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The apostle, a drama in 3 acts by George Moore. The Irish Review. The Garrick Club by Percy Fitzgerald [book reviews]. A note of warning. Moderwell [book review]. A revelation! The plot is no thinner. II, A durable theatre. III, A perishable theatre. The little theatres of America. Cland [book review]. The insurgent theatre. Thomas H. New York [book review]. IV, The present theatre. Ananda Coomaraswamy. A letter to the lawless ones Little theatres and so on. Pearce - Popular amusements, by Richard Henry Edwards [book reviews]. On lie and liars — theft and thieves, by Beatrice.

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Collected works of Padraic H. Pearse [book reviews]. What to do with Shakespeare". On the sonnets of Shakespeare. A note on a portrait] - La salle de spectacle des Tuileries. I, A book:] The little theatres in the United States. Arthur Waley [book review]. Flickenger [book review]. The Roman marionnettes sic London or Editorial. One hears a good deal of loose talk For plain people: some comments on Mr Monkhouse's article, by Gordon Craig. London and cotton wool. With a protest against improvisation in the theatre.

Boyd [book review]. Theatre and English theatre. A proposal]. To nearly all of us of the New Movement. Giuseppa Cortesi. The Shakespearean stage, by E. Chambers [book review]. A living universe. Three Hibbert lectures, by L. Jacks [book review]. Editorial notes. Theatre, entertainment, and experiment. Headless figures: a protest". Jourdain [book review]. The Old Vic players and Shakespeare. British opera].

On a design by Sangallo. An international symposium. An international symposium]. Horwood ". The chances for and against good theatres in provincial centres in England, with special reference to the Maddermarket Theatre of Norwich. The same scene by night… Plate How the press could serve art]. The Accademia degli Indifferenti.

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Blushing in the limelight. Amalgamated delirium. Theatre talks and a little back chat. Fooling the public, 'the silent lie'. The egg of Columbus, or, How to achieve the unattainable with ease. Our volume. The whole is greater than its part. Shakespeare, or A Midsummer Night's Dream. Advertising at the heart's expense. The censor and poor Iago. Picture books. A Note]. A dishonest agent. Our frontispiece: the Old Queen's Theatre.

Some notes on old Florentine theatres with reference to the accompanying city plan. The modern painter as viewed by Mr Thomas Craven, U. The Shakespeare danger. Some reflections on certain facts related by Mr C. Sisson, regarding the influence of Shakespeare in India. A note and some dates. The films. Real criticism pleaded for by reverend gentleman at film luncheon. Real and fantastic.

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Unfortunate Mr Ivor Brown. Foreign notes. Gordon Craig to the editor of The Mask. And yet. Keeping in touch. The which one The English stage. Book reviews. Next door to swindle. Daily Mail and Daily Express please copy. Additional note to 'A forgotten Harlequin' by R. Fund farce. George Sand, the search for love, by Marie Jenney Howe. New York. Reinhardt's production of 'A midsummer night's dream' at the Century Theatre. Koteliansky] [book review]. On being liked ; Everything in its place. Notes on the] New Theatre at Welwyn. Aloysius Horn. Some definitions. Shakespeare in Italy.

The pretty theatre. A sketch by George Augustus Sala"]. The exhibition of Gordon Craig's designs for Ibsen's Pretenders. Several of my lives by Louis N. A show and three magazines.

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What about it? An interview with Gordon Craig. With some notes]. Showmen or shopkeepers. Lombard [book review]. The actor; his voice". Biographical note". Meditations upon why the weazel does not always go pop. Guitry is to play the title role in M. R[ostan]d['s] play Cantecleer [sic] Editor: Allen Carric. Subeditor: John Balance. Note as prologue to our comedy". A game for young architects. Letter to John Semar giving reasons why Mr GC should not be given a theatre in which produce plays in the new style" - "The arts: for the few or the many". Walter Crane's books" [book review].

The questions. Art and realism. The theatre and the theatre in England. I was in a very large theatre in Italy last year Faithfully, S. Actor and spectactor". Neitzsche [sic], translated and edited by H.

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Mencken, and The critic and the drama, George Jean Nathan" [2 book reviews]. Designs by Inigo Jones for masques and plays at court. A descriptive catalogue of drawings for scenery and costumes John de Bras Semar. Gemier's plan for a Universal Society of the Theatre. Chesterton's opinion of theatrical managers. Cochran in Paris. John Ervine].

Unpublished articles initially intended for The Mask? Cochran, X. My life, by Isadora Duncan]. Mr Tyler's production. Some sketches by Mr Gordon Craig". Baltrushaitis, Youry Beaumont, Cyril William Beaumont's theatre publications. Brezzo, Guido Lorenzo. Chancellor, Edwin Beresford Some surviving London theatres and their architects by E.

