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Her pulse had quickened then, too. When she was in the auditorium, supposedly listening to one of the top experts in her field, she was thinking about the warmth of his hands around her waist. She was sure when she looked in a mirror, she would find that his handprints had branded her bare flesh where he had touched her.

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Finally, she did what she always did when she was unsure of herself. She made a joke. When they reached the bed, he set her on her feet and threw back the covers with one hand while still holding hers with the other. She got on the bed and knelt facing him, reaching out, beckoning him to join her there in the middle of that huge four-poster bed with what seemed to be eyes filled with anticipation of what was to come.

Quinton looked at Ava as if seeing her in a whole new light. She was smart, funny, beautiful, and for the moment, looking very vulnerable as she knelt there, looking ready and willing to give her entire being over to him. He placed a knee on the edge of the bed and brought her hand to his lips, kissing it softly as he moved onto the bed, crossing over to her on his knees. He pulled her up so she would be facing him as he held her against his chest.

He kissed her with tenderness as he cupped her upturned face in his hands. He looked deeply into her darkened eyes for a moment, carefully considering his words. I realize we are moving fast. Ava slid her arms around his neck and kissed him back as tenderly as he had kissed her just moments before.

I expect no more than these hours we have right now. With those words, she kissed his mouth and pulled him down onto the bed beside her, where she let her hand rove unhurriedly over the expanse of his chest, kissing him fully as she brushed lightly over his hardened nipples with her fingernails. Quinton inhaled sharply as her fingertips blazed a fiery trail on down his torso and, at last, mercifully, came to rest on his fully engorged cock.

Ava encircled her fingers around his shaft and slid them down the length of it, realizing its immensity, knowing how their union would be more mind-blowing because of it. The oil from their bath made her efforts to please him all the more satisfying, and when she replaced her hand with her mouth, Quinton gripped handfuls of linen, groaning in sweet agony.

Ava licked and sucked him in what appeared to be complete abandon, as if wanting to satisfy not only his desire, but her own.

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Quinton wondered what she would think if she realized she could nearly bring him to his knees with just a flick or stroke of her tongue. She slipped her lips over the tip of his cock, continuing to slide downward until she held him totally in her mouth. Quinton moaned as he propped himself up on his elbows, watching her through half-closed lids as she slid her velvet lips back and forth, faster and faster, until he began to thrust his hips upward, mating with her mouth.

She gently drew a testicle into her warm mouth to suckle, looking up at him as she swirled her tongue lazily around it. She lavished the same treatment on the other.

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The fact that she took her time drove him to a whole new level of pleasure. He felt as if the lust inside him were coiled up and hissing, ready to strike any moment as she returned her attention to his cock. She crawled up to his chest, and with one swift move, Quinton flipped her onto her back, plunging his tongue deeply into her warm mouth, tasting himself as he sucked greedily at her tongue. He nudged her legs apart with his knee and pressed himself at her entrance, lifting his head to look into her eyes as he began to gradually ease himself into her.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, lifting her hips to meet his gentle thrusts, and nodded, sensing he was concerned about hurting her due to his generous girth. She bowed her back and cried out as he completely entered her, holding himself stock-still as she enveloped him by contracting her muscles around him. Sign In 0. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance.

See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Scorching. A Siren Erotic Romance. Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. Available formats. Cover Art by Jinger Heaston. Great storyline.. Definitely became very involved with characters. Enjoyed immensely. This is a very polished book from the writing to the editing to the characters.

They both have careers that they take seriously. Ava working towards her Psychology Doctorate, Quinton working towards furthering his acting career. No-one is needy or co-dependent, yet they care deeply for one another.

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Quinton is charming. Ava is understanding, caring, has a good career and friends. She's never a TSTL character. Lord Adam Callahan has spent the past five years destroying the Fairchild family as recompense for the ruination of his sister. Ebooks and Manuals

Yet, it never seemed like enough After 30 days and nights in his bed, Adam sends Daphne back to London a fallen woman. However, he is hard-pressed to forget the beauty of her submission or the brief moments of peace and balance she brought his tortured existence. Hot body, hot career, and super-hot boyfriend, until a devastating house fire destroyed his face and his dreams. Living is the easy part. Agent Lucky Lucklighter and his partner escaped Mexico alive, only to plunge into bureaucratic fallout from their mission.

Hell, maybe Lucky should have stayed south of the border. Watching over his shoulder for a vengeful drug lord or a cartel don calling in favors leaves his scarcely able to imagine a future for them as agents, or as lovers. Beta wolf Tom Parker only wanted to protect his little brother. He didn't want to work for dragon hunting Templars.

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To make matters worse, one of the dragons he brought in is his destined mate. Grant Hamilton is disgusted when a wolf comes to him for sex, although he cannot deny the lust he feels for Tom, who is handsome, so he will play along simply for the pleasure. Since Tyler Hayward was three years old he has been pushed into sports He even committed the ultimate betrayal of the one he loved to present himself as "normal" Graham Conner has been watching Tyler for the last couple of weeks and has decided that there's more to the baseball player than what the tabloids report.

Taking him home to his ranch, the kinky cowboy shows Tyler that baseball isn't everything life has to offer. Welcome to the world of Rescue for Hire. Meet the team members who make up a company that forms a family of heroes. Damian White has been observing Treble Walker for months, trying to find a way to catch the dangerous, lethal little man, but Damian wants a forever. Somehow he has to get around Treb's motto--"Keep it short and simple.

I don't do messy, whiney, emotional stuff. The expert tracker for the team, Alex Taylor, is going about his life as usual, invisible to all around him. Then he meets gorgeous Leo DeLuca. When the famous chef let's him know he is seriously interested, Alex can't believe it. Unfortunately, their first meeting is interrupted when Alex is pulled away to a rescue mission.

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Seriously hurt during the rescue mission, Alex is surprised to wake up in the hospital with Leo at his bedside. Escaping the drug-induced limbo he existed in and running from his alcoholic mother and despotic grandfather, he finally finds some peace and a home on Rainbow Key. Rainbow Key - an idyllic island retreat off the west coast of Florida.

Xavi Diaz is on the run from his family. They want to send him to a retreat to "cure" his gayness. Hiding out at his grandfather's best friend's ranch, he meets Trace Griffin. When Trace offers him a job, he's determined to not only speak to the man, but to get up close and personal Can an extremely shy man, raised in a very religious family, take on a bad boy who likes living on the edge? Does he even want to? Watch Trace break through Xavi's walls of protection and watch Xavi teach Trace patience. Zaiden Moore was late for lunch, no big deal.

Except the new cook took one look at his red hair and blue eyes and ran out of the room. What's a man who loves to grow produce and grains going to do? Run after him, of course Elliot Fisher promised to be open to love if it came his way. Somehow he didn't think the promise included not one, but two handsome, huge, gorgeous men who keep kissing him every time he turns around. Conner Abbot is the youngest, and weakest, of many brothers.

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A runt and an omega, he is unable to hunt after a dragon attack left him scarred. Though he's worthless to his family, he knows they love him, and he loves them. Which is why Conner volunteers to mate to a dragon for peace, rather than watch one of his brothers be taken away. Aris Macleod, high dragon of his clan, wasn't happy with the arrangement. Meet the team members that make up a company that forms a family of heroes. Jack Woods is a paramedic on the team, a caregiver by nature, but in his off time he turns into a wild, hard partier.

After watching his best friend and boss fall in love, he decides he wants that.