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We'd love to hear what you think. Click the button below to write your own review! Already have an account? Log in now. Username Create an account to be able to manage all of your submissions. After you submit the form we'll email you an activation link with a temporary password. Rating 1 Star—'It was OK. Submit Cancel. It is almost impossible to stop. View 1 comment. Aug 01, Artemy rated it really liked it Shelves: manga. One Piece is famous for being that one manga that absolutely refuses to end. At 89! Still, its insane popularity and the pirate adventure premise piqued my interest enough to check at least the first volume, and I have to say — I'm into it!

One Piece is about a young boy named Luffy, whose biggest dream has always been becoming the Pir One Piece is famous for being that one manga that absolutely refuses to end. One Piece is about a young boy named Luffy, whose biggest dream has always been becoming the Pirate King and finding One Piece, the greatest treasure in the world. At one point, he accidentally eats a magic fruit that gives him the ability to stretch his body just like Reed Richards, but it also for some baffling reason makes him unable to swim.

One day he decides to embark on an adventure, looking for a ship and a crew. It's quite humorous in a way that reminded me of one of my favourite video game series ever, Monkey Island. While One Piece is nowhere near the same level of wit as Ron Gilbert's legendary games, I will still take my comedy pirate adventure fix wherever I can get it. Luffy is a fun main character who takes shit from no one, no matter their status or reputation, and I loved every moment when he punched some big-shot in the face.

The rest of the cast looks promising, although no one truly stands out so far — it's mostly Luffy's show at this point. The artwork looks very nice! It's cartoony and a bit over-exaggerated, but it works really well with the tone of the storytelling. I have to mention that I was reading this volume online through some not-so-official sources don't judge me , and I had a fully-coloured version — I'm not sure if this version is officially available in english, but oh boy, the colour really suits this manga.

I think if I were to read this in black-and-white, I would have a bit more trouble distinguishing between certain characters, especially female ones, because they all have the same face and only slightly different hair styles. Other than that, the book looks absolutely delightful, just like a good adventure comic should.

Overall, I was really pleasantly surprised by the first volume of One Piece. I know it's impossible to judge such a massive series just by one volume out of 89!! And while I can't say if I'm ever going to read all 89!!! Feb 11, Connor rated it it was amazing Shelves: manga. I already feel so invested in Luffy. He is so quirky and awesome.

I can't wait to continue his story! May 16, Sue Moro rated it it was amazing Shelves: manga. I loved it! One Piece is about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who is determined to become the "King of the Pirates" by discovering the hidden treasure of the late King of the Pirates, Gold Roger.

When he accidentally eats the fruit of the gum-gum tree, he ruins his chance of ever being able to swim, and now he can stretch like rubber! Captain Shanks sails away but first leaves Luffy his beloved straw hat, thus giving Luffy the new nickname "Straw Hat". Ten years pass and Luffy sets off alone in a small dingy determined to follow his dream. He has no abilities at navigation and just lets the sea take him on a series of adventures where he hopes to build a crew and find the "One Piece" treasure.

I loved Luffy's character! He has such a fierce determination about him, even as a small boy. Captain Shanks realizes this, even seeing a bit of his younger self in the young Luffy. Shanks is a great role model for Luffy, as pirates go, even if Luffy doesn't realize this at first. He shows him that it isn't always necessary to fight, and that killing doesn't make you a man, and that for friends you sacrifice whatever is necessary.

I noticed a definite theme of determination running through this volume. Several characters Luffy encounters all have goals or made promises to themselves or others and all are fiercely determined to see them through to the end regardless of any obstacles that try to block their way. The art work is great! Lots of interesting looking characters and wonderful facial expressions. There is a good mix of small and large panels and the ships look amazing! The story is full of action and nice flashback scenes that help flesh out some of the characters. If you are looking to get into manga for the first time, you can't go wrong with One Piece!

Dec 12, Kogiopsis rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novels , reviewed. This has got to be the ugliest manga art I've ever seen. Sorry, but it's true. I really, really, really don't like this style and I knew that going in because I've seen caps from the anime. It's over the top and unpleasant and cluttered and sort of makes my eyes ache to look at it. Don't ask me what, but there's something. It's not totally bad. It's absurd and banal at worst, silly at best, but I guess it has potential.

I could do without the chee Hmmm I could do without the cheesy yelling-names-of-fighting-moves thing seriously, why is this a thing in anime and manga. It just makes the characters sound stupid and I'm not crazy about the writing quality, but I'd pick up another volume. I guess. We'll see. View all 12 comments. Feb 08, Kaede rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-love-a-guy-in-this-book , fantastic-characters , manga-and-graphic-novels , so-insanely-in-love-with , made-me-laugh , pretty-pretty-pictures , action-through-and-through , shojo-and-shounen , pure-awesomeness , reached-beyond.

I mean, One Piece is hilarious and epic. It doesn't get much better than that. I see the hype and Oda's brilliant series deserves every bit of it and more. But I refuse to rate every single volume of One Piece. I like to think I have a life. So, uhm, just read One Piece. One Piece is awesome.

Jul 10, Nba Fan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone. Recommended to Nba Fan by: Codeprovider Youtube. Oct 30, Lashaan Balasingam Bookidote rated it really liked it Shelves: digital , manga , read-in I've never had the chance to check out Luffy in action back in high school, but the popularity of One Piece was undeniable. I'm still a bit surprised that it's still an ongoing series too!

