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Ruckman served as Commander of the Southern Department in the direct aftermath of the Houston Riot and, although his decision-making was supported by Woodrow Wilson in a public statement , it was scrutinized in the congressional Military Justice Hearings of In , he distributed a scathing circular to members of the Texas State legislature and lobbied on behalf of a bill that would ban the teaching of German in public schools.

In , Ruckman engaged in a very public dispute with Charles W. Eliot of Harvard regarding the quality of military education in the United States. In , Ruckman suggested in a public speech that immigrants be required to serve for a period of time in the military in order to enhance the "Americanization" process, he also made national headlines that year by refusing to allow soldiers under his command to march in Boston's St.

Patrick's Day parade a decision supported by the Secretary of War. Ruckman was the only individual to command three of the six designated interior military Departments in the United States Northeast, Southeast and Southern. Ruckman received the Army Distinguished Service Medal posthumously. Brigadier General John W. Ruckman, United States Army deceased. For exceptionally meritorious and conspicuous services as Department Commander, Southern Department, between August 30, , and May 9, , and Department Commander, Northeastern Department, between May 23, , and July 20, , he handled many difficult problems arising in these departments with rare judgment, tact and great skill.

Ruckman's only son, John Hamilton Ruckman, [7] was a graduate of M.

john wilson ruckman scholar soldier and public figure Manual

Ruckman Jr. General Ruckman died in and was buried at West Point. Pallbearers included two major generals, a retired brigadier general and five colonels; the U. Military Academy Band and a Detachment of Field Music furnished music and a detachment of field artillery fired eleven-minute guns as the cortege left the chapel.

A salute of eleven guns also followed three volleys of musketry over the grave. The military reservation at Nahant, Massachusetts, was renamed " Fort Ruckman. A granite column also bears his name at the University of Illinois' Memorial Stadium. Chief of Artillery —, it was the primary location of the Battle of Corregidor in the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in —42, of the recapture of Corregidor in February , both in World War II. The United States acquired the Philippines as a territory as a result of the Spanish—American War in ; the Taft Board of recommended extensive, then-modern fortifications at the entrance to Manila Bay.

The islands there had been declared military reservations on 11 April Construction soon started and the forts were complete by as the Coast Defenses of Manila and Subic Bays. As the only large island of these, Corregidor had more gun batteries than the others, along with barracks, other garrison buildings, facilities for controlling two underwater minefields. Corregidor had 13 miles of electric railway, an unusual feature in US forts; the forts were designed for one purpose: to prevent enemy surface vessels from entering Manila Bay or Subic Bay.

They were designed before airplanes became important in war, were vulnerable to air and high-angle artillery attack, being protected only by camouflage. The initial gun batteries were: Three additional batteries of two 3-inch guns each followed within a few years; the 3-inch "mine defense" guns were intended to prevent enemy minesweepers from clearing paths through underwater minefields. The last new armament at Fort Mills until was significant but small in quantity: Batteries Smith and Hearn, completed in In the Washington Naval Treaty prohibited additional fortifications in the Pacific, thus the Philippine forts received no further weapons until after , when Japan withdrew from the treaty, rendering it void.

One result of the Washington Naval Treaty was the diversion of twelve mm howitzers on a ship bound for the Philippines to Hawaii , where they were placed on fixed mountings on Oahu. The total lack of mobile high-angle artillery was a major impediment to the defense of the Philippines. Spare gun barrels were provided near some batteries, including Smith and Hearn, due to the inability to re-line used barrels except at specialized facilities in the continental United States.

Fort Mills was one of the locations at which, under the Philippine National Defense Act of , coastal artillery training was conducted; the name sources for the batteries at Fort Mills were: Manila Bay and Subic Bay had Army-operated minefields as well as naval mines. These minefields were designed to stop all vessels except submarines and shallow-draft surface craft. Both of these were operated from Corregidor. The ship departed Manila that night without obtaining permission from the US Navy's Inshore Patrol , which meant the minefield operators were not alerted that a friendly ship was departing the harbor; the minefield's usual state in wartime was active.

This applied to the mines in the designated ship channel as well; when the ship was spotted, some accounts state that Colonel Paul Bunker , commander of the Seaward Defenses, ordered that the minefield remain active. Due to wartime conditions, no official investigation was conducted, leaving many questions open; the location at which the ship sank has not been determined, for example. Accounts state that US Army officers informally told Filipino reporters that the mines were placed in safe mode after the sinking; the ship was crowded with 1, to 1, persons Filipino civilians evacuating to Mindanao.

