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You don’t find your passion, you create it » Joshua Spodek

Would putting in just a little bit of work raise a person's level of passion for entrepreneurship, or did they really need to sweat to get this effect? As you might expect, the more you put in the more you get out. Additional investigations also revealed — equally unsurprisingly — that unrewarded hard work also did little to increase anyone's enthusiasm. Only when a person felt their efforts made a real impact did their passion levels rise. The takeaway, put simple, is that trudging through your job is probably the cause of your lack of passion, not the result even if that job seems pretty menial at the moment.

By choosing to take the work at hand seriously and really dedicate yourself to it, you can probably ignite the beginnings of passion in yourself. Who knows where that passion will take you. A parade of successful professionals and founders attest that passion generally follows commitment to a path, rather than precedes it, and is a product of determining to work hard at something rather a precursor of dedication. The reality is that a lifelong passion is most often revealed through working passionately on something you have immediate access to.

So stop waiting for a passion to appear or to result from anguished soul searching and get out and start doing stuff.

1. Define ‘passion’ for yourself

Perhaps one could use a two-pronged approach: Try for a work passion, and also learn to have a passion for life. Some time I would love to spend a whole evening discussing how lots of people go through life never getting involved. Totally agree. The web stuff definitely hits the 4 piles for me. Never bought the idea of a calling, either. Infinitely more important is attitude — being positive and enthusiastic and running far, far away from the trolls.

I have had young scientists come to me feeling upset and anxious because every time they learn about some new area of scientific inquiry, they think it is totally cool and much more interesting than anything else they have learned about before. And I give these curious students pretty much the exact advice you give above: Pick some particular area of inquiry, throw yourself into it wholeheartedly, and see where it takes you.

They make terrible employees. Any thoughts? I also hate the idea of a calling. I also hate the idea of a single career for the same reasons. This is probably why, at the base of it all, I never got my PhD.

Discovering what you love most is an adventure in itself.

I say all this in the wake of losing my job in a few weeks. I, on the other hand, do believe in the idea of a calling. I think the fundamental issue is one of faith in God.

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  3. You don’t find your passion, you create it.
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To have a calling is to be called. To be called is to know that there is someone out there doing the calling. For you to have a calling, or purpose, there has to be a greater scheme of which you are a part. Until you connect with the One who created the scheme, you will continue to see callings in the light of passions. The problem is, you CAN do several things that you can be passionate about, but not all of them will lead to you fulfilling your purpose. I love basketball, writing, conversation, teaching, hearing God, and influencing people, among other things.

I could do many things to influence people which would satisfy a part of my heart, but ultimately lead to a lack of life-fulfilling purpose. I do, however, find myself learning through the pursuit of lower passions and building skills which are and will be useful in the pursuit of my calling. I tend to equate passions with skills. We are created to enjoy what we are gifted at.

How to Find Your Passion

And in pursuing those passions, we hone skills which will be part of our arsenal in the great pursuit and completion of our calling. This sums up what I have been tying to explain to myself for a while. Gotta find a way to put these two items together for the neighborhood kids graduating High School this week.

Thanks SB!

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  • Hey Scott, I completely agree. I lived my life like this, too. We have to live every day passionately, and what we have passion for changes over time. Follow your bliss! Who the hell ever said you had to do one thing your entire life? Our children will definitely have the opportunities to experience the variety of life during their careers. How to be happy in business — Venn Diagram. There is life and work, and one can be passionate about both.

    Both prongs make me very very happy. The link is broken. Slinkset has been retired- where readers submitted their ideas.