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Y'all really should read it. View 2 comments. May 03, Larry Hostetler rated it really liked it Shelves: Fun book. Humorous but informative. Helpful as I become more of a Texan.

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A quick and enjoyable read, with plenty of both jokes and humorous observations. Only reason I gave it four stars was the in my estimation excessive time it spent on women's hair. But maybe I'd have felt different Fun book. But maybe I'd have felt different were I a woman, as is the author.

Jan 24, Zetta rated it really liked it. I'm a native Texan and bought this book for my husband to prep him before his moving to the Lone Star state It's quite funny and I learned a few things about my state too. Bryant herself isn't a native her husband is but it works to have someone who was fixin' to be Texan at one point school others who find themselves in the same predicament.

Feb 23, Andrea rated it really liked it. Read this when we first moved to Texas and thought it was darn funny. Jan 15, Arlene rated it liked it Shelves: self-help. Must have for TX foreigners. I think I'm halfway there. I now own a dog, but no truck yet. Sep 22, Michelle rated it really liked it. This book is quite funny! Sep 11, Sheila marked it as to-read. I registered a book at BookCrossing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Helen Bryant. Not only was I born and raised there, but my papaw and great-papaw were too! I would say this is correct, although I have never heard anyone use "worsh".

That's not Texan if I ain't heard it, lol. Ah know Texans lak to give credit wur credit is due, don't'cha? It woulda been nice if instead of snaggin' it, ya gave credit whur ya snagged it from. No, I really don't talk that way, I was just surprised to see our picture on this page with no credit given. My daddy taught me a long time ago to never ask where someone is from. If they are from Texas, they will tell ya.

If not, you don't want to embarrass them. I'm 11 and a true Texan. Another way to pass off as a Texan is to watch if the Texans are complaining bout the weather. If they are you can complain. I am living in Austin, having grown up in west Texas, and I'm fixin' to move back there. When lookin' for more ideas, I came across your hub.

I challenged myself to read all the isms without lookin' at your definitions, and every single one was familiar to me! As a teen, I was embarrassed to admit that I used terms like "fixin' to" and "usta could," but now I think they are fantastic. I have one more for ya: bar ditch. And everyone down here knows that Cokes are any kind of soda. I am from Texas and some of those words i have never heard but most of them I have!!!!!!!! My daughter linked me to this page.

I thought of Michael Caine when he was doing Secondhand Lions. He asked the director Texan how he could pull off a Texas accent. Additionally his costar Robert Duvall, all the film crew, and the location was in Texas. The director said to him: "In England all words stand alone. In Texas, they just lean on each other.

To be honest, a lot of this isn't current "Texan. Not even in rural places.

11 Texan Phrases The Rest Of The Country Should Adopt | HuffPost

I know because I was born in Forth Worth and lived in a small, rural Texas town all of my life. A lot of these words are also just embellished to fit a southern accent. Except for super backwoods towns, most peoples accents aren't so bad. While it's funny, if someone comes to visit Texas and talks like this, we find it insulting and the last thing you wanna do is insult a Texan. Hey y'all I live in Austin Texas.

I've heard all of those things except the jeetjet I still don't even know what it means. But yes we do say those things just not in every other sentence like some people think.. Except maybe in more towns that are more rural which is very hard for us down here to say.. Im from England and iv been reading some of the comments on here and, I know this might sound stupid but I still have no idea what a hub is? PS: I'm from Yorkshire There are parallels: Texas was cattle then oil, Yorkshire was sheep then coal.

My grandad that's "grandayuh-ddy" in Texspeak White Rose Lone Star We ought to twin. Lissen y'all Billy Bob's forever! Hahah I'm from Ft. Worth and this is hilarious. We don't use the "handier than hip pockets on a kangaroo. But we do say y'all, fixin tuh, amiah right? And show nuff. I have never heard any one say "worsh" though that's just weird?

