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He and his wife, the poet-artist-translator Jane Race, share a house with cats, a Myna bird; a dog, a hooded rat and a big white rabbit "who runs the place. Fire torn, cursed by breaths, Deaths with no hold on us other than our births; We sheltered our fears until our deaths And walked sublimely to reminisce our mirths. With painstaking vows shielded beneath our rights We vexed one another with constrained remorse; We never once shed our veils of fright Or adventures emanating from our selfless course.

Pleading within each kiss we sought to please Avoiding the incandescent question, "Why is this sinful? Thoroughly, surely, we held our sacred vow Which promised in clandestine affirmation To worship each other's desires Likewise we pledged again until death, until now, And calmly led ourselves to delve assuredly beneath the mires.

Those men knew how to do homage, Knew that the ram of sacrifice Must be belted and bejeweled, Marked with memento mori, Carefully tended and dressed In the ritual, feasted. In the prime of lust and luxury, He must go knowingly, eagerly, As a man prepared. Sheath him in leather, black and burnished. Studded in chrome Hang chains from his waist, ring his hands, Strap on his boots. At the feast of masks let him strip, Give stripes, receive adoration, ram.

He who goes down before the Lord Must be without blemish. And let him rise in the morning, Mount, ride through the misty streets, Ascend at the cross road with sirens Wailing kyrie, beautiful symbol Of his body sailing high and then ruined forever, Cut by the chromium jewels, Blood spurting out of the leather like love,. No Scarlatti sonata here for you to drown in, no trace of patterned sound-- only unbroken stillness as you sit at a low table folding flights of paper cranes; you--bewildered, silenced by a flock of voiceless birds.

Her smile captures me, I endure her walk. She is passive, silent, reserved, Lost in her thoughts. I watch her as she walks lightly, Without effort And hesitates before speaking As though timidity had caught her. She never speaks to me Except in a whisper; I nod politely, But her skin is soft And the whiteness intrigues me. Take from this twisted symmetry of limb The tangled rhythm, slow pulse of hymn, Tortured El Greco tempered and annealed, Wild passion fixed yet not congealed, Urge swirled by environment yet, in girth And reach, thrusting from anchoring earth Against shaping wind and oppressing air To climb, grow, blossom.

You who despair, Feel you are part of the whole design, Lending to landscape more dramatic line And richer mood. Less rooted, more free, You give to the heath more beauty than the tree, And to life, and to me. Draw near, my friend, and share with me This couch. The lamp is bright And sends warm glades of light To slide along your thigh and scatter off your knee, Like waterfalls that splash off rocks below.

We ate--your face is shining with the heat And richness of the food. The wine was sweet And loosed your hand to swing in slow White curves that measured off the rhythm of your speech. Give me your hand, and let mine Follow down the golden line Of light, as far as I can reach, Around your waist and up into the puffs of hair At the nape, and at the hollow Of your throat, where if I follow Too long, may be lost in contemplating there, In the darkening valley, on slopes that are steep. Give me your hand, and share with me This couch, and offer me The cup of gold. I will drink deep.

Martha Shelley. The papers pass beneath my hands The bleak fans Labor to unwind the August air In smoky streams. Tapping of a typist's keys Tapping of a woman's heels And a flash-by-silk blouse. And in my ears the beating of insensate blood. And half-built dreams Of hot rice wine in ginger lands A dark room with a sliding paper door And alien flesh to burn my hands.

Her robe fell open at the knee; I heard crossed knees Shifting on the sofa springs, Beneath white words she. Like the curtains at the Met Drawn for pale Aida, Are the folds and stripes of her robe, Blood-color fells of velvet:. Something with blood-caked fur Stiffly paces the chambers Of bone caves beneath my face, Gazing at her. She puffs words, "Do you love me? And here in me the dark monsoon In solid rainsheets falls, Wordless, Keening in the dark; I hear her blood across the room.

The love I cannot cup in my two hands Is also most-beloved. My younger self would not believe What did not taste of apples or touch silk Or funnel out in gallon jugs Or ring on counters in candy stores. And now a face I cannot see Her hands that I have never held Have claimed some squatter's right on my heart And I cannot be free. Some letters, though, she has allowed to me And every night I hurry home to mail Like a lemming scenting sea. Rainwater hands Your cat-dilated, almost amber eyes as space between beats grows smaller on drums that light broken streets Your touch draws power-down; current back of my eyes.

We are too crowded in one room. I wish I were the rapids of the Colorado wild within cliffs And you a storm come down tundra onto Montana. Poor bones, too narrow a path For the lightning your fingers suggest; Your lips demure our cruel-edged limitations. I almost ask you Go; let me be some small cool thing greybird Crossing the Plains starless In late November. You were in my arms, yet unpossessed; My soul moved, bruised. We lay together, unconsoled, Wanting something more than body's interpretation, Beyond words, beyond caresses. My soul was bruised Because I could not be You and myself besides.

I would deck her dusky shoulders With bright flowers, twine them In her long, loose hair; And I would bathe and dress, and so prepare For her embrace--if she came softly, And I were aware. Wind-borne or gliding on a word I come to you each night, turn tiger underneath your hands and in your eyes. Japan is disappearing by degrees and soon we'll have no gardens left except for a withered bonsai in an enamelled niche; no clogs on cobblestones, only the rush of rubber wheels upon cement. Ask any crane soaring above the city.

Foolish, foolish woman, what have you done? A lover of women, you worship only the sun, And for all your striving, though you look the part, Though you've treated me like a man from the start, I am more a lady than you, And I must be a woman too.

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You cannot comprehend my quiet kind of love, The unspoken, gentle on the mind kind of love, That lasts far beyond the loud bar, bed, and dawn Through dark, lonely hours when the other is gone, Not a quickly-broken promising love, But enduring, all encompassing love. If you are planning to move, please let us know six weeks before changing your address.

Please send your old address and your new address, clearly marked. Today, when women can dress as they please for the most part, and work at most kinds of labor, few feel the need to actually pass as men the entire time. This is a very new state of affairs, however, and in past times thousands of women made their lives more palatable by pretending to be male. Good women and criminals, noble women and outrageous scoundrels, Lesbians and heterosexuals: all have posed as men. Most of them are unimportant from a historical standpoint, though many had wild adventures which would have been impossible had they chosen to live as women since, traditionally, active lives are denied to women.

Christina de Meyrac, daughter of Baron de Meyrac of Bearn, was raised as a boy unexplained by parents who adored her. She was taught to ride and shoot and hunt, and various other sports. In a hunting party she accidentally shot and killed her brother. Her father, in a blind rage, set out to kill her, and she took refuge with a relative, the Abbe Dizeste.

He smuggled her into Spain disguised as a boy. There she entered a university for a while but was wounded by a ruffian in a street fray, in an area of her anatomy that made concealment of her sex impossible. With the help of a Marquesa D'Osseyra she convinced the surgeon to keep her secret.

