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I love your Mom and hope that she is doing well. God Bless your family. Love you all, Vickie Boruff Stipes. Home Obituaries Bert Farmer Obituary. Obituaries Send Flowers. Read More.

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Guest Book. Not sure what to say? May God bless you and your May your hearts soon be filled May the love of friends and As the days and weeks pass, and In loving memory of a wonderful Grief can be so hard, but our Virgin Islands U. After three or four years, she got used to it.

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  • Hard to get any better by the time she stopped. In time, a lot of them moved away, or died, but he still delivers at least dozen eggs a week. In , when a spanking-new elementary school was built on land he and his family had cleared years ago, the children asked that it be named Southwick School. But just after Christmas , he lost his footing and stumbled while hoisting himself back into the cart.

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    If he had let go of the reins, people say, he would have been okay, but he held on and the cart rolled over him. He broke four ribs, and pneumonia set in, while Northfield and Tilton held their breath. His friend Harold Kelley picked up the deliveries in his truck, but the first Friday Bert got out of the hospital, he climbed in beside Harold. He keeps the cart under cover during the winter now and lets Harold truck him around until spring. One late winter morning with snow piled high on the ridge, I join the men on the route. I find Bert in the barn, carrying hay to his horses. With the barn chores finished, he squeezes through his narrow front door into the warm kitchen.

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    • That stove and a wood furnace below have warmed him since birth. I ask about backup heat as he readies his eggs. Through the morning Bert fills his arms with cartons and places them inside the doors of houses, and from time to time he finds a few dollars tucked inside an empty carton.

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      He carries a pencil in his pocket so that he can jot down figures, but he rarely does. We stop at the local fuel oil company.

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      A man named Walter Hill sees me sitting next to Bert with a notebook. And so the morning passes, up and down stairs, snatches of hellos whenever someone sees him. Hours of chores stretch ahead. Slouching against the wind, Bert will soon head off to the henhouse with his wire basket.

      I worked for Bert for three summers and two winters starting in the summer of at the age of 14 and continued till the Summer of He got up each morning and his mother would cook him breakfast. Galbraith said he believes he can be the strong local voice the people of the area have been craving.

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      I want all our people of working age to be able to find work in good jobs or build and grow their own businesses. I want to see our beautiful natural environment and heritage protected. I want everyone to feel safe and secure from crime. I want to see better health services for everyone.

      This is my vision and I know many people share it.