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Professor of Human Geography, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, Waseda University, where he has taught since the beginning of academic activities in Taught Urban Geography especially the revitalization of city centers , Commercial Geography in particular, the location of large scale shopping centers in suburban and their impacts on city centers , and Information Geography especially regional development of the peripheral area using the broadband.

Professor at the Russian State University for the Humanities. Teaching career includes lectureships at the University of Naples Orientale and at the Centro per gli studi storici italo-germanici in Trent, Italy. Research interests: visual studies; topoi of Russian culture of the 18thth centuries; literary connections between Russia and Europe in the context of the history of ideas.

Areas of research covered include: cities and social cohesion; the urban inclusion of Mozambican migrants in Johannesburg; conflicts over public space in Padua and Venice; access to housing for migrants in Padua. Main fields of interest: Intercultural Communication both in the educational and managerial contexts; Methodology of Cultural Aspects; the use of media and authentic materials in teaching Foreign Languages; Foreign Language FL methodologies; Mass Communication. Main fields: Cultural theory; nationalism and globalization; social movements; history of anthropology, memory and human rights; indigenous culture and politics; sports and society.

Her major field of research is Capoeira, Race and Politics in Brazil. There are several types of cookies: Technical cookies that facilitate user navigation and use of the various options or services offered by the web as identify the session, allow access to certain areas, facilitate orders, purchases, filling out forms, registration, security, facilitating functionalities videos, social networks, etc.. Customization cookies that allow users to access services according to their preferences language, browser, configuration, etc..

Analytical cookies which allow anonymous analysis of the behavior of web users and allow to measure user activity and develop navigation profiles in order to improve the websites. Remember Me. Log in. Publication in progress. Fall Semester. Visiting Professors. Published extensively on Venetian overseas Possessions with particular focus on Cyprus and, more broadly, on the Later Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Mediterranean World and on the Jews in the Levant and in Italy. Author of the books: Trading Nations.

Taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Was advisor in peace negotiations for the Israeli Prime Minister. Ahbel-Rappe and R. Kamtekar, U. She has primarily taught Painting: foundations and advanced levels. Her work has been exhibited in New York, where she had four solo shows between and , and in California, Boston, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ireland. Her work is in many prestigious collections. Laurea in Political Sciences Milan , M. General Secretary at VIU. Doctoral thesis focused on women's ownership and inheritance rights in the Fanti coastal areas of Ghana from the mid s to the s.

Published, with M. De Ponte and E. Noli, Rights without peace. Forthcoming articles: 'Is this British Justice? Declich ed. Author of more than 70 publications on Topographic and Cartographic topics. Recent book: A Time for Conservation, in which he questions how we should cope with the memory of a place and how we assimilate the past in the contemporary environment, using his own professional experience in Israel.

Publications include: "Human rights and bioethics", Journal of Medical Ethics, ; "Responsibility as a meta-virtue: truth-telling, deliberation and wisdom in medical professionalism", Journal of Medical Ethics ; "Persuasion as respect for persons: an alternative view of autonomy and of the limits of discourse", Journal of Medical Philosophy, ; "Nozick's experience machine and palliative care: revisiting hedonism", Medical Health Care Philosophy, ; "The dilemma of good clinical practice in the study of compromised standards of care", Crit.

Care, Research interests: Russian and Western architecture of the 20th century, classical tradition in architecture, architectural competitions, theory and rhetoric of architecture and architectural discourse, professional thought in architecture, interrelations between professional and social values.

Main fields of interest: Shakespeare and post-colonial theory and literature. Author of La metamorfosi di Otello. Experiments with Shakespeare, Cafoscarina, Venezia Involved in organising a series of working conferences on the Black British arts scene with the Tate Galleries and the universities of East London and Duke.

Master's degree and Doctorate in Theology Leiden. Born in former Dutch New Guinea as son of a missionary preacher and a medical nurse. His research is focused on Islam and religious pluralism; Islam and multiculturalism; inter-religious dialogue between Islam and Christianity.

