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Aurora tells a stranger where she lives

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The Problem With Disney Princesses Is Their Narrow Definition of "Happily Ever After"

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Princess - Problematic (Minimix)

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Wreck-It Ralph 2 stars hail Disney as "brave" for challenging "problematic" princess stereotypes

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The Problematic Princess

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Such hourglass figures are "nearly impossible to achieve naturally," the researchers note. The researchers further found that the Disney princesses' waist-to-hip ratios "were much lower and less varied than those of female villains. Indeed, a low ratio may very well signal not desirability, but rather poor health, in that such a waist "limits the space for abdomen organs and muscles, thus impairing their function. So if you're holding on to an inaccurate ingrained image of what a woman's figure should look like, ignore the Frozen sisters' waistlines and listen to their lyrics.

New research suggests novels in which characters agonize about their bodies lead female readers to worry about their own weight. New research finds physically attractive people are viewed both more positively and more accurately. New research suggests evolution predisposes us to seek out horror films. New research finds females still make up a minority of the onscreen population, but they are depicted more often in leadership roles.