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How To Get Your Ex Back in 5 Simple Steps

So avoid this type of games. It just irritates your ex little more. This creates a good impression on your partner. Be the nice one and show the result. Think before doing anything. Show that you still respect your ex. At this step you can go for an apology. Apologize for your mistakes and make your partner believe that it comes from your heart. Probably in that case, you will get an apology from your ex too. This is the final step to get your ex back. This part can be a little tough. So make a super plan about how you should express your feelings to your ex partner.

Alex J. Stevenson is a relationship expert and a dating coach. He has been helping desperate men to improve their dating life for last couple of years. I like what you say about leaning on your family and friends. If a break up happens it can be very hard to go through it alone. There is hope when a break up happens. Some look at it as a new beginning others may see an end. What ever you do hold your head high. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, you are right Rod.

Stevenson on June 20, Like this: Like Loading Posted by Alex J. Stevenson Alex J. After you have taken time together as friends, it is time to have an honest talk about your history together and whether or not there might be a romantic future. Invite your ex over for dinner or head out to your favorite coffee shop. Use the past to your advantage. If your ex really liked a certain outfit of yours, wear it again. Share a light-hearted memory you had together. Meet at a familiar place you used to hang out together. If he or she purchased any special jewelry for you, consider wearing it when you meet to talk.

This will send a pretty clear message that you still have feelings for him or her. Prepare your words. The first thing that you say to your ex is extremely important. If you say the wrong words, you will lose the chance to get them back. You need to understand that even though you're not together, there is a good chance they still harbor strong feelings for you. There are many ways you can approach this conversation, but one safe way is to say something like, "I've been wanting to talk to you about our relationship and see how you have been.

Let the conversation naturally progress. If your ex is doing great and reports that he or she is seeing other people, you might decide not to waste your time trying to convince him or her to get back together.

How To Get Your Ex Back - 4 Simple Steps

But if your ex seems to harbor feelings for you, you can gradually bring up the possibility of giving things another try. Think deeply about anything you did or didn't do that somehow contributed to the downfall of the relationship, and clean the slate by giving your ex a proper apology. Take full responsibility for the offense, without blaming your ex, giving excuses, or expecting an apology or even forgiveness in return. It may very well be that your ex contributed to the situation, but you cannot apologize for someone else; you can only apologize for yourself.

Leave him or her out of it and odds are the apology will be reciprocated. Avoid using the word "but. The first step indicates that you are sorry for what you've done. The second step puts the responsibility on you without making excuses or blaming someone else. The final step offers to make it right or change your behavior in the future. You must've really felt neglected. I'm going to try really hard from now on, to make it a point to do more things with you so you won't feel like that again. I'm glad you gave me your point of view to realize that.

Since communication problems are the number one cause of breakups, you need to work extra hard as a couple to ensure that you always keep lines of communication open. When you get back together, you need to take time to establish expectations, especially in areas that were problems before. Make a game plan for how to deal with unmet expectations. For example, if you broke up with your ex because he or she spent too much time with friends, talk openly about how much time is reasonable and how you will negotiate with one another if you need more time with friends. Remember what caused you to break up.

Relationships that are on-again-off-again tend to be volatile and emotionally unstable. Remembering what caused your original break up and dealing with those issues can help to prevent some of the same challenges from cropping up again. Tread lightly in the areas that you used to disagree. Whatever issues caused your break-up are likely to still be tender areas for the both of you. If you struggle with jealousy, family issues, control issues, or other particular areas, realize that those issues are going to still be there when the newness wears off of your reinstated romance.

Treat your relationship like a new one. Remember that your first relationship together was not a successful one; it ended in heartbreak. Treat the second time like a new relationship, building new rules of engagement. Take it slow. Don't assume you should pick up where you left off in your previous relationship, for example, sleeping together and saying "I love you," which should not come into play until you've rebuilt your trust.

Especially if it has been a while since you were together, you and your ex have both changed as individuals in that time. Don't assume you know everything about him or her. Take time to get to know one another again. Consider counseling. Particularly if you were married or in a very serious relationship and want to continue in a serious relationship, you are likely to need couples therapy in order to discover the root of your problems and ensure that you can overcome them.

Remember that cycling relationships those that experience breakups and get back together tend to have a higher rate of dissatisfaction, lack of trust, and eventual failure, so be prepared to put extra work into your new relationship.

How To Get Your Ex Back in 5 Simple Steps

Watch for signs that your relationship won't work. While you might have strong feelings for this person, sometimes two people are just not compatible. If your relationship is toxic, you need to move on rather than trying to win back your ex. Some signs that your relationship is troubled beyond repair include: abuse of any kind. If your ex has ever laid a hand on you to hurt you, or coerced you to have sex or do other things you did not feel comfortable doing, then he or she was abusive and you should not try to win that person back.