He is a specialist in the field of Islam in Indonesia, Morocco and the Netherlands. Wiegers in association with J. Platvoet ed. Other publications include: Moslims in een westerse samenleving. Brill , reprinted in Was a member of the regional board for improvement of standards in museums. Research interests focus on planning and control systems especially in cultural organizations , accountancy, Information Technology, management and behaviour, and distance learning processes through the Internet.

Already taught at VIU in Spring and Her research interests range from game theory and the evolution of institutions, to firm structure and the role of innovation both on the product side and in the form of the ways in which consumers elect creatively to use products, analysing the characteristics of creative goods and the limits of the traditional economic framework in explaining choices concerning goods and activities of this type.

Her most recent project and book is The Active Consumer. Among her recent publications are: with Daniela Federici Cities are Fun. Throsby eds. Bruni and P. Porta eds. He is member and president of the editorial board of Noordbrabants Historisch Jaarboek and member of the editorial boards of Jaarboek voor Middeleeuwse Geschiedenis and of In Brabant, journal for regional history, ethnology and heritage. Recent publications include: Maakbaar erfgoed. Kirill Borisov , European University at St. Petersburg Spring semester. Research Interests: Economic growth and inequality, Natural resource and environmental economics, Political economy.

Stephen F. Previously taught at Siena College, St. Bonaventure University, The University of the South. Resarch interest: Medieval Philosophy and Theology, especially 13th and 14th centuries. Author of very successful textbooks on Protestantism, Chistianity, Judaism, the last two of which were also translated in Japanese.

He is author of several articles on African Francophone Literature. Author of a comparative study on local production systems of North Carolina and North-Eastern Italy and global competition. His research interests are in Medieval religious and intellectual history, Medieval Jewish-Christian relations, Paleography and textual criticism.

Owens, eds. Gambling: Mapping the American Moral Landscape. Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press, , pp. Biblioteca de Barcarrota, no. Editora Regional de Extremadura. Madrid Castalia, Was Visiting Lecturer at Stanford. Columbia University. Main scholarly interest: issue of race and gender equality. His dissertation and first book focused on the changing social and economic roles of American women in the fifty years after the woman suffrage amendment.

Subsequent books compared the patterns of race and gender discrimination in America. His book on the origins of the sit-in movement in North Carolina helped to re-orient scholarship on civil rights toward social history and community studies. The author of eight books overall, he has received the Robert F. Columbia University Press, Was C. Taught at VIU in Fall Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Waseda.

Main field of teaching and research: Renaissance Art History. Another field of interest is History of Indian Art. Areas of interest: globalization; race and ethnic relations, immigration; multiculturalism; indigenous communities; rural sociology; labor relations; social movements. She has lived for several years in the United States and has travelled extensively through Asia and the Americas doing research and social work in the rural peripheries in order to assess the impact of globalization on labor.

The notion of labor is her main research interest. She has published extensively on issues related to labor conditions in the rural peripheries and in the West, looking at the effects of neoliberalism on subjectivity. Currently, her main research interests focus on the impact of neoliberalism and austerity in the public sphere, particularly regarding reproduction and education. As part of her sociological work, she produced black and white photographs, portraying poverty and the homeless in Atlanta and the life of Mexican farm-workers in the US and Mexico, which were exhibited by social institutions or in the event of symposiums.

Member of the Fine Art Department at Boston College where he has taught studio art classes since He was the Chief Curator at the B. McMullen Museum of Art for sixteen years, where he organized many exhibitions. His work has been exhibited in New York, Boston and Chicago. He attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine where he learned the fresco painting technique. Speaks, writes and reads in Italian, English, French and Turkish. Current fields of research include: private architecture in the Roman Empire; the space of imperial cult; Roman military architecture; symbolism in private art and cognitive archaeology; Hellenistic, Roman and Late Antique ceramics; pottery analysis and quantification; relationship between material culture and context; theories and methods of archaeological research.

