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The presentations compiled are intended to provide educators with a resource of materials for teaching and learning the fundamentals of toxicology. Science News —Search tool for science news. Science News offers readers a concise, current and comprehensive overview of the latest scientific research in all fields and applications of science and technology. Science Watch —An open Web resource for science metrics and research performance analysis.

Highlights the important role of research evaluation and management in support of strategic decision-making. Henry Stewart Talks Online Collections —Online seminars by leading world experts covering biomedicine, life sciences and many more topics.

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Allen Brain Atlas —A data portal for brain information. European Medicines Agency —Decentralized agency of the European Union EU responsible for the scientific evaluation of medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies for use in the EU. Provides interdisciplinary toxicology research solutions and consultations that support and anticipate future FDA needs to guard and improve personal and public health. UK Medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency —The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulates medicines, medical devices and blood components for transfusion in the UK.

Health Canada guidance documents —Guidance documents to assist in the interpretation of policies and governing statutes and regulations. They are intended to assist in preparing drug submissions when seeking an approval to sell a drug product in Canada. Swiss Medic —Swiss authority for the licensing and monitoring of therapeutic products. China CFDA —Draft laws, regulations and rules and policy plans on the administration and supervision of food safety, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics.

Food Standards Agency - Regulatory body for food enforcement and regulation in UK —with options for alerts and up-to-date information. EFSA - European agency for food risk assessment —independent from individual regulatory bodies for overall advice and risk management in Europe. ICH Multidisciplinary guidances —Cross-functional topics which do not fit uniquely into one of the Quality, Safety and Efficacy categories. OECD sets international standards on a wide range of things, from agriculture and tax to the safety of chemicals.

OECD guidelines for testing chemicals Section 4 [of 5] on health effects —The OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals is a collection of about of the most relevant internationally agreed testing methods used by government, industry and independent laboratories to identify and characterise potential hazards of chemicals.

Chantra Eskes. Genetically Modified Organisms in Food. Ronald Ross Watson. Sarah De Saeger. Global New Drug Development. Jan A.

Basic Principles of Toxicology

Novel Psychoactive Substances. Paul Dargan. Progressive Management. The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments. Anthropology: Current and Future Developments Volume: 2. Manuela Lima. Advances in Applied Microbiology. Geoffrey M.

Information Resources in Toxicology (3rd ed.)

Information Resources in Toxicology. Bert Hakkinen. Betty Orr. Russell Paterson. Martin Rose. Health Care and Environmental Contamination. Alistair Boxall. Transgenic Plants and Beyond. Marcel Kuntz. Cancer as an Environmental Disease. Polyxeni Nicolopoulou-Stamati. Human Pharmaceuticals in the Environment. Bryan W. Environmental Determinants of Human Health. Jozef M. Alternatives for Dermal Toxicity Testing. Andre Martinho de Almeida. Tony Kelbrat. Food Toxicology. Ashish Sachan. Biobanking of Human Biospecimens.

Pierre Hainaut. Genomics Applications for the Developing World. Barbara Jones-Nelson. Microbial Resources. Fabio Capello. Wilfried R. New Aspects of Meat Quality. Peter P.

Information Resources in Toxicology

The Metabolic Ghetto. Jonathan C. Drug Discovery in Africa. Kelly Chibale. Nicolette Hahn Niman. Peter Macinnis. Genomics and Breeding for Climate-Resilient Crops. Chittaranjan Kole. Knowledge flow. Food Chain Integrity. Jeffrey Hoorfar.

Emerging Organic Contaminants and Human Health. Damia Barcelo.

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Ali S. Biobanking in the 21st Century. Feridoun Karimi-Busheri. Forensic Toxicology. Nicholas T.

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Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine. Alain A. Spara som favorit.

Laddas ned direkt. This latest version of Information Resources in Toxicology IRT continues a tradition established in with the publication of the first edition in presenting an extensive itemization, review, and commentary on the information infrastructure of the field. This book is a unique wide-ranging, international, annotated bibliography and compendium of major resources in toxicology and allied fields such as environmental and occupational health, chemical safety, and risk assessment.