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Had the wedding episode hit in a different place, it would have been much, much, much more difficult. Right before we were headed into production of [Episode] 17 was when the decision was made to take the character out of the last two episodes, but luckily, it was almost a completion of the Jamal arc in [Episode] There were elements I wanted to express in [Episodes] 17, 18, and I had to take those out, but it was lucky in the sense that it happened [then], so the wedding was a natural way to move on — to send him on his honeymoon.

The stories in the news were unfolding before episodes such as the 16th were on-air, though, so did you go back and minimize his storyline in those or ease him out, so to speak? We had to tweak some stuff because of his availability, but not in a sense to limit him or cut him out. So I had more of a physical expression of that for Jamal to be stepping up and stepping into his manhood for the finale, but instead it had to be just a line expressed between Thirsty and Lucious at the end. There used to be more Lyons to carry the burden of the family drama, but now Jamal is off-screen and Lucious and Cookie are split apart.

How much does that play into the adjustment? And we may discover that it takes more than just blood to be a Lyon, and we might see some other characters step up and step into the fold. We literally wanted to walk the audience down the road where they could see it would have been Andre in the casket. And the way the story broke in different iterations and different times, it was Andre.

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We were telling that story, and we wanted to give that character as much respect as possible. I think we made that decision as we began breaking the back nine episodes. She lived 15 miles opposite my route to the office. I once was an assistant to the owner of a large company who would take his dog everywhere he went, because the dog could not be alone and the owner would not crate him.

I had a chaise lounge chair in my office for the dog pounds to lay on the days he was there. I also made several day trips with the owner and the dog to different stores on their private plane to make sure the dog had someone to be with at all times. I love dogs, but this was a little much. The job paid well with excellent benefits, so I put up with it until I got enough experience to get a better position.

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The oddest thing I ever did for a boss was to go around to several grocery stores and price eggs, on company time! I worked in a sales office for a major company that was coming out with a new breakfast line that included eggs. They were trying to figure out the best price for the product to be cost effective. I once worked as an admin to the vice-president of a telemarketing company.

I was told to clean the BUGS off the ficas plants!!!! I was only 18 years old and did what I was told. My boss called me from Italy I was in the US so that I could call a restaurant in Italy to make a dinner reservation for him. I had to come back early from vacation to fill out then submit his application.

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When I tried to call him to get some information that it requested, he said he was too busy and to just figure it out. His words. I quit short thereafter. I worked for a Sr. The nurse thought it was strange that he ask his assistant to get the instructions considering it was so personal. I then emailed the instructions to his home. Several jobs ago, I worked for the CFO of a software company.

He asked me to go out to the warehouse, and construct a model of everything in the warehouse, including shelves, boxes, etc.

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When I finished this project?? I turned it in to him. I quit the same day…. This was in the pre-computer days, when I had to use an electric typewriter. I stayed late many hours doing this on more than one occasion, and was so glad when his son finally graduated!

He went on to become a doctor. One boss brought in his Christmas purchases and wrapping paper and asked me to wrap all of them for him. Another boss wanted me to do his personal taxes. I managed to gracefully back out of this one. The strangest request was from a boss who wanted me to put prescription eyedrops in his eyes three times a day after his cataract surgery.

Currently happening to me now.

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I just think taking a bit too much of my personal time to take care of his personal responsibilities is a little too much. I worked for a partner in a prestigous firm who split his suit pants when he bent over his desk. He asked me to sew them and handed them to me from the crack of his office door! I had the same experience with a Vice-Chairman. Entered the office cup in hand every morning and put it on the edge of my desk which meant I was to get his coffee. And that was only a little over 10 years ago! My VP asked me to call the chaffeur and ask him not to drive in the outside lane when he crosses over bridges in NY because it makes her car sick and to also ask him to bring a barf bag just in case she had to throw up!

One boss I had expected me to check his pencils daily to be sure they were sharp enough. If not, I was to sharpen them but to the correct size for his hand. If he deemed the pencil too small, he would give it to me and nastily tell me to save it for my children. I was not married and had no children. He and I got extremely casual in our relationship, which I liked a lot because it made me feel more comfortable. Until, that is, he bit into a tootsie roll, made a face, then threw away by spitting the tootsie roll.


I just lost a filling in that tootsie roll. Take it out of the trash and dig it out for me so I can take it back to the dentist. I had a boss that was leaving on an overseas business trip and needed me to go to the mall to pick up a few things for the trip. One item was a package of underwear. He told me to stop at his home and the housekeeper would have a pair of underwear for me to take with me to the mall so that I was sure to buy the correct ones. Right in the middle of year end tax prep…. I worked for a bank president who broke his upper front tooth on a piece of peppermint the day he was going to speak at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

It happened…. I had a boss about 10 years ago who would have his personal tailor come into the office and while they sipped tea at the marble conference table, I held up bolts of fabric for them to view. This same boss also asked me to return an automatic nose hair clipper to the manufacturer. Ride an elephant. No kidding!

I worked for a Shrine Temple and at their fund-raising circus he asked me to ride an elephant with his wife while he took pictures. He then was very mad at those who did not imbibe! He was let go that year. One boss that had been recently hired as Pres. Well, that told me all I needed to know about what kind of boss he was… I left the company not long after that conversation for various boss-related reasons and surprise, surprise he no longer works there either now.

Hmmm…wonder why… ;. One of my bosses a doctor brought in letterhead from every college where his daughter had applied. He had me write one or two line scathing rejection letters from each one of them i. I was working for an insurance company and we had a bomb threat called in that day. My boss, who was the president of a company, asked me to take a Johnny Mathis record album cover to a tailor and find material the same as the jacket Johnny was wearing on the album.

I never found the material!

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I formerly worked for a group of surgeons. One attending had me bail one of our residents out of jail. Two of them had me call them on Sunday evenings to remind them of Monday morning appointments. One female surgeon I had worked for had me meet her insurance appraiser for some damage to her car, and arrange for babysitting when the Nanny was sick. I could go on and on…. He was very particular about his building and I remember one day he took me around and we picked gum out of the carpets with a set of keys. There are so many! A former boss who ran a business from his home asked me to shave his neck before he left on a business trip.

He also wanted me to hem his pants once. On a regular basis, I had to pick up his dry cleaning. Subscribe to your favorite pornstars, channels, and collections. From: Wankz. Please send any copyright reports to: youporn. Only one flag request every ten seconds is allowed. Please try again later. Thank you. Suggest Show Less. Remove Ads. Ads by Traffic Junky. This video is part of the following collections :.

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