Gurt I Esparraguera, J. Cau Onitiveros eds. Researcher at the TeDis center, VIU, where he is involved in various European and Italian projects on Information and Communications Technologies especially multi-media applied to small and medium size enterprises of Industrial districts. Brunetti, S. Micelli, M. Minoja, La sfida delle tecnologie di rete: distretti Lombardi e Veneti a confronto, Franco Angeli, Milano ; "Internazionlizzazione dei sistemi locali di sviluppo — dalle analisi alle politiche", in E.

School of Religion, Philosophy & Classics

Rullani, S. Chiarvesio, G. Redazione dei casi studio. Sergej Daniel, European University at St. Petersburgh Fall Semester. Academy of Fine Arts, St. He is also an artist himself. Recent publications include: "Size and Taste. Cavaciocchi ed. Ginsburgh ed. Van Miegroet , ch. Van Miegroet, Tunrhout: Brepols, Architect and Full Professor of Architecture at Iuav.

Author of books and essays on the theme of representation, the history of images and land art. Curator of numerous exhibitions in Italy, Germany and Sweden. His areas of interest include History of the Family, Historical Demography, Database development and applications to historical research, Multivariate exploratory data analysis, Event History Analysis, Social Network Analysis.

He is currently involved in the Eurasia Project on Population and Family History, a multidisciplinary and comparative research network, with the cooperation of scholars from different European, American and Japanese Universities. Dottorato in Theories and History of Arts Iuav. Her research interests are focused on the production and circulation of artistic and architectural knowledge in Europe between the Sixteenth and Eighteenth Centuries, with a particular emphasis on North-South relationships and influences.

London, New York: Routledge , Paperback reissue Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi Teaches American Literature at Ca' Foscari. In recent years has taught on exchange schemes in Atlanta, Amsterdam, Oulu and Turku. Publications include: Giovane poesia inglese, an anthology of contemporary British poetry in collaboration with A. He is also interested in the relationship between British and American writers and Italy and in this connection he has published on Shelley, Byron, Ruskin and Henry James. Has published four thrillers set in England and Italy e. A Nice Steady Job. New York: St. Martin's Press, and, set in Venice, Every picture tells a story.

Martin's Press, Has translated widely from Italian. He has also published on Raymond Chandler. For The Time-Out Guide to Venice he regularly writes and updates the "sightseeing" chapters on the sestieri of Venice and a chapter on the literary image of Venice. Current research projects include a study of metrical and stanzaic schemes in contemporary narrative poetry and the use of historical themes in American poetry.

Denis , Dr. Other fields of interest: theory of cultural space, subjectivity and self-practices, history of knowledge and film studies. Author of a study on literary writing and ascetics Asketisches Schreiben: Rousseau und Flaubert als Paradigmen literarischer Selbstpraxis in der Moderne. Co-editor of several books on the theory of cultural space recently: Raumtheorie.

Grundlagentexte aus Philosophie und Kulturwissenschaften. Frankfurt a. Subjektkonstitution in Schrift, Bild und neuen Medien. Articles on travel literature and maps in the early modern period, French literature of the 19th century, modern narrative in Latin America. Is Faculty Associate at Harvard. A book on the topic is forthcoming. Brautigam, O. Fjeldstad and M. Moore, eds. Laurea B. Spent periods of study in Hamburg and Addis Ababa.

Copyright at Memorial University

Fields of teaching: Italian sociolinguistics; Language research methods; Second language acquisition and teaching theories and methods; Italian American Studies. Research interests: language ideologies; language socialization; language and identity; endangered languages; Italian-American studies; sociolinguistics and language learning and teaching.

Recent publications in English include: "Lost tongues and reinvented repertoires: ideologies of language and creative communicative practices among third generation Italian-Americans", in Rubino, A. Immigrant language Patterns in the U. Languages, cultures, Identities of Italy in the World. A in Geography, Sociology and Anthropology and M. Professional Consultant on regional and environmental development, social aspects of planning, gender planning.