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She made friends with the Lady Abbess of the Ursilines and became a pensioner in the convent of the Ursilines. Ironically, she was allowed to play a male role in a play performed by the nuns to entertain the Archbishop of Saragossa, and he recognized her from her student days at the University and asked the Lady Superior why she allowed a young man in the convent. Soon after this, Christina went back to her home in Bearn, her father having died in the meantime and her mother wishing to see her. In Beam, dressed as a girl, of course, she received much male attention.

She disliked the attention, however, and again with the aid of the Abbe Dizeste, she cut her hair, dressed as a boy, and went to Paris where she joined the First Company of the King's Guard. She went by the name of St. Aubin, and since the King's Guard was a detachment of musketeers, she has been known historically as "The Woman Musketeer. The King journeyed to Flanders, accompanied by the Guard. During the trip, while billeted in the house of a wealthy burgher, St.

Aubin had to put off the sexual advances of the wife, the sister, and the daughter of the burgher. This would imply either wild exaggerations in the accounts of her life or unlimited sex appeal. Her history after this is confused and the sources certainly don't agree , but it is known that she fought in several battles in the French Army and that each time she relinquished male garb she was followed and proposed to by the Marquess D'Osseyra, son of her friend, the Marquessa.

Whenever this happened she donned male garb again and went into the army. At the siege of Ypres she was wounded seriously actually the second time she was wounded in her military career and died of her injuries. She is described as a great beauty and apparently ran from men by becoming one--her motivations, of course, lie buried with her at Bruges, Belgium.

To turn from muskets to the open sea, we have the remarkable story of Mary Anne Talbot who went against her will as a slave of the Captain to sea as a cabin boy in She liked the male role, however, and after many adventures which took her from her native London to the West Indies and back to London and Flanders, she escaped her cruel master. He was killed in battle, fortunately. Dressed as a sailor, she deserted and tried to get back to England. She reached Luxembourg and shipped aboard a French lugger.

This ship sailed in September , and she soon discovered it was a privateer. In the English Channel the ship engaged a British vessel and was captured. Mary told her story concealing her sex to the Admiral himself and was made a powder boy. She served on many ships and took part in several battles and was wounded several times. She was also taken prisoner by the French another time but again escaped during an exchange of prisoners. She was 01 for a while and left the Navy, but continued to pose as a man. As a civilian she shipped aboard a merchantman bound for America as a ship's steward.

Her pay was fifty pounds for the voyage. A much larger sum than was usual, and no explanation is offered for this discrepancy. Later in life she admitted to having been "John Taylor" of some Navy fame and worked as an entertainer, still dressed as a man. This was undoubtedly due to her exploits rather than any real financial need on her part. She died in , at only 30 years of age, having packed a lot of living into that short span of time. Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope never pretended to be a man, but she took over all of the masculine prerogatives, including men's clothing.

She was born in to a distinguished mother and father. Her uncle was William Pitt, the Younger, possibly England's greatest prime minister. She became William's housekeeper--and his most trusted confidant, a very unusual role for a young woman. When he died in he left pounds a year to her for life. Some sources say only pounds; in either case, a wonderful sum. Soon after her uncle's death Lady Stanhope moved from London to Wales. She is described as being 6' tall, very beautiful, very intelligent and witty.

As an aside we are told that she was headstrong, unmanageable, and very masculine. In , at age 30, she fell in love for the first, last and only time in her life with "a young English girl named Williams. Her ship, the frigate Jason, was shipwrecked off Rhodes, but the party safely reached Palestine and Jerusalem. She obtained equipment and the party traveled into the desert and set up a camp near the ruins of Palmyra. Later she moved her camp to the slopes of Mount Lebanon and made friends with the sheiks of various half-wild tribes among other privileges accorded her was visiting the harems in her male garb, which caused some hilarious situations.

She prevailed upon the Pasha of Acre to Cede her the ruined convent and village of Dahar-Joon-- built upon a conical mountain. There she rebuilt the entire town and added beautiful gardens and a strong outer wall. The Arabs loved her and her charity to them made them treat her like a God. She also adopted many of their customs, which would have added to her popularity. However, when Miss Williams died in or ; the sources vary Lady Stanhope became quite increasingly uncivilized, particularly in her treatment of servants, punctuating blows with a mace a metal-studded club and "lurid language.

When she ran out of money after helping to conduct a few Arab wars between neighboring tribes she locked herself up in her paradise on the mountain and fasted to death in June She was well-educated for those times, attending a girls' college until age 16, when she married her first cousin, Percival Coome or Coombes , some 23 years her senior.

He was apparently very sadistic, mistreating her, and also once was discharged as a teacher for cruelty to the students. To escape him, Catherine ran away disguised as a man, and called herself "Charley Wilson. This was a difficult accomplishment since membership in unions was then, as now, restricted, and usually passed on from father to son. The "marriage" lasted until the wife died in In April of that year Charley moved to a lodging house in Railway Terrace, Kinston-on-the-Thames, and told the landlady that she was a painter and glazier, and a widower who had lost a wife and three children.

Catherine Coombes is known historically as "The Gentleman Painter. Admittedly, his story is more Lesbian in tone, but also it is. There has never been any proof of the original identity of the woman called James Allen who successfully lived her adult life as a happily married man. In at St. Thomas's Hospital in London, James Allen died, and an inquiry into his death provides the only known facts.

In James Allen was a groom in the household of a Mr. Ward of Camberwall Terrace and Mary Allen no maiden name is known was a housemaid. James courted and married her, and they saved their money and bought a small inn in Baldock, England. They were liked by people and the inn prospered for some years. Then a calamity struck: they were robbed in the night of all of their money and valuables. They sold their business and returned to London, where James found work in a ship-builder's yard.

He was considered a sober and industrious worker. He was injured fatally by a failing piece of timber and died on the way to the hospital. The post-mortem examination determined him to be a woman, physically perfect in every respect. At the inquest some question was made concerning the possibility of hermaphrodism. This was declared wholly without foundation by the several physicians who had examined the body. The wife, Mary Allen, is described as having been "innocent as a baby and unaware that there was anything unusual in her personal life.

Almost everyone has heard of Deborah Sampson, the most publicized of the American women who fought as men during the Revolutionary War--but some of the more interesting aspects of her masquerade have been overlooked by her more saccharine-tongued biographers. Deborah was born in December Her father was a sailor, and he died when she was 5 years old. There were many children, and the mother had to farm them out to relatives. This atmosphere surely had some bearing on Deborah's later history.

One evening she "borrowed" a suit of men's clothes and spent the. For this she was put out of the Baptist Church which comes as no real surprise. She ran away from home in and joined the army, calling herself Robert Surtlieff. She saw little war action despite some biographies to the contrary but did win a reputation as "a devil with the ladies. At one time she must have been very ardently pursued because she wrote a letter to the girl to break off the relationship, and ended the letter with "Your Own Sex.

A very sad story from the days of inadequate physical knowledge of the human body and inadequate knowledge about emotional involvements comes down to us from many sources. In in Grenoble, Anne Grand jean was born. She was the daughter of a carpenter, and in his desire to have a son he raised her as if she were a boy. At age 15 a scandal was created in the town by whisperers who said she had more charms for the lasses than the boys. Upset and overwrought, Anne confessed her love for women to the town priest.

