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Organizations are caught in a dilemma. The recent global economic meltdown has required many companies to cut back drastically and tighten belts wherever possible — including cutting their commitment and resources dedicated to leadership development. At the same time, a majority of CEOs across industries and geographies view maximizing the productivity of their current leaders and developing the next generation of leaders as mission critical.

In addition, succession planning is taking on a new urgency in many organizations as the baby boom generation of managers heads toward retirement. How can companies reconcile their need to develop leaders while still managing costs and ensuring a return on investment?

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We believe that one-on-one executive coaching is the best answer to that question. Business school programs meet certain development needs, but tend to be generic and at times academic. More targeted in-house leadership initiatives help to align leaders with corporate culture and strategy, and have the added advantage of building internal networks. But once again, large leadership programs tend to be a shotgun-type approach to development with potentially uneven and difficult to measure benefits.

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Only executive coaching provides:. In this article we will look at how coaching can benefit your next generation of leaders; leaders you are brining into your organization from the outside; and current leaders who need to up their game to meet new strategic and global challenges. We will also discuss the background and experience you should look for in an executive coach and the characteristics of qualified vendors of coaching services.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders Leaders used to be developed internally by progressively moving up the middle-management ranks. Incremental promotions allowed them to be tested in lower risk assignments and to develop skills over a more extended period of time. Their direct managers were often available to provide hands-on coaching and mentoring along the way.

Greater demands mean that bosses are no longer able to give more junior executives the time and attention they feel they deserve. Global and virtual organizations provide less visibility and less one-on-one access. It is the same for coaching. I have coached teams in all the schools where I have worked as an educator around the world and I have also coached students, so this equates to about 25, students and 5, educators teachers and non teachers.

I have led several workshops in the UK and around the world where I have influenced another educators. Last year, I qualified as an Associate CIPD in HR, specialising in talent management, retention, staff engagement and the impact of coaching on the organisational performance.

I have used the skills and knowledge I acquired to now work with teams in the public sector and in financial services as an Executive and Leadership Coach. Coaching has been a core part of how I led my teams for 20 years.

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How do I know what they are thinking? Well, I have been there myself by experiencing the same fears, issues, concerns or worries and I am listening to my current clients. I am still a teacher and forever will be so I educate my readers as well; I help them solve their problems.

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  7. I have posted high quality content on Twitter and on Linkedin and have daily conversations with my followers. I host a Twitter Chat ManagingTeams on Wednesdays between 9pm and 10pm BST to offer Leaders another layer of support with a conversation made of 7 questions and where people from all over the world are welcome to contribute. I am launching my first online webinar on 10 th September between 1. This is as a direct result of many conversations with my clients. If you want to register, please click on this link. I am sharing my story because people might think that it is an overnight success.

    The secret behind my success has been my determination to make a difference no matter what has been in my way, it has been my ambition, my resilience. I have always felt a sense of responsibility and a need to leave a legacy.

    Three Critical Elements of Charismatic Influence

    To her credit, she did the difficult work of getting to know the board members better and put together a plan to actively win them over. It also helps you assess whether you are fitting onto the culture or if you need to strengthen key relationships internally and externally. The organizational transition. I would argue that nearly every organization today is either considering or enacting a transformation of some type. Mergers, for instance, create instant overlap in executive roles, and redundant leaders can be swept out in waves.

    Just as often, leaders fail to read the tea leaves before a surprise executive succession and are left vulnerable when their allies exit. But by far the biggest derailer for executives during this transition is misinterpreting the need for change or getting on the wrong side of it. To survive organizational and industry shifts, leaders need to get ahead of change.

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    They need to think about where they fit into the new order and find a way to have an impact. They also must overcommunicate with the CEO or board to make it clear where they stand on the need for change and how they will lead its implementation.

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    The pinnacle paradox. The last tricky transition that derails executives is the career pinnacle.

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    C-suite leaders are at the apex of their careers. They have competed for years and achieved what they have been striving for: a spot on the top team. In time, this uncertainty, combined with job stress, can lead to burnout.