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For Today I Am a Boy. The haiku in the book depict little boys playing in the woods, running around outside, and generally having a good time. All of these are activities that little girls can and do engage in. Young children spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is a "boy thing" and what is a "girl thing," and our job as parents and educators should be to help them see past those false dichotomies. Bob Raczka chooses instead to portray a world where little boys play with other little boys, and little girls are presumably off doing something else.

If the book had been titled something else, I would have given it a much higher rating. The poems themselves are well written and capture the enchantment children find in the natural world. Also, in our world of iPhone apps for toddlers, I think it is great to remind children of the fabulous world of fun you can have without any technology at all.

A Haiku Year

View all 4 comments. Aug 23, Betsy rated it really liked it. Little guys, that is. So all sort of initiatives have sprung up with dudes in mind. Into this atmosphere drops a little book by Bob Raczka and Peter H. Reynolds called Guyku. High-interest boy-friendly fare is all the rage but few titles have attempted to dip such a blatant toe into the world of poetry.

Raczka and Reynolds do it together with good poetry and good pictures. If haiku has a tendency to synthesize the natural world into single lines of pure, clean thought, then how might that format be used to convey all the fun to be had when playing in that world?

Guyku travels through the four seasons to conjure up old truths, new ideas, and classic bits of seasonal revelry. From sword fighting with icicles to skipping stones to raking leaves over your brother, Raczka has his finger firmly lodged on the pulse of what it is to be a kid growing up. And for his own part, Peter H. Reynolds stops the book from sounding like mere nostalgia by complementing the title with his contemporary but still somehow classic watercolor illustrations.

You know, I might take issue with the subtitle. After all, many a boy-hating girl now will avoid this book like the plague if she thinks its solely boy-centric fare is rife with nasty boy cooties. Her loss. I think I was a little surprised when I started reading this book and found its content to be different from my expectations. I walked into it, so to speak, with the assumption that these poems would be just mischief-based.

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Then he points out that haiku is the ideal male poetic form. The distinctive style of Peter H. With short little poems, Reynolds is able to weave his multicultural offering of guys in and out and around the brief darts of poetry. He keeps his watercolors significantly subdued as well. Spring is privy to small splashes of green, summer has yellow, fall brown, and winter blue. Reynolds offers little clues within his palette as well.

It's subtle, but it's there. Guy poetry is everywhere.

Off the Beaten Track: A Year In Haiku ed. by Boatwhistle Books – Sabotage

And traditionally, girls dig these poems just as much as dudes do. When Poetry Month rolls around and classes of kids everywhere are told to conjure up haikus of their very own, I do have a hope that Guyku will find its way into the hands of kids looking for a little inspiration. A worthy addition to their ranks. For ages Apr 09, Tukunjil Nayeera rated it really liked it Shelves: american-lit.

I love Haiku! Nov 21, Paula rated it it was amazing Shelves: poems. A nice reflection of my own son from when he was younger. Oct 21, Donalyn rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-poetry , ncblanotables-shortlis , ncbla-committeebooks. A dream pairing: Bob Raczka and Peter Reynolds. A series of boys travel through the year, one season at a time, enjoying Nature and boyhood. Raczka's poems evoke the playfulness of boys as they put pennies on railroads tracks, throw snowballs at trees, and catch grasshoppers.

Reynolds' illustrations include brown, white, and one other color for each season. My favorite: With the ember end of my long marshmallow stick, I draw on the dark. I will definitely share this book with my boy students, who t A dream pairing: Bob Raczka and Peter Reynolds. I will definitely share this book with my boy students, who think that poetry is about rainbows and unicorns! Oct 03, Brenda rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books , favorites. Author Bob Raczka's book is a collection of haikus that begin in the spring and end with winter. These wonderful haikus are eventuated beautifully by illustrator Peter H.

I'm more familiar with Reynolds works, The Dot and Ish and love his cartoon like drawings which in this case really capture the seasons. It's a beautiful mixture of art and poetry. Love it!! Aug 29, Jason Beyer rated it did not like it. There are many things I love about this book.

I understand the desire to get boys into poetry but my daughter hates poetry as well!

Or she thinks that she does at least. Reynolds talks in the back of the book about defying stereotypes, meaning the notion that boys shouldn't like poetry, but this book is really all about defining them. Dec 06, Kris Dersch rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry , picture-book , kidslit. Adorable depiction of how well haiku and childhood go together. It's so cute. I find the "being a guy" aspect of it off-putting May 14, Lorie Barber rated it liked it Shelves: classroombookaday.

Beautiful haiku mentor texts, but I'm finding myself troubled by the "boys only" idea.

Nov 07, KerriRowland rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry. Guyku was written by Bob Raczka. He talks about his love of nature and how as a boy he spent a great deal of time outside with his friends. I loved this book because it reminded me of growing up and being outside all day unti Guyku was written by Bob Raczka.

I loved this book because it reminded me of growing up and being outside all day until the sunset. Riding bikes, catching fireflies and running in puddles are just a few of the actions we see in the storybook. I love the simplicity, yet powerful meanings in the book. Peter Reynolds illustrates the book and it is in all black and white with a splash of color to match the season. He shows the change of season by big, bold letters in between two pages. The book starts with spring and we see splashes of green, yellow for summer, brown for fall and blue for winter.

Simple, yet powerful pictures of what real life used to look like when I was growing up. The pictures provided me with a sweet memory of some of the best days of my childhood.

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This is a great book to use when introducing poetry for both boys and girls. I think it would be a great book to show exciting word choice to students. Also available in:. The wind is winning. Available Resources Download Images. Related Categories Children's Books. B Author. He lives with his wife, sons, daughter, and dog, Rufus, in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. P Author. Peter H. Want the latest Email Address.