Arthur L. Born in Ottawa , Wagner graduated from West Point in near the bottom of his class with a commission in the infantry. While serving on the frontier, Wagner saw action during campaigns against the Sioux and Nez Perce from until , the Utes in Entering military education while assigned as a professor of military science and tactics at the Louisiana State University and East Florida Seminary , Wagner would win high praise from the Military Service Institution of the United States, increased his prominence as one of the leading military scholars, for his monograph The Military Necessities of the United States, the Best Method of Meeting Them in Following his transfer to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas the next year, Wagner accepted a personal request by the commandant of the United States Infantry and Cavalry School to be an assistant instructor of tactics and the military arts.

During this time, as the Infantry and Cavalry School became an official military training school with the establishment of regulations and training programs in , Wagner would author several important military textbooks including The Campaign of Koniggratz and Organization and Tactics. Promoted to captain in , Wagner was named head of the Military Arts Department two years later. Promoted to major in , Wagner was transferred to the adjutant general's office of the War Department as Chief of the Military Information Division.

Henry Lawton from June to July and Gen. Nelson A. Miles until August, serving as adjutant general of the Department of Dakota , before his transfer to the Philippines in December During the Philippine—American War , Wagner served in various staff positions, reaching the rank of colonel before returning to the United States in as adjutant general of the Department of the Lakes at Chicago.

Wagner lived in Asheville, North Carolina as a staff officer for the established Army War College at the Washington Barracks , until his death on June 17, , the same day in which he had won promotion to brigadier general; the Military Necessities of the United States, the Best Method of Meeting Them. The Campaign of Koniggratz Leavenworth, Kansas, Organization and Tactics. Kansas City, Missouri, ; the U.

Army —, An Historical Sketch. Army, — Westport, Connecticut , Brereton, T. Educating the U. Army: Arthur L. At the census, the population of the town was 58,, it is the most populous municipality in Massachusetts to have a town form of government. Brookline was first settled in as a hamlet in Boston , but was incorporated as a separate town in Brookline was the hometown of John F. Kennedy , 35th President of the United States. Once part of Algonquian territory, Brookline was first settled by European colonists in the early 17th century; the area was an outlying part of the colonial settlement of Boston and known as the hamlet of Muddy River.

In , it was incorporated as the independent town of Brookline; the northern and southern borders of the town were marked by two small rivers or brooks, hence the name. The northern border with Brighton was Smelt Brook. The southern boundary, abutting Boston, was the Muddy River. The Town of Brighton was merged with Boston in , the Boston-Brookline border was redrawn to connect the new Back Bay neighborhood with Allston-Brighton ; this merger created a narrow strip of land along the Charles River belonging to Boston, cutting Brookline off from the shoreline. It put certain lands north of the Muddy River on the Boston side, including what are now Kenmore Square and Packard's Corner ; the current northern border follows Commonwealth Avenue , on the northeast, St.

Mary's Street ; when Frederick Law Olmsted designed the Emerald Necklace of parks and parkways for Boston in the s, the Muddy River was integrated into the Riverway and Olmsted Park , creating parkland accessible by both Boston and Brookline residents. Throughout its history, Brookline has resisted being annexed by Boston, in particular during the Boston—Brookline annexation debate of ; the neighboring towns of West Roxbury and Hyde Park connected Brookline to the rest of Norfolk County until they were annexed by Boston in and putting them in Suffolk County.

Brookline is now separated from the remainder of Norfolk County. Brookline has long been regarded as a verdant environment. In the edition of the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening , Andrew Jackson Downing described the area this way: The whole of this neighborhood of Brookline is a kind of landscape garden, there is nothing in America of the sort, so inexpressibly charming as the lanes which lead from one cottage, or villa, to another.

No animals are allowed to run at large, the open gates, with tempting vistas and glimpses under the pendent boughs, give it quite an Arcadian air of rural freedom and enjoyment; these lanes are clothed with a profusion of trees and wild shrubbery almost to the carriage tracks, curve and wind about, in a manner quite bewildering to the stranger who attempts to thread them alone.

Brookline residents were among the first in the country to propose extending the vote to women.

Current Awards

Benjamin F. Butler , in his campaign for Governor, advocated the idea. Two branches of upper Boston Post Road , established in the s, passed through Brookline. Brookline Village was the original center of retail activity. In , the Boston and Worcester Turnpike , now Massachusetts Route 9, was laid out, starting on Huntington Avenue in Boston and passing through the village center on its way west. Steam railroads came to Brookline in the middle of the 19th century; the Boston and Worcester Railroad was constructed in the early s, passed through Brookline near the Charles River.

