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He has an economical disposition. And Man was, after all, what this grand enterprise had been about from the first.

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But how then did Jesus, so to speak, make His room reservation in advance? Were these men sensitized by dreams? Did the Holy Spirit, foraging like a quartermaster sergeant, requisition their possessions through sign and vision? It is possible. The Lord had been known to trouble sleep. Again, I think not. God prefers, when He can, to conserve terrestrial order. He has a dramatic instinct.

Easter in My Heart: Uplifting Stories of Redemption & Hope

And His own peculiar unities. The Passion is as naturalistic as frail wrist tissue shredded by a spike. Jesus could ferment water. He could infinitely divide the loaf and the fish.

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But here He had need of a furnished apartment. But God wanted a known colt: one that had memorable references in Jerusalem. It was His purpose to leave a clear and historical track behind — evidence that might stand up in court. The presence of transcendent power among modest instruments is more persuasive than any bullying miracle could be.

I suppose it this way, then. That these — pitcher-bearer and goodman and colt-owner, these first acolytes of the Eucharist — were men given sudden and heightened perception. An abrupt seeing Into. And he arose, and followed Him. Next Window Please. But grace is first the law-breaker. Because there is no ground whatever for believing that these were righteous men.

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I suspect they were chosen rather for an openness to potential. They were, above all, ready men. He had, it would seem, no previous experience for the work.

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No moral credentials that we hear about. And, all at once, he is absorbed by that rubbernecking mob. Elbow to the front — what have we here? Bozo, pack that wood. We know nothing about Simon, except that his children, Rufus and Alexander, became Christians. On Good Friday, Simon was what we all are, a passerby. And shanghaied by the Holy Spirit. I take comfort in this thought, whose life otherwise does not much recommend itself to God. That I may be granted, through His fierce randomness and my mere availability, a walk-on moment of redemption.

Return to the Passion now. Imagine, say, a man in his workshop room alone. Suppose it hot and ordinary out. Then, all of one rush, as weather can change, there should be an importance in the air. Let that cheap pitcher interpose itself across his attention here. For this instant it should have more pitcherness. The way common objects astound and please when we are full of joy. This is, you know, not his regular time to fetch water in.

It has been infused by grace. And he rises at a call — not from God as such, nor from any impending event — but to honor the perfect nature of one created thing. There is elevation all around. After that, unaware, they will become a procession of three. It is not through war and celebrity that God has most advanced His will. It is through the commonplace: room, colt, manger, fisherman — thunderous Easter, atrocity and miracle, are prepared for in them.

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At Jerusalem's Gate. Grace for the Moment, Volumes 1 and 2.

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  3. Easter in My Heart: Uplifting Stories of Redemption and Hope by Joe L. Wheeler.
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Jesus: A Biography from a Believer. Yet this momentous day has the potential not only to delight your family - but to transform it. Beyond the spun-sugar eggs, beyond the brightly colored baskets overflowing with plastic green grass and tasty treats, lies history's most earth-shattering and revolutionary event. An event that once ushered in a new way of life - and could very well do so for your family again. Honor the true meaning of Easter - and the new beginnings associated with this vital holiday - through the spiritually enriching, family-affirming stories found in Easter in My Heart.

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