Being a good and simple man, he assumed an error had been made and told her that she was really a boy. She went home and announced this and soon was known as Jean-Baptiste Grandjean. When it was observed that Jean-Baptiste was as friendly with girls as Anne had been shy with boys, no one doubted that she was a real boy. Soon after this, she married a Francoise Lambert and her troubles really started. The couple moved to Lyon and started a business. There an "old friend," jealous over losing Jean-Baptiste, made trouble between them, telling the young wife the very truthful truth that she was married to a woman.

The wife went to another priest and this one decided that indeed she must be married to a woman. Poor Jean-Baptiste was exposed in the stocks for a time and then thrown into prison as a "defiler of the sacrament of marriage. The Parliament of Paris freed her from prison but annulled her marriage and restored her name of "Anne. Our last subject, Madame Jeanne Dieulafoy, is perhaps the strangest of all. To borrow a vulgarism, she was a "mixed-up kid. She was married to Marcel Dieulafoy, and there is a delightful photograph of them, often reproduced, in identical evening dress.

Since her hair in the photograph is shorter than his, they look like brothers. In itself, this behavior would not be sufficiently unusual to be of interest. But Madame Dieulafoy ran a school for the education of children based on the principle that a feminine education of both sexes was the only way of teaching young people how to behave properly in society.

Consequently she educated both the boys and the girls as little girls. The boys played female parts in the presentations of the comedies of the times. We don't know who played the male parts. Her private life, and her public life, were circumspect, as far as can be determined. It would be interesting, though, to know why everyone had to be educated to be proper ladies while she played the part of a man all of her life. Each of these women used the male disguise to "pass" into a better world-- even as light-skinned blacks have passed as white.

If they lived today, almost without exception they would have had less eventful but surely less harrowing lives. It is a matter of some gratitude to realize that women do not have to resort to these disguises today, though looking at the current "liberation" movement, one wonders! Editor's Note: Some contemporary sources cite Deborah Sampson as being a black woman. We would very much appreciate positive clarification of this question from our readers. This article was originally written over five years ago and was updated for publication.

Miss Sampson's own memoirs in the John Adams Vinton title cited above do not indicate that she was black. Not too many years ago to be remembered by anyone old enough to be reading this column, blacks were still considered a negligible civil rights force, and their efforts at self-determination and freedom were quite frankly laughed at. Well, that's changed, and not just a little. And for the past four or so years, women have been in the news Well, that's not new. Women have been doing that since the middle 's On the other hand, in the first big step toward Mack equal rights was taken in this land.

So who is to say when the "worm" will turn, or if it may already have turned? All this is leading up to a plethora of new books about what the world would really be like if women ran it. Naturally, such books, in this world today, have to be couched in science fiction terms. This isn't even a new theme in science fiction But these were more truly science fiction, less truly sociological commentary.

Wyndham's book was based on a bee hive sort of existence within the female community, with workers, drones, and queens. Fanciful as that sounds, Mr. Fast has done his medical homework I checked , and he is not out of line on the possibilities.

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Our interest here, besides the obvious, is that the women are often Lesbians As terrible as the idea might seem to some, a world where war, hate, fighting and poverty would not be possible doesn't seem too bad. Miss Marshall is a slow and good writer with few real credits but much critical acclaim.

The former title was a four part collection of novellas and contained minor male homosexuals. The central figure is Merle, a black woman, illegitimate daughter of an island patriarch. Merle has been educated, both in school and in bed, in England. Her past includes a destructive and formative Lesbian relationship. She is not a. This isn't much, except for its kind comments re the various and sundry load carriers in the movement. What fun it is to watch John O'Hara's amazing route.

I began many years ago chronicling his progress into the field of homosexual literature. He began with a few excursions into the male aspects of the field and soon began including women His latest novel. It isn't up to the level of his better Lesbian short stories, but his novels never are up to his shorter works, so faulting him on that ground is not really fair. It is a typical O'Hara novel, using his usual milieu, Philadelphia's upper class, in every way except for the really heavy emphasis on the Lesbianism. Critics are damning him again, but that is fashionable and a bit like shooting arrows at the Rock of Gibraltar If you like him, this Is your book.

Most amazing thing about the man is that he can write about women and be believed by women reading him One in the eye for the critics. Perfect he isn't; great he is. This is supposed to be about Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale Apparently this was first presented in England sometime in or We believe that it was the last play to be banned officially by the Lord Chamberlain, but we are relying on memory here and aren't sure. Certain magazines in the U. If anyone finds this one, please send a copy or at least the reference, attention Gene Damon. It is about the finest cat book fiction ever written, and it tells about a cat about town, Tom Jones, and the two women he adopts they think they adopt him , and how he becomes "with a little help from his friends" a fur person.

Definitely worth paperback price but primarily for those interested in his potential talent. Lesbian material in it is silly. If you cannot be present for the Convention, make sure someone who is attending can voice your vote via proxy. If you or a friend cannot attend, mail your proxy to:. I am a transsexual--a person who has changed physical sex female to male. I have become increasingly disturbed by the wall being erected between transsexuals and lesbians. It seems to be the result of too much misinformation floating about, added to the tendency on most peoples' part to equate the two groups and therefore not understand the measures each takes in solving its particular problem, e.

It is my hope that through this paper, a few more minds and hearts will open up and we can all progress. The main thing to remember is that a transsexual is always aware of living a dual life, i. Sure, I am well aware that many females "want to be a boy" at least during childhood. I am also aware that many think it more advantageous to be a male.

But the transsexual does not look at it that way--something inside lets him know from the onset of conscious thinking that he is a male in the, "wrong suit of clothes". In every aspect of his life he is male except physically. He prefers and seeks male company and feels out of place with groups of females, is interested in male vocations and avocations and falls in love with females usually heterosexual.

While these may fit a masculine lesbian, there is one difference--the lesbian always know she is a female. A transsexual is constantly at war unless a sex change can be obtained. That is a simple enough definition--the difficulty lies in pinpointing the cause s. This is where the two factions clash and the name calling begins. I believe the "war" is a useless preoccupation because the criteria used to back up statements biological, psychological and sociological have not been scientifically substantiated and, therefore, facts become theories.

I am not using this as a defense--only trying to get people to close their mouths and accept each other --maybe tomorrow we will have some real answers. Great leaps are being made in many related fields--genetics, behavior conditioning, endocrinology, sexual response research and so on. Let me attempt to open a crack to the "inner door" and let you take a look at some of the obstacles a transsexual faces in making the sex change.

Before we go into detail on those, I believe we should clear up some of the scandal that has come down upon the heads of the doctors who are working in this field. Of course, there are quacks--as in every field of medicine-- and the public is partly at fault in this case because it effectively restricts ethical doctors from entering this field.