The rail line is still in active use, now paralleled by the Massachusetts Turnpike ; the Highland Branch of the Boston and Albany Railroad was built from Kenmore Square to Brookline Village in , was extended into Newton in In , they were extended over the Brighton border at Cleveland Circle. They would become the Green Line "C" Branch. Thanks to the Boston Elevated Railway system, this upgrade from horse-drawn carriage to electric trolleys occurred on many major streets all over the region, made transportation into downtown Boston faster and cheaper.

Much of Brookline was developed into a streetcar suburb , with large brick apartment buildings sprouting up along the new streetcar lines. Brookline was known as the hamlet of Muddy River and was considered part of Boston until the Town of Brookline was independently incorporated in , it is said. The northern part of Brookline north of the D-line tracks, is urban in character, as walkable and transit rich; the population density of this part of town is nearly 20, inhabitants per square mile, on a par with the densest neighborhoods in nearby Cambridge and Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Founded in as a land-grant institution, its campus is located in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana ; the University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign is a member of the Association of American Universities and is classified as a R1 Doctoral Research University under the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, which denotes the highest research activity. The university hosts the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and is home to the fastest supercomputer on a university campus; the university contains 16 schools and colleges and offers more than undergraduate and over graduate programs of study.

The University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign operates a Research Park home to innovation centers for over 90 start-up companies and multinational corporations, including Abbott, AbbVie , Capital One , State Farm , Yahoo, among others; as of October , 30 Nobel laureates, 2 Turing Award winners, 1 Fields medalist have been affiliated with the university as alumni, faculty members, or researchers. The University of Illinois named "Illinois Industrial University", was one of the 37 universities created under the first Morrill Land-Grant Act , which provided public land for the creation of agricultural and industrial colleges and universities across the United States.

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Among several cities, Urbana was selected in as the site for the new school. From the beginning, President John Milton Gregory's desire to establish an institution grounded in the liberal arts tradition was at odds with many state residents and lawmakers who wanted the university to offer classes based around "industrial education". The university opened for classes on March 2, , had two faculty members and 77 students.

The Library, which opened with the school in , started with 1, volumes. The Rapture is coming soon!!!! Ray M. Johnson Marsing,Idaho. One of my favorite teachers. Psalm KJV [] My zeal hath consumed me, because mine enemies have forgotten thy words. Modern Bible versions almost destroyed my faith in God until I learned the truth. Ruckman's stance on the KJV was and still is the greatest positive influence in my Christian life. The church I attend is a direct result of his ministry and my pastor was taught by him.

I thank God for brother Ruckman. He was a faithful servant who is now enjoying his rewards. From Ruckman I learned about how to righty divide the Bible dispensationally, Moderately and I learned the KJV is Gods preserved word, No doubt this kept me from many deceptions, I also learned from Ruckman that although he rubbed off on me in little in preaching style, I should not try to be him. The world is a worse place without him, be "He being dead yet speaketh". I will definitely miss the greatest teacher that Almighty God ever raised.

He gave me the key that released me from my spiritual prison. We will met again in a better place. A mans man for the word of God always learned something from him! I will see you someday,with Lord and my savior Jesus! Well Done faithful servant. I finally had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Ruckman at brother Theo's church in Laval, Quebec. What a great experience! I have never heard such a straight forward preacher, and his knowledge of the KJV was without equal. And what a harmonica player! He shall be missed!

Theron Miller, Bethlehem NH. I was just saddened to read of Dr. Ruckman's passing. I know he is with the Lord in Glory! I toyed with the idea of meeting him one day, and that's probably the reason for my sadness. I do hope the family will endure and remember him eternally. So I at least did acquire an autographed study bible from him while he lived after I had read many, many of his other works years earlier.

I enjoyed and understood his sarcasm the best. He was a brilliant man, and a very devoted, loyal christian. He will be forever remembered, fondly. To a man who faithfully preached and defended the Word of God in English with the KJV bible, he will be sorely missed. He was used of God mightily to proclaim his word. He was gifted with many talents, to draw people to Jesus Christ.

His focus was always God, and that book! I heard Bro. Pete in cold upstate NY a few times etc. He was a great example of a man that loved the Book. Rochester was never the same when he came. Looking forward to meeting him again in the air. Ruckman's teachings, is blessed beyond their wildest dreams to be given such a gift as this. His teachings and explanation of the Authorized King James Bible, God's Word , are the greatest teachings of the twentieth and so far the twenty first centuries.

