the author followed recommendations taken from the handout of an inferior workshop on essay writing.

Something like: "Create an emotional relationship between your topic and the reader". I was really annoyed by this — the whole thing could well have gone without. And I can do without the back-seat conclusions of a year-old boy. But now to something positive: I very much agree with Advohannes' uncommented by the rest of the snails , pointing out that guns are not rare in Germany. And we have had our attempted killings already. If you walk down the street, there will be several people who statistically possess a gun. Do they have it on them right now? As an unarmed citizen, I prefer to be able to see which passers-by are carrying a gun, are willing to shoot and kill, so they should carry it openly.

As to the rest, I'm confident I will be able to separate the criminals from the unarmed citizens. Zu deiner Familie. Gibson, das mit dem schottischen Seher wirklich? Wann wurden Tunnels eigentlich zuerst gebaut? Wie wir uns heute die kalte Fusion oder die Teleportation oder so vorstellen. I was really annoyed by [this] that As [to] for the rest? I could handle the rest;? Bist du es wirklich, Emil, so zuversichtlich? Oder hast du es anders gemeint, war das etwa sarkastisch?

Vielleicht habe ich dich missverstanden. They are, actually, at least in everyday life. Current legislation makes it nigh impossible to legally carry a gun in public, or at the very least very difficult to. In Germany, a firearms carry permit Waffenschein is only issued to persons demonstrating a particular need for carrying a firearm, because 1 they are at a significantly higher risk than the general public at large, and 2 a firearm is deemed suitable to remove or diminish that risk. And then after some mandatory legal and safety classes and shooting proficiency tests, although I have no problem with that requirement.

That's a lot of ifs Almost certainly not. What kind of fear-mongering is this, anyway? Yeah, that'll work. Obviously would-be shooters will always carry their weapons out in the open for all to see.

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Pardon my sarcasm, but you can't have it both ways: if carrying a weapon openly would be a state-given right, concealed-weapon permits make sense. As it currently stands, very few people are allowed to carry a gun in public in the first place, concealed or not. One minor flaw: criminals don't care about the law they're criminals, remember? It's a bit more complicated than that, but I think there's at least some truth to the old saying "if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns".

Comment I'm not sure what the gun discussion is about at the moment so this might be missing the point but I'll say it anyway. Just ignore it if it has no relevance: Yes, there are guns in Germany see Winnenden - the shooter used the perfectly legal guns of his father but your ordinary citizen doesn't carry any, on the whole. And I do think that's a good thing, simply because I don't think people can be trusted. I'm much less afraid of a professional bankrobber brandishing a gun about than of a road-raging executive who thinks I've taken his parking space and happens to have a pistol in his glove compartment.

I myself have quite a temper and wouldn't totally rule out pulliing a gun on somebody if I'm angry enough - not to kill him, obviously, just to shut him up. But how easily can that get out of hand? And how many people get shot because somebody misread a situation and was scared?

If we all were Ghandis, give us guns by all means, but we're not, in my experience. So I'd rather not be tempted. All major ancient civilizations developed tunneling methods. In Babylonia, tunnels were used extensively for irrigation; and a brick-lined pedestrian passage some 3, feet metres long was built about to BC under the Euphrates River to connect the royal palace with the temple.

Not sure that counts, though. I also found this: It was the first tunnel known successfully to have been constructed underneath a navigable river,[1] and was built between and - wikipedia That does count, but happened after Mr Mackenzie. So I'll keep being intrigued ;. Comment Thanks for the replies on my question regarding Neal Stephenson. I made some progress and I'm around page now. The book has become more interesting and I may even like it.

Does that prove that I am a real intellectual? I always enjoy reading books staged at locations I have seen myself. The book does not have many details from the town and there is not muc I actually recognize but still Comment Carullus "Doubtful. I would call that quite a lot. Comment The statistics given by Advohannes don't necessarily say that as some people may own many weapons. Murkes gesammeltes Schweigen" recently? You obviously can hear some quiet background noises like Lafer sizzling something in his kitchen or the chief editor turning the pages of his newspaper, but not much more.