Our laws are so shrouded in puritanical hogwash that a doctor risks not only his reputation, but also his practice. However, I must say that the doctors I have met have been excellent. They made every effort to make a thorough and objective evaluation of me before recommending treatment. Transsexuals have their share of borderline cases those are patients who might change their minds or who are not quite sure and more than their just share of emotional instability the transsexual often lives many extremely lonely and hopeless years in a world just not made for him.

Most surgeons who perform the operations will not even interview a patient until he has been screened by a psychiatrist and an endocrinologist and enough time has elapsed to give the patient a chance to live and work in the new sex. The transsexual's first obstacle is to find a doctor or person knowledgeable enough to know that work is being done in this field. This may seem minor to a well read city dweller but it is a real mountain to some poor kid in Wheatville, Kansas. Once the transsexual has been put in touch with an endocrinologist in the field, the problem is temporarily taken out of his hands and he is put through every imaginable test.

The first test includes a very detailed personal history--family, medical, sexual and social, and a thorough physical examination. Besides being looked at and into from all possible angles, measurements are. Next, the transsexual is sent to an endocrinal laboratory with a twenty-four hour urine collection. Tests are made to determine the level of the male hormones. A blood test is also taken and several evaluations made. The female averages from 8 to 14; the transsexual averages from 12 to Lastly, the transsexual is given a battery of psychological tests and referred to a psychiatrist.

After all of this information has been collected and studied, the patient is again interviewed by the endocrinologist. At this time the findings and future are discussed. A very frank discussion takes place and all questions are answered. The transsexual is told everything that is known in the field and what procedures will take place. If the doctor considers him a likely and qualified candidate for surgical procedure, he is invited to join a discussion group.

In this group are other transsexuals in various stages of change and dress , transsexual's mates, doctors and lawyers, and every aspect of the transsexual's past, present and future are discussed. The transsexual is then started on a series of male hormone injections--these cause menses to cease, voice to deepen, body and facial hair to grow, skin to coarsen, and muscles to increase strength. The transsexual is advised to begin living and working as a male. All this is to give the transsexual a chance to sample life as a physical male and to see if it is really right for him.

If he decides that it is not, the injections are stopped and he gains all of his female-ness back except his voice once the vocal chords are stretched, they do not shrink. After a period of adjustment, an interview with a plastic surgeon is made. If the surgeon agrees, a double breast amputation is performed. This is a rather simple surgical procedure leaving two almost invisible scars on the chest. Hospital stay is two to four days; recuperation, one week. The second surgery is a hysterectomy.

This is a very traumatic experience to most females because it completely takes away any chance to procreate. It is, therefore, given serious consideration by the doctors and patient. A true transsexual could only come away elated and with no regrets. The third operation has not been perfected to any degree. This is the construction of a penis. It has been tried on several transsexuals without much favorable result. It would include enclosing a section of rib cartilage in a skin graft and running the urethra through lit.

Most transsexuals are not willing to go through the pain and expense of this operation until it has been perfected. The doctors and transsexuals are hoping for this or a transplant to become feasible. The social obstacles the transsexual meets are varied. Some families have completely understood and supported--others have disowned their transsexual member. Friends are sometimes slow in acceptance if the transsexual has kept that part of himself away from them. Some friends usually friends of the family and relatives are shocked--some think it is a change for the better and necessary.

Strangers who do not know of the change never bat an eye if the change is successful. A sex life for the transsexual is difficult at best. Before the change he has a problem relating to women because they tend to see him as a masculine female. In sexual intercourse he is always the aggressor and can never look at himself as any part female. This presents tremendous problems. Heterosexual women would shy away from a masculine female; lesbians would be attracted to his female side every human possesses both but be appalled by his maleness.

Another problem is his body--it is odious to him before the change and he doesn't want his mate to view it any more than he wants to--this takes much of the enjoyment out of sex. Because of these overwhelming odds most transsexuals have either abstained completely or they have had many stormy affairs which have been unsuccessful. After the change the transsexual usually has a lot less difficulty in finding a mate. Most marry legally--once the transsexual has been changed, he can accept his body and most of the obstacles are removed and love removes the rest.

A very few transsexuals have a mate before the change who remains with them afterwards. Others try but fail, for after the change the transsexual is not the same physical person and many mates cannot accept it. The most difficult obstacle is the paper world. The main object is to get the birth certificate changed. Each state handles it differently. Some have sealed the old and issued a new. Some have issued amendments to be attached.

Others have refused to deal with the problem. In some states the courts have forced the administrative branch to side with the transsexual--in other states the courts have made it more difficult. Sometimes it is a simple matter of writing a letter and sending the doctor's affidavit--other times it can be a costly and time consuming matter. Once the birth certificate has been changed, other papers can be changed and life can go on.

If it cannot be changed, then other means must be found. Sometimes a church will issue a new baptismal certificate. In extreme cases, forged papers are a last resort. Adjustment after the change can be trying but the problems seem minimal and laughable after his previous life. He must take steps to guard his family and self from sensationalized publicity--this is hard to insure unless he wants to change his complete life.

Often he must accept a change in his vocation--usually into a much lower economy I know of cases where years of education and hard work had to be given up. If he has not been used to the male role before the change, a whole new set of mannerisms, dress and habits must be adopted. The transsexual realizes that many times in his life he will be criticized for what he has done.

But these storms he can easily weather because they are small compared to his life before and he knows that he would make the same decision one hundred times more, because for the transsexual it is the only acceptable and available answer. A few years ago the term "straight Lesbian" would have been self-contradictory. No so today!

The generation gap or the establishment barricade, as some prefer has struck the homophile world. Two young women, for example, were recently refused service at a gay bar-restaurant in Oakland, California. Because they looked more like hippies than Lesbians. Their "kind," they were told, were not welcome. At a joint DOB-Women's Liberation meeting in the Bay Area the discussion ended up in a debate about marriage heterosexual or homosexual as an institution.

Afterwards one of the young Lesbians remarked she felt she had more in common with the "straight" people at the meeting than she had with many of the Lesbians she knew. And the San Francisco DOB Chapter discussion group found its younger members protesting the criticism of others' dress and speech habits.

It shouldn't matter, they argued, what kind of clothes people wear or whether or not their language is seasoned with four-letter words. Before the gap becomes a chism or the barricade a brick wall, we might well consider why this rupture between the generations is such a threat to the homophile movement. For years the battle for acceptance has been fought along a particular line; one comparable to that which, until recently, the Negro followed.

In fact, homosexuals and Lesbians were spoken of as a minority whose problems of discrimination were akin to those of religious and racial minorities. More important, the argument for their acceptance into the larger society paralleled the arguments against racial and religious discrimination:. They may be A insert any minority , but they are just as B nice, moral, devout, etc.

Therefore it is unfair to discriminate against them because of "A". The strength of the argument increases if "A" is inborn, or at least, involuntary. Its validity, however, depends on "B". If it isn't true, the argument collapses. Utilizing this approach with its emphasis on sameness creates a vested interest in moral and social conformity. The result in many cases is the "straight" Lesbian and homosexual, persons who have become rigid advocates of the social and moral status quo.