I think if the Authorized KJV bible could speak, this beautiful book would say I personally feel it an honour to pay my respects towards a strong willed, and courageous man, who always spoke highly of the Scriptures. May your legacy of truth live on through others, with the love and respect of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour.

Thank you Dr Peter S Ruckman, you will always be much loved and respected, and mentioned in my prayers. Ruckman personally but we started following his ministry a few years ago and have been avid students of his with his teaching and preaching through audios and videos. We also have many of Dr. Ruckman's Reference Bibles books. As far as we are concerned he was the greatest Bible teacher and scholar of the 20th and 21st centuries. We never knew Dr. When he would begin to preach there was an excitement in the air.

You knew you were in the presence of greatness. My step-father Estle O. Ruckman and his teachings. I have learned so much about the Bible that I never knew was in there. Mom went to be with the Lord on April 12, and my Dad on May 11, They corresponded with Dr. Ruckman on a regular basis and now they are all in Heaven together rejoicing and praising God. God used this man in a great way. He helped me a lot. Not many pastors around like him anymore. Will miss him. Thank you dear Lord for giving us this great Bible preacher and teacher.

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Even so come Lord Jesus. I have an uncle that spoke with Dr. He had a deep respect and adoration for him. He gave me his book, Purified Seven Times. Opened my eyes. His love and resolution for the KJV was a blessing for me. So sorry for the family's loss. I know he is missed. I found Bible truth and sound doctrine through my studies of Dr. Ruckman's books.

You have taught me well I will always remember you along with all the great memories I had with you. Thank you Peter for all your efforts to protect our precious King James Bible Amen Amen Amen. As a young Christian youth growing up in Pensacola, I was able to attend many of Dr. Ruckman's bible studies. It was fascinating to hear him teach and raise my consciousness about spiritual things.

Such as him saying Bethoven had a great soul which was manifested by the music he wrote. Or that the dimensions of the universe may possibly be discovered in the dimensions of the tabernacle that God told Moses to build in the midst of the children of Israel. His chalk drawings were inspiring and a great ministry tool, He mentored many young preachers. I once attended a revival service where his pracher boys were preaching. I still remember the title to one of the sermons. Ruckman was indeed and extraordinary person to be around and to hear him teach and preach.

He does in many respects represent what this country needs to find it's way back to God. I can imagine what he must have thought about "political correctness" and other devices of the lost world used to limit speech and control what conservations take place in public. He once said that he would not have made it his first month being saved if he had not read the KJV through seven times that month. Pam I hope all is well with you. I had the opportunity to meet and attend a meeting in Amarillo with Dr. One of the best memories I had was him playing a concerto on harmonica. A man of many talents, and the best greatest preacher I ever studied with!

Thank you Dr. Ruckman: I am surely glad to have encountered your preaching! I know you at home with the lord but I will see you someday, I sure hope to shake your hand. I wish the entire world would take the opportunity to. Brother Ruckman was a true soldier. He helped me get my life back on track and gave me the tools to witness to others.

You are truly missed but you have earned your rest. I did not know Dr. Peter Ruckman before this week. It was through another preacher that I came to Dr. Ruckman's books and videos. What a blessing this man is to me!!! I was going to reach out to him via email to let him know how much I appreciate him as my new teacher of the KJB. It saddened me to find out that he is no longer with us, but I can see that he has left a legacy. They don't make preachers like this anymore and I am grateful that I can still learn from the incredible books he wrote and sermons he preached.

Ruckman, I look forward to seeing you in glory! Indeed as a special and rare soul that dedicated his life to Jesus. What a preacher! Thank you Dr Ruckman for your spiritual backbone in standing up for the KJB as our final authority for the believer, also for your scriptural teaching of right division and your insight into scriptural passages. You may be a hard act to follow but God is able. Dr Ruckman will be sadly missed as his teaching was in-depth yet made easy to remember. His unwavering stance on the KJB as our final authority and bible insight make him a hard act to follow.

Praise God for his faithfulness. Just learned of Dr. He will be missed. Sometime in the 60's. Thank you for your bold stance on the Old King James Bible. Thank you for your inspiring Bible believer's commentary series. Thank you, Dr. Ruckman for standing in the gap. I learned so much from you since I was first introduced to you by Gary Ginsky in Hawaii in The world, saved and lost, does not appreciate how great a man this earth lost on Apr 21, However, it is heaven's gain!