The CD is intended to let people become aware of the pleasant and relaxing effect of silence I clearly count that among "Dinge die die Welt nicht braucht"! But on the other hand, I can't help admiring the business sense of this guy, and I don't begrudge a single cent to him which he earns because some people are silly enough to buy the CD. Comment harambee: If I hadn't been aware of that, I would have omitted the word "statistically". Comment I realized that, Emil, but I just don't like that kind of use of the word statistically.

It is misleading and it is often used to mislead people! My main point, however, is that that number does not tell us how many people actually own a gun in Germany. Comment Exactly. If I eat a whole chicken and you eat none, statistically we've both eaten half a chicken.

How does that help you when you're hungry? It's a kind of non-information that doesn't actually tell me much. Comment Still such figures can be interesting. In the chicken-example, they tell us what everyone would get if resources were distributed equally. In the guns-example, they can at least be used for comparisons among countries.

And they provide a starting point for estimating how many guns may be around in your town or in your street. I agree, the number of owners is another interesting figure. On the other hand, it is not always the owners that do the shooting. Comment So now I know that in my street there are, say, 0. How does that help? What does that mean, to me?

I still don't understand the relevance of this kind of information in practical terms for individuals. I do see the need for statistical information for governments, of course, so they can plan and assess and react, but that's different. Comment I'm not sure what made you suggest a value of 0.

Assuming that Advohannes' higher estimate is correct, this means that you and your husband are the only people living in your street. You don't have a gun? Then there must be a third person who owns it statistically again. Such calculations may not be very useful for coping with the hazards of everyday life. The railway station is only 5 minutes away by car.

The highway is only 5 minutes away. A near nature place to enjoy. The villa is characterized by an open living concept. Its inside is light flooded by the panoramic windows which provide unlimited view into the garden and to the nature outdoor pool.

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Materials such as oak wood, glas, Terrazzo were intentionally selected to give the modern style of the house a warm character. Ground Floor: The open combined kitchen and living room is the heart of the house. The kitchen block in the centre is framed by the custom-made oak wooden kitchen. A few steps down this level you will find the lounge with fireplace and bar. The gallery of the first floor offers three desktops, and a huge custom-made built-in cupboard for clothes and more. One level above is the converted attic, whith beautiful lake view, a kingsize doublebed, built-in wardrobes and en suite bathroom.

Highlight of the house is the nature outdoor pool. It is usable all seasons. In summer for swimming and in winter it is possible to go for ice skating as well. You have two wooden terraces to enjoy. One is located at the back of the garden with two old apple trees and a pond with goldfishes and you will find a sunken terrace in the front of the house next to the nature outdoor pool. The Villa is perfect for families and friends with children who are able to swim.

It is completely furnished and equipped with all needs of tourists. On the property is a shed devided in two parts: a workshop space and a bathhouse part with access to the outdoor pool. There is a carport for one car and a small storage space for bikes. A long paved drive-way path leads to the big paved courtyard, where you will find parking space for a second car. Living in Seeshaupt means living close to nature, without having to give up the comforts of daily life: Very good infrastructure with all the shopping facilities, restaurants and bars, museums Besides the Lake Starnberg which is located at walking distance, the Osterseen group of lakes in Upper Bavaria are also easy to reach.

Villa with pool at Lake Starnberg, close to Munich. In addition, in the winter months you only have to step out of the house, get on the toboggan and go sledging down the toboggan run that leads into the valley, or you can choose to go cross-country skiing or ski touring. This object isn't any less remarkable in the summertime.

Countless hiking trails and mountain bike routes begin right on your doorstep, inviting you to discover this beautiful region. In the evenings, you can relax in the outdoor sauna or make use of the barbecue on the terrace, sit back and enjoy the magnificent view in a state of tranquility. There is a parking space available in the garage. There is also room to park another car right in front of the garage. In case you wish to stay at the property with more than two cars, please park at the bottom of the valley.

Es erwartet Sie ganz viel Licht und ein angenehmes Ambiente sowie ein atemberaubender Blick auf die Alpen. Our apartment house is centrally located, yet in a quiet location Oberau. Skiing in a natural paradise! We have apartments in various sizes from people to 12 people can comfortably find space.

