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If images or folders are moved or renamed using the Finder, Explorer or other applications outside of Capture One, the link breaks! As Capture One uses image previews when working in a Catalog, these offline files can still be edited, and the adjustments will be saved within the Catalog. This format will use the previews for exporting and cannot exceed the resolution of your previews.

File Extensions and File Formats

The general rule is to try to keep all file operations within Capture One. To get in-depth knowledge on how to master Asset Management in Capture One, we recommend these two webinars:. David Grover is part of the Capture One team, bringing you help, advice and education on a variety of subjects and platforms. Yeah, great.

Hi David, I miss you a looooot on the you tube channel!!!!!!. I do hope you come back and bring new Capture One features with you Cheers. I tried to open a previous catalog — location has not been changed, but half of the images had that message! You could try verifying your Catalog first.

Relocating Offline Files in Catalogs

Nicu: I used to have that issue as well, but I think it was fixed in a later version of Capture One I traveled with my main C1 file on an ext drive and added photos to that file and drive. At home, I manually moved the new photos to my main drive. I moved my main C1 file back to main computer and disconnected the ext drive. The new photos show Offline. Some other links get moved around,. Ok, that does not sound like normal behaviour. That does sound a little odd.

Please report it to support so we can fix your catalog and look into it. I also have the catalogue files on the SSD. When switching platforms, obviously the SSD drive will be offline due to incompatible naming conventions on MacOS and Windows, but a simple re-locate command should solve this…. So re-locating the folder is not the issue, but the database on Windows does not know that the images are in that particular folder when the images were imported on MacOS.

A serch on your forums shows that this bug dates back several years.

I opened a support case on the matter and sent in several bug reports while testing beta v Still, the nasty bug remains! I moved some images in a folder to a subfolder for my favorites using Windows explorer and now I want to Locate them inside the catalog. But doing 1 by 1 is very time consuming,. There are 50 offline images in a folder with images.


They are all stored on an external hard drive. Windows 10 OS. C1Pro version I have verified the catalog. It said there was a database problem, but the repair function appeared to work without issue; at least it completed the repair function and it looked as though there were no further issues. However, upon re-starting C1Pro nothing had changed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


Hosted by our own imaging expert David Grover, our weekly interactive Webinars will give you an opportunity to learn an entirely new skill or brush up on the basics. It's the perfect way to get you started and improve with Capture One - join from your Mac, PC or tablet. Visit the community section on Phase One.

If you give us your email we will give you first-hand access to news about products, events, customer stories and special offers. Sign up. Relocating Offline Files in Catalogs Offline files in Capture One mean that Capture One no longer knows the physical location of the images that are in a catalog. The image will be relocated.

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Relocating a folder of images Find the offline folder. This can be done in two ways: 1 Browse to the folder within the Folders area of the Library Tool. Increasingly, EFF has seen coders, designers, makers, and hackers detained or threatened with prison for their work protecting or enhancing free expression and privacy. EFF supports the principles of free expression laid out in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and believes that those principles must extend online. Our international case advocacy is centered around awareness-raising.

Over the years, we have often heard from those who have been released from detention that shining a spotlight on their case led to better treatment in prison or a speedier release. We often collaborate with other organizations, including the Media Legal Defence Initiative MLDI and Global Voices Advocacy , to assist individuals and their families in finding legal, financial, and other support.

With them, we work to assist the communities that form around these cases, help them navigate the UN human rights mechanisms, initiate creative campaigns for detained individuals, and shed light on this global phenomenon. Join EFF Lists. Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Offline : Imprisoned Bloggers and Technologists. Protect digital privacy and free expression. EFF's public interest legal work, activism, and software development preserve fundamental rights.