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His selections comprise musical work written to honor King, as well as other Americans engaged in the struggle for equality and freedom such as Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and John F. This third edition contains a considerable number of revisions, updates, and new work and includes entirely new sections devoted to jazz and blues songs, sample programs of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day concerts, and a discography, along with appendixes of works listed by orchestration, subject, and a list of publishers and sources.

Ch03 Martin Luther King Concerts. Works Listed by Subject. Works Listed by Orchestration. One of the students noted that the police were violent, too, and they were placing people in mortal danger just to protect some buildings from being damaged.

On Our Way: Programming a Martin Luther King Jr. Concert for Youth Choir

Most of the others nodded in agreement. More began to speak. The rote discussion was becoming impassioned, cacophonous:. Read about the rest of the discussion that day, and think about the implications for your own classroom. How does teaching about Dr. The Republican Party will soon control the presidency, Congress, most governorships and state legislatures; in all probability, there will be a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

Given Donald J. In other countries and throughout American history, ordinary citizens banding together have triumphed over governments, even when a single party holds sweeping control. Many of those protests used resources that the opposition to President-elect Trump enjoys today. They can learn from how those victories were won.

And in a Op-Ed, Jason Sokol writes :. In this season of political polarization, it is tempting to hope that we can unite in celebration of Dr. But celebrators ought to know whom they are honoring. King died for striking garbage workers and beseeched his government to protect the vulnerable. He had a message for those who would target immigrants or wall off America from the world.

The alternative was unacceptable. King is to follow a different path. Have your students read any or all of these pieces and discuss the role of protest in America in the past and today. What lessons might movements of the past offer us now?

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, signed into law by President Bill Clinton in , challenges Americans to make the holiday into a day of active volunteer service to honor Dr. Have students research ideas in the spirit of service here, and then design a day of service for themselves and their classmates, or for their family members, and present these ideas to their class.

Invite your students to watch Dr. Why is it still so powerful over 50 years later? There are also several ideas for assessing how much progress on Dr. Have students listen to some of the songs written in honor of Dr. King, and then write their own song.

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King after there was opposition to creating the federal holiday, above. Students might also listen to this one by James Taylor , which is not part of the Billboard list, above. Here is the first stanza:. Ties of hope and love, sister and brotherhood, that we are bound together. We are bound together by the task that stands before us and the road that lies ahead. Lesson Plan E. Op-Doc: How Dr.

Five Ideas for Teaching About the Life and Legacy of Dr. King

Witnesses to History, 50 Years Later Video March on Washington Speeches. Memorial Slide Show: A Retreat for Dr. King Slide Show: A Man on the Street Multimedia: National Civil Rights Museum We Forgot What Dr.

King Believed In Jesse Jackson: How Dr. The Art of the Protest Quentin D. Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

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Op-Ed by Cornel West Dr. King Weeps From His Grave Op-Ed by Jesse L. Jackson Sr. Senate Votes Holiday to Honor Dr.