She is one of the founders and past-Chairs of Bimkom-Planners, Israeli non-profit organization seeking to enhance the link between Human Rights, Social Justice and the planning process. Her research mainly relates to social and human rights aspects of planning, gender planning, globalisation and its affects on the built environment. Published with S. Micelli and D. Publications in English include: with E. Bettiol "The impact of Web 2. Legrenzi, S. Micelli and M. Her interests include: Renaissance literature, theater, women's study, early modern medicine, and psychonalysis. Also published the critical edition of a 16th century Italian chivalric romance, Moderata Fonte's Tredici canti del Floridoro Mucchi, , and of the only prose romance written by a woman in the Renaissance, Giulia Bigolina's Urania Bulzoni, - forthcoming in English as Urania, a Romance printed by University of Chicago Press.

Lived and worked in Tokyo in Taught at the "L. Teaches beginners and intermediate Italian courses at VIU since Previously taught at Yokohama City University. More recent publications include: with M. Palanisami and M. Archibald, Z. Bochniarz, T. He is also author, with B. Phil and Ph. Fluent in Spanish. Co-director of the Global Value Chains Initiative, an international research workshop supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Has conducted and still conducts consulting activities for UN agencies and other international institutions such as the World Bank and the WHO.

Cleaves, and Jonathan Hartlyn. Has conducted research in Armenia, Japan and Nepal. Professional work in Venice include: the restoration of St. Bis zum Umgekehrten hindurch Translated Chinese classics e. Sunzi and Laozi into Catalan. Temas para el debate, Asia Europe Journal 4. Formerly Visiting Scholar at Stanford and Princeton. Professor of Philosophy at UAB. Among his most recent books are: El drama de la Ciudad Ideal , Rev. Seix Barral, Barcelona Ferrero ed. Quantum Physis. Author of a great number of monographs and research reports. Edited with E. Yuchtman-Yaar and B.

Completed surveys of monuments in Italy and abroad, such as the Arena of Verona, the Arsenale and St. Mark's Square in Venice. Executed digital photoplanes of Venice and Milan, and the archaeological map of the city of Laodicea Turkey. Black, , SemeiaSt Berquist, , SemeiaSt Scott to Jesus and Paul edited by Richard A. Horsley, , SemeiaSt Draper, , SemeiaSt New Testament Masculinities edited by Stephen D. Kirk-Duggan, , SemeiaSt Phillips, and David Jobling, , SemeiaSt Yet with a Steady Beat: Contemporary U.

Afrocentric Biblical Interpretation edited by Randall C.

Table of contents

Bailey, , SemeiaSt Christopher Heard, , SemeiaSt Theodore Mullen Jr. Haas, , SemeiaSt Cook, , SemeiaSt Bodine, , SemeiaSt Gottwald, , SemeiaSt Culley, , SemeiaSt Coote, , SemeiaSt Cheryl Exum, , SemeiaSt African gifts of the spirit: Pentecostalism and the rise of a Zimbabwean transnational religious movement.

Civilizing barbarians: missionary narrative and African textual response in nineteenth-century South Africa. Higher education policy and institutional change: intentions and outcomes in turbulent environments. Orality, memory and the past: listening to the voices of black clergy under colonialism and apartheid. Pentecost outside Pentecostalism: A study of the development of charismatic renewal mainline churches in Ghana. The other side of the story: the silent experience of the Black Clergy in the Catholic Church in South Africa Yubileyna kniga na Bylgarskoto evangelsko blagotvoritelno druzhestvo po sluchay na petdeset-godishninata my Our Wretchedness in Consequence of Slavery.

A Biblical thoroughfare: or, an endeavour to share the main results of Biblical scholarship with the general public. A Treatise on Regeneration: Extracted from his System of Divinity, called Theologia theoretico-practica; and faithfully translated into English; With an Appendix containing Extracts from many celebrated Divines of the reformed Church, upon the same Subject. A concise history of foreign Baptists: Taken from the New Testament, the first fathers, early writers, and historians of all ages: Chronologically arranged: Exhibiting their distinct communities, with their orders in various kingdoms, under several discriminative appellations from the establishment of Christianity to the present age: With correlative information, supporting the early and only practice of believers' immersion: Also observations and notes on the abuse of the ordinance, and the rise of minor and infant baptism.

