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A week later, the brothers embarked on one more terrible murder spree. The Stegall family in Webster County offered them shelter in their house.

'Bloodlust' blamed for stabbing of scientist - Telegraph

They were unaware of the terrible people that they were letting inside. Stegall, when she screamed after she saw her dead child. Moses Stegall, the father and husband of the recently killed members of the Stegall family, also joined this hunting party. The posse managed to track down the Harpes on 24 August When the brothers were asked to surrender, they decided to flee. While Micajah was dying, he confessed to twenty of the countless murders that he had committed.

The head was spiked on a pole near the Stegall homestead. Mason had a huge bounty on his head; Harpe and another gang member killed Mason, cut off his head, and brought it to the authorities. Unfortunately for them, they were immediately recognized as wanted criminals and brought to justice. A replica of the Kentucky state jail in Danville were the brothers were briefly held and escaped.

'Bloodlust' blamed for stabbing of scientist

His execution put an end to the fear that haunted the American frontier for years. A gruesome chapter was finished. They would get the chance to slaughter people and be slaughtered, and I think that is only fair. Traditionally, it is assumed that women and girls are fundamentally less violent than men and boys.

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But perhaps that has something to do with lack of opportunity and cultural restraints. It is often assumed that our culture is becoming feminised — men are much more touchy-feely than they once were and more interested in personal display and emotional interplay.

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But I guess that it must cut both ways — that as the genders meld, with cultural characteristics slowly eroding, women and girls may slowly discover their propensity for violence. So to the nub of it — should one encourage a certain level of aggression in one's daughters?

Toy guns have long been taboo for a certain layer of middle-class society, but maybe for girls at least, they could be seen as liberating — taking control of an arena that was once purely a male one. Did it make me more likely to be violent as an adult? I don't know.

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All I can say is that after a childhood seen through the viewfinder of a pistol, I do not have any desire to shoot people as an adult, although I do sometimes wish I had my Sekiden in my pocket when I am driven to extremes. That would teach them. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

Preview — Teenage Bloodlust by Emma Wedgewood. Teenage Bloodlust by Emma Wedgewood.

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  • 'Bloodlust' blamed for stabbing of scientist - Telegraph.

Heather, a twelve year-old girl on vacation at her grandparents' beach house in Blue Shores, wants only to make a few friends and, maybe, meet a nice boy during her summer break. But when Kurt moves into the house next door, Heather realizes she has a dangerous taste for turning good boys bad. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 19 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Teenage Bloodlust , please sign up.

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