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After years of hard work, you've been promoted to a position managing a team of people and can call the shots. Your first job as a manager can be exciting, and also a bit overwhelming. And it's important to do it well. Managers are the cultural linchpin in the organization - they set the tone for the work experience. The rest of the organization could be fantastic, but if your boss isn't up to snuff that will cloud all of the good things happening.

To get off on the right foot, here are ten tips to help you get the most out of your team and create a work experience they will thrive in. Being a manager is not an elevated version of being an individual contributor. Playing by the rules of the old game instead of adapting to the rules of the new game just sets you and your team up for failure.

You likely made it into a manager position because you proved you could be successful at the job you were doing as an individual contributor, but not because you proved your ability to manage a group of individual contributors. Those are two very different things! Just like you can't wake up one day and play a concerto on the piano if you've never played before, you probably won't wake up and automatically know what to do to be the world's best manager.

It's a skill that must develop in its own right, just like any other skill. So, consider yourself an apprentice. If you make a mistake or two along the way, own it and then promise to do better. Want your people to be highly productive?

Then you need to learn how to adapt your work style to theirs. Everyone you're managing will bring a different natural work style to the office, which means they all have different things that are going to inspire and motivate them, or hold them back from doing their best work. Sometimes you get lucky have employees who have a very similar working style as you and you gel immediately without much fuss. More often, the opposite is true and you end up with employees who just approach work differently. Each work style has its own set of strengths and challenges, and no work style is fundamentally better or worse than any other.

As a manager, that's your job. You are the one in the power position, and if your goal is to support your team in performing at their highest level, you have to work to understand their needs and adapt your work style to them. Remember, when they are successful, that means you've been successful. Zappos made headlines several years ago when they restructured to a holacracy and effectively eliminated manager positions.

The Five Messages Leaders Must Manage

We've been trained to do this from the time we're small children - we look to our parents, our teachers, our extended family, and our friends to know what to do and what not to do. Someone has to be in charge of providing that guidance and saying it's everyone's responsibility isn't good enough. When something is everyone's responsibility, it's really no one's responsibility. So, it rests on managers to do it. As a manager, your job is to provide the structure and guidance your team members need to do their best work on an ongoing basis.

When companies are under the gun and things are falling apart, it is not hard to find compelling reasons to change. Companies need to learn that their successes should not distract them from innovation.

Organizational Hierarchy

The best time to innovate is all the time. Problem solver to challenger: Solving problems is never a substitute for growing a business. This requires practicing more reflection — to understand what challenges to pursue, and how one tends to think about and respond to those challenges.

The emphasis on customers, competitors, innovations, marketplace trends, and organizational performance morphs too easily into what the manager wants done today — and how he or she wants it done. The job of a manager must be permanently recast from an employer to an entrepreneur. Being entrepreneurial is a mode of thinking, one that can help us see things we normally overlook and do things we normally avoid.

The 9 leadership mistakes you don't know you're making as a new manager - Know Your Team | Blog

Thinking like an entrepreneur simply means to expand your perception and increase your action — both of which are important for finding new gateways for development. And this would make organizations more future facing — more vibrant, alert, playful — and open to the perpetual novelty it brings.

Top 10 Tips to be a better manager

We want managers to become truly human again: to be people who love to learn and love to teach, who liberate and innovate, who include others in the process of thinking imaginatively, and who challenge everyone around them to create a better business and a better world. This will ensure that organizations do more than simply update old ways of doing things with new technology, and find ways to do entirely new things going forward.

He also leads the global Nextsensing Project. Planning: The ability to effectively plan projects is important for any manager. This requires sharing the vision with others, getting them on board, creating plans to implement the vision, and ensuring timelines are met and budgets are managed.

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Problem solving: Effective managers know how to understand a situation completely - they plan, they don't react. Understanding the root cause of a situation is necessary in order to effective problem solve the issue. Communication - written and verbal: Strong communication skills is required of everyone, and especially of managers.

The ability to effective and efficiently communicate changes, plans, next steps, the direction of the organisation, etc.

Effective communication builds trust. Organisational awareness: It's important to understand how things happen within the organisation and how things get done. What are the informal paths involved in meeting goals. What is the culture of the organisation? How do departments work with each other?

Characteristics of a Good Leader: Tips for New Managers

This "insider knowledge" about the organisation is key to the effectiveness of the manager and ensures the ability to get things accomplished. In addition, no matter what your role - there are some core values that are of importance for everyone, including: Honesty and integrity Focus on the customer Respect for others Cultural awareness So much more can be added to this list! Not the best moment to stumble grammatically friend. JavaScript must be enabled for certain features to work.