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Living organisms tend to form gestalts and they perceive the world through the formation of gestalt pairs.

Gestalt psychology

However, the first man-made creature that knowingly could obviate the results prescribed by the second law, was Maxwell's Demon. He can produce heterogeneity from homogeneity since he can handle information. In Maxwell's hypothetical experiment, his Demon can pick out fast molecules from slow molecules taking a system initially in equilibrium to a new state in which there are differences.

Information, in its mathematical context or neg-entropy is thus essential to systems that are out of equilibrium with their environment. In particular this is true of biological organisms. At an early stage genetic information is all that is required to produce differentiation.

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With growth and differentiation other forms of information come into play. From an engineer's point of view, energy without information does not serve in the production of work. From a psychotherapist's point of view, energy without information does not serve in the production of growth. In all schools of psychotherapy, the therapist can be considered as a Maxwell Demon; the outcome depending on the particular bias of his school.

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Metadata Mostrar registro completo. The notion of Gestalt, thought as an entity that has meaning and value as intrinsic characteristics, is the key of this enterprise. Starting from the phenomenological thesis , the defense that the conceptual understanding demands going back to the data of the direct experience, the gestaltists find in their basic category the possibility of a conception of nature that surpasses the consequences of the materialism, that is, the reduction of the most important features of the human mind to mere subjective illusion.

The presence of significant configurations in the early perceptive processes, in thought and in the theoretical entities of physical science, will support the proposal of a Science that, when exceeding the life world, will not discard its more important characteristics, that is, its intelligible relations, based in the intrinsic characteristics of the parts of a totality.

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At the same time, however, the gestaltists defend a dualism between the phenomenal world, known directly, and the transphenomenal world, which is known only indirectly - it's constructed in the interaction between the scientific theory and the facts collected by the experiments.