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However, the aim of the study of the German cultural study lessons should not be to provide a comprehensive picture for the purposes of the actual study of the culture and geography, but to choose from the contents with the help of which then an intercultural competence can be developed. Moreover, it should be discussed with which subjects and methodical possibilities the learning aim of an intercultural competence can be reached. Deutsch Login. Music schools have courses which promote the teaching of instruments originating in other cultures e.

Conceptually, however, inter-culturalism as a part of the general school curricula has only just begun. All the intercultural programmes and activities mentioned are concerned to develop, through education and meetings, an understanding of other cultural traditions and ways of life, to extend knowledge of fundamental human and civil rights and to make the addressees capable of developing humanitarian and democratic values.

Intercultural and democratic skills are mutually dependent in this respect.

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Special attention is given to intercultural education, in the context of intensified political efforts to promote practical measures for cultural integration see chapter 4. For more information, see our Intercultural Dialogue section.

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