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And if you type quickly, it takes even less time. As I explained above, the copywriting process is time-consuming because it involves a lot of steps. As a copywriter, you must get a clear understanding of what is required. You have to be able to walk in the shoes of the business owner and the customers and you have to plan and write the copy that will connect the two.

Be realistic and clear about how long the copywriting process will take, factoring in the other projects you have on and that little thing called life you sometimes have. If clients want something done more urgently than you scoped, find out why and judge if that pressure really is urgent. They want to trust in the expertise of their copywriter. And copywriters should be creative enough to fill in the gaps. You have to intimately understand how the products and services on offer will solve that pain.

The questions in my copywriting brief are three pages long. Once a customer has filled out their ideas, we spend an hour talking them through on the phone. The brief often ends up as five, six or more pages. Once it becomes a non-negotiable item, projects often proceed more smoothly.

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So wrong. Imagine every piece of copywriting is a block of marble and the copywriter has to chip away at that marble until that shape is revealed in all its glorious detail. Now imagine that regardless of how big or small the copywriting project is, a copywriter begins with the same-sized block of marble.

Every copywriting project needs a brief, research and planning. Every copywriting project involves several drafts and a few rounds of revisions. Shorter projects usually involve more editing. A lot more editing. As I mentioned above, always be realistic and clear about how long your writing process takes.

Misconception #1: Copywriting is easy.

Point out that shorter copy is often harder to write than longer copy and stick to your guns. Can you just finesse the copy I have? Can you just take my existing copy and make it more sales-focused? Can you edit what I have to make it more readable? Can you just give it some pizzazz?

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Well, it is possible. But think of it like this. When a copywriter is asked to edit copy that requires extensive editing, they are essentially trying to rearrange the piece of a puzzle to make a different picture. It can be time-consuming to try and make something new with those pieces. When a copywriter writes from scratch, they create a whole new and hopefully more amazing picture.

It might be that it really does just need a few small edits but if extensive edits are needed, come up with a realistic plan on how long it will take you. Also, explain the other options available like writing it from scratch and how much they cost. In my experience, the full rewrite only cost a little more which made it an appealing option. Five common misconceptions about copywriting and some simple strategies on how you can blast them out of the water while remaining polite and professional.

Awesome content PLUS lots of critiques and personal coaching from me to make sure you know how to nail each technique. There are limited spaces available. Tell me more! About Belinda Weaver Belinda Weaver is a marketing and seo copywriter confidently walking the line between writing effective copy and creating an engaging brand personality. She shares her successful techniques for creating engaging brands through awesome copywriting.

Great post! Every point is bang-on. Is that something you have to do a lot?

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I always had to. Yes, indeed I have to do a lot of educating in the sales process. It is challenging that is for sure! Well said! I had an interesting conversation with someone this morning about how copywriting differs from editing. It seems that people need much education about both skills. Happy writing.


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