Preach on the streets of gold, brother! Ruckman, was a genius when it came to the KJV , I'm thankful for all he has taught me through his videos, tapes, and MP3's. He is missed daily from those of you who knew him, and for those who didn't. Thank you to the family and my prayers go out to you. I just got his commentary on the book of Daniel and it's awesome, just as all his works are.

I'll see you in the Rapture Doc. God bless. Pete was an amazing Bible teacher and preacher, truly blessed with insight and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. I have benefitted greatly from his faithful teaching of the word, and have done and am doing my best to pass it on to other Bible believers. You're with Jesus now brother Ruckman.

Your sermons have had such an impact on my life as well as your books. You have reminded me over and over that this wolrd has nothing good to offer and that the Jesus is all we need! Ruckman taught me a lot with his preaching, lessons , videos, commentarys and such. I know he is resting in the Lord. Ruckman for all you taught me; leading by example, unmovable, devoted, uncompromised, fearless, faithful, and most of all the word.

Ruckman, for being a champion of the Lord Jesus Christ! I'm thankful for your teachings and your belief in God's word. There are few who dare to take stands like this man did. We have all been the better for it. Truly, a lover of God's Word, and a dearly missed comrade in this fight against error and apathy. Godspeed brother. Was never honored to meet him.

But, his books and teaching were and are a real blessing in my walk with the LORD. He was truly GOD'S man for this time in church histroy. Never met him but devoured his books and bulletins like a starving man. My faith in the KJV remains unmoved, thanks to Dr. Ruckman's ministry.

In many ways he was more my pastor and seminary teacher than any others. I have measured virtually every Bible teacher I have ever encountered by Dr. I did not subscribe to every thing he taught, but that man taught me more about the Word of God than anyone. I met Dr. Ruckman one time, in I've learned more Bible from his commentaries than in all the sermons I've ever heard.

I was saved Jan 10, Without Dr. Ruchmans preaching I may have never none how to rightly divide the word of truth. It cleared up all the confusion in my mind and heart and brought me the eternal security I needed. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for talking to me through Dr. Ruckman and I thank Dr. Ruckman for allowing Him to. What a Godly legacy he left.

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I'm so proud to have known you. Many thanks for coming to my Mother's funeral, Brother Pete. I'm sorry I didn't know that you had passed as I would have been there with you, too. You will definitely be missed by everyone that knew you. Rest In Peace. One of my great regrets is that I never took opportunity to seek you out in person. I was so moved by the way you preached the uncompromising truth straight from the KJV, with no holds barred and no excuses for the plain truth of God's Word. You moved me to study and search out the deep things of scripture and apply them to my walk with Our Father.

I promise this that I won't hesitate to shake your hand when I see you in paradise. Your stand on the KJV has impacted so many lives for so many years to come. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. God is not the God of the dead, but he is the God of the living. A just man made perfect. It's been 38 years since I heard Dr. He gave me a love for the precious AV Bible, a love for prayer and a love for walking with my best friend, Jesus Christ.

Ruckman, for your faithfulness, sacrifice and love for Jesus Christ.

Eastern Gate Memorial Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. There simply won't be another Peter S. Ruckman in our generation! I thank God for this man's labor in the Lord over the decades to strengthen the faith of so many in the word of God, whose conversation as a loyal soldier in the body of Christ has been an inspiration to so many laboring in their walk with Christ.

We rejoice that Dr. Ruckman is absent from the body and present with his Lord in glory! Quickly after I was saved in I was introduced to Dr. Ruckman by my brother. Jesus Christ be Magnified! Ruckman was one of my favorites and I have most of his books and subscribed to his monthly bulletin. Thank you for teaching myself and others that you cannot separate God from His Word. Thank you for teaching us that The King James Bible is to be trusted throughout time.

That truth you taught removed a lot of confusion concerning so-called bible versions. Thank You for caring enough to teach us and tell us the complete truth. An inspiration and a friend. Your guidance in Bible study has enriched my spiritual life from when we first met until our last encounter in I was very pleased when your reference Bible was published and it is my primary source of background information and encouragement in my daily reading. I know that God has used you to inspire many Christians and help convict lost souls to find Christ. Thank you, Dr Ruckman, you have been a great help and encouragement to me since when Pastor John Wheat, one of your students came to Australia as a missionary.

What you preached and taught made a lot of sense to me. We will see how all of your critics go when they stand before God and are examined. You were obviously called by God and kept alive and in good health for a long time for the specific purpose of upholding the KJV. You truly did finish your course and keep the faith. Thank you. Ruckman, you will be missed. God speaks through your preaching and books to me and my family. I just found out about Pastor Ruckman, I'm absolutely sadden about this, His teachings meant the world to me, I remember when i first heard one of His teachings I was intrigued, I purchased all His books on the Bible and rear them all.

