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Kal Korff has had an extremely d This is author Traci L. Slatton interviewing independent thinkers and reading blogposts and chapters of her books. A podcast about Young Adult fiction and coming-of-age stories. Join Adrienne and Keri every week as they swap ghost stories, terrible tales, personal paranormal experiences, and general ghoul talk. Adrienne Reiter is an author and compulsive blogger based out of San Francisco. Keri Schroeder is an artist and writer in the East Bay.

The unlikely duo bonded over swapping spooky tales while working at an indie bookshop that was totally haunted btw in the Bay Area AdrienneReiter. Most of the reviews are of books written by Martin K. Come back every week to join the conversation. Thanks for listening!

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B-Movies and E-Books is a podcast where two lifelong friends discuss and review various movies and books. Listen in and tweet them at BandEpod to join in the discussion. Smoke and Mirrors is a podcast that dives deep into the world of the paranormal, the unusual, and the unexplained to separate the facts from the fiction. To be a part of the show, email us your paranormal stories to smokeandmirrorspod gmail.

A series of short fictional stories in the genres of horror, sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, and steampunk.

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For more information, visit our website at theatticghost. Listen Live every Tuesday at 9pm pacific and 12am eastern time. Disturbed Paranormal is a place to learn and educate yourself about the paranormal. We will cover topics on psychics, mediums, ghost, spirit communication, EVP Electronic Voice Phenomonenon, Cyptozoology, Demonology, Dangers of the Paranormal, safty, ghost hunting, paranornormal investigations, astrology and readings.

Your HostsCelebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley, professional psychic and paranormal investigator for over 8 years. Play Later. The Catholic church spent centuries encouraging the faithful to pray to the Shroud of Turin, even as they refused to issue an official edict on whether they believe the Shroud of genuine. But as science has improved over the course of the 20th century, scholars have gained new tools with which to determine where the Shroud of Turin really does We're back for our off-season! We miss all you lovely listeners already, so we're back for the month of July with some mini-episodes.

Our third season will kick off at the end of August. Until then, we hope you enjoy our recommendations for summer reading. This episode, we're talking about escapism for summer reading vibes. This post, More great books at LoyalBooks. Electric aviation? Could you get a podcast on a floppy disc? Got something weird? Email neshcom gmail. If you take a ghost tour in Charleston, you'll likely hear the legend of Lavinia Fisher, reported to be the first female serial killer in America.

But despite what we're told on the tours, the real story behind this infamous woman may surprise you. In this episode, we'll uncover the facts and search history for the truth behind the lore. V has a strong intuition about who attacked her. Meg lays out her new theory about the Murder House and surprises MK with a secret message.

Listener discretio Happy Canada Day!!! July 1st — We stand on Guard for thee! Time flies as our Audio Curators reel in Episode 25!!! Jas and Sher finally tracked down the infamous Kristen with Square Peg Tours for a delightful chat about everything Ghost related on her tours. See…some stalking can have a happy ending. While setting up the Vaughan Street Jail for This place is a shocking shame and people around this area are all getting cancer. If you live around this area please look into it. By Real Life Sci-Fi. James Youlton is a mathemetician, Computer programmer and a highly intelligent human being who at first took an interest in the cola wars to help out a friend's child with medical issues.

He then moved on to working on different projects for the Government which led him to writing a program that manipulates the weather. There is just one proble Kal Korff comments on the two recent Democratic Presidential debates and argues that both parties will not truly solve America's problems. First, a fish delivers a cursed wedding ring to a new owner.

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PLUS Your Not watching this documentary would be a Peter Graves mistake. Flora is back from AlienCon L. Originally traine By Theresa J Morris. Today, a chapel in Turin, Italy, bears an ancient burial shroud that bears the faint image of a man. For centuries, this image is believed to be the burial image of Jesus Christ. The action is intense. Genre: Young Adult Fantasy.

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Dragonfriend Dragonfriend , book 1 Marc Secchia. I realize that some are not wholly paranormal-themed but they contain an element that suggests a particular subject or event is beyond that which is currently accepted in the scientific community. The line can be blurry. If you can not see it, try a different web browser or adjust the viewing settings. Or, access the document directly here.

Great List, Anyone know any shows that are on the level of paranormal witness and A Haunting? Ive tried some of the ones listed here but they are nowhere near as good. The creatures are quite remarkable, but completely natural. To say nothing of the elves! I include skeptical programs on here too. River monsters appears to be a mistake. River Monsters? But thanks to those who commented!

Do you know of any shows that are based a little more around reality? This is absolutely the best list I could ever hope to imagine to view. It has absolutely everything I could think of. I am open-minded and do take some things on faith, but these shows are just garbage. Educate us on folklore or legends of old, not how creaky a settling house is. I share your irritation. Check out the rest of the site and see why. They do a real disservice to portraying investigation and science. I am now a new fan.

Anyway, good blog, subscribed here and twitter, TBMH blog is tb Thanks for some good reading tonight. HATE seems a bit strong, you make a statement that includes a huge generalisation unless you really have seen al the shows. I can tell you about episodes that give more proof of ghosts than I need. Sorry that you count on TV for your view of reality. The first couple of shows are hilarious, though. Why only a select few, mostly Russian news agencies from what I can see and the usual small time suspects. Which I can state after living in both of these cities a total load of rubbish.