I have to admit that there are some pretty subtle similarities with Naruto, yet it still remains its own thing. Good ol' Luffy and his goofy ways looks to become the greatest pirate and to do so, he looks to assemble a crew of his own. This first arc looks at some of the first members of his team, but also at Lu I've never had the chance to check out Luffy in action back in high school, but the popularity of One Piece was undeniable.

This first arc looks at some of the first members of his team, but also at Luffy and his silly personality that however manages to highlight his values and morals. Somehow he has a nose for those good guys, and he always finds himself at the right spot at the right time. I look forward to seeing what insane things he's bound to accomplish or encounter.

Mar 15, David Schaafsma rated it liked it Shelves: manga. A manga that is a silly and rollicking pirate story that reminds you of every boy adventure story you liked as a kid. Over the top, funny, inventive. One of the most beloved and best selling and longest running manga series of all time.


I didn't love it, a little too goofy for me, so it's about a 3. Jun 14, Sakib rated it really liked it Shelves: comicbooks-manga-graphic-novel. My first One Piece manga And with Luffy, my journey begins, a long journey, with Luffy and so many characters to come, in the Golden Age of Piracy I must be a brave guy, to start something so huge and detailed as this manga; those who watch its anime or are following the manga know how much time it'll take to see the finishing of this epic and long voyage of pirate adventures I've decided to read the manga rather than watch the anime, it'll be quicker and the fun I'll be getting will be in My first One Piece manga I've decided to read the manga rather than watch the anime, it'll be quicker and the fun I'll be getting will be in its purest form; and one more reason is that I've developed a fondness for manga recently The humor is good, but I'm finding the artwork a bit "lound and eccentric" , and it seems every guy has literally a "big mouth" and a "big smile" I guess it's Oda's style of bringing out more humor and life and emotions, and somehow the facial expressions and artwork in the humorous parts reminds me of cartoons And I agree- Luffy's smile really is kinda touching, and alive within the artwork that comes forth with such vitality that you really can't find it odd And he's the cutest, in this volume; looks like he's gonna grow old slowly I'm sure I'll get used to the artwork In between chapters and volumes, there are little notes on piracy and inception of Oda's career as a manga artist, also how he came to find the characters and idea of the One Piece as we know it today, and how to draw pirate flags!

It's a grand tale of the characters, and also the beginning and journey of the creator of those characters The action sequences aren't that vivid, but fun to watch The journey starts with Luffy's search of his crew members for his own fleet of pirates, and first we meet Zolo.

Zolo is badass, has a good heart and seems to be getting along great with Luffy, although his first impression made me think otherwise. We get to know a significant part of his past as well, what drives him and his dream of becoming The World's Greatest Swordsman At the end of the volume, another future crew member might've has just appeared The conclusion of chapter seven was very interesting, giving insight to both Luffy and Coby, which certainly will make some future volumes interesting.

There's an inconsistency at the end of the chapter, but compared to the whole package, I'm counting it as next to nothing All in all, a terrific start Jan 24, Sydney rated it it was amazing. Af first, he submitted a book called Pandaman for a contest. At the age of 17, he submitted his work called, Wanted!

At the age of 19, he looked back on all his work and decided to create, One Piece, which included some of the main characters from his previous works. He worked as an assistant artist for Nobuhiro Watsuki and presented his storyboard ideas to him and other manga book artists. One Piece appeared for the first time in Shonen Jump Magazine.

The book instantly became the number one popular manga book in Japan. This book is popular among teens and young adults because it encourages a discussion about following your dreams. The main antagonist Bellany said, "The Lost City of gold!? The Emerald city!? The great treasure of One Piece!? The fools who go looking for their "dream treasure" cannot notice what's in front of them!

In this era of the sea the ones that do not have real strength, are the ones that are killed by their own imaginations!

Is contained in

Bellany argues that you should take advantages of the treasure in front of you as opposed to chasing fools gold. On the other hand, when I see the friendship the pirates develop by chasing their supposed impossible dream, I realize they discover an even greater treasure, friendship. The lesson learned is to follow your dreams, whatever it might be. This book is well written because it takes complex issues such as racism, hope, revenge, and corruption and highlights them in simple, yet creative ways.

For example, the main character Luffy has a silly nature. However, others believe him to be a hero because he fights against evil and corruption. When described as a hero, Luffy states, "We're pirates you know! I love heroes, but I don't want to be one. Do you even know what a hero is? For example, you have some meat.

See a Problem?

Pirates will feast on the meat, but the hero will distribute it among the people! I want to eat the meat! The character development of Luffy is the most captivating. I related to Luffy the most. Luffy is a child-like character whose dream is to have an adventure and be free. One of Luffy's characteristics is that he is very silly and always wants to have fun.

One Piece: Romance Dawn (One Piece, #1) by Eiichiro Oda

Even in the most serious situations, he tends to spit out something unrelated to the situation or tell a funny joke. Another one of his characteristics is that he is very confident. He never backs down from a challenge, even though he might be heavily outnumbered or overpowered. He is also very compassionate because he can forgive any enemy or villain he comes across. In the book, he does not kill his enemies, he just defeats them in battle unlike other pirates who would kill their enemies. I would highly recommend this book. The greatest strength of the book is the storyline and characters.

The authors creatively uses the storyline and humorously uses the characters to discuss societal issues. Throughout the mysteries and adventures, the main message conveyed in the book is "Work towards your dreams no matter how hard it is. The vocabulary is limited because of the manga style language and it is translated from Japanese. Dec 10, bakanekonomama rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , manga. One of the best manga, ever.

One Piece, Volume 1: Romance Dawn

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