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Even more interesting, I can see the change in my digital social friend group over the years. While I am thrilled by how much this information tells my life story correctly, I cannot help thinking about how to take it to the next obvious stage, relationships. As a proof of concept, I also examined the amount of social interactions with my past adult relationships:.

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Indeed, the information presented above corresponds with the actual relationships. This means that it is very feasible to map out "significant relationships" and how long they lasted. The next thing I did was to map all the Facebook events I had ever responded to on Facebook, pin them on a timeline, and correlate the information with my Google location history.

Here is how it looks:.

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If you give credibility to the arrival status I responded to every event, it is fairly easy to pinpoint the location of the event on the map, or vice versa - it is easy to determine whether I was present at the event or not. So, what? Well, maybe Facebook will offer me events that I'm likely to be interested in based on my past behaviors, or perhaps Facebook will work together with Google to map out which age groups are located in which places and in what times, so they could sell the information to such and such businesses.

Again — it just depends on how creative Facebook want to get. There are many other findings, but at this stage, I feel that the matter has been exhausted and, therefore, I will not devote more than few quick screenshots for the following data types:. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you interesting analyzes of my search history because I clear it every now and then, but the smart reader can just imagine what treasures he might find in his own search history.

In my humble opinion, the user world is roughly divided into three: the indifferent, the anxious, and the permissive type of people. The first group - if you have come this far down this article, well done. For your consideration, in any organization that complies with the GDPR regulations, you may request that your personal information will be deleted up to a number of exceptions. The third group - you are simply invited to get excited about the wealth of information and opportunities it holds, but also try and think about how it can be used to benefit the users even better.

It is highly important to emphasize that the information that is stored on each of us is very different in purpose, volume and meaning. There are many factors which influence the integrity of the data, the most dominant of which are our different patterns of behavior on the Internet, how long we are active on the social network, and which privileges we granted our apps.

In addition, Facebook cannot be viewed as a single coherent source of information over the years. It is important to consider the awakening of other applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter over the years and the way they have affected our behavior. All the research presented here was based solely on my intuition and personal point of view and does not rely on previous research that many people better than me may have already done, but I do hope that I have achieved my goal to make this information accessible and illustrate its possible uses.

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Varys suggests that the wildlings may indeed be more dangerous than in the past, due to their uniting under Mance Rayder. However, both Petyr Baelish and Cersei Lannister are dismissive of the threat, pointing out they cannot spare men from their own war against the Starks. Tyrion, recalling his brief time at the Wall, is less certain that the problem can be ignored.

According to Ygritte , thousands of Wildlings are gathering in the Frostfang mountains under the command of King-Beyond-the-Wall Mance Rayder, forming the biggest Wildling host in living memory. She also says that Rayder used to be a member of the Night's Watch, but fled because he wished to be free, just like the other wildlings. They take him to Mance's camp, a sprawling encampment which almost fills a whole valley in the mountains. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Mance Rayder is a former member of the Night's Watch who turned his cloak and fled beyond the Wall many years before the beginning of the series.

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As an outsider, his uniting of the wildling tribes is even more impressive though technically, Rayder was born a wildling, but given up as an infant to be raised by the Night's Watch. These are only the most famous and successful Kings-Beyond-the Wall, however: given that the Wall has stood for 8, years according to legend there were assuredly several others in those many millennia, though they apparently met with less success and therefore are not as well-remembered. This also doesn't include the many frequent, though much smaller, raids around or over the Wall by individual wildling tribes.

In Season 3 episode 7 " The Bear and the Maiden Fair episode ", Jon Snow tells Ygritte that six times in the past one thousand years the Seven Kingdoms have been attacked by a King-Beyond-the-Wall who united all of the wildling tribes, and six times they were defeated. This information is not from the books, however, George R. Martin himself wrote the script for that episode.

Joramun must therefore have lived relatively soon after the Wall was constructed eight thousand years ago. According to legend Joramun awoke giants from the earth using a magical horn and made common cause with the King of the North to destroy the Night's King , a formidable and evil sorcerer who had taken over the Night's Watch in its infancy. Gendel was actually joint king with his brother Gorne. They lived three thousand years ago after the Andal Invasion of the south, which was six thousand years ago.

The brothers and their army bypassed the Wall by digging an extensive tunnel network underneath it. Eventually their invasion was stopped by the Stark King in the North, and Gendel slain. Gorne retreated back to the tunnels with his surviving followers, never to be seen again. It is suspected that they didn't know the tunnels as well as Gendel did, or that there was a cave in.

The Night's Watch destroyed the entrances on the southern side but never explored all of the tunnels. Legend holds that the descendants of Gorne's followers live in the tunnels to this day, having degenerated into feral cave-dwellers.


The Horned Lord lived anywhere between one or two thousand years ago accounts of the exact date are hazy. After Gendel and Gorne came the Horned Lord, whose name is lost to history, and who allegedly used sorcery to pass the Wall. His invasion occurred either one or two thousand years after Gendel and Gorne, the historical record is unclear though either way, it was in the hazy period over one thousand years before the Targaryen Conquest, which is the period when the Seven Kingdoms as they were later known truly started to coagulate from smaller kingdoms. Jon may have been including the Horned Lord in this count, if he considered that the Horned Lord lived one thousand years ago some accounts say it was closer to two thousand, in which case Jon wasn't referring to him.

The historical record is particularly murky regarding Bael the Bard. According to legend he lived centuries after Gendel and Gorne, but there are some who deny that he ever actually lived, though the invasion he is associated with is known to have occurred. As the legend goes, Bael infiltrated Winterfell itself disguised as a minstrel, and even seduced the daughter of the current Stark lord and impregnated her.