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I don't think I ever read this one, though. There were some interesting twists in this, definitely not what I would have guessed. A solid entry in the series, but without the crackle of the first, Postmortem. I'll definitely continue with the series. Lackluster, especially after the introduction of Al Hunt no, not that Al Hunt and his mentally ill friend Frankie. An utterly tedious denouement, with the reveal of the killer's identity the most soporific moment of the novel.


Much dull bloviation about Key West and its gay population. A lost opportunity to make view spoiler [Mark James, Scarpetta's ex-lover, the killer hide spoiler ]. Really good. Apr 28, Rajan marked it as to-read Shelves: thriller-espionage-mystery. No such thing as preventive medicine.

Like a dead body. Blue, for example, is associated with depression. Red is angry, violent, passionate. Black is morbid, ominous, and so on. The past breathes for me. It is my life. You are young, Dr. Someday you will see what it is like to look back. You will find it inescapable. You will find your personal history drawing you back into familiar rooms where, ironically, events occurred that set into motion your eventual estrangement from life.

You will find the hard furniture of heartbreak more comfortable and the people who failed you friendlier with time. You will find yourself running back into the arms of the pain you once ran away from. It is easier. When he loves, he has to possess because he feels so insecure and unworthy, is so easily threatened. When his secret love is not returned, he becomes increasingly obsessed. He becomes so fixated his ability to react and function.

Apr 07, Kat rated it liked it Shelves: , books-i-ve-taught , mysterious. Basic Plot: a writer of historical romances is found murdered, and Kay Scarpetta is on the case again. I used to teach this installment of the Scarpetta series as the example of the "mystery" genre in a novels class. Considering the fact that I taught this book, I remember it fairly well, even years after reading it.

The pacing was good and there were plenty of red herrings that I used to love to use to torture my students with. If I have any complaints about it, they lie in the fact that the "big Basic Plot: a writer of historical romances is found murdered, and Kay Scarpetta is on the case again. If I have any complaints about it, they lie in the fact that the "big reveal" completely comes out of left field. I like to read clues through a story and figure things out with before if possible the main character, and this book didn't allow for that. This is dangerously close to a spoiler, so I'm stopping the description there.

I like Kay as a character: logical, older, and a bit pudgy. She's relatable to me and not a "perfect" person. This 2nd book in the series allows the character to grow a bit from the first volume and readers also get to see more of her back story. May 05, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery. Why read: Reading the series. What impressed me: Body of Evidence was definitely a topsy-turvy mystery.

Not only do you not know what's going on with the victims, you really don't have nay clue who to trust in the investigation either. Kay's not knowing friend from foe in her personal life adds a lot of tension and intrigue to the story. And either Cornwell does much better in this second book with laying off the excessive explanations, or I'm just getting used to her writing style.

What disappoin Why read: Reading the series. What disappointed me: Nothing stood out as disappointing. Well, except the crazed homophobia of law enforcement. Was it really that extreme in the early 90s when this book first came out? Recommended: Yes. Even better than the last. Continue series: Yes. I'm definitely becoming interested in Kay's personal life. A solid murder mystery that, thankfully, does not rely too much on the forensic science element to further the plot.

Cornwell is a terrific writer, and I enjoy her Kay Scarpetta character more than most detectives from other series.

Murder conviction without a body

The book is fun and light, never disappointing but never reaching the upper echelons of great storytelling, either. Great for a long airplane ride, but not a book you're likely to remember well a couple years after you read it. Dec 17, Gregory Stenson rated it liked it. This was my first Patricia Cornwall and I enjoyed the quality of writing but overall I think the detail was overwhelming and I'm not sure I will be reading another PC just yet. I have to acknowledge that the story did lead you down certain routes and the truth was revealed. There was a lot of dialogue and protracted evidence and technical descriptions which I found a little laborious.

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EDIT: I actually prefer the later books to the early books. I think her writing got stronger. Mariano was so unlikeable in the early books. Dec 30, RM Alwaysdaddygirl Griffin alwaysdaddyprincess rated it it was amazing. Sep 23, Carol rated it really liked it. First Read: This is one of her first in this series. I've been reading a lot of the later ones, and there is a different cast of members in this book. Quite nice as her language is a lot better than it gets in later series. Kind of fun to see the trail she forges as the book is beginning. I liked it quite a lot. Second Read: Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner of Virginia, gets involved in the case of a brutal stabbing death in Richmond of romance writer Beryl Madison.

Then, Madison' First Read: This is one of her first in this series.

Car containing body of missing Paterson woman could be 'treasure trove of evidence'

As more deaths occur and the killer closes in on her, Kay finds herself also having to deal with the unexpected reappearance of long-lost lover Mark James. Scarpetta soon finds herself living Beryl's nightmare. Beneath his Bureau boilerplate was a human being worth knowing. He was brisk and energetic, even when he was sitting, and he was typically dapper in his dark suit trousers and starched white shirt.