If you or your ex call each other names, belittle each other's accomplishments, or say disparaging things about one another to your family or friends, then there is no respect in that relationship. These are all features of an emotionally abusive relationship. While some relationships can move on past infidelity, broken trust is extremely hard to repair and even if you can build it back, it is easily broken again.

A relationship that has experienced infidelity is likely to need extra support in the form of ongoing counseling to repair broken trust. Listen to your friends and family. Although you might feel defensive, those who are close to you and know you well often have good insight into your relationships. If someone you know and trust has a bad feeling about your relationship, you should take that as an indication that there could be trouble. If you know that a particular friend or family member dislikes your ex, ask to sit down and discuss why.

Find out if it is based on how the ex treats you or others, knowledge your friend may have that you don't, or other evidence that might be meaningful. Accept the break up and move on. According to research, it is important to focus on the best parts of the breakup and relationship, especially how they helped you grow as a person, and let yourself forget the negative experiences. One strategy to help you do this is to spend 15 to 30 minutes each day for three days in a row writing about the positive aspects of the breakup. Give yourself time to just be alone, spending time with family and friends and doing things you love.

When you're in a healthy place, you can begin looking for love once more. He will come back to you. No matter what happened. Via messages, person. People cannot stay away from things they truly love for too long. That's when you will know he really loves you. But, not if you really hurt him; cheated on him, abused him, etc. Yes No. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Some arguing is normal in a relationship. You may go through phases of fighting due to outside factors, which is also normal.

The important thing is how you argue, how you deal with arguments after, how you heal together, and the way you communicate. The best way to avoid a fight getting out of control is to walk out of the room and not escalate the situation. Not Helpful 3 Helpful He may be too shy to talk to you, or he simply does not want to talk to you. It likely depends on the circumstances of your breakup. If he actually is too shy to talk to you, you will have to do the talking. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Follow the steps in this article and focus on you. Become the person you always wanted to be.

Not Helpful 19 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips There is no question that it is hard to get your ex back. Keep in mind that it may not work and if it doesn't work, you want to maintain your control and dignity. Some relationships weren't meant to be. Don't keep it going if the other person is clearly not interested. Be aware it takes some time, don't lose your faith.

Show him that you are fine without him. It will be clear to him that you aren't an obsessed ex girlfriend, but it will also show him that you're having fun without him, which may result in him missing you more. Warnings Getting back together is a risk. You may have progressed as a person and felt some independence during your time apart, but your ex may put you back at square one if you agree to go back. Avoid any behavior that can be construed as harassment, stalking, or otherwise illegal or unethical.

In many places in the world, you can be put on a restraining order or even in prison if your behavior crosses the line from romantic pursuit to stalking. Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X Before you try to win your ex back, work on fixing any bad habits you have or mistakes you made that caused you to break up in the first place. Did this summary help you? Time 60 Score 0. Score: High score: Want to try again? Play again! Want to play a fun game and learn about wikiHow? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 3,, times. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. About This Article. Co-authors: Updated: June 13, Evan Baker Jun 26, We had been with each other through it all, and she was my first love. I have some anger problems I have been sorting out, and I now feel that I am worthy of another shot. After reading every bogus website on the Internet, I finally came across this page and I felt that it really helps. I'm becoming a better me, and even if I don't get her back, I still have my better self. That's definitely a positive. Rated this article:. Jason Drab May 1, I've read so many other ones online, and this one was by far the best.

Very well put together with some very well thought-out steps. I will definitely be trying them. Thanks again.

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JJ Jayme Julian Jan I have tried everything, but everything ends up in vain. After reading this article, I found that I made a mistake on how to rekindle this relationship. I need to change for the better. JD John Dimadgio Jan 9. A Anonymous Aug 19, I've recently broken up with the love of my life. We were together for nearly 10 years. It was my ex who decided to call it a day.

I found this article extremely helpful, so helpful in fact that I've bookmarked it to read and reread, just to make sure I'm taking the advice step by step. Thank you.

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It may not help me to get my ex back, but it has given a greater understanding. JF Jayden Fleming Mar 8, It was Valentine's Day yesterday and I had a plan to try to get back with him. I was going to put balloons and candy with a subtle note inside his locker.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: THE Steps To Win Her Over Again

But I was too afraid. I followed these steps during the last few weeks and we are back in a healthy, understanding relationship. JD Jason D. Feb 26, Reminds one that we all suffer loss and that the emotions after a breakup are hard and real and need to be addressed, mentally, physically, spiritually! JB Jane Baskwell Jan 3, I'm not an open person and don't trust people too easily or ask any advice.

This site really helped me realize that my ex just didn't deserve me and my love. VD Valerie D.