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ITs Live! View 2 comments. Sep 07, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , alpha-male , bad-boys , hot-men , series , strong-female. Redemption Lane. Absolution Road. View all 7 comments. Two of my bestselling stories in one limited edition box set. Over pages of angst, love, heart and soul. Sep 08, Jeannie Zelos rated it it was amazing. Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews I haven't yet read the second book, read the first ages ago and yesterday re-read that ready for reading book two.

Today hopefully, maybe tomorrow. Wow, what a read I veered from hope to despair, from happiness to the depths of sorrow. Its quiet up in the mountains where she lives but it suits her. Slowly he persuades her and they begin a relationship. It was so tense at times, so edge of seat wondering what would happen, and then some beautiful moments when all was going well. She loves him and wants to help, but each time he runs, just shuts her out and goes.

Stars: Five, a great read, a romance but so much more than Just a romance ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers. Sep 07, Spunky N Sassy rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star , tracy-reviewed. Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5. Years later she has made her life very structured and she has no plans of changing it, but is she really living? Lane is a CEO who has one woman on his mind and that is the woman who collapsed in front of him years ago.

Bess doesn't remember Lane but he remembers her. Bess's secret isn't the only one Lane is struggling with. What will happen when Bess finds out all his secrets? Isn't better to push her away now, he clearly doesn't deserve her. Will Bess and Lane find their redemption road within each other? What can I say about this book, it blew me away. Lane and Bess both have strong ideas of what their lives should be.

They both want each other. They both are insecure about their lives and their past. It was a beautiful story about letting that person in your life and allowing yourself forgiveness. There were twists in this story that I never saw happening. Great story. A must read book and I can't wait to read Absolution Road, the second book in this duet.

When You're at the Crossroads of Should and Must | First Round Review

This was my first book by this author and I have to say that it won't be my last. Absolution Road: I have to say I loved this book more than the first one in this duet set. Jake is so much more tortured by the past than Lane was. He wanted vindication for what happened to them. When he met his own version of kryptonite in Alyson I loved that I got to see the softer side of him that I was hinted at in Redemption Lane.

I did not like Camper at all, I thought she was self-involved and unworthy of being part of Jake's life. Jake is such a strong character but doesn't feel as though he is worthy of anyone's love including his brothers. He feels like he is the screwed up twin and that Lane is perfect with his perfect life. The inner struggle that Jake deals with was heartbreaking but it helped him grow. Then there is Alyson "Aly" and she has her own demons she is struggling with. What happened in this book broke my heart and brought me to tears a couple times over.

This story was exciting, maddening, sexy, romantic, jaw dropping and page turning. I didn't want this story to end but I couldn't stop myself from reading the next page. Strong characters, strong story and amazing relationship. Sep 18, Lora rated it it was amazing. Bess is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic determined to get thru each day as it comes.

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She keeps herself busy with a routine and thinks her life is swell. I enjoyed the way the story progressed and watching the characters develop feelings and deal with life.

Finding My Way Home

I loved watching big, tough Jake fall to his knees for a girl like Aly. These two really stole the show as far as I was concerned. They made my heart beat little faster and I could feel their connection through the pages. The drama in this one was a lot more intense than the other, but that made the story so much more exciting. Oct 05, CDBW rated it it was amazing. This duet really did me in. I love where both stories took us. The were both emotional, angsty, frustrating and more. I just love Rachel Blaufeld's writing. She has this way that has you connecting with the characters, even the secondary ones, and the story.

I finished reading this duet a few days ago. I waited to do my review because I knew I would bawl and I wanted my thoughts to settle on both stories. When I get so emotionally invested like I was, I tend to fall in a book funk of sorts. So, I just right into a dark romance thinking that would help keep me out of the funk.

It did help. But as I sit here now and reflect back on the things, I can feel my chest tightening, throat clogging, and tears welling. I love both Lane and Jake. Seriously though, there were times when I would think, "I think I like Lane more because of this or that" or "I like Jake more because he does this". But when it comes down to it, I liked them for who they are individually. While they are identical twins, they each have their own redeeming qualities and pulled at my heartstring in different ways. I know I should have reviewed each book seperately but I couldn't stop in between books.

I just needed read Jake's story right away. I think it's best to read both of these books back to back anyway. Rachel Blaufeld is a favorite and I look forward to reading more from her. Sep 08, Reckless Readers rated it really liked it. Book 1 Redemption lane The suspense builds after the prologue but it sure was one heck of a beginning! Bess passes out in yoga class on some poor dude that she never knows who he was. Years later down the road she meets Lane. What she doesn't know is she has already met him previously It is a slow build up of how or when she will figure out how she knows him.

Lane keeps secrets from her but yet expects to build a relationship with her I'm not so sure I would be okay with that. This drama unf Book 1 Redemption lane The suspense builds after the prologue but it sure was one heck of a beginning!

