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Highly durable with many uses and priced fairly, definitely consider purchasing a GoPro before your next excursion. Your email address will not be published. FilterGrade is a marketplace with digital products for creative people. High Quality Photography Filters. My Account. Share this post Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest.

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Essential Travel Photography Accessories in

Trending Now. Best Food Photography Lenses for June 15, Cons: Not the most comfortable travel neck pillow but the portability is worth the tradeoff. Pros: Super light weight. Travel-safe fuses means no problems flying with the batteries. Tiny flash heads means you can keep them safe by bringing them on your carry-on. Rugged weather resistant battery, solid cables and LED modelling light make them great for on location shooting. U get full powered shots off in slow-recharge mode. I hate ratios.

The Ultimate Packing List for Travel Photography

Expensive, but it really has no competition. Rotalux Deep Octa cm Pros: Can be dismantled to save space, but also has solid foldable design. Extremely well designed, solid construction. Great light distribution and provides a nice focused but soft light source. Overall the Rotalux line of stuff is ah-mazing. Price: On sale at Super solid and compatible with the CSLR Glide Strap family of stuff that makes a super comfortable camera strap, even with a strapped onto it.

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Cons: Difficult to remove if you switch from photo to video. I love it. Helps me find my shutter button easier, surprisingly comfortable to use. Price: 9. Hypersync and FP sync make you get the most bang for the buck out of your flash systems. Low profile, folds into nothing and is compatible with the AC3 Zone Controller that allows you to control your flash remotely! Settings must be configured using a PC, which is kind of inconvenient.

Travel Tips summarized:

Half-press makes the Pocketwizard III great for a backup trigger as well as a remote camera trigger when combined with the appropriate camera cable. Reliable and robust. Great range. Plays well with the TT5s. Folds so small Solid construction and overall fabulous. Note: I just discovered 3 legged thing. Something like a mm lens means you are covered for pretty much everything you will need day to day. Over time you can build up your lens collection further by adding macro or prime lenses. But to start, just a wide angle zoom ,and if your budget allows a telephoto, will be sufficient.

Most travel photographers will say that a tripod is probably their favourite accessory. Quite simply without a tripod, you will not be able to take photos which require slow shutter speeds as you will not be able to hold the camera steady enough by hand. But a tripod is so much more useful than just for photographing low light conditions. Using a tripod often means you spend a bit more time thinking and composing the image rather than just snapping away.

Which tripod you choose will come down to personal choice, budget, and how much weight you can carry from day to day. Carbon fiber tripods are usually what travel photographers use as they are stable and lightweight. I also use a Manfrotto RC2 light duty grip ball head to connect my camera to the tripod.


But like any camera accessory, there are lots of tripods ranging from inexpensive all the way into a few hundred dollars. Besides the fact that low-end tripods can actually have an adverse effect on your photos through vibrations, do you really want to rely on something cheap and flimsy to hold up your expensive camera? Choose the best tripod that you can afford because it will last you a long time and will be well worth the initial investment long term. An alternative option to traditional tripods is a monopod. You will often see sports photographers or photographers which large telephoto lenses use these as an aid to support the weight of the camera and lens.

A good camera bag is one of the most important things you will buy. Not only will the bag keep your equipment safe while in transit but also when you are at your destination photographing.