Any how.. The fact about different accents from different regions is very true. People wit accents from Dallas will vary a lot from people from say Tyler TX. Yanks if you are in a resturaunt in Texas and ask for a coke you may be followed with the question "which kind" hahaha we just generalize all soda or "pop" as coke. We don't say super market, we just say store. We call shopping carts buggies not carts. Actually, Dave, now that I re-read your post, I take that back. I just read it wrong! You're right about that. We don't use "done" for "finished" or "through"; although we might say, "I'm done through with that!

Dave Hughes, you're just plumb wrong! I done been hearing done in North Texas all my life! Most of that was BS, please dont come over here talkin like that All my life pretty much all over Texas, east, west, southeast, central , I've always heard and used the term 'through' to mean 'finished'. Examples: "Are you through with your supper?

I don't back off on it for anybody. Aww you missed y'all and howdy :P I bet those Texas Aggies would be mah-ty upset at yer fergettin their time o' greetin: "Howdy y'all! Done, completed, broken up, or tired, as in "the chicken's done", "we're done", or "I'm done. I tell y'what Thanks for that. Okee doke, gotta git. This was too much! You definitely "got er dun. Not many Texans tawk like this, but it is if yer redneck! Love it!

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Thanks for the smiles! Ive lived in texas my whole life, and a few things I say everyday, one or two you left out, and most are plain ridiculous. It's good for laughs, but for a few expressions, hotter than a hog on a hot plate? Don't worry, we really don't say anything weirder than other states, people just think we do. Well, to my mind this is just another example of the pretensions of the folk in Baja Oklahoma. That's alright the folks below the Red River need something to help them deal with being below Oklahoma.

This is not a true texas language guide if the "worsh" is in it and "Y'all" is not. I was born and raised in the Texas hill country and I have never heard anyone here say "Worsh". THAT is a Yank phrase. Oh yea, and "Ain't" needs to be added as well. Oh, and this was more of a mockery of Texan word inflection than a language guide.

Half of the words are universal, you just made'em sound southern, which pertains to about 6 other states. Tip 1, making fun of Texans is sure to make you an outcast here. Very very funny. I've seen other lists like this, but not nearly as well 'splained or as cleverly written or even this complete. Well Done! I knew Texas was a little different, Peter. I hitchhiked across Texas one time in the 's from Corpus Christi to El Paso but didn't see or hear a thing.

Enjoyed reading or should I say interpreting this hub. Well done. Nice collection Pete. But you left out one of our best onesEarl as in "Change the Earl while yer attit". I'm British. I had to practise each word carefully. Are you sure Texan is not a whole nother language? Great1 Thanks. One of my favorite Texanisms is the way they pronounce the word "ice". Great hub! When I worked at Intel I went to dinner with an engineer from northern India and his wife, and we had a good laugh talking' Texan.

He had gone to college in southern Oklahoma, which is practically in Texas, you know. I'm originally from Abilene. What a funny, well-done hub! Great job. Well I consider myself a true Texan not only because I was born here, but I have also lived all up and down this great state including Ft. I have family in Texarkana and grew up visiting East Texas a few times per year.

The funny thing is that Texas is so huge that there are still many areas I am unfamiliar with as you can tell. There are a few things I do know. Every city I have lived in or visited in Texas is completely different from any other. For example, Ft. Worth is a group of small town people living in a big city. Dallas on the other hand has a very "hi'falutin'" mentality where everyone seems to 'keep up with the Joneses'. Austin is very liberal, democratic, health conscious, and open to alternative life-styles this is unique in itself when you think about how conservative and republican this state is as a whole.

I am not as familiar with Houston, but I can tell it is unique. It has some similarities to Dallas, but it is still quite different, and I can't put my finger on it but I have also spent very little time there. The language listed above is accurate, but it is heavier in some parts than others which may be why some people experience more than others while visiting.

