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If the maze is on paper, the thread may well be a pencil. Logic problems of all natures may be resolved via Ariadne's thread, the maze being but an example.

Pediatric Migraine: The CHAMP Trial

At present, it is most prominently applied to Sudoku puzzles, used to attempt values for as-yet-unsolved cells. The medium of the thread for puzzle-solving can vary widely, from a pencil to numbered chits to a computer program, but all accomplish the same task.

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Note that as the compilation of Ariadne's thread is an inductive process, and due to its exhaustiveness leaves no room for actual study, it is largely frowned upon as a solving method, to be employed only as a last resort when deductive methods fail. Artificial intelligence is heavily dependent upon Ariadne's thread when it comes to game-playing, most notably in programs which play chess ; the possible moves are the decisions, game-winning states the solutions, and game-losing states failures. Due to the massive depth of many games, most algorithms cannot afford to apply Ariadne's thread entirely on every move due to time constraints, and therefore work in tandem with a heuristic that evaluates game states and limits a breadth-first search only to those that are most likely to be beneficial, a trial-and-error process.

Even circumstances where the concept of "solution" is not so well defined have had Ariadne's thread applied to them, such as navigating the World Wide Web , making sense of patent law, and in philosophy; "Ariadne's Thread" is a popular name for websites of many purposes, but primarily for those that feature philosophical or ethical debate.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Missing and Murdered Pregnant Women in Canada. Molly Matters Needs Your Help.

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Hey Joyce, keep your fear mongering-extremism away from my family. Written by Cassie Kaake…. Liberals Show Compassion for Cassie and Molly? To Molly — This world is far too ugly for you, but your daddy loves you. A Dog Named Justice. There is a Way.

Anavex incorporating Ariana’s KEM® AI platform in Alzheimer’s precision medicine approach

Molly Does Indeed Matter. Re: Issues Clouded for Molly Matters.

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Counting Dead Pregnant Woman in Canada. Whose Delusion Was Molly? A letter to all candidates. How much do Cassie and Molly matter to the candidates of Windsor and Essex? Meanwhile, in Canada — no law exists to protect the choice of these women.

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Democracy in Canada could be a lot like China and North Korea? Canada is in direct violation with a United Nations binding agreement. Cassie and Cheryl. Cassie under the Persieds. Molly Matters — Our purpose and intentions….

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