Cozy furnished apartments are available for your stay. Directly after the kitchen you get onto the terrace and into the garden. We want to make our vacation as pleasant as possible for our guests. The apartment has 11 beds!

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The 12th person can sleep on an extra bed or on the living room couch! The local tax of 2. All our apartments can be booked all year round. Thus, you can enjoy the quiet seasons between the high seasons a relaxing holiday in the mountains. If you are looking for accommodation for your workers, you are always welcome to contact us. We are happy to offer you our different apartments. The central location are supermarket, bakery, shops, bars, restaurants, ski school, ski rental directly in the neighboring house , bus stop and ski bus in winter about 70 meters , doctor, dentist, banks ATM The valley with its mountains offers nature experience and no limits to be active on holiday.

To Like you, si. A brief preview of the many events in the Hochtal! The enjoyment of the Tyrolean folk music is framed. It takes place in every weather. Typical handicrafts such as gold embroidery, embroidery and glass and watercolors can also be admired. Tresi from the Schellhornhof makes even the so-called "Doggeln", popular felt shoes.

In the old museum kitchen fragrant "lard noodles" are baked. Coffee and cakes as well as drinks are served after an interesting walk through the museum. All products are also available on other days at the Bauernladl in Oberau. A visit to the museum can be ideally combined with a walk on the Franziskusweg. This monumental sculpture path, which represents the sun song of Saint Francis of Assisi, connects the villages of Niederau and Oberau. Halfway along the path is the famous museum z'Bach. From the beginning of July to the middle of September at 8.

March Whether with friends, guests or colleagues, everyone is welcome. The concert evening is rounded off by host Andrea with specialties from the grill or other delicacies. Traditional and modern brass music combined with great pictures from our home. Tyrolean dance music festival " Frank Posch presents himself at this popular music event. It was hard!

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The first cows arrive from the surrounding alpine pastures around Live music will be celebrated in the new music pavilion in the center of Niederau. In Niederau will be celebrated on 23 September from about 2. Over a hundred adorned cows are returning home from the alpine pastures. Meeting point is the new music pavilion in the center, where also the Almererfeier with live music takes place.

From pm there is bread broth from the farmers. The cows are allowed to recover from the long march in the adjacent meadow. Austria's benefiting regions mainly market products from the region and help ensure that agriculture and tourism cooperate well and that rural quality is available in the region. On the Erntedanksonntag after the solemn mass and procession, the Mining Museum changes from 1 pm to a small market square. The Museumskirchtag is accompanied by an impressive folk music in the Festzelt and the Tenn. Fragrant lard noodles whether sweet or piquant gbit it in the museum kitchen and other Tyrolean specialties are also to be tasted.

The handicraft and farmers market offers good Tyrolean products. Venue: Mining Museum "z'Bach" In Advent music, farmers' and handicrafts market with specialties of the region is a reflection and not "permanent sprinkling". And how could you feel better in yourself and feel pure joie de vivre than in the adventures or wise-bubbles in a rustic ambience?

Traditionally prepared, the old oven or the open fire gives an insight into the former life of the miners. On And At the anger of the museum, the Landjugend Oberau offers a fine place with mulled wine. Christbaumverkauf is one two weekends. Musically, this event is framed by various wind and vocal groups. The entrance to this sound fireworks, which is traditionally one of the most impressive in all of Tyrol, is free. Special features of the Christmas market In the middle of the Old Town, a platform offers an ideal view of the impressive scenery of Innsbruck's old town.

At the market square, the more than 14 meters high Christmas tree is made of thousands of Swarovski crystals. The magic Wiltener Platzl turns into an art market during the pre-Christmas period. Take the Nordkranbahn to the Hungerburg. At the top, a small Christmas market - and, of course, the unique view of Innsbruck.