I have been away to long from studying and attending services, I was just going on my computer the last couple of days searching all the Preachers who I have listen to and watch and came across this. Again my own fault again falling away from my studying and church going another great man has passed. You will deeply miss by me, I thank you for everything you did form me and for every other believer.

Pastor Ruckman and his ministry means a lot to me. His correspondence, commentaries, books, reference bible and sermons have been key to my spiritual growth and development. I thank God for him and I look forward to actually meeting him in heaven and thanking him in person. We were blessed to have such a wonerful teacher within our genereation.

To a great and wonderful preacher who has passed into a better place. Will be so glad to see him. He will be greatly missed, God bless. His commentary series along with the Ruckman Reference Bible are in my opinion one of the best ways ever to achieve a comprehensive growth in Christian development. This statement defines Dr Ruckman's life. I pray that I am found worthy to join Dr Ruckman in the presence of our Messiah and our Father where we can worship eternally in the presence of G-D righteousness His servent Dr.

Thank you for your influence on South Korea. I love your achievements and thank you. In the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ, see you in heaven. I only started listening to the teachings of Dr Ruckman shortly before he went home, but it is better to be late than to never get there. I am so grateful for the legacy he left. Glory to God. Ruckman into my life. My filthy life was changed, my relationship with the LORD has been strengthened, my faith in the word has been solidified, and my knowledge and understanding of the LORD and His Book has increased. Thank you Doc! See you soon brother!

Ruckman was an old fashioned genuine King James Version Preacher. I loved his toughness and his realness. He was a real man. And he was a man of the Book. Looking forward to the day I will get to meet Dr. Ruckman in glory. I thank the Lord for his work. The lord use Dr. Thank you, Bro. Pete for being the Mentor in my life thru the years. Started Camp Chof Senior-Hi week. Joshua , bro. Tim Ost. May the Lord richly bless the family of this wonderfully talented man of God, whom we have enjoyed by television for several years.

We admired his frankly blunt expressions and down to earth language for all kinds of personal backgrounds. We will miss him terribly when the programs cease. Sarah and J. Smith, Llano, Texas. What a blessing Doc's ministry has been to me and my family over these many years, My prayers will be for his wife, and his sons, and family that the LORD will remember Doc's prayers for them. Westgate Norotsky. I am a better man and a better preacher because of him. Thank you my brother see ya soon. A powerful ministry that has empowered Christians around the world.

Peter Ruckman was truly a man of the word. There are Warriors of the Cross and then there was Dr. Peter S Ruckman. I only wish that I had been half the Warrior my dear Bro. He will be missed in my mind but in my heart he is running the streets of Glory with our loved ones and has been recieved joyfully!! I was born again in prison on March 27, , but it was Doctor Ruckman through his books and literature that discipled me in the Lord. I will always be grateful for this great man.

I use present tense because he is still alive eternal life but in the company of the Lord. There is comfort in knowing and believing this. Ruckman came into my life when I was a young convert who had just been saved in the Philippines while serving in the Marine Corps back in At first I despised him because older Christians tried to warn me about him.

Finally I came to another brother who loved Ruckman and said give me a Ruckman sermon right now. I don't care which one it is. He gave me Cowardly Christians and I was shocked. I thought to myself, there is nothing wrong in this message. Those people had been lying to me. Several months later I was on a second six week deployment to Yuma, Arizona. On the first deployment me and some other Ruckmanites helped start a church there.

Without going into details, they had issues finding a good pastor. While we were gone they had a snowbird who was an interim pastor while they were still looking. This man was saved nearly twice as long I was alive at that time. However, he was always constantly correcting the Bible with the Greek, even when it wasn't necessary not that it ever is. He left a week after we got back there. You could literally see the damage he had done on their faces. Their joy was gone and they doubted their Bible.

They asked us to speak on Wednesdays and that was my first time before a crowd of believers. A week before I knew it had to be a message touting the superiority of the AV with hard facts. I spoke for over an hour and as a result of what Dr. Ruckman taught me, the Lord literally saved that church. I still have copies of that handout so I never forget.

Over the years, he has meant so much to me. As a Marine who grew up in rural America I loved his plain, no-nonsense approach. In time I crossed paths with Dr. Bill Grady and helped him with research for some of his books. This is all part of the fruit Dr. Ruckman produced in one Marine who truly needed it at the time. I am now serving God as an editor and I am able to present the truth of the AV and influence people who come to me from all over the world. I thank God for Brother Ruckman all the time when I pray.