Depending on where I have lived over the years has affected how much "Texan" I speak. Growing up near Ft. Worth had me speaking "Texan" strongly, but there are other parts where I have heard more strong "Texan" language than I have ever spoken myself. A few important things to remember about Texas We strongly support Texas sports teams and those who don't are just trying to get attention by being rebels. We WANT to attend Texas colleges no one thinks about going to school out of state unless they weren't born here.

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We are proud, but we are friendly unless you mess with us and then we'll grab the bull by its horns if you know what I mean. I absolutely love Texas and have no desire to leave--just short vacations elsewhere. A few words that I think should be added to the list: y'all because even if other states have starting saying it, it still originated here , heck and particularly awe heck , hafin' which is how you say 'having'--such as hafin' to go to work , cuz which is short for 'because' and can actually be a one-word answer to almost any question; it can also be a relative , and coke which is a very general term that classifies all soda--be careful If you don't believe we are proud people, just turn on the T.

Texas pride sells! I am a native Texan and never really thought I spoke that Texan. When I was reading akk the terms I realized I certainly do. Thanks for the laugh. Loved your hub. For years, I quoted the bit about Texas being the only state allowed to fly our flag the same height as the US flag Check out Snope. Wikipedia evens shows it to be an urban legend. Well I wouldn't "normally walk a mile to see a piss ant eat a bail of hay" but I have to clear a little something up. Texas did not join the Union by Treaty! We were immediately a State instead of going through a probationary period as a territory!

It is true that Texas can split into as many as 5 States! If you do visit or wind up living in Texas there are some more things you need to know, "we don't care how you did it where you're from! Jasper Hale is from Texas he's from Twilight in case you didn't know and so this was fun to read :. Are you kidding, we're a whole 'nuther country. You're not even that far from us in California, but apparently the language is more different than I thought :.

Texas does have a reputation even abroad. When we were in Israel last summer, everyone asked if we had horses. Thanks lifebydesign for reading. What a hoot! I heard some great texan out in the Pacific not so long ago- your reputation has gone far and wide. Thank you, hunter.

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He sounds like a true texan. I'm glad you enjoyed, good luck on your marrige. Ex: "We have to go to the meeting today, or Katie bar the door! Lol :P. Thanks for adding on there are a lot of different local sayings so some of those are on the list. Icebox is used for fridge!

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I'm fixin to is used a lot Where the hell are yall going to? Y'all, its common.. Any ways. I lived in easy Texas for a big chunk of my life,I lived in a town where my Highschool, elementary, and middle schools all put together has about some odd kids. But the point is, we don't use half the stuff that is on this list. I live in Southeast Texas and my mom would always say they will get there cumuppins which means they will get what is coming to them and also they have a long roe to hoe which means they have a lot of hard times ahead of them.

Thanks for your kind comments and glad you stopped by. Maybe the Texans long for the mountains, the ones that they call mountains here are really just big hills! I often refer to Texas a separate entity because Texans are just so unique. A wonderful place in America but cultural so diverse. LOVED this hub! I learned allot and cannot wait to return to Texas.

My grandma who lived in The Panhandle of Texas Borger to be exact would tell to go and pick a switch which meant i was gonna get a bustin if i wasn't careful and she had to choose which one she gotta use on me. Thanks and glad you got a chuckle out of this. Chucking is what we say up in Canada, at least where I am from. These all made me laugh. I was reading the 'chunking' one, which I say, and saw that it said everyone else says 'chucking'.

Chucking sounds weird. Thats probably because I've grown up saying chunkin. The 'yall' definition was accurate too.

Fixin' To Be Texan

I also say 'all yall'. That one made me laugh.

Absolutely Redland great point to note. I live in east Texas surrounded by massive pine woods! Texas is not mostly flat btw. And it's not all dirt either infact Texas has a large forests. Ray I use y'all, uh huh, fixin, and chunk all the time sometimes in one sentence!! Thanks for your comment. Texas is a big state with lots of diverse populations. I have to say that this was a list of actual words, phrases and sayings that I hear in my work and that my friends, neighbors and coworkers actually do use, but I am sure that not all people in Texas or visiting Texas have this experience.