A credible electoral process for a responsible and accountable leadership: A joint pastoral statement. A dissertation upon the use and importance of unauthoritative tradition as an introduction to the Christian doctrines. A journey with a status confession: analysis of an apartheid related conflict between the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, A man with a shadow: The life and times of Prof ZK Matthews: a missiological interpretation in context.

A man with a shadow: the life and times of Professor ZK Matthews: a missiological interpretation in context.

Inspiring Greatness

A narrative of the first introduction of Christianity amongst the Barolong tribe of Bechuanas, South Africa: With a brief summary of the subsequent history of the Wesleyan Missions to the same people. Aan God die dank: Geskiedenis van die sending van die Ned. Kerk binne die Republiek van Suid Afrika en enkele aangrensende buurstate.

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Kerk binne die Republiek van Suid-Afrika en enkele aangrensende buurstate. Kerk buite die Republiek van Suid Afrika. Buite die Republiek van Suid-Afrika. Aanvullende agenda van die drie-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 5 Januarie en volgende dae, Potchefstroom Herald. Adventures of a missionary: Or rivers of water in a dry place: being an account of the introduction of the Gospel ofJesus into South Africa, Mr Moffat's Missionary travels and labors.

African Initiated Churches: Christianity in South Africa - a political, social, and cultural history. African initiatives in Christianity: The growth, gifts and diversities of indigenous African Churches - a challenge to the ecumenical movement. African teachers on the Colonial frontier: Tswana evangelists and their communities during the nineteenth century. After Christendom? How the church is to behave if freedom, justice, and a Christian nation are bad ideas. Agenda en handelinge van die sewende vergadering van die Algemene Sinode gehou te Umtata, Transkei op Woensdag 10 Junie en volgende dae.

Agenda van die drie-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 5 Januarie en volgende dae, Potchefstroom Herald. Agenda van die een-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 6 Januarie en volgende dae, Potchefstroom Herald. Agenda van die twee-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 8 Januarie en volgende dae, Potchefstroom Herald. Indianapolis, IN. Among the Bantu nomads: A record of forty years spent among the Bechuana, a numerous and famous branch of the central South African Bantu, with the first full description of their ancient customs, manners and beliefs.

An African today becomes head of the Anglican Church of whites and blacks in South Africa, making an epoch in the church of the province. An analysis of the theological justification of apartheid in South Africa: a Reformed Theological perspective. An oral history of the South African Apostolic Faith Mission: A missing link of black historical discourse onwards. Friedrich Gogarten, Eduard Thumeysen. Banning the flag from our churches: learning from the church-state struggle in South Africa, in Between Capital and Cathedral: Essays on church-state Relationships.

Basic types of pastoral care and counselling, resources for the Ministry of healing and growth: updated and revised by McKeever. Basotho and the mines: a social history of labour migrancy in Lesotho and South Africa c. Biko: The true story of the young South African martyr and his struggle to raise black consciousness. Body and mind in Zulu medicine: an ethnography of health and disease in the Nyuswa-Zulu thought and practice. Breaking the silence, building true peace: A report on the disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands Brieven van Hadewijch: In de oorspronkelijke tekst en in Nieuw-Nederlandse overzetting met aantekeningen.

By The equator's snowy peak: a record of medical missionary work and travel in British East Africa. Calvin, Geneva and the Reformation: A study of Calvin as social reformer, churchman, pastor and theologian. Capitalism's not a white thing: Mail and Guardian, September. Varieties of moral discourse: prophetic, narrative, ethical, and policy. Catholic Indian missionary influence in the development of Catholic education in Montana, Children of the fence: The maintenance of extramarital children under law and practice in Botswana.

Christian response in a world of crisis: A brief history of the WCC's Commission of the Churches on international affairs. Christianity and democracy in South Africa: Christian responsibility for political reflection and service. Christianity and socio-cultural issues and the charismatic movement and contextualization in Malawi. Christianity and socio-cultural issues: The charismatic movement and contextualization in Malawi.