May the LORD be magnified. Ruckman when I moved to Pensacola and saw that he was blessed in his ability to draw the sermon each Sunday night as he preached the Word. For a man of his age I was impressed with his energy in playing volleyball and other sports. I learned a lot in his Sunday morning bible studies and in awe of his knowledge of the bible. I am happy to have met him and had the opportunity to attend Bible Baptist Church while I lived in Pensacola with my daughter.

Ruckman I know you are happy now because you are with our Lord, and you always looked forward to this day. Thank you for inspiring me with His Words. I remember this man to lead many people to as he could to God, His messages with the drawings always kept me in attention, the World needs men like Mr Peter Ruckman, I will always remember him, I know he is missed dearly,. Thank you for your stand for the word of God. Thank you for all your books that has helped me to be a better minister of the Gospel.

A job well done and enjoy heaven. You deserve it. My favorite and most admired Bible teacher, Dr. Ruckman, has promoted to heaven. He has enriched heaven by doing that, but we on earth shall surely miss him. I have sung at Bible Baptist Church and have kept in touch with occasional gifts for missions through that church. His faithful service for truth is something I particularly appreciate.

When someone wants the real truth, that person appreciates true music, true art, true every aspect of life.

John Wilson Ruckman

His home going makes me long for the Rapture even more than ever. In His Service, Kim Wickes. The Lord led me to Dr. Ruckman's books at a gun show. His words spoke to this Deputy like no others. We found one of his graduates with a small church in our area. What a blessing!

The Doc must have had an amazing welcome when he crossed over that veil. We look forward to thanking him when we see our Lord Jesus. He liked me and mentioned me in his books a few times and I don't know why he would be mindful of me. Bro Pete was a great example of a Christian Warrior, on duty until the end. Semper Fidelis. Ruckman for your years of encouragement, what a blessing.

I first met Dr. Ruckman in and starting receiving the BBB shortly after that I still have all of them to present. The information that Dr. Ruckman left behind is truly "priceless" he will be miss bu many. The text used by the Authorized Version has been used from the time of the early church until today by true Christians.

It is supported not only by the vast majority of manuscripts existent today but also by those of the highest quality and oldest reading. It has been used throughout history with the blessing of God among His born again believers. It is only a recent occurrence that Biblical Christianity has begun to use the inferior Roman Catholic manuscripts and asserted that they are better. This is the mistake garnered by the errant "scholarship" of Wescott and Hort. These people are the new young sect of Christianity who will not accept the oldest and best.

Usually unsuspectingly, they put their support to manuscripts which are decidedly Roman Catholic in doctrine and history. It is we who are sure we hold the true words of God brought down through the centuries by the blood of our martyred Christian brethren. Ironically, those that take up the "new" versions, with their "better" Greek text, are voluntarily taking up the Bible which their early Christian brethren refused to use, a refusal that brought the Roman Catholic Church, the historic enemy of the Truth, crashing down on them.

That same Roman Catholic Church is still active against the Truth today, only now many Christians are using her Bible. I know that these are strong statements. I intend throughout this work to prove their truth, but I state now, that I do not intend to bring railing accusations on those brethren who do not agree with me. I will state that they are wrong, prove that they are wrong, and attempt to point out their position in regard to God's revealed Word. I do not intend however, to forget that they are my brethren those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour and will treat them as beloved.

This one hundred year war of words started back when the supporters of the Oxford Movement apostates realized that they must discredit the Reformers and Fundamental theologians in order to support their Roman Catholic Greek Text in place of the Received Text. On both sides of the issue, men are called fanatic, heretic, cultist, Bible-rejecter, demon-possessed and more.

These two sides have fought until the facts about which they fight are obscured by the dust of the battle. They call each other names until the student of Scripture finds reputable men on both sides of the controversy damaging their potential influence by using some adjectives which, indeed, are very descriptive but totally unnecessary.

I am not a soft city gentleman who thinks we should all sit around and talk in quiet tones while sipping tea and eating "brunch. Yet, I think it is time that we who claim to be "fundamentalists" step back and look to see who our enemy really is! The subtle Roman Catholic Church has assumed the position of the lad who told two of his enemies, " You and he fight I'll hold the coats! The fundamentalists have laid their coats at the feet of "Holy Mother Church" and for the past years proceeded to "knock each others' block off.

