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Photographe : IM Lab and See4real.

Located in a private bay down the coast from Izmir, Turkey, the villa is part of a larger complex. I M Lab was commissioned to design the interior of the villa. The design intent was to develop a strong internal identity given the anonymous quality of the outer shell. Proximity to the sea and the rich Turkish context lent themselves as natural inspirations for the interiors marked by the use of rich elemental materials and objects like the teak roots, thick solid tables made of suar and tamarind, metals such as copper and bronze and a vibrant mix of colours, fabrics and geometric patterns.

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There is a theatrical quality to every small space. Boundaries are not defined by physical walls but by the positioning of furniture, architectural objects, curtains and the quality of light. Overscale teak roots, soft draped walls and perforated metal screens create private spaces and yet maintain visual permeability throughout.

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Most spaces are a mix of uniquely designed pieces by I M Lab and carefully sourced mix of handcrafted and standard products. Mobilier Luminaires Tapis Tissus pour rideaux Accessoires. Sanitaires Cuisines.

Home Profils Alessandro Isola Ltd. Moisturize lips and provide a sheer tint in your choice of six shades. An ultra-hydrating organic blend of Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera harmonize with natural earth minerals to provide a smooth glide and a beautiful shimmering glow. Available in six essential oil flavors. A fragrance that is joyful and fresh like sunshine on your face. A clean, classic essence that is positively addicting. A delicate layer of Lemon blossom forges a fresh, affirming finish.

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Trailing close behind are breezy accents of summery Geranium and sheer Grapefruit. Creamy Citronella and luscious Lemongrass fragrantly float through the shimmering center. For those who crave luxurious, natural body care products without the fragrance.

Natural Inspirations Sea Salt Citrus Lotion 12oz. - The Happy Sol/The Rugged Sun

Luxurious Bath Bombs When bath bombs are added to bathwater they fill the water with skin-nourishing herbal goodness, intoxicating fragrance and lovely natural color. Each bomb comes shrink wrapped with a ribbon and tag. Order one jar per fragrance, or mix the fragrances together in a single jar. Holds 12 bath bombs. One-gallon glass jar with lid measures 10"h x 7"w x 7"d.

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Combine with our body care products for an elegant spa gift set. Perfect for sore muscles, aching joints, arthritis pain and sports injuries, our Relaxing Neck Cozy can be put in the microwave for soothing moist heat or in the freezer for a refreshing cold pack. Each Neck Cozy is lightly scented with one of our essential oil-based fragrances. Constructed with a cotton muslin inner pack and removable washable cover.

Ideal for headaches, sinus pain, relaxation and meditation, our Soothing Eye Pillows can be put in the microwave for soothing moist heat or in the freezer for a refreshing cold pack.