Pathways to Life and the Spirit

This drama unfolding holds your attention captured, page after page. I really liked the glimpses we see of Jake, Lanes twin. He brings a mystery to the series that makes you want more. Book 2 Absolution Road So I definitely liked book one better. This second book in the duet is good but not has captivating like Lane and Bess's story. This book is about Jake and his journey to forgiving himself. He does have quite a few demons lurking in the closet but he manages to hold them in.

Jake is definitely the more troubled twin of the duo but he makes bad look so good. I don't feel like he was ready to Alyson to be in his life just yet and it was hazardous on their relationship. It definitely is a strong series that will have you questioning everyone's character! Sep 05, Natasha rated it really liked it Shelves: loving-over-time , second-chances , series , sexy , suspense , What a emotional and beautiful ride as I read this book. TO be completely honest I have never read anything by this author. I received an email asking for review, why not.

Well I am so glad that I read this duet book. OK let's break it down. If people really know my they know I love angst, drama, emotional books. For me its pealing the layers of ones soul to get what they are needing. Bess and Lane met hap-chance at yoga. Bess was beyond drug induced, she was What a emotional and beautiful ride as I read this book. Bess was beyond drug induced, she was at her rock bottom. Lane walked away from this beautiful stranger and years later she was always on his mind.

AJ is Bess sponsor in the AA program, yet he feels so much for her. Is he the one to finally get her to feel again or is it Lane, the one man that saw her at her worst year ago.. He was so honest with his feelings for someone he didn't think he deserved. Aly is on a road of helping others when they have been wronged.

She meets Jake one night as she gets him out of jail. She has feeling that she hasn't had and wondering if it's Jake or just plan lust. Jake is on a road of absolution from his past and Aly maybe the key to helping him. Nouwen has left us a legacy of awareness of God and sensitivity to our human brothers and sisters. I love what he writes on page , 'Prayer is coming together around a promise. A beautiful book full of insight and wisdom from one of this century's great Catholic spiritual writers.

All Rights Reserved. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Finding My Way Home. Line by line, have a conversation about all of your fears.

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Would you really be homeless? Would you really be alone? Do you really need that much money? This is a list of your tradeoffs. And they are the biggest things standing in your way. Said Mark Twain. Dusk was falling as I arrived at the white room from my dreams. It was stark, absolute, white, and a symbol of something new, of beginnings.

Section 01: Choosing Must creates the kind of work that puts ripples through the universe.

Why am I here? As time passed, I found myself choosing Must more often than Should. And over time, continuing to choose Must opened doors into worlds I never could have imagined. Said Thomas Edison. Often times, reconnecting with the road to Must is not about doing a lot of running around.

This solo inward journey has been called many things throughout time — the myths call it the labyrinth, the abyss, the forest, and the night journey. Searching for solitude is how I eventually found myself in an Airbnb in Bali alone for six weeks, in the middle of the rice patties, with no phone, no email, and no walls on three sides of the house.

I had long dreamed of being in a place where the inside and the outside were one and the same. I dreamed under the palm trees, the night sky, and various phases of the moon. Said Albert Einstein. And, one day, a Balinese friend of mine decided to turn two of my paintings into textiles — for the fun of it.

Fast-forward a few months: I was back in San Francisco trying to figure out what to do with these exquisite textiles. The batik process of hand-painting each cloth was so beautiful, and so close to my own painting practice, that I wanted to find a way to combine these techniques on a larger scale. So I decided to go to New York, hunker down in an Airbnb , and figure it out in two weeks.

A friend of mine once compared focus to the beam of a mag light — if you keep the light unfocused, light shines everywhere.

If you focus the light and tighten it, the light becomes a laser beam. Focused and strong. Bring Others In. As a former IDEO-er who believes in the power of human-centered design, I began to wonder, even worry, how this inward journey connected with the outside world. And this is what I found:. Choose your Must, then begin following all cravings, longings, and desires associated with it this might feel weird at first.

If stuck, revise. If still stuck, destroy. If still stuck, call it a day and take a long hot shower. Take note when connections begin to happen between seemingly disparate activities. As new ideas begin to form, capture them. As opportunities begin to rise up out of the mess, set them aside.

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  • Then prototype them. Pitch them to everyone you know. And mock them up for real. Take some time alone, every day, to meditate on your work. During my two weeks in New York, I emailed a dozen of the most talented, brilliant women I knew, inviting them to collectively review my work and give me feedback at the end of my sprint. Of course I needed to bring others in, I suddenly realized, but not until after I knew generally what I was working on and why.

    The women gave invaluable feedback, leading to significant insights. And this is why, the very next week, I found myself Bali-bound again. Except this time, with yards of raw fabric. Working with master batik artists, we hand-painted limited edition pieces of art, inspired by the phases of the moon.

    We launched the textiles as the inaugural collection of Bulan Project, and sold out in two weeks. When who we are and what we do are one and the same, we are walking the road of Must.