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The second Darius game, Darius II , was released in and used the same triple-screen setup as its predecessor a double-screen setup was also released. The game introduced a new stage select screen after defeating a boss and a new power-up system. Darius II also introduced the Captains, which were minibosses that would appear during the middle of the stage. English localizations of the game were renamed Sagaia and shortened for a western audience.

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The third Darius game, Darius Twin , was released in and was the first game in the series that was a console exclusive. It was also the first game in the series to only allow one path after finishing certain zones.

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It did not feature multiplayer support, but instead gave the player three different Silver Hawks to choose from. The game was released in North America as Super Nova , and is likely the last game in the series' chronology. The fifth game in the series, Darius Gaiden , was released in the arcades in , but used a single screen rather than the elaborate monitor setups of the first two games.

Two player support and the original branching map returned and new features, like Smart Bombs and the ability to capture stage Captains was included.

Chronologically, it is placed between Darius and Darius II. The series' sixth installment, G-Darius , was released for the arcades in and is the first game in the series timeline.

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It expanded upon Gaiden's "Captain-Capturing" by giving the player the ability to capture almost every enemy trough the use of Capture Balls , but scrapped the Smart Bombs in favor of letting the player detonate the captured enemy ship, or use it as fuel for the Alpha Beam when dueling with bosses. The seventh Darius game, Dariusburst , is the first and so far the only game in the series exclusive to a handheld console, in this case the PSP. Published: 19 Sep Published: 29 Jul Published: 18 Jul Trillion: God of Destruction review — a divine opportunity wasted 1 out of 5 stars.

The Guardians of Childhood

It could have been the game to refresh the JRPG genre, but menu-heavy gameplay drags down promising ideas. Published: 11 Apr Darkest Dungeon review — a darkly innovative take on the fantasy genre 4 out of 5 stars.

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    The Guardians of Childhood

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