Tip for Families: A fairytale adventure world awaits your little ones in the old town: 28 fairytale figures and live fairy tale pieces thrill in the fairy tale and giant valley. A nostalgia carousel and a puppet theater bring to light children's eyes at the market square. Christmas market Kufstein The Adventures are divided into the fortress town of Kufstein: The Christmas market in the city park from 27th November to 23rd December for a mood of peace, and on the four Advent weekends the Christmas magic on the fortress Kufstein where you can see in the vaults of Josefsburg and the Freiareal of the fortress arenas experience traditional crafts.

Special features of the Christmas market On the four Advent weekends from 11 am to 6 pm, the fortress Kufstein is transformed into a lovingly designed Christmas world with artisan and regional delicacies. In the "Weihnachtswerkstube" you can even tinker yourself. The Advent market in the beautifully decorated Kufsteiner Stadtpark will be held at the Christmas Eve. Pretty gift shops, Tyrolean specialties, musical events and the daily Advent program will delight young and old alike. Special "Adventhotels" offer special offers for the most contemplative time of the year. Tip for families: The waiting time for the Christmas Eve is shortened for your little ones in the city park - whether on a carousel ride, on a ride on a pony, on a stockbrot barbeque at the camp fire or amazed by magical lighting and the so-called "Bergflunkerer".

The location between Fels und Inn at the foot of a castle from the 10th century offers in the pre-Christmas period the unique scenery for the Christmas market. On the Advent weekends, this is characterized by its originality, calm and contemplation. Special features of the Christmas market On the four Adventdays the Christmas market comes out without artificial light and the pedestrian zone is illuminated by countless candles, torches and open fire. Rattenberg is known for its traditional glass art. The Christmas market itself deliberately renounces sales, but the glass artists have opened their shops.

At Christmas, you will be spoiled with regional delicacies. Be sure to try out the special Rattenberger Advent wine, which is refined with the taste of elderberries. Tip for Families: From pm to pm, your children can participate in the children's program - be it with gingerbread decorations, blowing glass balls or a museum tour for children. With a festive and convivial procession, which will take place around children, the Christmas celebration is greeted in a wonderful way. The children go as shepherds and angels with lanterns and accompanied by music through the town and escort the Christ child who drives with a magnificent carriage.

On the square in front of the Tyrolean Landestheater, everyone sings together "Silent Night". The start for the top races is the Super-G on Friday, Saturday follows the departure. On Sunday follows the slalom of the Ganslernhang. Stars and starlets from all over the world show up in the Gamsstadt and attract followers from reporters. Most likely you can see the celebrities at the legendary parties, as the white sausage party at the Stanglwirt on Friday. About 40 artful flower weavers - accompanied by music bands through the village.

Das Haus liegt zentral gelegen zu den bekanntesten und ausgezeichneten Skizentren im Westen Tirols. Sonnenkollektoren u. Nehmen Sie Ihren Drink doch mal im Pool. Erholung ist Ihnen garantiert. Gute Laune und nette Menschen um Sie herum. Die Wassertemperatur betrug 22 Grad. Sehr angenehm! Idealer Ausgangspunkt zu zahlreichen Bergwanderungen. Oder interessiert Sie ein Tandemflug? Wildwasserfahrten mit Canyoing, Besuch der mystischen Klamm in Zams. Es ist kaum zu glauben. Aufgrund der hervorragenden Wettersituation konnten wir unser Schwimmbad bereits Mitte April einlassen.

Die Wassertemperatur betrug damals Grad. Wedeln auf den WM-Strecken in St. Ferienhaus Freizeit. You enter the Villa via a friendly loggia. There, you'll find very child-friendly equipment with nappy-changing table and baby bath. Apart from the spacious living room, there is a beautiful gazebo where you can chill and stay a while. You'll have a separate kitchen, three large bedrooms, one of which is equipped with 2 large three quarter beds, and a nice children's room with a cot, two bathrooms and a total of 3 toilets.

