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Safeguarding it and maximizing its potential can give businesses — especially those in the life science and health care fields — significant value and bargaining power.

2. Kevin M.D.

They want to see IP [plans] in place. For software and internet companies it is less important, but in healthcare technology, there always has been an emphasis on IP protection.

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When they [companies] go public, their IP is always of value. While currently Cerrone is concentrating on her new digital health care company, Tiatros Inc. Departments of Commerce and State. I like thinking about how to monetize it. In the case of digital therapeutic companies, most achieve liquidity when they are acquired by a larger company, she said.

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Spend the trademark budget carefully, she added. Focus your resources on bringing a solution to market. Define your problem carefully.

The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.

The devil is in the details. The market may force an unanticipated change in your problem definition at any time. Welcome this every time. She started the company after one of her sons, who was serving in the U. Army in Iraq, told her about the lack of follow-up care for soldiers with traumatic brain injuries or PTSD. Among the psychological programs Tiatros offers are those for insomnia, depression, anxiety, addiction, and eating disorders. Nils Lindefors, M.

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From an awareness and acquisition point, they look at what we say and how we position ourselves through our content. For example, a lot of healthcare organizations publish content about specific diseases. From a day—to-day standpoint, our team is responsible for the messaging on our websites and social media. They also do keyword analysis, UX design and wireframe work to make sure our websites are keyword rich with an easy user flow.

I allow her to interact directly at the leadership level—with physician leads and directors.

Kimberlie Cerrone - An IP strategist and a digital health entrepreneur

Being in meetings with stakeholders makes all the difference. It enhances her authority. In healthcare, we lead with the science. The data. We use keyword research and analytics to make decisions. Clinicians love that. Then, we close with the art of brand voice, perspective and design. We looked for people from a content background—storytellers and writers who understand structure. We tend to like hiring agency people because they are more accustomed to the speed at which we wanted to move. Plus, they have exposure to managing content for a variety of clients, like service companies or packaged goods brands.

Our current content strategy manager comes from a creative background—graphic and web design, which over time grew into UX and content strategy. I cheated.

Be the Brand. Live the Brand. Why Stories are Your Most Powerful Brand Building Tool

We hired her from the agency world. We contracted with her for a year on a redesign project. Please, take it. We have to marry where healthcare is headed versus what consumers experience on the web. Take Amazon. The site is easy to use and they are pushing relevant content to me at the same time. That takes strategy, and content is what powers these sites. In general, healthcare marketing is going to have to move toward specialists on two fronts: content and technology.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare (Hospitals and Clinics)

If the team is just generalists, digital marketing is not going to be effective. Not every healthcare organization has the resources or the need for a full-time content strategis.

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