Fortified with this idea, increasing numbers of young homosexuals and Lesbians perceive their sexuality in the same manner as other social differences; placing sex practices not just homosexuality on the same level as variations in dress or life-style habits. And individual differences, according to the new morality, are not legitimate reasons for discrimination. It is this change in premise that threatens to split the homophile movement, for its advocates have a vested interest in non-conformity rather than conformity. One's right to be different, indeed, rests with that of every other individual's.

Also it involves a new strategy. The question as to whether or not a split in the homophile world is inevitable still remains open. However, the possibility of the older, conformity oriented homophile community becoming part of the rejected "establishment" does exist. It was a simple misunderstanding, of course. You simply read my lack of colors to be an admission while it was actually a refusal.

I do not traffic in the coin of the realm I live in my own world and there is no room for another. I came to dinner and went home scarlet, confused but unoffended. And how I thought about it, that supposedly unintellectual decision! I thought instead of eating, instead of sleeping, and when I could think no more, I drank to maintain an aesthetic distance from myself. Hollows came back beneath my cheekbones and my eyes, already deep set, no longer peered out at the world but burned in hot, honey-colored confusion. I have yellow eyes like a cat, and catlike, I have always walked alone, more alone than ever because I had just severed the one tie that had bound me to anyone.

I could not give myself, and then you asked me to take you, casually, elegantly, gently. Oh, you are gentle, and I am not. I have fought, scarring my knuckles and scarring my mind, rebelling against a world that would take my mind and run it through the stamp mill of conformity, building my own private world of books and dreams, developing the mind of a philosopher and the heart of a poet but the emotional courage of a hedgehog. To be handed something as fragile as your heart and as soft as your body I was suddenly all sharp corners and clumsy fingers.

I ran as I alone seemed to run, back to the sterile, mathematical precision of machinery, power that I could control and bend to my will. I bought a machine to tame, this time a motorcycle because I couldn't afford another car, and now I flee the winds of wrath that are of my own making. I thought about it and decided that I had nothing that I could lose but a chance to gain the elusive wholeness that is absent in my life. You had touched a long-hidden chord in the atonic jangle of my nerves and I had responded, but I needed time to learn the intricate fretwork of so complex a melody, and with all you offered me, the one thing you could not give me was time.

Your needs were immediate, and my decision came too late. So I smiled, as I am smiling now, and asked you to be happy so that I would not be sad, knowing that my inability to give had destroyed your opportunity to love. Lesbian Literature in an annual review by Gene Damon. For the first time in years, the report is being abbreviated in the interests of space and time.

Statistically, and in every other way, this was an excellent year. As has been done for several years, we do not even include the several hundred paperback originals that fall into the category of hard-core pornography. These are usually more notable for their impossible writing than their erotic content. Forty-three of 's 66 recorded titles were hardback books. Most of these are well worth having, and there were a number of titles that cannot be fairly included in the statistics but that deserve mention again. Only titles discovered between November 15, and December 15, , are included, which means that some of the titles in this issue's Lesbiana column are included in this review and some are not, but we have to have an arbitrary cut-off time.

Anything missed one year is picked up the next. Too many of the major titles were too good to select a best or even a small number of better books. Both are major must novels. Both are good books There are always a few novels that deal directly or indirectly with sadism and masochism that are accurately or erroneously included in this field. There were the usual handful of minor titles Inevitably several books must have special mention. It is highly recommended. Three titles, all minor, must be mentioned for their literary qualities Many of the better books never get into paperback, which is sad in view of the cost of books today.

This is possibly the most unwarranted bit of viciousness we've suffered in recent years. Despite extensive publicity, by the way, this book did not sell well. Humorous fiction, or attempts at it, are either very popular or publishers wish this to be so. Six titles fell in this area, some good, some very bad. Miss Ansell's novel is poor but she has already shown remarkable talent in the short story field and it is hoped she will go on writing.

This is, by the way, quite major. Once again I close with a plea for help. There is no way any one person can find all of the titles. This is especially true of magazine fiction ranging from popular women's magazines to the most esoteric quarterlies and so-called little magazines.

It is also true of poetry, which is undergoing a very welcome renaissance just now. Please, those of you who read poetry as a matter of personal enjoyment, let me know about any pertinent writers Lastly, the major titles are obviously going to be found Some years ago reviewers deliberately neglected to mention such material for fear of being offensive. Now, many reviewers are so emancipated they no longer "bother" to mention such ordinary material as male homosexuals or Lesbians.

So help, please, where you can. Margaret Tu Chuan, local actress of note, was found dead in the embrace of her also-dead lover, Ho Miao-chu. Tu Chuan, 30, and Ho Miao-chu, 26, left notes asking that they be buried together this was not done. Tu Chuan, separated from a husband, left a son. Ho Miao-chu, an interior decorator, had never married. In a television interview following the deaths, Tu Chuan's mother denied that her daughter was a Lesbian!! This particular story must have been published all over the world, for it did reach me from about 10 different places It has been learned since that time that two female undercover agents had infiltrated the organization: one, Louise Sulzner, an investigator for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control; the other, Laura Jamosky, is a deputy sheriff.

No arrests were made, but two citations were issued, one for selling alcoholic beverages without a license, and the other for allowing dancing without a license. This outrage took place in the private clubhouse of the organization. People present were harassed, and the police were said to be angry not to find something that would warrant any arrests being made.

We wonder how many innocent people are murdered in this area each year while the law enforcement agencies concentrate on "desperate homosexual criminals," minding their own business on private property. December 20, Dallas couple, Mike and Jan Gibson, filed on December 1, to show that Texas' laws on sodomy are illegal. Since they are a heterosexual married couple, it is quite clear that Assistant Attorney General Charles Perrott's public statement, "We have a problem if a married couple challenges this statute," is about to come true deep in the heart of Texas.

Dwight Newton, writing about soap operas, comments, "The sex in soap operas is almost totally heterosexual. Homosexuality is practically taboo along with physical violence, nudity and racial integration. Among the 15 soap operas monitored this week there were but two blacks--one black male detective Generally speaking, the television soap opera is a lily-white world. Correction: a lily-white heterosexual world. December 30, Aitken describes as a "scientific and literary journal by and for male and female homosexuals.

Yes, that is just what it sounds like, the name of a college course--a two-quarter course--at the University of California, Berkeley. Numbered Sociology , the course has been approved by the Sociology Department of the University for the next two years. It is accredited and to be given on campus. The instructor is Roxanna Sweet, whose doctorate is in criminology. Sweet is familiar with the Bay Area homophile community, and it is felt that she will do an outstanding job. Other groups have been contacted and will undoubtedly contribute as well.

To date, all we have seen is their introductory letter and a list called "Alert Notice" covering January-February and citing a number of parties engaged in questionable enterprises. January The California Federation of Teachers, at their annual meeting in Los Angeles, December , , adopted an unprecedented resolution demanding the establishment of sex education programs and "the abolition of all laws or other governmental policy which involves non-victim sexual practice. This federation represents thousands of teachers at all levels of education, and the successful passage of this resolution is an enormous breakthrough for all of us concerned with our civil rights in all areas of private behavior.