The two covered and lightened parking spots carports are a hit. On request, there is a bakery service delivering fresh rolls. Enjoy a fantastic view on the surrounding mountain world of the Zillertal. The ski bus, which practically stops right in front of your door, will get you to the surrounding ski areas and to the Spieljochbahn, which is also close by. A complete holiday experience over more than square metres. Layout: Ground floor: Entrance, Living room TV satellite , Kitchen dining table, cooker 4 ring stoves, ceramic , 2x coffee machine cups, filter , oven, microwave , bedroom double bed , bedroom double bed, children's bed , bedroom 2x small double bed x cm , Children's bedroom children's bed , bathroom bathtub with shower, washbasin, toilet , bathroom shower unit , washbasin, toilet , toilet, Landing, recreation room table football , ski storage, 2x carport reachable from the outside , 2x balcony, heating central , terrace, changing mat, high chair parking.

Spacious and beautifully decorated holiday home in the middle of the accession. Breakfast included. Noch viel mehr findest du, wenn du das Internet nach "Alpbachtal Seenland" befragst In einzigartiger und traumhafter Lage befindet sich diese Villa direkt am Waldrand und doch wiederum zentral zum Geschehen. Enjoy your business trip or chill out vacation away from the noise. The room is medium in size and has it's own beautiful marble bath. Non smokers only please. No pets or other guests. Our Villa is close to the highway and city yet quiet and peacefully located.

The house is upscale and refined, only for non smokers and people who appreciate quiet and refined atmosphere. You are welcome to use the kitchen if you want work on your laptop in one of the lounges or on the Terrace. Enjoy the beautiful natural swimming pond in the summer. Im Winter erreichen die Skifahrer in wenigen Autominuten das abwechslungsreiche Garmischer Skigebiet mit 40 Pistenkilometern und vier beschneiten Talabfahrten.

This is about three wars between German states and neighbour states like France, Austria and Denmark, but also between German states, provinces and duchies themselves, which occured within a few years and finally resulted in the formation of the Prussian dominated German Empire. Who is interested into the history background, should read about the events elsewhere in more detail. However I find them quite complicated.

XD From to the victory column was remodeled under Adolf Hitler. With the Victoria statue it measures 67 metres now. About the preservation of the victory column and other buildings with military landmark status from war times was politically discussed several times. Since the victory column was built before August 1st , the cutoff date beginning of World War I , it was retained. Tourists today cannot only admire the sight from the bottom. Inside the column a circular staircase leads up to the 50,66 metres high viewing platform in steps.

To reach the victory column, which is located on the central island of a multi-lane roundabout, you can pass one of the four neoclassicist gatehouses and the following pedestrian tunnels since If you are in Berlin, you should definitely visit this three sights! When there is a new article in the Berlin sights series, you will find a link here to the next post.

See you! Berlin Victory Column: best to reach by bus f. Da kommt doch richtig Urlaubslaune auf, oder? Es wird also immer mal wieder einen neuen Beitrag zu dieser Reihe geben. Das sind meist Bauwerke wie z. Beginnen wir heute mit den vielleicht bekanntesten dreien:. Die Quadriga wurde nachgebaut und das Tor restauriert. Es ist heute das einzig erhaltene von 18 Berliner Stadttoren. Seine charakteristische Kuppelform hat einen hohen Wiedererkennungs- und Vermarktungswert. So ist er z. Sie wurde von bis zur Erinnerung an die Einigungskriege erbaut.

Ich finde sie jedenfalls sehr kompliziert. Mit der Viktoria-Statue misst sie nun 67 Meter. August gebaut worden war, dem Stichtagsdatum Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges , blieb sie erhalten. Bis bald! Read this post in English? Please scroll. Leider wird es jedoch noch etwas dauern bis es soweit ist. Zwar ist nicht jeder Deckel eine Besonderheit — es gibt auch ganz normal gusseiserne mit einem schlichten Muster wie in Deutschland — aber hin und wieder finden sich Wappen, Symbole, Typisches aus der Region bis hin zu Bauwerken oder auch Animefiguren auf den Deckeln — manchmal sogar in leuchtend bunten Farben!

Aber ich glaube, so kreativ, dekorativ und vor allem farbenfroh sind sie vielleicht nur in Japan zu finden …? Hier eine Auswahl:. Unfortunately it will last a while longer. To leaven your waiting time, I felt like stopping by and show you some nice pictures with maybe unusual subject choise: gully cover! During my Japan journeys I was amazed, how decorative many of the cover panels are designed.

