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Feeling connected with you in a way that he isn't with anyone else is important to guys, says De Angelis, so confess something nobody else knows. It shows a deeper level of trust in both him and your relationship, she adds, because you're making yourself vulnerable. And if you want it to go both ways, make it a pseudo-game: For every secret you tell, he confesses one, too.

Chances are you know what makes your man laugh.

Romance 101 Method 2: Creativity

You wouldn't live a life devoid of laughter and humor , right? But even if you're not a master comedian or a jokester, get this: A study from the University of Kansas revealed that a good way to gauge your romance levels is to laugh together. The study also revealed that the more times a guy makes a woman laugh, the more she's into him — which, in turn, leads to romance. It makes sense: laughter is important!

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So maybe catch an improv or comedy show, or even just fire up Netflix to watch a new comedian's special. Does your partner dig computer science? Is he really into old noir movies? Is he obsessed with the history of Idaho for some reason? Do a little digging and learn about something he's super passionate about.

He'll appreciate that you're taking an interest in a topic that's important to him, and it can certainly fuel conversations. Plus, it might motivate him to learn about one of your quirky interests, too. You don't have to spring for lessons — just put on some of his favorite music and ask him to dance.

It'll bring you physically and emotionally closer. And, when you're literally in step, you'll feel more connected to one another, according to a study. How long has it been since you told him how grateful you are for all he does? Write him a note to express just how much his support means. You'll strengthen your relationship in the long-run, too, according to a study. Friends or partners who regularly express their gratitude are more comfortable talking openly with one another about relationship concerns.

Don't feel guilty about all that time you spent getting caught up on Game of Thrones last weekend. Watching a show together is a good excuse to cuddle and it'll strengthen your bond — science says so.

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According to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships , "fictional social worlds" — like the one dreamed up by your favorite showrunner — "can also bring relationship partners closer together," the authors write. The benefits were especially pronounced for couples who don't have many mutual friends: "[S]haring media may help maintain a sense of sharing a social world with partners, which can particularly benefit relationships that lack an integrated social network," the study says.

Surprise her. Catching your girl off guard is a great way to amp up the romance. Instead of always telling her exactly what to expect on your dates, leave some things up in the air, not allowing her to know specifically what she can expect until the much-anticipated date arrives.

Give her little love tokens. Give your girl gifts, but make them meaningful. Instead of buying her expensive items that are nice yet not specifically romantic, focus on little presents that are budget-friendly and full of romance. Single roses, hand-written love poems and carefully written cards can all show your girl just how much you love her, and make it clear that you are romantic.

Put thought into your dates. Dinner and a movie is great, but doing this every time you head out on a date is sure to get tiresome. Instead of making your dates as predictable — and generic — as can be, take time to plan something special for your girl, showing her that you think she is worthy of going the extra mile. Arrange alone time. Instead of dining in a crowded restaurant, venturing out with friends or heading out to a crowded public place, take some time alone with your girl.

Arrange for a private roof-top dinner, prepare a meal at your place or take a rented movie over to her home, getting this solo time with your special someone. Give her your undivided attention. You obviously can't always be in a private place with your girl, but even when you aren't you can make her feel like you are by giving her your full attention. Avoid looking around at others or getting distracted when out with your girl, showing her that you love her and that she has your full focus. Voice your feelings. If you love your girl, tell her. We have to stop thinking that romance is about flowers or gifts with big price tags," says sexologist and relationship expert Dr.

Logan Levkoff. Reconnect with your partner the old-fashion way by having a picnic together.

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  • Leave your phones at home and have meaningful conversations while you snack on grapes. You really don't nurture unless you really love someone as far as doing anything with," says Paiva.

    How to Be a Romantic Person

    Roses are red, violets are blue, you should write a poem because it will reconnect you and your boo. While that was cheesy, writing a little note or small poem can show your partner that you're thinking of them. Show someone that you remember a moment lost in time but captured in heart," says Paiva.

    Another way to be romantic with your partner is by showing them that you listen to them when they speak. If they have briefly talked about a book they wanted to purchase, randomly buy and give it to them. Not only it will be a great surprise, but it will make them feel loved because it shows that you listened to them, even if the conversation wasn't that big of a deal. It doesn't seem like much, but if you want to be romantic without spending money, simply just show interest in your partner's conversation.

    Don't check your phone or watch TV. Your partner won't feel connected if you don't pay attention when they talk.

    10 Super Easy Ways to Be More Romantic | HuffPost

    That means looking at your partner when they speak and finding ways to show them you heard [them], such as asking questions to be sure you get it and want more information: what was it like for you when that happened? What does it mean to you? What is your take on this situation?