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10 myths about sharks

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Education The schools in Surrey rated by Ofsted as inadequate or requires improvement. This volume wants to contribute to our better understanding of these wild and wonderful, mysterious and manifold creatures, their very special abilities and important role in our ecosystem. This Book is Part of a Series "Underwater universe".

7 of the Friendliest Sea Creatures

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Reading Sample. Posts and Comments Write a new post. Permalink Comment Comments Are Closed. All I have to say is: great job : Allie. Kids love sharks too - great topic!

1. TRUE: Sharks can be stared down

They get this easy meal by tricking other ocean residents with their distinctive brown collar, which may act as a lure that allows the cookie cutter shark to be seen as a smaller, not-so-scary fish. As frightening as they seem, they do not pose a threat to humans. The goblin shark Mitsukurina owstoni is one of the creepier fish out there! It has a long, prominent snout covered with special sensing organs ampullae of Lorenzini that help it to sense electric fields in the deep, dark water it calls home.

It also has unusual coloration, ranging from pinkish to purplish grey, with bright blue around the edges of its fins.

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But even stranger is its jaw. Though close to the head in this picture, it can be extended to the length of its snout to help the goblin shark ambush fish, squids and crustaceans. In fact, different preserved specimens of goblin sharks were once incorrectly classified as separate species because their jaws stuck out at different lengths. See more photos of scary ocean creatures in our slideshow.

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How well could you eat with a saw on your face? Sawsharks are named for their long snouts, which have sharp teeth protruding from either side. Be careful not to confuse sawsharks with sawfish , which are actually a type of ray. When is a shark not a shark? These creatures are actually chimaeras—cartilaginous fishes that are related to sharks but distinguished by several differences, including having only one gill on either side of the body.