In Germany you can just find ungarnished manhole covers, which have a pattern in the iron at most or simply cases plain concrete. That gully covers can be small art objects, you can explore in Japan every so often. Though not every cover is characteristic — there are also normal cast-iron ones with a simple pattern like in Germany — but here and there you can find emblems, symbols, typical things from the area, even architecture or anime characters on the covers — sometimes even in bright colours! But I think, as creative, decorative and especially colourful they can maybe only be found in Japan …?

Here a selection: See above in the German text. To enlarge the image, as usual, please click on it. And this is how ugly and boring the most manhole covers look like in Germany — until I found the one to the right side: Again see above please. Hello everyone! And again it took me quite much time for the next post.

Of course these are somehow prejudices and stereotypes, which can be different from person to person or prove false at all. But without exploring things, categorizing und again resorting the pigeonholded ones, life would be only half as exciting, right? Because who takes holiday, loads his work onto the colleagues to do by proxy. In some companies proxy work is not even practised, that means the longer an employee takes holiday the more work waits for him when he returns.

This does not only tame ones holiday desire but also is — according to the volume of work — in some companies not even feasible, so that the yearly holiday indeed consists of just the defined company holiday where everybody has holiday at the same time and now and then some free days or enlarged weekends. And at one of those enlarged weekends one can do a 3-days-round trip through Europe: one day France, one day maybe Germany, one day Italy? For Germans this sounds unbelievable since holiday is the holy of holies that can exist.

Interestingly Europeans or foreigners in general are said to be extremely holiday-addicted and lavish. If they spend indeed more money in the end is not that easy to judge, I would say, since Japanese therefore often prefer package holiday and trendy hotels with all-inclusive on their short trips. In the eyes of employers holiday is also seen only as a possibility to relax and recover so that the employees can return refreshed and ready for the new tasks; amusement holiday is rather unwanted.

Due to the short holiday time maybe most Japanese spend their holiday in the own country. Definitely they will eat something local and buy respective souvenirs for family members, friends and colleagues.


Several official one day- holidays are arising there in a row so that many Japanese accomplish a journey. Following this, flights and accomodations are expensive and streets, shopping centers, restaurants and events are overcrowded. If the journey really goes abroad like mentioned above, especially the neighbouring countries like China, Korea and Taiwan, but also the USA including Hawaii are at the top of the list.

On journeys abroad people eat local things and go for shopping — therefore primary branded goods, that can be found for more favourable prices than in Japan. Furthermore Japanese are often traveling in groups, lead by a tourist guide. But one has to say that journeys from Japan to abroad, especially at high seasons, are often very expensive. As an example you can take the comparison of journeys to Germany which can cost f.

Besides many Japanese are too exhausted from work to be in the mood for a varied adventure holiday. They simply want to relax and maybe spend some time with the family. With the right and especially timely planning it is far less complicated as imagined before and also with less English skills you can organise many a journey! And how do Germans spend their holiday? In my opinion there are very various options. Some people are drawn to far countries, on a cruise, adventure trip or family holiday, others are doing a city trip, are interested in museums, art and culture, again others prefer staycation.

Some Germans love the thrill, go climbing, diving or to wintersports in holiday, others relax in the South Sea on the beach or with a book on the own sofa. Some like it luxurious, others spartan — from youth hostel over campsite and holiday apartment to deluxe hotel with full pension — tastes differ. If you like hiking, exploring culinary highlights, exploring new countries or experience wellness holiday — everything varies from person to person, sometimes it is even an attitude to life.

So there are people who split their holiday into many enlarged weekends while others are sparing almost their whole yearly holiday for the big summer holiday.

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But generally you can say, that holiday for one week or less days is seen as a short trip and the main holiday, that many people use for a journey, starts with two weeks. Certainly families with children can only take holiday during school holiday and colleagues have to talk to and arrange the holiday with their colleagues. But generally Germans have quite a wide elaboration range in their holiday planning and since it is seen as so important, it is also issue of dispute number one often — whether in the company or at home.