NBC anchor Brian Williams has finally been suspended without pay amid a firestorm of criticism over false claims he was inside a helicopter that was gunned down over Iraq. I used to watch that every week! But they did more magic tricks than express that they had real paranormal powers. This all seems like a rather frightening descent into ignorance. I work with people who take the ghost hunting shows seriously and it is mind boggling. There was a show on the history channel last night about hauntings… I wish I were surprised by it.

While any network is bad, seeing these shows on Discovery, History, Travel Channel and Nat Geo is utterly disheartening and infuriating. It makes rational people have to be that much more cautious and work that much harder to separate fact from nonsense not that this paranormal subject matter is particularly difficult. Even just looking at the chronological order and quantity progression is sad.

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Will: It does seem that way but I think we have the ability to be better informed than ever, we just have to know which sources to go to for reasonable information. I know what you mean about people taking them seriously; they think this is legitimate research and science. There are a few skeptical shows and some hat were less awful than others but spooky sells.

I hope some day accuracy is valued over drama and speculation. But, I doubt that. Meanwhile, you point out flaws and hope someone is listening. Thanks for this list! Most of these shows I have never heard of and will eagerly seek out. Although they are more a series of one-offs rather than an actual series.

Great viewing. Its about 3 people 2 guys and a girl that drives around America i think searching for haunted places. The other guy sits in the back of the car with computers that are recording everything. After the hunt is complete they go through the material together. The computer-guy uses programs to enhance any sightings they have recorded. Strangely, it is not well known to many. I do hope there will be making Season 2.

You simply cannot disregard the mountainous evidence of the supernatural. Countless testimonies to the fact that peoples lives were genuinly affected, and sometimes ruined broken marriages, families.. Forget the clowns on television doing investigations. Some may be embellishing, and some may be completely dishonest, but you cannot rule all accounts as hoaxes. I will tell you that what people are truly experiencing, if at all, is demonic activity manifesting in many ways.

They are TV shows.

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There used to be mountainous evidence of witchcraft too. Not worth anything. Testimony means nothing. People misinterpret, are wrong, make mistakes, exaggerate and lie. Take it elsewhere. I realise this comment is almost a year old now, but I feel compelled to add a logical argument against your case. I assume that your faith dictates you denounce all Gods other than your own, therefore are you not implying that several billion people those of other religions are wrong in their beliefs?

The only way you can accept it is to believe. I chose not to believe too much just for fun. At least not important stuff. You misunderstand a lot about science. Most of the big things about natural laws have been discovered already. Sorry but that EMF changing fields thing is nonsense. That is a completely made up idea with no evidence. I think we need to move towards saying people have subjective paranormal experiences and working towards understanding why they have those experiences, which can be studied using science and I think we have seen this from people such as Dr.

Chris French, Dr. Jason Braithwaite, Dr. Caroline Watt and others. Many people report many experiences and therefore it would seem like a worthwhile endeavor. Oh gosh, that would be quite the undertaking. I developed this list over a few months and keep adding to it. I watched it about 7 or 8 years ago. It might have been a night terrors episode of a paranormal documentary type of show. It was about a person who was being terrorized at night and a sort of exorcism is performed.

A person goes around the room and says a prayer while recording it on a voice recorder. Nothing unusual is heard during the prayer. Does anyone have any memory of this show? The Canadian Broadcasting Company came to the. I was involved in the programme. The specific story was about two metal detectorist who at night were detecting a Roman site in Leighton,Shropshire. The story the sound of war like yells and charging horses. There were no horses in the field it was a wheat field. The two tried to leave the site the but were confronted by an impenetrable invisible barrier which prevented them from fleeing the scene.

Was it the ghosts of the Legions? I was promised a copy of the programme,but never received it!. My 15 minutes of fame lost forever. Unless you know better? What a fantastic comprehensive list. Thank you for this achievement. I cant be done with people s ghost stories, i wanna see people getting out there and gathering evidence. I agree that another — a second — list of fictional paranormal series would be a great thing to have…this is a good start, though, and it is an impressively comprehensive list. Nice to have like-minded folks out there.

Big deal — I honor mystery. Paranormal State was potentially one of the most harmful shows on TV. Any show that promotes the idea that you have demons in your house is, frankly, unethical. Interesting, yes. But horrendous in its own way. I can enjoy and appreciate it but honor is not an appropriate word. Thank you for keeping this list up to date. I prefer watching the biographic-type paranormal shows.

They capture my attention and have some creep-factor too. Awesome entertainment, and makes me imagine myself in that situation. What what I do? All we have are shows like Deep South Paranormal, which I find more goofy than investigative. That show was so boring to me and looked way too staged. Ghost Lab was probably one of my favorite investigative shows. Ghost Mine was good too. I hope they bring it back for season 2. For the biographic-type shows I really enjoy the new Alien Mysteries.

The creature appears to have a head and neck popping out of the water as it passes a boat