Because their ability to hide the sexual nature unlike blacks, whose race is obvious keeps homosexuals immobilized,. Because the government's anti-homosexual policies set the tone of homosexual oppression as nation- al policy,. Long before you read this there will undoubtedly be another 10 new groups with very similar names in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. There are almost as many groups for them as there are gay people, and the last year has created a number with almost identical names We try in these pages to keep them all sorted out Despite the even more radical name, this group formed to get away from the "do your own thing" philosophy of the "front" group.

And on and on Chicago, January In the Chicago "7" trial, witness for the defense, Allen Ginsberg, was harassed by the prosecution in an attempt to impugn his character by asking him to read one of his poems on a homosexual theme. They may well have regretted it, convictions or no, because Ginsberg's shaming replies have been printed coast-to-coast. Among other things he said: "We have many loves, many of which are suppressed, many of which are denied. Becoming aware of these loves is the only way this nation can save itself and become a democratic nation. We don't know what this newspaper-type magazine is, but suspect it is a local item.

We believe this "underground" newspaper has very wide circulation at least in major cities, and are pleased that the article could, therefore, reach so many. More than homosexuals and Lesbians, led by Rev. Troy Perry, chairman of the Committee for Homosexual Law Reform and pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church, marched down Hollywood Boulevard this rainy Sunday evening, in a peaceful demonstration for civil rights. Only two arrests were reported, and no violence Love throwing that "usual" in there Union Local 51 of the National Association of Broadcast Employees has been fighting the firing for Leo, and he has been receiving his pay check regularly from the station since the firing.

In his letter Mr. Gorham specifies that the church has not turned its back on homosexuals though his dismissal would not indicate much else , and further said that homosexuals might belong to Vineyard though they were still active in homosexual affairs. Joseph, Missouri television station asked Gorham for an interview, but later Gorham's school made him cancel it.

He was also forbidden to talk to newsmen, but that was overlooked, obviously. At the time of the appearance of this article, the dismissal was not certain but was dependent upon the wishes of a conservative bishop of the church. Ironically, the article makes It fairly clear that Gorham is, himself, not homosexual. We wish him well. We also learned that in addition to Gene Damon's chapter on DOB, there will be another chapter on the Lesbian in the book, authored by our own Martha Shelley. It is noted, also, that the Lesbian is the only special group to have "double" appearances in the book.

The previously cited attempt to have the Texas sodomy law thrown out worked. On this date a three-judge United District Court in Dallas unanimously declared the law unconstitutional. Friday, January 23, They took part in a two-hour panel discussion on the Alan Douglas Radio Show on January 23rd and taped a half-hour television show. Audience reaction was favorable and we have received reports from all over the western and northern portions of the U. The trip to Cleveland, partly financed by the station, gave Rita a chance to meet with the newly chartered chapter.

Eve Devon, chapter president, reports that the "participants enjoyed themselves immensely. Later that evening a meeting of the group was held in Rita's honor at the home of a member. Various plans were gone over to give publicity to the group and increase its size. Aleta Styers, past president of NOW, was the featured speaker at the meeting. Currently serving on NOW's Public Relations Committee, Aleta spoke of the Lesbian's role in the feminist movement and stressed the point that the goals of the Daughters of Bilitis were not unlike those of her organization in many respects.

Much of the material, however, including the areas dealing with work, was applicable to all of us. And the burning brand that tops them all is that in the median income for year-round full-time MALE workers in the U. We haven't room to report on all the suits being filed across the country on behalf of women who are being discriminated against in job situations. It is enough to note that some 20 such cases are clipped and sent to me each month The Vatican has refused accreditation to a West German diplomat, Elisabeth Muller, on the grounds that she is a woman.

The Vatican spokesman made it clear that the Vatican will only allow men to hold high-ranking diplomatic posts to the Holy see. This is a serious outrage, and we hope something will be done about it. With that cold legal term, the fight for the listing in the yellow pages As reported last issue, the suit was found in favor of the defendant, and now, the rehearing has been denied. Big Brother now decides whether you can find your own people Ornales' apartment was invaded by two military policeman and four city policemen without search warrants and without permission.

They questioned him about an, AWOL soldier. On learning he knew nothing of the soldier, the policemen beat up Ornales Although there are about 90, homosexuals in San Francisco, they are still subject to the whims of the police, and complaints from citizens are given the cold shoulder by the "authorities. Edward Grossman's thus-titled article is a reasonably intelligent look at women's liberation from a male viewpoint.

While not as good as Richard E. Farson's articles, this is certainly second-best, and it covers the subject from every possible literary and sociological aspect as well While Rita has been roaming far from home to speak in various other areas, the San Francisco chapter has been speaking locally to various groups. Near Reg. Will consider small pet. Smoker OK. Please leave message. Prefer respon indep types. Discover for yourself why Latins are the worlds hottest lovers.

Call for free gay package of information. Special low summer rates. Fully furnished vacation homes in the heart of Sonoma wine country. Need help using Windows" 95 software? Wondering how to have more fun with the Internet? Ask That Nice Man! Want some help with it? BS3 www. Great refs. All work is guaran- teed. Truck, crew, reliable. Graham www. Prof, trained. Tax Services You work hard for your money, let us work smart to help you keep it! David M. As a company involved in the discovery and development of new treatments for HIV, we understand that meeting the needs of people living with HIV includes patient support as well as medical therapy.

We want to join with other companies, caregivers and the community in Looking ahead. But it is possible to be an outsider even when you appear to be inside of a major art movement. Histories of the movement have little to say about the many women who wete also creating this kind of art, sometimes literally right alongside the men as wives or lovers. Patronage, of course, was welcome from any sex.

Sage was married to Yves Tanguy, one of the stars of surrealism, and worked in his shadow, in spite of having what many now believe was a greater talent. At first glance, Chris Vermorcken's Leonor Fini: Portrait of an Artist J looks too narrowly focused to encompass the rich life of its subject.

As the film progresses, the purpose of this strategy of letting Fini define herself becomes clear. In resisting all labels, schools, and movements, she could perfect her art ac- cordingto her own ideal s. That was bad enough, but we almost fell out of our chair when Oprah, who only a few months ago elected herself den mother for Queer America, mused aloud about how hard it must have been for Who Cares?

Smoke signals Emma Thompson has been awfully vocal lately about her memorable guest appearance as a lezzie on Ellen. In fact, the British actress recently announced that she deliberately meant to confuse audiences by appearing as herself on the show. I think Ellen De- Generes has done a lot to shift [attitudes in] the world.