Among the colleagues it is about the main seasons or bridge days among the official holidays, which are of course popular but cannot be taken by everyone at the same time. In the family circle the important question is where to go? One member prefers the sea, the other the mountains. Which typical German holiday style I also cannot agree with? This is unfortunately also one, for which Germans are famous for abroad since it causes much dislike and is not easy to ignore: Party holiday on Majorca… Dead drunk people who are loudly roaring along to bad German pop and Schlager music with simple melodies and even more stupid lyrics like overwrought soccer fans, leaving a bad impression caused by their obtrusive inappropriate behaviour.

They start consuming alcohol in the morning, drinking Spanish sangria through long straws out of buckets or German beer, celebrating through the whole night, roaring and leaving everything in garbage and chaos. At the beginning the Spanish tourism industry could earn good money out of German holidaymakers — meanwhile the Germans should have turned into the big evil of the Majorcan island residents.

Most of the immigrants and seasonal holidaymakers of the island are German, so that Majorca is even called the There are German restaurants, German clubs, German food and German beer. Since Majorca is trying to change that image, the Ballerman fans are increasingly searching for alternatives, which they can find f. For me the plebeian behaviour of the Ballermann-Germans is just embarrassing and a shame for our country. Therefore I could at least warn you when you could meet German holidaymakers abroad f. Hallo alle zuammen! In einigen Firmen ist eine Urlaubsvertretung noch nicht einmal vorgesehen, d.

Bedingt durch die kurze Urlaubsdauer verbringen wahrscheinlich die meisten Japaner ihren Urlaub im eigenen Land. Dort fallen mehrere Feiertage hintereiander, sodass viele Japaner Reisen unternehmen. Man muss jedoch auch dazu sagen, dass Auslandsreisen von Japan aus, besonders in den Saisonzeiten, oft sehr teuer sind. Ich vergleiche hier speziell Reisen nach Deutschland, die zum Beispiel Sie wollen einfach nur entspannen und vielleicht etwas Zeit mit der Familie verbringen.

Und wie machen die Deutschen so Urlaub? Meiner Meinung nach gibt es da die unterschiedlichsten Varianten. Generell haben Deutsche jedoch oft relativ viel Entfaltungsspielraum bei ihrer Urlaubseinrichtung und da der Urlaub einen so hohen Stellenwert hat, ist er oft auch Streitthema Nr. Der eine will ans Meer, der andere in die Berge. Es gibt deutsche Restaurants, deutsche Clubs, deutsches Essen und deutsches Bier.

Da Mallorca versucht, diesem Image zu entkommen, sind die Ballerman-Fans zunehmend auf der Suche nach Alternativen, die sie zum Beispiel in Bulgarien oder neuerdings Thailand finden. Daher habe ich euch jetzt wenigstens gewarnt, wenn ihr im Ausland, z. Heute geht es darum, was Dubai so Japanisches mit sich bringt.

Bekannte und weniger bekannte Firmen sind hier im Gesamtpaket vertreten. Es gibt also auch generell sehr viel zu sehen. Und wieder einmal kommt es mir so vor, als wenn sich Deutschland auf einem anderen Planeten befindet. In Japan sind das Yen, was etwa einem Euro entspricht, aktuell jedoch sogar ca. Es gibt auch Produkte, die ein wenig teurer sind mit Preisschild gekennzeichnet , aber die meisten Dinge kosten wirklich nur Yen.

Es befinden sich sogar mehr Filialen im Ausland als in Japan selbst. Klar, vieles ist kitschig, alles teuer da Sanrio , aber allein der Anblick lohnt! Dieses ist sehr viel dezenter und edler gehalten. Dazu gibt es japanische Softdrinks oder Kaffee. Auch sehr sehenswert wegen des dekorativen asiatisch-orientalischen Designs ist die Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall — und nein, das ist kein Tippfehler, obwohl es aussieht, als wenn ein Vokal fehlt.

Lecker essen kann man auch in der Town Centre Mall Jumeirah. Bleibt neugierig! It is repeatedly exciting to find out that there are interesting things for Japan lovers all over the world.