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The Apache Pluto project is proud to announce the general availability release of Pluto 1. This is the fifth GA release of the 1. Apache Pluto implements a portlet container which complies with the Java Portlet Specification. This is the fourth GA release of the 1. Jetspeed is build upon an open component architecture based on standards. All access to the portal is managed through a robust portal security policy. Within the Jetspeed portal, individual portlets can be aggregated to create a page.

Each portlet is an independent application with Jetspeed acting as the central hub making information from multiple sources available in an easy to use manner. This release includes many new features including Web 2. This final release is fully-compliant with the Portlet Specification 1. This is the first GA release of the 1. The Bridges were initially developed by the Jetspeed-2 Team and is actively used by Jetspeed-2 itself.

Spike Source is building Jetspeed-2 on a nightly basis. Build, test, and coverage results are available here:. The promotion of this release candidate to general availability is expected within the few weeks, pending feedback from the community.

The API provides a means for aggregating disperate content sources. The specification addresses security and personalization considerations and defines a standard with which these sources, or portlets can be deployed. Pluto is an embedable portlet container which will typically be bundled within a fully functional Portal. The Pluto community has developed a simple portal driver implementation which allows for the testing and development of portlets with the container.

The Pluto testsuite is an implementation agnostic portlet application which tests several basic operations of the container in which it is deployed.

AKL-tec presents the APACHE portal first choice at the SITL Paris

Jetspeed-2 Bridges Pluto Applications Jetspeed News 25 April - Portals Pluto 3. This release introduces two archtypes: 1. Pluto 2. Database Browser - A portlet application dedicated to the development and database portlet development including scrollable lists and data entry forms Demo - A portlet application dedicated to learning Java and Groovy portlet programming and tutorials, as well as some helpful weather and bookmark portlets RSS - A portlet application dedicated to the development of RSS portlet features Web Content - A portlet application dedicated to the development of Web Content rewriting and IFrame based web content.

Logging - Apache Portals Applications Logging, APA Logging , is a utility library used to setup and deploy logging to portlet applications and portals. New Features Jetspeed Desktop - Web 2.

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Multithreaded Aggregator - multithreaded portlet aggregator with portlet timeout tracking, removal of slow rendering portlets. Jetspeed Distributed Cluster - support for distributed deployments of the portal on multiple application server platforms JSR Caching - full caching support of JSR portlet specification, distributed cache invalidation TCK Compliant as of 2. Application Servers Supported Tomcat 5. Downloads are available here. Build, test, and coverage results are available here: here. Jetspeed Clustering via JMS 3. Ability to set the portlet title from within an action or while rendering content 4.

Security and Portlets can now be stored in the database 5. Ability to switch database object model without re-compiling Jetspeed Downloads are available here. Release notes can be found here. The distribution is organized into four releases: 1.

Apache Portals Applications - Apache Portals Web Content Application

A binary distribution bundled with Tomcat. This distribution is the easiest to install. A source distribution. A binary distribution containing the container library.

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A binary tools distribution with the portal driver and testsuite. Security refactored to allow assigning roles within groups 2. Jetspeed 1. Jetspeed Maven Plugin for creating and working with Jetspeed-based projects 4.

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Build converted to Maven. Ant build deprecated. Email Portlet 8. Redirect Portlet 9. Enhanced portlet filtering on the layout customize New skins and updated look and feel of the default portal Portlets and decorators controls can now be completely hidden if user doesn't have secure access to the portlet. This advanced and complete cubing and weighing system is designed to precisely measure and weigh bulky items with a regular or irregular shape.

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An industrial scale that provides an integrated measurement and weighing cubic packages, grants full control of any application for a distribution center or warehouse. Imagine the advantages of obtaining information about your packages size and It is motor and gravity driven, extendable for rectilinear, curvilinear and mixed paths, and was designed to optimize the working APACHE Mobile is an integrated and static system for volume and weight measurement of large objects such as pallets, machinery or containers.

This volumetry system, constituted by two infrared laser heads, provides a comprehensive view of the measuring area while allowing With a work area of 2.

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Home Logistics Solutions. The solution for: Certified volumetric cubing of palletizable objects. Loading of regular and irregular pallets. Optional exclusion of pallets, even in certified mode. Simultaneous volumetric cubing and weighing. Quick, reliable and precise volumetric cubing at the highest possible resolution. Unique Features: Easy integration with existing processe. Adaptable to different environments.

Detection of small protrusions. Measuring Principle: Measuring is carried out using two overhead scanning devices that move at a constant speed along guide lines suspended over the length of the measuring area. Entering of additional secondary data. Warning system for questionable measuring results. Weighing, reading of barcodes and Images Simple communication setting with the weighing indicators. Interface with barcode reading. Image of the merchandise using digital cameras. Integrated documentation system. DWS Systems. Barcode and 2D codes reading OCR character reading Video Coding Measurement System Volume of regular items Measurement System Volume of regular and irregular items Dynamic weighing systems.

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Industrial scale EC-M-Evo Letters weighing scale VLS Weight and volume measuring system for small objects of regular and irregular shapes. Integrated system for weighing and volume measurement of objects System of auto-ID for barcodes, 2D and image archiving Measurement of volume and weight of large objects Weight and volume measuring system for regular and irregular items