Historic Downtown Larkspur Magnolia Ave. Gregory Halstead, writer and star of this drag queen tour de force , is Simply Barbra, talons and all, from the moment he enters the tiny stage, dressed in black evening gown and heels. Halstead has been portraying Streisand for four years in his LA-based cable-access show Barbra by Halstead, and he has perfected his impression of Babs as an over-the-top, neurotic, tittering superstar. Halstead is "to Streisand as Dunaway is to Crawford. After soliciting gifts, monetary donations, and adoring fan letters from the audience, Halstead reaches out and touches the crowd in a way that is, well, probably illegal in several states.

What would the Xmas season be without the Nutcracker? Half-price tickets are available to students and senior citizens. Ticket sales begin at 3 p. The art sale begins at 5 p. John Priola, Catherine Wagner, and others. Does Shopping Stress You Out? A gift you favorite cook will appreciate. Problem Solved. At the center of the novel is Hartley Mims Jr. The golden, unattainable, secretive Robert is definitely a comparable Sophie character; Hartley is like Stingo the writer; and Angie has traces of Nathan's madness.

And Angie, in the Daisy role, is this decorative, underestimated kind of figure. One can't miss the dark humor in the book. The comic aspect of the book is what makes it original. Do you think humor can heal? All rights reserved. Microsoft, Sidewalk, and Where do you want to go today? Are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U. Everyone was quite worried. Poor thing. Our confusion was amplified when Cho embarked on a lengthy discussion of her love of the penis.

We think someone is a little unclear on the concept. The film opens here Christmas Day. Sounds like great holiday viewing for the whole family, eh? Blue Blake in Shooting Porn. So, what made Boogie Nights more worthy of comment than Shooting Porn? Well, we did notice that Shooting Porn is about gay porn whereas Boogie Nights is about straight porn. Could it be that the largest-circulation daily newspaper in one of the biggest gay meccas in the world feels less than comfortable reviewing queer films? Sordi is being honored locally with a mini-retrospective ten films that runs through mid-December at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley.

When junior is suddenly killed by bank robbers, the mood turns irreversibly black, with Mrs. Call for tickets. Event Media Sponsor Call Today! All programs are subject to change. Call for tickets and information. Call for tickets TDD Theatre of Yugen returns with its annual Noh Christmas Carol, a sort of Tiny Tim meets kabuki, with Sukurooji learning the true spirit of compassion.

Call for tix. Antenna Theatre uses the Dickens tale as a springboard for a satirical look at the ways in which work and power have diminished human experience. Call for tickets and information about other Bay Area performances. The Barbary Coast Cloggers will appear in their own spoof of the Riverdance phenomenon. T If you have gossip, inquiries, or information of a performative nature, contact us at dpeifer delphi. As the verses progress, the singers enact descriptions of gay people as sassy, savage, sexy, catty, and, ultimately, shallow.

What emerged was something closer to Songs Without Rests. By the end, for all its flash, it seemed much ado about very little. But is he? Having canceled Five of his last six Bay Area appearances for one health reason or another, Perahia appeared before an audience he had left wanting more, and one that welcomed him with equal measures of relief and good will. But the musician who gingerly approached the Davies Hall Steinway two Tuesdays ago bore faint resemblance to the Perahia of yore, the patrician pianist with more than a touch of the poet and a laudable penchant for the better music of his own day.

The nimble fingerwork in Op. Murray Perahia that closed the printed program — the Berceuse, Op. The former was so meandering and shapeless I forgot to keep listening. Aphex Twin a. Richard D. On his last three albums alone, Aphex Twin has made some of the most compelling music you are likely to hear this year. Even without the startling visuals of the video for the title track, you may not want to close your eyes while listening to this song or maybe you will. On the whole, this disc plays like the equivalent of a David Lynch musical.

Let's Get Killed is sinister and cinematic. One is a street urchin astrologer, another a drug addict who recites his daily intake. Customer Service and Optional Billing Methods. Lutenist David Tayler lends sensitive, supple support. The CDs noted her show what the fuss is all about, and have arrived in stores just in time for Xmas shopping. For those who have these gemlike pieces in the admirable Robert Craft series on MusicMasters, this set will be a less urgent purchase. The booklet notes by Michael Steinberg longtime program annotator for the San Francisco Symphony and the amusing cover art by Pat Gavin clinch the deal.

Despite the aforementioned attractions, Canteloube needs to be orchestrated with richer textures than we hear from the restrained Nagano, and nowhere is this more evident than in the opening cut Bailero. As a single purchase, I might go for this, but for a complete set They are themselves the arbiters instruments, a harmonium, and traditional Tuva vocals.

As usual, there is a maddening lack of information in the CD booklet, but the photos are intriguing. Perhaps it is better to simply let the music speak for itself. If you have resisted the return to early music movement, now might be a good time to let the Kronos Quartet persuade you otherwise. Whatever purists might say, there is a real sense of excellence and technical finesse associated with their work, not to mention exquisite taste. Happily, the new album, roughly translated from the Latin as Ancient Tears, is no exception.

The result is a seamless blend of truly lovely music of reflection, exotically flavored with Chinese Canteloube needs richer textures than Nagano provides on this set. Until now, that is. Solitaire and Brahms is a brilliant novel, one that will remind us of where we have been, even as it celebrates the women who found a way to each other. Shelby Camden is what was called a career girl in those very early days of John F.

Dreher is a writer with a real gift for characterization. The women and men of this novel are vividly alive, their language always appropriate to the situation and to their own emotions. Her wit comes out of, and is always true to, the character, which makes her more than just funny. Fran could sleep, or read, or write postcards home or do woodland crafts, but there was to be no talking. If you were born after the dark ages, you owe it to yourself to find out what life was like before gay liberation.

You will never forget the characters in. At the very least it will make you aware of the pit- falls in a highly entertaining way. She is changeable the way Angie is, tough yet fragile. If she has a There's only one blonde in every bar, and Brad Pitt is the blonde in ours right now. Even when we knew that something had gone wrong, that people were dying, we were told it might be the air, it might be poppers, it might be whatever.

After reading the book, I began casting the movie in my head. Have you envisioned who would play the characters in a potential movie version of the book, and how close was I when it came to Robert? As a contributor to the second volume in the Men On Men series, did you have much contact with George Stambolian?

I did, and I miss him terribly. He was one of the heroes of our age. He did an immense amount for young writers. I remember he used my story Adult Art, which all the major magazines had turned down because of gay content. One of the least attractive qualities of our community— of which Larry Kramer is the leading offender — is this sort of black on black crime. George was the opposite of Kramer.

He was one of the great midwives. All stories are about people in thing that can happen to you that means you can survive anything. Last spring, Publisher's Weekly ran a piece that suggested gay readers are no longer interested in reading about AIDS. How do you think gay readers will receive Plays Well With Others? Only now could I have achieved the kind of distance I needed to write this book. Mature artists are treating it maturely, not just rushing into print with something that dates almost immediately.

The Titanic figures prominently in the book. Manhattan is an island. It was said to be invincible, and it sank. I was very popular. Now they call it promiscuous. The 16 years chronicled in the book are a heroic time. White, in fact, is key to this trend; not only has he led a renaissance of honest, daring, and smart AIDS-era gay and lesbian literature, he has also ruminated the loss of civilized days when gay culture was hinged more on keeping up with the Joneses intellectually rather than pectorally.