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His necktie was fashionably narrow and perfectly knotted, the black holster on his belt lonely for its ten-millimeter, which he almost never wore indoors. I hadn't seen Benton Wesley for a while and he hadn't changed. He was fit and handsome in a hard way, with premature silver-gray hair that never failed to surprise me. Kay Scarpetta was born in Miami, Florida, in She is of Italian descent on both sides of her family, with the Scarpettas emigrating from Verona, Italy.

She is blonde and a sharp dresser, although always professional.

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As a young girl, she watched her father die slowly from leukemia and the experience has remained with her ever since, translating into her everyday work life, where she is surrounded by death. She is a perfectionist, an incredibly hard worker completely immersed in her work. Scarpetta loves to cook, particularly Italian food.

She makes everything from scratch, including pasta and bread, and has a beautiful, custom-built restaurant kitchen in her home. She was married once, to Tony Benedetti; they divorced about 6 years before the beginning of the first novel set in , Postmortem. Since then she had a serious relationship with Mark James, who died in a bombing in a London Tube station in the novel Cruel and Unusual and later Benton Wesley, who was supposedly killed in Point of Origin but later reappeared. By the beginning of 's Scarpetta, Benton and Kay are married. In addition to a large custom-built house that includes a restaurant kitchen, a great room, and a mud room, Scarpetta also drives a new Mercedes, which she replaces often: in one case, after Lucy wrecks it, and in another after it is involved in the murder of her morgue assistant.

He is not killed in it but near it. She can't bear to drive it after his death, so she trades it in for a nearly identical car. She resigns after the events of The Last Precinct and relocates to Florida to become a private forensic consultant. Scarpetta returns to Virginia in Trace, convincing herself that she was fired from her position, at the request of her replacement, Dr.

Joel Marcus. In Predator, Scarpetta becomes the head of the National Forensic Academy in Hollywood, Florida, a private institution founded by her wealthy niece Lucy. In Scarpetta , she has relocated to Massachusetts, where she is an M. This novel points out that the underlying pun is similar to the name of Caligula. The novel features a website named Caligula, which is involved indirectly in the murder of a young woman. Enjoyed second read very much!! This is the second Kay Scarpetta murder mystery, and I found it even better than the first one, if only because the killer did not come out of nothing, but was previously mentioned in passing earlier in the book.

Scarpetta observes in this book that murder does not happen in a vacuum; everything is connected somehow. And that is also how murder mystery novels should be. It is , a year after the previous book; Kay Scarpetta is still the Chief Medical Examiner for Virginia, Pete Marino is now This is the second Kay Scarpetta murder mystery, and I found it even better than the first one, if only because the killer did not come out of nothing, but was previously mentioned in passing earlier in the book.

Scarpetta makes the post-mortem acquaintance of Beryl Madison, a minor novelist who has written her books under various pen names rather than under her real name. Madison apparently lived with Harper and his sister for many years; and there are rumors that the book she was working on was autobiographical, which would cause a sensation in the writing world. However, Madison was also being stalked; she fled to Key West, then returned to Richmond some months later, promptly being brutally murdered in her house mere hours after her return.

This was a very good book, and I very much enjoyed reading it; but I will give Scarpetta a rest, and read one of the hundreds of books I own that I have not read yet before I return to her. The heroine is Dr. Oh, no, you say, another Ouincv. Wrong, corpse-breath. Scarpetta is intelligent, short, we don't know whether she is attractive or not, a relief and she doesn't swoon over each drooling Sylvester Stallone imitation that happens by.

Anyway, Scarpetta is investigating the murder of a well-known novelist who has returned from the Florida Keys where she has been hiding from someone who keeps threatening to kill her. The night of her return she inexplicably opens the door to the murderer who does just that.

The plot thickens as her former boyfriend, a lawyer, appears on the scene worried about her safety and to prevent her he says from crossing swords with a crooked entertainment lawyer redundancy? The book is filled with fascinating detail such as the difference between dextromethorphan and levomethorpan which has to do with right and left and why one is legal and the other not.

Enough about the plot. Jul 20, Mark Harrison rated it it was ok.

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Decent but pretty routine addition to the series. His fingerprints were also found on the bin bag and the outside of a Lidl bag that contained the murder weapons and the bloodstained clothing. She told the court Docharty had admitted that Hopkins had killed Ali and she helped with the clean-up. She then said Gary went into the kitchen to get a knife and stabbed him in the chest. They then put him in the loft. Hopkins has admitted perverting the course of justice and preventing the lawful and decent burial of a body, but both defendants deny the murder.

Docharty also denies being involved in hiding the body and evidence of the killing. Patterson told the jury that the evidence showed it must have been a savage attack. Topics UK news. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a legal term. For the Gothic rock band, see Corpus Delicti band. United States , U. For the present scope and application of the rule, see 2 Underhill, Criminal Evidence [5th ed. For a comprehensive collection of cases, see Annot.

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