Christianity, social tolerance, and homosexuality: gay people in Western Europe from the beginning of the Christian era to the fourteenth century. Christianization and communication in late antiquity: John Chrysostom and his congregation in Antioch. Chronicle of the truth commission: a journey through the past and present into the future of South Africa. Church and civil society: the role of Christian churches in the emerging countries of Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa. Church and state, in Being church in a new land: a selection of papers presented at the National Conference of the South African Council of churches.

Church unity without uniformity: a study of seventeenth-century English church movements and of Richard Baxter's proposals for a comprehensive church. Church, state, and civil society in postauthoritarian Philippines: narratives of engaged citizenship. Co-creating space with township youth. Colonial masculinity: the 'manly Englishman' and the 'effeminate Bengali' in the late nineteenth century.

Community informant, Malolwane: He was a resident of Melorane until forced removal in , but moved to Botswana. Community serving humanity: pastoral plan of the Catholic Church in Southern Africa, vision statement. Concise history of the Christian World Mission: A panoramic view of missions from Pentecost to the present. Consciencism: philosophy and ideology for decolonization and development with particular reference to the African revolution.

Conversation with author during a preliminary data gathering phase at the University of Venda on 3 April. Countdown to AD The official compendium of the global consultation on world evangelisation by AD and beyond. Cultural and Spiritual values of biodiversity: A complementary contribution to the Global biodiversity assessment. Das hellenistische Zeitalter: Israel und die Bibel im 4. De Strever: voor Christus en de kerk. Orgaan onder de krijgsgevangenen te Diyatalawa Kamp, Ceylon. Dealing with the wounds of my people lightly: A theological ethical critique of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Decolonizing the darkness: Soundings in cultural criticism: perspectives and methods in culture, power and identity in New Testament. Die Gereformeerde Kerk van Heidelberg Gedenkboek by geleentheid van die driekwart-eeufees. Die Kerkorde van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk met reglemente, kerkordelike riglyne en funksionele besluite. Die Kerksaak tussen prof. Die afgebreekte skeidsmuur weer opgebou: Die verstrengeling van die sendingbeleid van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Suid-Afrika met die praktyk en ideologie van die Apartheid in historiese perspektief.

Sociologiese verslag. Die geestelike bearbeiding van die lidmate van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk te velde, in krygsgevangenekampe en konsentrasie-kampe gedurende die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog Die Boere-offensief Oktober - November Kerke insake maatskaplike euwels, gehou te Johannesburg Julie Die spanning tussen vryheid en formalisering ten opsigte van die liturgiese verskuiwings binne die Apostoliese Geloof-sending van Suid-Afrika: MTh-verhandeling. Doet het al ter Eere Gods: Afscheidsrede van Dr.

Malan te Graaff Reinet op Zondag, 13 Juni, Dogter of Verstoteling? Sendingkerk in Suid Afrika. Dogter of verstoteling? The Challenge of the Accra confession For the Churches. Dreaming a different world globalisation and justice for humanity and the earth the challenge of the Accra Confession for the Churches. Dreaming of a different world together globalisation and justice for humanity and the earth: the challenge of the Accra Confession for the Churches. Dust of the ground and breath of life Gen : the concept of 'life' in ancient Israel and emergence theory.

Education and London Missionary Society policy in their Cape and Bechuana missions from to Eensaam in die Voortrekkergemeenskap: askese en geloofsbelewing in die teologie van die Voortrekkervrou Susanna Smit Effective servant leadership: a model incorporating servant leadership and competing values framework.

Eiesoortigheid en die sending: eiesoortige kerkvorming as missiologiese probleem met besondere verwysing na Suid-Afrika. Elkeen in sy eie taal: die planting van afsonderlike kerke vir die nie-blanke bevolkingsgroepe deur die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Suid-Afrika: 'n teologiese beoordeling. Email interview with Prof. Ross, former Church of Scotland missionary to Malawi and one of the organisers of Edinburgh Centenary and lecturer to the author. Engaging the Bible in a gendered world: an introduction to feminist biblical interpretation in honor of Katharine Doob Sakenfeld.

