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And we are not good enough to remember what Col. Who of us including myself are good at not being weary in prayer and keeping at it? The only requirement to be healed is that you sincerely want to be well!!

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  • Redeeming the Aftermath.

You need to be willing to let go of any pension, paid card, assistant etc. I prayed for her for one whole hour in the street and constantly something happened to her.


Gradually, she was able to feel more and more in every part of her body… and her one arm began to react with muscle spasms a couple of times. Randi could not talk either — ONLY yes and no. She could feel when I tickled her — for the first time in 5 years!!! She does not yet believe in God, but she was SO amazed.

I was allowed to take her home and tell her how much Jesus cared for her. Next week I will be able to go to her house again to pray… For what God began He will complete. Now the nerves are working… and we just need for the muscles and tendons to function. A small update…. Last week I prayed for Randi who was paralyzed in half of her body.

8 Bible Verses For The Sick

Her sensation came back. Today I am with her again — and this time I prayed for her for almost two hours. She got up, leaned on me and walked 20 steps…!!!! Now only her arm is missing…. I spoke to her daughter about rehabilitation so that she may learn to speak — and get her muscular system in place. How can God choose not to heal someone when He already purchased their healing? Was His blood enough for all sin, or just certain sins?

Learning to Pray

Were the stripes He bore only for certain illnesses, or certain seasons of time? When He bore stripes in His body He made a payment for our miracle. He already decided to heal. There are no deficiencies on His end — neither the covenant is deficient, nor His compassion or promises.

I’m a Good Christian. So Why Am I Sick and Poor?

All lack is on our end of the equation. For example, Mark 9 when they prayed for the tormented child. They did not have breakthrough.

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  4. But then, Jesus came and brought healing and deliverance to the child. Jesus Christ is perfect theology — He is the will of God. He is the will of God. Learn from others who see miracles.

    10 reasons you may be a Christian and still not be healed

    Have them pray for you. Books will help, if the author has a miracle lifestyle. Do what Jesus told His disciples to do when He addressed the problem — pray and fast not just for a specific problem, but for a lifestyle anointing.