Beresford Chancellor. Colman, Francis ? Furst, Henry Henry Furst]. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Goncourt, Edmond de Lees, Dorothy Nevile A note upon the 'Theatre Number' of Montjoie. Jourdain - The organized theatre, by St John Ervine [book reviews]. Louette, Pierre. An intimate account of the great French actor by his gardener Pierre Louette. Translated by D. Nevile Lees, with a foreword and biographical note fragment ]. McPharlin, Paul Nasalli Rocca, Angelo Maria Nathan, George Jean Nicoll, Allardyce Nolli, Giovanni Battista ?

Poel, William Robinson, Lennox Sabbattini, Nicola Tower, Conrad. Yorick Pietro Coccoluto Ferrigni, Yorick, etc. Thesleff, engraved by Gordon Craig". Designed and engraved by Gordon Craig. In London, July 16, Designed by Mr Albert Rothenstein. Index to The Mask volumes A Quarterly Journal of the Art of the Theatre. New Series. Volume Four. October Volume Four: Number Two [Prospectus]. Announcement for IX from Florence". Volume 9. Volume Adresse de l'agent publicitaire de The Mask T. John Glover , and subscription form]. Volume 12, No. Notes for New Mask.

Notes of Crash. Correspondence" [notes, textes d'articles, coupures de presse, correspondance entre Craig et Dorothy Nevile Lees et Sadakichi Hartmann New series. For GMorris [i. The Marionnette. The marionnette drama. Some notes for an introduction to 'The Drama for fools' by Tom Fool. Life ends with the death of the body ".

An alphabet". August 29 by T. Edward Gordon Craig]. A Letter to the editor. October ], Vol. On the marionnette theatre of the Javanese, by A. The shadow theatre. Book 1. Chapter 1. Textes d'autres auteurs que Craig articles, citations Translated by Henry Furst From Tomo I. From Ferd. Edmondo De Amicis. In his 'Recordi', Treves, Milano, A cutting from an old English newspaper sent to me by Mr Clunn Lewis, ". Marionnettes at Venice. Vittorio Malamani". XVIIIth century. By Alfred Delnau [sic]. In L'Illustration, Aug. The following translation is made by Mr. Hogitaro Inada of the South Kensington Museum".

Rehm's Das Buch der Marionetten]. G16 and the Rosmersholm performances]. Formed from 'published' work". Frohman, and the theatre of the future. In defence of 'The mask' and Mr. Huntly Carter. The theatre in England and Italy. Februar bis Lovat Fraser. A reply by Gordon Craig]. Gordon Craig's views]. The Amsterdam exhibition. Karl Mantzius. The exhibition at Amsterdam. Example for Great Britain].

Gordon Craig over ons tooneel. Odell's book]. To the editor of The Morning Post. The liar, a comedy in three actes. Lovat Fraser and an introduction by E. Gordon Craig. Am I hostile to literature? A positive No. The theatre of Sabbioneta.

An unknown little master of scenography. Bell [book review]. On Quarrel and Reconciliation. Lustgarten published in The Manchester Guardian]. We want to see the wheels go round. Hirsch, editor of Acht Uhr Abendblatt]. The sooner known the better. A superb Rosalind]. Henry Irving. Two extremes in the theatre - the mask and the face. Theatre furniture. Cochran, in the form of a letter to the editor of The Daily Express]. Who's who in the theatre, edition. Reform in the theatre. Thillaye] 6 versions. Stanislavsky's system. A letter to the editor.

Dickinson [2 versions]. Gordon Craig, an interview by Herbert Marshall. Edy playing. On a conversation with Tommaso Salvini. Reflections on the Irving-Shaw controversy. July No: of words From W. A series of essays on the Rules I made in my School". To the Editor of The Yorkshire Observer".

Granville Barker in The Observer]. Snyckers 6 versions.

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Willson Disher 5 versions. A thought on theatre construction. Business is busyness [sic]". The place. Nijinsky [2 versions]. Art or imitation. A plea for laws 3 versions. Side by side with that pitiful calamity to all -the Revolt of the Members against the Body - has crawled this Thing, the Modern Theatre The movement can be looked on as an unpleasant revolt Chambers's book published in , The mediaeval stage]. The Moscow Art Theatre gives me much pleasure Small change.

Possible title ". Is this America? Is this Scribner's Magazine? I am thinking of the theatre of the SOUL Man is made to create, from the poet to the potter Disraeli. Memorial Th Craig, , I suppose, or thereabouts". Records in the daybook of A. Journey to sea. Cahiers de notes, d'esquisses, etc. Appendixes [sic] etc.

Theatre Chantereine. Rizzoli e Co. Milano-Roma []. Florence [Music hall bits]". Note Book 28". September to March Books", "Mss.