Enterprise and exploitation in a Victorian colony in Natal: Aspects of the economic and social history of colonial Natal.

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  • Feustkingius gynaeceum haeretico fanaticum, oder Historic und Beschreibung der falschen Prophetinnen, Quakerinnen, Schwarmerinnen, und andere sectarischen und begeisterten Weibes-Personen durch welcke die Kirche Gottes verunruhiget worden: sambt einem Vorbericht und Anhang, entgegen gesetztet denen Adept is Godofredi Arnoldi. Fire from heaven: The rise of Pentecostal Christianity and the reshaping of the religion in the twenty-first century. Fire from heaven: the rise of Pentecostal spirituality and the reshaping of religion in the twenty-first century.

    Follow Me From mission to church: fifty years of the work of the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society and the Lesotho Evangelical Church From rags to riches: An analysis of the Faith movement and its relation to the classical Pentecostal movement. From rags to riches: an analysis of the Faith Movement and its relation to the Classical Pentecostal Movement.

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    • Gender, community and identity: Women and Afrikaner nationalism in the Volksmoeder discourse of Die Boerevrou God praat - leef luisterryk vir vergaderings: Handleiding vir gemeenteleiers op soek na God se agendas vir gemeentes. God's showman: A historical study of John G. Goddelike oneindigheid: Die religiuese metafisika van Giordano Bruno Aan die hand van De la cause, principio e uno. Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament based on semantic domains: volume 1: Introduction and domains.

      Gregory of Nyssa homilies on Ecclesiastes: an English version with supporting studies. Proceedings of the. Gregory of Nyssa homilies on Ecclesiastes: an English version with supporting studies: Proceedings of the. Guns and Gandhi in Africa: Pan African insights on nonviolence, armed struggle and liberation in Africa. Handelinge van die Buitengewone Algemene Sinode te Potchefstroom op 12 Januarie en volgende dae. Handelinge van die agt-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 6 Januarie en volgende dae en die tweede Addendum van die emeritaatsversorgingskombinasie.

      Handelinge van die drie-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 5 Januarie en volgende dae. Handelinge van die drie-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 5 Januarie en volgende dae, Potchefstroom Herald. Handelinge van die een-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 6 Januarie en volgende dae, Potchefstroom Herald. Handelinge van die nege-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 4 Januarie en volgende dae en die tweede Addendum van die emeritaatsversorgingskombinasie. Handelinge van die sewe-en-veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 10 Januarie en volgende dae en eerste Addendum van die emeritaatsversorgingskombinasie.

      Handelinge van die twee-en-twintigste vergadering van die hoogeerwaarde sinode van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk in Suid-Afrika op 20 September to 4 Oktober Handelinge van die veertigste Sinode te Potchefstroom op 10 Januarie en volgende dae, Potchefstroom Herald.

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      Handelinge van die vyf-en-twintigste sinode van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk in Suid-Afrika, 20 September to 4 Oktober Handelinge van die vyftigste Nasionale Sinode en tiende Sinode Middellande in die eerste Algemene Sinode te Potchefstroom op 5 Januarie en volgende dae.

      He had a close relationship with members of the Melorane Community: He informed us about the relationship of the Morokologadi section in Mochudi and Melorane. Healing ministry in the Zulu context: the potential role of Zulu traditional medicine in the Catholic Church's healing ministry, with special reference to the Mariannhill Mission. Het visioenenboek van Hadewijch. History of the Botswana and origin of Bophuthatswana: a handbook of survey of the tribes of the Botswana, S.

      Ndebele, QwaQwa, and Botswana. How to work with sex offenders. Human bondage in the cultural contact zone: transdisciplinary perspectives on slavery and its discourses. Iintsika zobuWesile: Amabal'engwe malunga nemvelaphi, iimfundiso kunye nemibhedesho yaseWesile. Immanent transcendence and radical transcendence as the pivotal issue between a Christian theology and a naturalistic metaphysic in Homo transcendentalis?

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