Who is our enemy? Let's find him and fight him. Today it seems, on both sides, that we are concerned more with finding fault with the people that we disagree with rather than what they teach. Let me make this statement: If what I believe about the King James Bible can be disproved, I will gladly trade it in for the "right" Bible. We have an enemy, and I believe we should be verbal and active against that enemy, but I feel it is time that we realize that our enemy is not our brother.

It is the one holding his coat! The part of the Roman Catholic Church in the affair is similar to that of a soldier leaping into the foxhole of the enemy, only to find that all of the enemy soldiers have strangled each other! Occasionally on either side we will be forced to face a railer, but instead of "writing him off" we will have to be charitable and look past his railing to see what his facts say. If we can disprove his facts, we need not worry about his mouth! What we must do as men of understanding is look into these statements and the questions which they naturally provoke.

Inspired perfectly, without any error. God was the all-powerful agent in seeing to it that sinful man wrote down His Word flawlessly. The second verse, Psalms , 7, claims that God is not only the agent in writing His words verse 6 but is also the primary agent in preserving His words. Note that the subject is God's words, not His "thoughts. In the third verse, Matthew , Jesus Christ, God in the flesh reinforces what Psalm has already said.

Christ said that His words would not pass away before heaven or earth. Heaven is still above us, and I am relatively sure that the earth is still beneath our feet, so the words of God must be here, within our grasp. If His words are only in Greek, then he has restricted their usage to an elite number of scholars. This, however, was never Jesus Christ's method when He was on this earth. He always went past the religious, scholarly minority and took His words to the common people. Until then, only the Pharisees had possessed God's words in the form of the completed, accepted Old Testament books, and although they were well educated and very religious, they were found to be taking advantage of the common people.

Christ eliminated this problem by going directly to the common people of His day. The Gospel is to all. God gave His Word to every person and gave the Holy Spirit as a guide to all truth John in spite of the Roman Catholic teachings that only the "clergy" are allowed to interpret the Scripture. If God's words are locked up in the "Greek Text," then once again education is a prerequisite to having the Word of God and knowing what it says.

This type of philosophy would have eliminated Peter and John from the ministry, for they were "unlearned and ignorant men. Yet, "they had been with Jesus"! Acts , Jesus Christ made the difference, giving Peter a great understanding of Scripture! Notice his delivery in Acts , , He understood, though unlearned and ignorant. Education, though beneficial, is not a necessity for being used of God.

I am not anti-education or anti-college, but the first requirements are that a person has "been with Jesus" Acts and that they realize and believe that the written Word which they have in hand is "more sure" than God's spoken Word. Now today we know that it is easy to "be with Jesus. But what about the second half?

What about a written Word that we can believe is "more sure" than God speaking from heaven? A Word which the Bible claims God has exalted above all of His name? Psalms Can we have God's words today in our common language? While on the subject of a common language, let me point out that many opponents of the infallibility of the Authorized Version say that if God put a perfect Bible in English, He is also obligated to furnish such a translation in every other language. There must be a perfect Bible in German, French, Japanese and all of the other languages of the world.

Unfortunately for them, this argument will not stand. There were many languages on this earth at the time that God chose to put it in Hebrew. There were hundreds of languages on this earth also, when God chose Greek for his New Testament. Matthew , Acts , , and Romans show that God this time was going to be taking His message to the Gentiles, so He furnished it in the common language of the day -- Greek. Answer: As soon as God chose a language to become common to the entire world.

Germany, Spain, France and most of Europe were soon to be overly influenced by Rome. No language there. There have been great Latin and Syrian translations, but these languages never became common to the entire world. God needed an island of purity, a nation not shackled by Romanism, and a language so descriptive and simple that it could best deliver His message.

These needs were satisfied in England. Here was a people who threw off the bondage of Rome and a young language which was to creep into every corner of the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and from England and America to Moscow and Peking. English is the language of this world! English is taught to Russian pilots, because it is universal. It is learned by Oriental businessmen, because it is universal. It was the first language spoken on the moon!

English is spoken the world over. This is the language God would use. Being a God of purity, He would want to use it in its purest form.

Premillennialism: A Deeper Study

The English of the King James Bible has been known to be the finest form of the language ever used. McClure praises the Authorized Version in this manner:. The Bible has ever since been the great English classic. It is still the noblest monument of the power of the English speech. It is singularly free from what used to be called 'ink-horn terms' that is, such words as are more used in writing than in speaking, and are not well understood except by scholars.

The English language was, in the 17th Century, just solidifying. It had been a fluid language, made up of elements of Danish, Old Norse, Latin, Greek, French, and many other dialects. In about , major changes in vocal pronunciation, inflection, and spelling simplified and helped solidify the language.