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It must be able to accommodate changes in the global economy, and not have to be continually renegotiated.

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Differentiation can and should be applied in a varied manner across the many elements of the agreement, in a way that does not undermine the integrity of the collective effort. The agreement must strike a balance between the leadership role of developed countries and the increasing responsibility of developing countries, in line with their capabilities and respective levels of development.

The third requirement for success is an agreement that embodies solidarity with the poor and most vulnerable.

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It must ensure sufficient and balanced adaptation and mitigation support for developing countries. All countries should agree to move towards quantified, economy-wide emission reduction targets over time, with flexibility for developing countries with limited capacity. A new agreement must also include a single transparent framework for measuring, monitoring and reporting progress. And countries with low capacity should receive flexibility and support so they can meet the requirements of this new system.

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We cannot afford indecision, half measures or merely gradual approaches. Our goal must be transformation. The transition has begun.

Enlightened investors and innovative businesses are striving to create a climate-friendly economy. But they need your help in accelerating this essential shift. The peoples of the world are also on the move.

Les gares T.G.V. et le territoire : débat et enjeux

They have taken to the streets, in cities and towns across the world, in a mass mobilization for change. I met with several key civil society groups yesterday.

It is clear to me that they have come to Paris filled with energy and emotion — and that they expect each and every one of you to show leadership equal to the test. La transition est en marche.

Skip to main content. Welcome to the United Nations. A future of hope and promise -- of increased prosperity, security and dignity for all.

Alter Ego 5 - Livre de l'élève + CD audio classe (MP3)

You showed your commitment to act for the common good. It is now time to do so again. A political moment like this may not come again. We have never faced such a test. But neither have we encountered such great opportunity. The time for brinksmanship is over. Paris must mark a turning point. The science is clear. V une tendance qui pourrait aller plus du tout de T. Fig Les gares T. A ligne nouvelle, gare nouvelle : une image forte, une action volontariste.

Source J. V On ne peut faire stopper tous les T.

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Source S. V Languedoc-Roussillon prolongement depuis Montpellier du T.

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V ne pourrait-elle permettre. P Tours Cedex. Bibliographie Association des Villes T. V T. Ribeill G.