It is in this dual spirit of publicity-driven consumerism and cardigan-and-bifocal snobbery that British publishing firm Absolute Press has conceived Outlines, an attractive, affordable series of primers on trendsetting gay and lesbian artists, writers, and performers. Taken as a whole, these admittedly modest books aim to tell the history of 20th-century gay and lesbian life, sex, and art, from the closet through Stonewall to the Pet Shop Boys. Bessie Smith let loose her remarkable lowdown wail on just about every woe imaginable duing her live-fast, die-young career as the grand dame of Southern blues.

It made me stop reading Anne of Green Gables and look up sharp and listen. Why resist? The photographs of The Black Triangle have a bleak, austere beauty connected both to their subject and their form: all the gelatin silver prints are cm. His work hits home. Call for more information. See Monday. Barbra by Halstead The Christmas Show. Clair in cabaret. Fridays at 10pm thru Dec. Josie's Cabaret, 16th St.

Hayes St. Bob Smith, Elvira Kurt Two supercharged gay comics. Josie's Cabaret and Juice Joint, 16th St. Brady Street Dance Centre, 60 Brady. Civil Sex Brian Freeman's meditation on civil rights, masculinity, black gay history, and Bayard Rustin. The Marsh, Valencia. Dirty Little Showtunes! Tom Orr's comedy musical revue: Broadway standards turned naughty. Tonight at 8pm. Luna Sea Women's Perf. Get Outta Here! The Guten Jungs Theater Co. Actors Theatre of SF, Sutter.

Parkway Theater, Park Blvd. City Cabaret, Geary. Randy P. Boadecia's Books, Colusa, Kensington. Shabbat services, 6pm; dinner, 7pm. Congregation Beth Sholom, 14th Ave. Bindlestiff Studio, 6th St. Concourse Exhibition Ctr. Doors 4pm. D, Fort Mason. Matthew's, 16th St. Josie's Juice Joint, 16th St. Call for info. Registration, 11am; bidding, 1pm.

Raven Gallery, Market. See listing. First Unitarian, Franklin. Center for the Arts Forum, Mission. Doors pm. Trocadero, 4th St. ATJT, Mariposa. Jewish Community Ctr. Joe Sent Me Club, Hayes 2. Embassy Lounge, Polk. A Different Light, Castro. C, Fort Mason.

Zadnje objave

Mad Magda's, Hayes. Levi Strauss and Co. Ortega Art, Brannan. Robert Koch Gallery, 49 Geary. Wiley, Tom Mari- oni, more. Jernigan Wicker Fine Arts, Natoma. Theatre on the Square, Post. ArtHaus, Bush, Suite 2. Alan Cheung. Terrain, Jessie. Fraenkel Gallery, 49 Geary. California Historical Society Museum, Mission. Beach Blanket Babylon Musical revue extravaganza, holiday performances. Call for times, tonight at 8pm.

Berkeley Art Museum, Bancroft. Gallery 16, 16th St. Great Moments SF Perf. Tonight at pm. Geary Theater, Geary. Dear Master Aurora Theatre Co. Berkeley City Club, Durant, Berkeley. Fliq: "Homo for the Holiday" interactive video workshop for queer men 25 and under, free. A, Fort Mason. Museo ItaloAmericano, Bldg. Southern Exposure, Alabama. Theater Artaud, Florida. New Langton Arts, Folsom.

Scott Nichols Gallery, 49 Geary. Benefits Golden Gate Youth Services. SF Eagle, 12th St. In Night Conquered , two ghostly women embrace on the floor in what appears to be a marriage of sex and death. Fini rejected the overtures of feminists, but the absence of men from her work is one of its hallmarks.

In an early painting like The Alcove , a nearly nude woman stares down at a nearly nude man sleeping on a bed. By , with Le Fait Accompli, the male is reduced to a chalk drawing on the floor, with beautiful, stylized women moving obliquely through the space showing little interest in him.

Some of the pieces show a playful wit: The Useless Dress , for example, is an amusing take on the pre- Raphaelite Ophelia, drowning not in water but in a massive red-orange gown. In spite of the cool sensuality of her imagery, Fini was an unabashed intellectual and could articulate her aesthetic strategies better than most. The film shows her at work in her studio, doing a portrait in watercolor. Then in its disobedience, it forms things I like. She not only married Yves Tanguy, she financially supported him and other surrealists, including Andre Breton. Eventually, the same dire world view that drove her art to its bleak extremes caused her suicide with a bullet through her heart in In a rare break from this, Le Passage , Sage painted what maybe considered a self-portrait.

But here, the woman, naked to the waist, is seen from behind, staring out at an endless lonely expanse consisting only of broken blocks of earth. All there is to do now is scream.

Intercourse with You | All The Tropes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

For information, call the San Francisco Cinematheque at Monday thru Friday. Playing on the edge-online by Mister Marcus " n Thursday night, Nov. The names of the two men involved in this disturbing affair are omitted for obvious reasons. Yes, there are those out there who could care less about rules, regulations and slogans.

What have you got to lose? Exactly what COLT men look best in —nothing at all! Marcus, while judging the Mr. Like most victims, she chose not to press charges, but hopefully is much wiser. Accidents and other terrible things do happen. I like to think my readership is composed of adults who are aware of the pitfalls in the big, bad world.

No preaching, no postulating and no blame is being laid on anyone. Yes, boys and girls.. Leather title. In Orlando, Fla. Florida Leather in a Spencer K. Osborne production. Leather Florida venture. You may recall Mr. Castro of Neptune, Fla. Drummer contest in Last Saturday night, Nov. DC- Eagle '97 contest, just one event during their 26th anniversary weekend. Of course, under the direction of Vern Stewart, what else would you expect? DC-Eagle Fie was the first runner-up in the same contest last year and is the first black man to win the DC-Eagle title. The second runner-up was a cutie from Virginia Beach, Va.

Calendar cornucopia The SF bear community is out there with a calendar, too! Check yourself out! Pri 2 es! Saturday, Dec. Doors open to For more info on both groups, snail mail to: P. The Bare Chest Calendar men travel to that hot new leather bar, The Bolt, in Sacramento to autograph and sell their calendar, beginning around Sunday, Dec. Looking for a repeat success! Monday, Dec. Tuesday, Dec. The reception is from to , with drawings for the calendar and those hard-to-get Frisch T-shirts!

Don't miss this one! Wednesday, Dec. Doors open ; clothes check mandatory. Cali H BAD. Flow freely and remember: no asparagus! Call for location and info. Thursday, Dec. Always a hoot! Santa is missing! Sounds very kinky!

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Lyfe Program. Not a beer bust. Call for details, invitation and location. Friday, Dec. The '98 calendar men will be there - all to benefit the AEF. Cali for details. Saturday-Sunday, Dec. Not to be missed! Home of The Original Brown Bottle!! Available only on touch-tone phones in the Bay Area. You must be at least 18 years old to call.

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