Aight guys, I can honestly say that most of these sayings haven't been used since the eighteen hundreds. However, we do say: Yall, uh hu, do what, chunk, neighbor, get er dun, and fixin. But we mainly say these to annoy people that arent from here lol. But yeah, the tea thing is an absolute myth.

The people will ask if you want tea sweet or unsweet. Oh, and the rest of the sayings arent really true Born and raised in Texas We also use ain't isn't and you can't forget yup yes. Thank you for your kind words applecsmith. I have found myself becoming more Texanized as time goes on!!! One of the best hubs I've read! It made me laugh, mostly because living in Texas I have heard or say most of these quotes.

You taught me a few new ones. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for your input on the great coke debate Reese, that has been my experience here as well! I have grown up in Texas from ne to se and all sodas are referred to as coke from Dallas to Houston. You are right about measuring distances by time.

I do that too, but it is more meaningful to most people than giving the actual miles! Great comment, thanks. I am from Southeast Texas and we always refer to places that are nearby as "a hop, skip, and a jump" away. We also measure distances in time. Coke doesn't refer to all sodas but specifically coca-cola and, most times, pepsi. Only in backwoods is all sodas called coke. Another one that's used more than a few times "don get yer panties ina knot" which is usually said to a person who is a little ticked off. One that I use "ima going overyonder.

Thanks Mike G and Valerie for your additions to the list. I have heard both of these and they definitely should have been one here! I'm from Nacogdoches, TX. I use to hear my mom tell tell folks to go that "do-hicky" when she wanted something and couldn't remember what it was called. See 25 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc.

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Glad you clarified because some parts come across as condescending. But we think y'all Yankees say some wiered stuff too. Hi and thanks all for your comments. For example, "That Johnny Doe, bless his heart, he can't do a thing right.

Texan English

Old history, but at one time Sweet Tea was referring to a moonshine FYI, Chunk is singular. Chunking is plural There you go! So, there you have it, y'all. And I'm from a liool pronounced l ool [which is how we say little] called Somerset on the outskirts uh bexar bear county And sumtimes instead of hello we say yello. Not howdy like all those stereotypes. Thanks Laura, Corrie, Olivia and Lillie for your additions to the list! Might I add some more? Hi Brenda, Thanks for your additions to the list. Thanks so much VoiceofReason, loved the additions to the list. Lisas-thought, Please just laugh there is absolutely no insult intended.

Fun read, Mardi! Take care, Lisa. Some of my favorite Texanisms are: 'Greasy as lard' or 'lower than a snake's belly in a wheel rut', both used to describe a real scoundrel. Chatting or talking a lot without saying anything important is 'making chin music'. Something really big is 'Bigger than hell and half of Texas'. Thanks Bage, hear that one a lot, great addition to the list. Thanks Dayna, I think you are right about the generational thing!

Renee, that y'all thing can be confusing when people don't use it right! And, "I'm fixin to do that. And, "More nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Hi Ashley, Thanks for adding on there are a lot of different local sayings so some of those are on the list. Gotta love that last one Patric! Thanks for stopping bye and leaving your comments. And my mother-in-law's favorite: Like piss ants on a meat rind. D'ya eat yet? Wunt to? Did you eat yet? Do you want to? Another two I have missed. Thanks Tammy for stopping by and adding to the collection!

GmaGoldie, Thanks for your kind comments and glad you stopped by. BYW what is with Texans having a second home in Colorado? I have heard that one a bunch Josh too, thanks for the comment! Jennifer, Absolutely and thanks! I wudda thought of that by and along.

Carman, Thanks and glad you got a chuckle out of this. Ray, Thanks for your comment. Leah, Thanks for your comment, I guess I just have managed to hit a lot of backwoods places! Sam, You are right about measuring distances by time. Reese and kyle, Thanks for these great additions. Cannot leave out the phrase "wallago". My phone rang wallago and no one was on the line when I answered.

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